CDC Begins Mass Extermination Program of Americans’ Children Aged 12 to 17 Implementing Eugenic Population Control Measures through COVID-19 Bioweapons – “Rochelle Walensky, the current director of the criminal organization and marketing arm of the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC, which should be renamed more appropriately as the Center for DEATH and population Control, has committed crimes against humanity by heading up a program to kill, maim, and render infertile Americans’ children between the ages of 12 and 17. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that this age group has nearly ZERO risk for harm from COVID-19, she addressed the public yesterday and lied to the American people.” – Brian Shilhavy

‘Public’ (Political) School Madness: Military Supported ‘Vaccination’ of Students in Idaho – “This is an abomination, and a hard-handed form of trickery in order to inject these kids with toxic poisons meant to harm! It is a form of medical martial law by proxy and Fascist cooperation. If this can happen in a state like Idaho, it can happen everywhere.” – Gary D. Barnett

Ok, Now We’re Done – “That’ll be the game, set and match folks. A Chinese Communist Party military scientist who got funding from the National Institutes of Health filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine in February last year — raising fears the shot was being studied even before the pandemic became public, according to a new report. That means either the virus was “out” for many months to a couple of years before February of 2020 (not a month or two) or the Chinese intended to release it in the fall of 2019. In either case the evidence is now overwhelming that this was not a virus that “magically appeared” one fine day in late December having come naturally from bats and perhaps pangolins. That is not just improbable anymore — it is now, on the manifest weight of the evidence, impossible.” – Karl Denninger

Trudeau gushes about receiving vaccine: ‘Getting that shot really was an amazing feeling’ – “The prime minister wants Canadians to persuade the ‘crusty old uncle’ who chooses not to get the vaccine to change his mind.” – Anthony Murdoch

Response to Fauci’s emails proves everything is fake, narrative management trumps reality, and those in power want it that way – “Watching the media coverage – or lack thereof – of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails and what they mean for the origin of the coronavirus, one is struck by how relentlessly fake everything is, from public health experts to science.” – Nebojsa Malic

Doctors vs Health Authorities. Clinically Proven Drugs vs the Jab. Who will Prevail? – Michael Welch, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, and Dr. Peter McCullough

Exposing the Media’s Plot to Hide Record Vaccine Deaths and Deceive Americans ( Part 1 ) – Michael Thau, Ph.D.

Organic Consumers Association’s COVID-19 Tribunal (VIDEO) – “The video features the first of several tribunals1 on COVID-19, in which we expose the willful misconduct that runs like a red thread through the entire pandemic narrative. This first one is sponsored by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a 501c3 nonprofit organization chartered to educate and empower you with information that promotes health and happiness for you and your family. The panel, consisting of a number of experts from different fields, including scientists, doctors, authors, activists and attorneys, is hosted by Alexis Baden-Mayor. The topic, of course, is COVID-19, which has risen as the most important topic of our lifetime.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

‘It’s happening & it’s probably spreading’: Canadian health officials baffled by MYSTERY deadly brain disease – RT – IS THIS THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Divide And Brainwash: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “In 2016 the most corrupt and murderous government on earth dealt with public discontent by selling a sociopathic billionaire as the anti-establishment presidential candidate, then in 2020 sold a lifelong empire lackey as the revolutionary people’s uprising against that candidate. “You want a revolution? Here. Here’s a revolution for you to have. There. Done. Glad you got that out of your system.”” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!

If Biden believes in science, he must fire Fauci – “Dr. Anthony Fauci has repeatedly demonstrated a history of moving goal-posts when it comes to public health” – Sen. Marco Rubio

Fauci’s wife needs an investigation, too – “Why was she ever placed in a position at NIH where she was the final arbiter of the ethics of her husband’s experiments?” – Stella Paul

Wash, Rinse, Repeat: BLM Rioting Begins Again After Shooting Of Convicted Felon Who ‘Produced A Gun’ On U.S. Marshals Task Force During Arrest Attempt – “Protesters started gathering as soon as word was spread, which of course turned into the now-familiar pattern of looting, vandalism, arson and rioting. Evidently the fact that the man, 32-year-old Winston Boogie Smith, was an armed felon and “produced a handgun,” means absolutely nothing to those just looking for a reason to riot. So they did.” – Susan Duclos

