Science has become a cartel – “The idea that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered in a laboratory, and then escaped accidentally, always had a certain plausibility. The virus first appeared in Wuhan, China, where there is a laboratory that conducts research on bat coronaviruses — one of only a handful in the world to do so. Yet this possibility was dismissed quite forcefully and from the beginning of the outbreak by prominent virologists. There’s a reason the medical establishment dismissed the lab leak theory.” – Matthew B Crawford

America’s Public Health System Is Utterly Corrupt – “A sure sign of a country’s collapse is the open corruption of its public and private institutions. When corruption no longer has to be hidden but can be openly flouted, the values and standards that comprised the country’s soul have eroded away. Try to find an American institution that is not corrupt. Even when presented with the Covid threat the US public health system could not rise above the greed for profit.” – Paul Craig Roberts

As I warned: RNA gold rush; new genetic products in the pipeline – “This shot-in-the-arm gene treatment should be seen AS AN EXTENSION of genetic research into altering humans. Because that’s what it is. The field of gene research includes “creating better humans” and eugenics. Eugenics involves what American Rockefeller and Nazi researchers were setting up: depopulation; population control; selecting out “superior genetic strains” for survival.” – Jon Rappoport

Mysteriously Dead Doctors And Scientists Surrounding Covid, Including This Dr. Fauci Critic, Provide More Ominous Signs The ‘Vaxxed’ Are Part Of A Huge ‘Big Pharma Mafia’ Experiment – Stefan Stanford  – STEFEN REFERS TO A VIDEO WHICH WAS LINKED YESTERDAY AND ALSO TO AN ARTICLE BY ROBERT BRIDGE THAT WAS LINKED ON 05/17/20 LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Ontario children 12-15 need parental consent to get COVID-19 vaccines? It depends where you live – Olivia Bowden

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease )VIDEO) with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D. – “In the next 10 to 15 years, we are likely to see spikes in prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at younger ages, and blood disorders such as blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke and heart failure” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The role of vaccinations in India’s SURGING death rate can no longer be denied – Lance D Johnson

CDC: Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections Now at 4,647 – More than 22 Years of Recorded Vaccine Deaths from VAERS – Brian Shilhavy  – ONCE AGAIN, BRIAN BRINGS THE UPDATED FIGURES FROM THE CDC FOR THE WEEK. AS USUAL. NO MSM COVERAGE ON THIS!!!!

Dogs can better detect Covid in humans than lateral flow tests, finds study – “French trial shows dogs were able to detect presence of coronavirus with 97% accuracy” – Jon Henley

How Texas Killed Covid – Ron Paul

Oxford secretly used cell phone data to track millions as part of government-ordered vaccination study – media – “The UK government has admitted it used phone data to analyse people’s movement patterns without their knowledge as part of a vaccination study, a new report claims.” – RT  – OF COURSE THIS WOULD BE USED AS A SURVEILLANCE TOOL. WAS THERE EVER A DOUBT IT WOULDN’T BE!!!!


Saving Civilization – “Governments produce nothing, they mostly destroy. The U.S. government is destroying itself and the nation with debt, confiscatory taxation, redistribution, corruption, a blizzard of laws and regulations, and maintaining a crumbling global empire in the face of challenges from Russia and China. Government of the savages, by the savages, and for the savages doesn’t have much to draw on, and decades of propaganda have told savages to look to the government for every need.” – Robert Gore  – LONG, BUT GOOD READ FROM ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Biden keeps hyping a basically phony ‘domestic violent extremism’ threat – “With illegal migrants crossing the southern border by the hundreds of thousands and setting new records by the month, the Department of Homeland Security’s top priority — somehow — is “domestic violent extremism,” and it doesn’t even mean Antifa.” – New York Post Editorial Board

