Fauci deserves to be under ‘criminal investigation’ (VIDEO) – Tucker Carlson  – TUCKER LAYS OUT THE CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liberating Yourself from Faucism – “The deification of Anthony Fauci is unraveling; it is time to learn a meta lesson. The issue isn’t Anthony Fauci’s failings. The problem is Faucism, the fantastical belief that wise and beneficent experts should rule.” – Barry Brownstein

The COVID vaccine; more genetic thunder – “Don’t believe anyone who claims the vaccine is causing one and only one problem. The huge mounting numbers (and variety) of injuries and deaths publicly reported are a signal of a catastrophe. Whether you choose to believe this is intentional, accidental, or both, the picture is clear. The GENETIC EXPERIMENT currently launched against the human population is not what we are being told it is.” – Jon Rappoport

How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America – “What happens when the next big disease rolls around? And what if it’s one that’s actually as deadly as people thought COVID might be? Who can people trust?” – Christopher Bedford

Media Rats Jump Off Their Sinking Ship – “For the past year, anyone who discussed the possibility of SARS-CoV-2 coming from a lab was slandered and censored. Mainstream media insisted SARS-CoV-2 made the jump from bats to humans at one of Wuhan’s open-air wet markets. Many legacy journalists now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being called out for their collusion with people who have worked to deceive us.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Hong Kong: 12 DEAD Four Miscarriages in One Week Following COVID-19 Injections – Brian Shilhavy

Governor Cuomo’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Passport Program- Jenin Younes

COVID-19 vaccine status a private affair – “A poll from Morning Consult earlier this month found that vaccinated Americans are more afraid than the unvaccinated to eat inside a restaurant, travel outside the United States or go to the gym to work out — an astonishing discovery given that the whole reason for getting the vaccine is, drumroll, please, to prevent getting COVID-19. But this poll explains a lot. Like why perfect strangers think it’s A-OK to ask if you’ve had a vaccine, if you are planning to get the vaccine, and if not, why not. They’re not at all polite about it, either.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

Family Sovereignty Under Siege – “Parents, beware. The dominion you have over your own children is under attack like never before. Teenage puppets for Big Pharma are being deployed on the ground and across social media airwaves to convince their peers to inject themselves with experimental drugs to allegedly prevent a disease for which the youth mortality rate is practically zero. “Do it for the herd” is the new rallying cry of designated “VaxTeen ambassadors”” – Michelle Malkin



Nice Guys Go To The Gulag – “Watching recent events has confirmed that America truly is in peril. It is now clear that the Democrats intend to pursue California-style political domination, nationwide. If the Democrats succeed with their plans, then we will have a problem: Conservatives are largely law-abiding, and non-confrontational. We are The Nice Guys. And Nice Guys generally don’t start riots, and they don’t start revolutions. On January 6, 2021, just a hint of an uprising threw the Democrats in Congress and the leftist mainstream media into a panic.” – James Wesley Rawles  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fauci Files, The WuFlu and the War to Come – “Isn’t is amazing how quickly things seem to change when it’s in the interest of those that think they run the world? For years we’ve been trying to get access to Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails as Secretary of State but to no avail. However, at the most opportune time in the collapsing COVID story, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails are uncovered and broadcast to the world. The same mechanism, FOIA, that Hillary has stonewalled us on for six years uncovers Fauci’s emails in six weeks? Doesn’t that strike you as just the slightest bit odd? This is the real problem I see in front of us. That narrative is here now, building on years of propaganda to gin up a war with China.” – Tom Luongo

Never Let a Plague Go To Waste – “Most of our familiar reset left-wingers—the Clintons, the Obamas, Gavin Newsom—long ago became multimillionaires by monetizing their political careers through lucrative insider networking.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Biden’s Disastrous ‘Infrastructure’ Bill – “Far from addressing the huge deficit in America’s highway, bridges, railway, electric grid, water supply and such economically vital infrastructure that would address critical problems in the functioning of the economy, the Biden planners have cynically taken a politically popular word, “infrastructure,” and packed hundreds of billions of dollars into economically wasteful, destructive initiatives having more to do with the Green Agenda than rebuilding a healthy economy. If passed, it will have negative consequences for the world’s once-leading economy with serious geopolitical implications .” – F. William Engdahl

Biden Regime Falsely Accuses Russia of Ransomware Attacks – “Time and again, Russia has been falsely accused of things it had nothing to do with. The same goes for all nations free from US control. Whenever accused of anything, credible evidence is never presented because none exists. According to White House press secretary Psaki, the Biden regime is creating an international coalition to counter ransomware cyberattacks — falsely blamed on Russia.” – Stephen Lendman  – I THINK WE ALL KNEW THAT RUSSIA WOULD GET BLAMED. THE NARRATIVE IS WORN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s Idea of Democracy – “Nearly every statement from the president, and other Democrat leaders as well, is now being touted as a “defense of democracy.” “Democracy,” in fact, has become the left’s favorite word for defending its violent assault on our democracy. Whenever progressives use the word, rest assured that they’re interested in their own power, not in your freedom.” – Jeffrey Folks

Eight Thoughts On The “UFO” Narrative – Caitlin Johnstone

Drug cartels attack enemies and spread terror with weaponized drones in US, Mexico – Karol Suárez

Despite Media Silence, Antifa Is Growing More Powerful – “The Portland headquarters of Antifa remains a war zone with no end in sight.” – Jose Backer

