Aldous Huxley foresaw our despots — Fauci, Gates, and their vaccine crusaders – Patricia McCarthy

The New York Times Now States that Covid is Forever: Why You Should be Concerned – “An article in The New York Times, published on May 3, reveals a dramatic shift in the narrative concerning coronavirus and the future. Gone are the declarations that Covid is a temporary phenomenon, to be defeated by masks, lockdowns and herd immunity. Quoting Rustom Antia, who is a virologist with Emory University, the article promotes the hypothesis that Covid is now forever.” – Janet Phelan

The Incredible Vanishing Flu – Brian C.Joondeph, MD

CDC: 4,178 Americans DEAD Following Experimental COVID Injections – Deaths from COVID Shots now Equal 20 Years of Recorded Deaths Following Vaccines Since 2001 – “The CDC has just released the newest total of deaths reported following the experimental COVID shots since they were granted emergency use authorization (EUA) in early December through May 3, 2021, and that total now stands at 4,178 deaths reported to VAERS” – Brian Shilhavy  – THANKS AGAIN TO BRIAN FOR RELEASING THE FIGURES THAT THE MSM CONTINUES TO IGNORE OR EXPLAIN AWAY!!!!

Manitoba working on QR code technology that could be used to track vaccination status – Anthony Murdoch

Canada Confirms Second Death Linked to AstraZeneca, Becomes First Country to Approve Pfizer for Young Teens – “A 50-year-old Canadian woman died from a rare “vaccine-induced” blood clot condition linked to AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine.” – Megan Redshaw

Stay-Home Order Side Effect: Opioid Deaths Nearly Doubled – “Opioid overdose fatalities nearly doubled during the stay-at-home order in Cook County, Illinois, compared to a 100-week period in 2018 to 2019, rising from 23 deaths per week to 44” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pro-Vaxxers Are “Concerned” The Some Won’t Take The Vaccine – Mac Slavo

Promoting and Profiting from Mass-Toxification – “Mass-jabbing for covid should be banned. It’s well known that toxins in experimental covid inoculations risks serious harm, nothing beneficial. Mass-jabbing children should be criminalized, not OK’d and promoted. State-sponsored draconian social control and depopulation hugely benefit Pharma. Since mass-jabbing for covid began last December, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J & J have been cashing in big on a bonanza of huge profits.” – Stephen Lendman

Pfizer’s obscene $900m profit from its Covid vaccine in just three months proves capitalism and public health are bad bedfellows – Bradley Blankenship

Big Pharma doesn’t want healthy people, it wants customers – “The misleadingly-labeled ‘vaccine’ isn’t the root of the problem. The real threat is the international healthcare industry run by Big Pharma.” – Stephen Kokx

New York Yankees & Mets to Segregate Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Fans – “To comply with CDC social distancing rules.” – Paul Joseph Watson


More Government Spying and Lying – “Twice last week, the federal government’s unconstitutional spying on ordinary Americans was exposed. All this shows just how corrupted America’s security state has become under presidents of both parties. From counting 16,000 as if it were one, to hacking the texts and emails of people without articulable suspicion or probable cause, to orchestrating end runs around the Fourth Amendment, to lying to federal judges about all this — we see the tactics of the East German Stasi and Soviet KGB have been reborn on this side of the Atlantic. Of what value is the constitutional guarantee of privacy if those we have hired to protect it are themselves undermining it?” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Existential Economic Threats: How U.S. States Can Survive Without Federal Money – Brandon Smith

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized? – “If our wokists destroy people in the name of equity, then they believe their nihilism is justified.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Don’t Be Fooled By Joe Biden – “He knows his infrastructure and education bills have as much chance at becoming law as the $15-dollar minimum wage or the $2,000 stimulus checks he promised us as a candidate. He knows his American Jobs Plan will never create “millions of good paying jobs – jobs Americans can raise their families on” any more than NAFTA, which he supported, would, as was also promised, create millions of good paying jobs. His mantra of “buy American” is worthless. He knows the vast majority of our consumer electronics, apparel, furniture and industrial supplies are made in China by workers who earn an average of one or two dollars an hour and lack unions and basic labor rights.” – Chris Hedges

The Fact-Checkers’ Prevarication: In Study Biden Shown to Lie Just as Effectively as Trump – Brad Slager

Kamala Harris Doesn’t Care About Solving the Border Crisis – “What has she accomplished six weeks after being tapped to lead the administration’s response? Nothing.” – David Keltz