US National Security State Imports Siege Tactics From Iraq for a New ‘War on Domestic Terror’ – “The new “War on Domestic Terror” waged by the Deep State – aided and abetted by the corporate media — is not about “liberation” or protecting democracy, just as the previous “War on Terror” at the turn of the century was not about those things in the far-off regions where it was waged. Instead, what we are witnessing is an unprecedented attempt to assert domination and control over an uncompliant US populace increasingly frustrated with the unrepresentative federalized forces that occupy their land – only this time, the battlefields will be Nebraska and Mississippi, not Fallujah, and the “insurgents” are average Americans, not Iraqis.” – Ben Bartee

Will The DoD Start Spying On Service Members? – “The Biden administration seems to think there’s a practical work around to bypass the First Amendment.” – Jeff Charles

The US Isn’t An Israel Puppet, Israel Isn’t A US Puppet: It’s One Empire – “The lines between nations within the US-centralized empire are no more real than the official elected governments of those nations. It’s just a single unified power structure which uses whatever narratives it requires to justify its continued campaign to rule the entire planet.” – Caitlin Johnstone

America’s ‘Deal of the Century’ in Flames After Israel Pounds Gaza – “The pretense of American mediation in the Middle East is in tatters. A year after the Abraham Accords, and the world is witnessing another bloody round of ethnic cleansing by the Israelis armed with American warplanes and missiles. It only took a year for Trump’s “deal of the century” to fall apart for the fraud that it always was. The Arab and Muslim world are enraged by the crimes against humanity committed by Israel against Palestinians in nearly two weeks of violence. A ceasefire has halted the bloodshed – for now – but the damage to America’s image of peace broker is permanent.” – Finian Cunningham

Feet-of-Clay Icons – “Our most important and cherished institutions—the military, science, and the law—are losing the trust of Middle America. What now do Hollywood, network news, the media in general, Silicon Valley, the NBA, NFL, MLB, or higher education all have in common? A propensity to lecture Americans on their moral inferiorities, a general ethical decline in their own disciplines, and a strange obsession to acquire great wealth while living in contrast to what they advocate for others. Add also incompetence.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Joe Biden is not a folksy ‘empathy president’. None of them are. Just ask the Palestinians – “Biden was hailed by liberals as the “empathy” president. He is not, I can assure you. There are many public examples of his lack of empathy.” – Tara Reade

Joe Biden wants to spy on your bank account – “buried deep within Biden’s much-touted tax hikes for “infrastructure” American Families Act unveiled last April 28 is a sneaky Democrat plot called the American Families Tax Compliance Agenda. That will force the IRS to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, all of them armed with vast, new, and expanded surveillance powers.” – Monica Showalter

The Paternalist Instincts of a Central Planner – “Both supporters and critics of President Joe Biden have been surprised and amazed by the immensity of his political agenda and his recent actions for a far more expansive role for the federal government than many had been expecting from his time in office. He is clearly on a “mission” and is pursuing it with seeming urgency. Biden’s Political Paternalism Means Economic Chaos” – Richard M. Ebeling

Michigan Governor Channels Her Inner Gavin Newsom, Breaks Her Own COVID Rules at a Bar With Friends – T.LaDuke

Dear Politicians: Stop Pontificating On TV And Start Governing – “”In Chicago, the story is similar. Mayor Lori Lightfoot ran as an outsider, having never before held elected office. She promised police reform, something Chicago needed. But that project has gone nowhere. Meanwhile, Lightfoot takes the easy path to national headlines by announcing she will not speak one-on-one to white reporters under certain circumstances. The weird, racist policy does nothing for the average Chicagoan and infringes on the independence of a free press, but it costs nothing, takes no effort, and earns the plaudits of the far-left critical race movement. – Kyle Sammin

Bring on the ‘Asperger’s Republicans’ – “There’s a lesson there for Republican pols – and all of us. Stop giving a damn what people who hate you think and say, and just do what you promised to do. Don’t ask permission – and don’t ask forgiveness either. Get it done. This is where I must join the Spectrum Caucus because there are going to be some folks who pretend to be highly offended, outraged, and literally shaking over my analogy to Asperger’s and “The Spectrum.” To them, I say this: I don’t care if you’re offended. I am going to do and say whatever I want, all the time, in whatever manner I feel like doing and saying it, and you are going to sit there and cry. Buzz off.” – Kurt Schlichter