The Truth About Slavery. Don’t look for it in black studies programs – “There are so many unasked questions. For example, how did the blacks brought to North America become slaves? Who enslaved them? The answer, which explodes the narrative, is that blacks were enslaved by other blacks. The main source of slaves for the slave trade was the black Kingdom of Dahomey. Slaves were brought to the US not because of racism but for economic motives. Black Africans sold other black Africans to merchants for firearms that established Dahomey’s dominance. The merchants sold the slaves as a labor force to those who held land that originated in land grants or charters from the English monarch and had no one to work it. Slavery was established as the agricultural labor force long before the United States existed.” – Paul Craig Roberts


New York Gun Control Isn’t Working, So Lawmakers Push for More – Teresa Mull

Food Prices To Soar Higher As California Farmers Destroy Crops Because Dust Bowl Conditions Continue To Spread – Michael Snyder

Three cheers for the booing England fans – “They’re right to boo the taking of the knee – it has become a ridiculous, sanctimonious spectacle.” – Brendan O’Neill

Now they want to ban smoking outdoors – “Lockdown seems to have given local authorities a renewed taste for lifestyle authoritarianism. Instead of stripping away all rules to allow pub culture to flourish once again, councils up and down the country are targeting outdoor smoking areas. Northumberland, Durham, North Tyneside, Newcastle and the City of Manchester have all banned smoking in pavement dining areas outside bars, pubs and restaurants.” – Ella Whelan

Rise of the killer robot: An autonomous drone hunted down a human target in Libya last year & no one is talking about it – “a “lethal” weaponized drone may, in fact, have “hunted down a human target” without being told to, i.e. completely autonomously. Allegedly, a Kargu-2 quadcopter took it upon itself to seek out a human target during a skirmish between Libyan government forces and those loyal to rival Khalifa Haftar in Libya in March last year. Firstly, can a killer drone differentiate between a surrendering soldier and a combatant who is simply retreating? And, secondly, why on earth would we trust a drone to make these differentiations autonomously in the first place? Could you even surrender to the drone if you wanted to?” – Darius Shahtahmasebi  – A DRONE MAKING IT’S OWN DECISIONS, DOESN’T SOUND GOOD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia says it will remove dollar assets from its wealth fund – Sam Shead

Inconvenience Stores – “Convenience stores are about . . . convenience. People go there chiefly in order to get out of there, quickly. Else they’d go someplace else. It is why you’re willing to pay more for a bag of chips and a six pack vs. the grocery store. It’s about to get less convenient to go to 7-Elevens, where you may not be able to get in for some time – because of the electric cars that will soon be parked there for a long time, “fast” charging for 30-45 minutes . . . while you wait for a spot to open up.” – Eric Peters

Net Carbon Zero – is this the only way? – “The International Energy Authority (IEA) is grabbing all the climate change headlines with its demands for Carbon Zero by 2050 and increased spending on renewable energy. The IEA now represents the consensus – the received wisdom. How achievable are their targets? Or will economic reality and rising costs of climate abatement result in something very different? It’s easy to demand neutrality – but will be frighteningly difficult to achieve.” – Bill Blain

“We’ll See $200 Oil”: Russia & OPEC Ministers Blast IEA’s ‘Net Zero By 2050’ Plan As “La-La-Land” – Tyler Durden

Children’s networks change their tune for Pride month, launching a full scale assault on mainstream morality – “Don’t assume that any form of secular entertainment is safe from the LGBT promoting type of storyline.” – Tony Perkins

Do You Know What Your Children Are Watching On Supposedly ‘Child Friendly’ Networks? The Gay Mafia Are Going After Your Children On TV, With Toys And Even Foods – Susan Duclos

‘So Sue Us’: Amazon Responds To 75,000 Customers Who Say Alexa Spied On Them – Tyler Durden

Food Storage For the End of the World – It’s Not Just For That… – “A deep pantry of food storage for survival & preparedness’ is more than just a backup plan for ‘the end of the world’. In reality, there are other practical reasons to have so called survival food on hand – reasons that may actually be put to use!” – Ken Jorgustin  – KEN HAD A GOOD ARTICLE THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY ON FOODS THAT LAST YEARS FOR STORAGE!!!

How to Grow Your Own Urban Vegetable Garden – Jayne Rising



Absurd Headline of the Day: Fed Winds Down Program That Saved the Economy – “Check out how CNN beefed up a Fed lie that was unbelievable in and of itself.” – Mish

Over 15 Million Americans Remain On Government Dole, Despite Record Job Openings – Tyler Durden

The War on Cash: US Exploring a “Digital Dollar” – “Last year, China launched a digital yuan pilot program. So, how long before a digital dollar comes to the United States? Well, it’s already in the pipeline. Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard recently said the US central bank is “stepping up its research and public engagement on a digital version of the US dollar.”” – Michael Maharrey

Stock Market Officially a Bad Joke: AMC Warns Buyers of its New Shares: Don’t Buy “Unless You Are Prepared to Incur the Risk of Losing All or Substantial Portion of Your Investment” – “A joke where everyone is making fun of everyone in grand & crazy pump-and-dump schemes. But I can’t blame AMC. I blame the Fed.” – Wolf Richter

Is there a global silver shortage? (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Arcadia Economics

US Mint To Silver Bugs & Stackers: “Oops, Our Bad. Didn’t Really Mean To Say The, Uh, You Know, ‘S’ Word…” – “In other words, just last week, the US Mint admitted to a “global silver shortage”, but now the US Mint has changed its tune, and Facebook post, saying, “oh no, there’s no global silver shortage, for it’s just that the US Mint and the US Mint alone is having a slight problem in getting the blanks!”. Or is that not what’s going on here? It would be funny, but this is the active, manipulative price suppression of silver we’re talking about, so it’s really more like a sucker punch to the gut. Seriously.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

A Deeper Dive Into Silver – Keith Weiner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.53EUR



Proverbs 27:3    A stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool’s wrath is heavier than them both.