Competing With China Shouldn’t Entail Becoming More Like China – “When Biden said he wants to compete with China he wasn’t referring to a focused plan to contain Chinese military expansion, curb the expansion of authoritarianism, and maintain US primacy in the Asia-Pacific. This is not a plan to contain Chinese influence. It’s a plan to see which country could spend the most money at the federal level and centrally plan everything. This neo-Keynesian push is based on the tired old models of state spending and central planning.” – Ethan Yang

The US Brainwashes the World – “The American Establishment uses the presstitute lie machine to control the narrative for most of the world by broadcasting disinformation in 59 languages. Countries and their news services rely on “news” from the US to comprehend world events. Most of the world has little alternative to American news sources except for the BBC which is part of the US presstitute network. In effect, the US has been effective in brainwashing the world. Just as the US controls the international payments system, the US controls world opinion.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The internet once offered a promise of free speech for everyone; Big Tech has since turned it into a prison – Nebojsa Malic

China Vows to Take Control of the Internet and Influence Opinions…of the ENTIRE WORLD – Robert Wheeler

Sit Home And Get Wasted Fails – “It’s about darn time. The court ruled that the CDC’s “Eviction Moratorium” was unlawful and vacated it nationally. There have been other challenged to this, which led to only single relief — that is, the one tenant in question wound up getting the “pay up or get out” notice, but those judges did not extend it nationally. This one did. On the clear language the CDC never had this authority in the first place. Further, even if Congress was to do so explicitly (which they did not) it still fails because you are taking both possession and money from the landlord without compensation, which is private property and thus under the 5th Amendment impermissible. This judge never got to the second point because he didn’t have to. The bottom line is that the free ride is over. This is a good decision and needed to happen a long time ago for the good of those who rent their residence.” – Karl Denninger

Anyone but Sadiq – “Sadiq Khan’s five years as mayor have been a disaster for London.” – Brendan O’Neill

One-Third of U.S. Counties are Second Amendment Sanctuaries – A-Patriot

US Establishment Recycling “WMD” Iraq War Propaganda For Iran – “As the United States seems to be nearing re-entry into the Iran Nuclear Deal, the corporate media are whipping out every piece of war propaganda in order to drive a wedge between the Biden Administration and the Iranian government. This Monday, in a piece so outrageous that it verges on the comical, Fox News published a piece which directly claim’s Iran has been seeking technology to develop “Weapons of Mass Destruction” as of last year.” – Robert Inlakesh

Death by resource depletion – “Unfortunately the world’s ecological balance has not been right for a very long time. As a society, we are consuming resources far more quickly than we are replacing them, which is the very definition of unsustainable. Food production is at the heart of the problem, made worse by climate change, which brings droughts that kill crops and a lack of fresh water for irrigation. Adding more people puts pressure on finite food resources that can lead to conflicts and in especially stressed regions, hunger.” – Ahead of the Herd

How long could you stay at home without leaving for anything? – Erica Nygaard


Initial Jobless Claims Fall To Pandemic Lows But Over 16 Million Americans Remain ‘On The Dole’ – Tyler Durden

What If “Transitory” Inflation Is Here To Stay? – John Rubino

Lumber: Scary-Crazy Inflation Now Gets Passed On. But These WTF Price Spikes Cannot Last – “Irrational behavior by buyers confidently betting on being able to pass on that irrationality to their customers. It works until it doesn’t.” – Wolf Richter

Is Silver Going to $300? – “the fundamental side of silver demand is looking strong, but the technical side is also very bullish.” – Peter Krauth

Silver Investment Demand Explosion and Other Silver News – Peter Schiff

The Rise of Bitcoin – “The blockchain technology at bitcoin’s core provides a new and fundamentally different way to process payments. It relies on neither decentralized nor centralized clearing. Instead, it processes transactions over a distributed network. And, by solving the double spending problem without recourse to a trusted third party, it has the potential to offer a degree of financial privacy comparable to decentralized payment mechanisms like cash.” – William J. Luther

Bitcoin: It’s Not a “Real” Truck – “Over time our perceptions of what is and is not real change. They change with age and experience. So too, do gold guys have to get on board with crypto to help all of us navigate a very uncertain future, become part of the powerful network effect of Bitcoin. At the same time the ‘have fun being poor’ crypto guys have to get out there, take some profit off the table, get ‘real’ and buy some gold.” – Tom Luango

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.35EUR


Exodus 23:7    Keep thee far from a false matter; and the innocent and righteous slay thou not: for I will not justify the wicked.