Is John Cornyn Working Behind the Scenes to Pass Gun Control? – “There are no guarantees in politics. Just because an elected official is a “Republican” does not mean he or she will fight to defend the Second Amendment. Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn is a good example of how a politician being a Republican does make him an instant champion of gun rights. While boasting about being a defender of the Second Amendment, Cornyn simultaneously works behind the scenes to attack the right to bear arms.” – José Niño

The Pentagon Is Behind the Fake Alien Agenda – Andrew Anglin

IRS Wants Tools for Cracking Crypto Wallets – “For an added layer of security, some cryptocurrency traders use crypto wallets, which keep the private keys needed to access the cryptocurrency separate from the broker making the transaction. These wallets can take the form of a segmented app with an extra layer of security or a separate piece of hardware—like a thumb drive—that stores the private keys offline until needed. For the IRS Criminal Division’s Digital Forensics Unit, crypto wallets seized as part of investigations have been tough to crack.” – Aaron Boyd  – BIG BROTHER DEFINITELY DOESN’T LIKE CRYPTO!!!


Brain-Computer Interfaces: Don’t Worry, It’s Just a “Game” – “Would you willingly connect your brain to a computer for a game? What if you could get a more realistic gaming experience? What could possibly go wrong with brain-computer interfaces when the virtual world is “better” than the real one?” – Robert Wheeler

List of Top 10 U.S. “Smart Cities” Includes Descriptions of Expensive, Dangerous, and Privacy Invasive Tech Installed in Them – “A 2018 survey revealed that 66% of Americans did NOT want to live in a “Smart City” due to privacy and security risks. Worldwide opposition to “Smart Cities” continues to increase due to concerns about catastrophic cybersecurity, economic, privacy, safety, health and environmental risks” – B.N. Frank


Inflation: Your Role as a Milk Cow – “In essence, the inflation concept was invented by banks as an invisible tax—a means by which they could extract wealth from the populace. And, here we get back to the original complaint of the individual. As he tries to balance his chequebook or to plan for his retirement, he scratches his head and wonders, “How is it that no matter how much more money I make, I never seem to get ahead?” In effect, the individual is used by the banking system as a milk cow. For his entire working life, inflation is carefully adjusted to extract as much monetary value from his labours as possible, whilst still leaving him capable of continued production.” – Jeff Thomas – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick Your Fed Poison: Tanking Markets or Fatal Inflation? – Matthew Piepenburg

Apples-to-Apples, Consumer Price Inflation Is Nearing 1970-Type Numbers – Tyler Durden

Inflation, Taper Tantrum, Market Price Sustainability, and Contradictions? – “Another new week for markets – what should we worry about? The big question remains how much longer can the wider markets remain this strong?” – Bill Blain

The Fed thinks it can have it all: strong economy, job growth, stable inflation – Howard Schneider

Basel III and the New Role For Gold – “In effect, Basel III, if implemented in its current form, would change the gold market from a speculative one based on perceptions of the efficacy of monetary policy to control real interest rates to one that should force price discovery in an almost purely physical market.” – Tom Luongo

Silver: What Are We Fighting For? – “That is to say, silver is true freedom & liberty, something the American Deep State and the Globalists want to make sure does not return to America, yet in a back-to-basics kind of way, silver is exactly what the People need right now more than ever. Therefore, the Patriots are fighting, not for land, because all of that has been split up, divided, claimed and reclaimed long ago, but for silver, something which is arguably just as important as land. Moreover, along with gold, we really need to restore silver to its rightful place of the money of the People, all People, and the stakes are obvious: Anything less results in the continued move towards a brutal, fascist totalitarianism, in which a small group of people determines who eats, who slaves and who dies, and it really is just as simple as that.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

“Just Shut Up and Buy”: But Now Hype-Stocks & Cryptos Crashed (VIDEO) – “It works until it doesn’t. Now all eyes are on housing.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.33EUR


Acts 17:20    For thou bringest certain strange things to our ears: we would know therefore what these things mean.