Confirmed: Jan. 6 Protest Resulted in Estimated $1.5 Million in Damages — Or 1/1000th of Damages by Black Lives Matter-Antifa Protests in 2020 – “Biden, Pelosi, Democrats and their fake news media want you to believe the Jan. 6 protest was the most violent “insurrection” in history. What they don’t tell you is that the protests were mostly peaceful and the protesters caused minimal damage until their government fired on with flash grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets without warning. And, although this will NEVER make headlines in the fake news media, the January 6 protests (insurrection) caused 1/1,000th of the damages as Black Lives Matter and their Antifa supporters caused across the United States in 2020. The media will NEVER report that! Black Lives Matter-Antifa mobs caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across America since May 2020. In Minneapolis alone, Black Lives Matter mobs damaged or destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings in the 2020 riots.” – Jim Hoft

California and Nevada Are Now 100% in Drought – “This is a dry spell not seen since the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Because of the drought, Americans very likely will experience a shocking food shortage very soon. As explained in my previous article, drought is also affecting Arizona, and Colorado and the prairie states like Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. However, other states such as those in the Midwest and areas considered the nations’ “corn belt” also suffer from the drought.” – Robert Wheeler

City Folk Go Woke For Pride Month – Heartlanders Aren’t Impressed – “Are Chicago and San Francisco taking it just a little too far?” – Sarah Cowgill

Federal Judge Overturns California’s Ban On Assult Weapons – “On several pages of the ruling, the judge recommended the rifle should be protected under the Second Amendment for its “militia readiness.”” – Tyler Durden

How Facebook Turned its Market Success Into a Culture War on America – “In twenty-first-century America, millions of Americans—Christians and social conservatives especially—are finding that the nation’s most influential institutions appear to be implacably hostile toward them. These institutions include universities, public schools, the news media, and government bureaucracies. Moreover, corporate America has increasingly embraced a posture of hostility toward groups considered to be “right wing” or conservative.” – Ryan McMaken

Critical Race Theory Comes for the Legal Academy – “Of all things, Critical Race Theory should be the last that is not only taught but enforced. One of the core reasons is because it is directly antithetical to the American legal tradition due to its blatant political underpinnings.” – Ethan Yang

Is Britain now a police state? Genuine question – “The arrest of gender-critical feminists should concern anyone who believes in liberty.” – Tom Slater

A Little Light Shines Into the Pit of Think Tank Russophobia – “Before I reveal a more progressive trend surfacing, it’s important to emphasize just how entrenched and moronic western foreign policy is. The hatred and bias, the stone age ideas that Russia haters like the late Zbigniew Brzezinski, who cemented into the American and European psyche decades ago, they’re still all-powerful where international policymaking is concerned. Their disregard for the public, their harsh and cruel machinations against peace is even more horrendous than at the height of the first Cold War.” – Phil Butler

How St. Petersburg is mapping the Eurasian Century “It’s impossible to understand the finer points of what’s happening on the ground in Russia and across Eurasia, business-wise, without following the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). So let’s cut to the chase, and offer a few choice examples of what is discussed on top panels.” – Pepe Escobar

Putin Warns U.S. May Regret Using Dollar as Sanctions Weapon – Rosalind Mathieson

Israel’s ‘change government’ means the oppression of Palestinians is set to get a whole lot WORSE – Finian Cunningham

New Israeli Regime Like its Predecessors – “Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens never had Jewish state friends in high places or in the West — just mortal enemies. If the anti-Netanyahu coalition is sworn into power this month and sticks, dirty business as usual will continue like always before.” – Stephen Lendman

10 Things That Will Happen After The Imminent Economic Collapse – Surviving The Great Depression – Amy S.


We Just Got Proof Global Inflation is Surging – “Here’s why this matters.” – Brad Polumbo

Fed Falls for its Own Inflation Fakery – David Haggith

Taper Fear Gives Way to Inflation Fear – Paul Wong

Employment and Jobs Are Not the Same Thing: What’s the Difference? – “Every month the BLS releases two sets of numbers. Let’s investigate the differences. The potential for double-counting jobs in the payroll survey is large. The BLS tries to sort this out but they do not check for duplicate social security numbers. Once again, someone working one hour is counted.” – Mish

The Weird Phenomenon of “Labor Shortages” as Millions of People Who Could Work Are Not Working – Wolf Richter



2 Timothy 4:4    And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.