Breach: Former CDC Head Believes COVID-19 Escaped Wuhan Lab – “Other respected scientific voices are joining the chorus.” – Pennel Bird

Biden Regime Wants Everyone Jabbed with Toxic Covid Drugs – “Biden regime hardliners, Pharma, and their press agent media want maximum numbers of Americans and others abroad irreversibly harmed by hazardous covid mRNA technology and vaccines — what no one should touch to stay safe and well. According to CNN disinformation on Tuesday, covid jabs reduce the risk of potentially lethal blood clots and other adverse health events. Reality is polar opposite. Saying benefits from jabs outweigh risks turns truth on its head.” – Stephen Lendman

Yale public health professor suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received vaccine – “‘Clinicians have been telling me that more than half of the new COVID cases that they’re treating are people who have been vaccinated,’ said Dr. Harvey Risch.” – Dorothy Cummings McLean

Covid’s IFR just keeps DROPPING – “New study says the infection fatality ratio of the “deadly virus” has fallen from 3.4% to 0.15%…that’s plummeting 95% in less than a year” – Kit Knightly

Pregnant Women Should Not Get a COVID Vaccine – “As of April 1, 2021, VAERS had received 56,869 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination, including 110 reports of miscarriage or premature birth among pregnant women. In all, 379 pregnant women reported some sort of adverse event” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Norway’s Health Authority Says Further Use of AstraZeneca Riskier Than COVID, Recommends Pulling Vaccine Permanently – “Since there are few people who die from COVID-19 in Norway, the risk of dying after vaccination with the AstraZeneca vaccine would be higher than the risk of dying from the disease” – Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Bundestag Approves Tighter COVID Lockdown Measures as Thousands Protest in Berlin – Aleksandra Serebriakova




Comply or Die: The Only Truly Compliant Person in a Police State Is a Dead One – “Americans aren’t dying at the hands of police because of racism. For that matter, George Floyd didn’t die because he was black and the cop who killed him is white. Floyd, who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than nine minutes, died because America is being overrun with militarized cops—vigilantes with a badge—who have almost absolute discretion to decide who is a threat, what constitutes resistance, and how harshly they can deal with the citizens they were appointed to “serve and protect.” These warrior cops may get paid by the citizenry, but they don’t work for us and they certainly aren’t operating within the limits of the U.S. Constitution.” – John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead

JFK Secret Society Warning Speech – How True It Was… – “Too bad no one listened…” – A Patriot

Why A Free People Cannot Exist Without Free Speech – “Free speech in America is not a custom of deference to the law — it is the law’s deference to the people’s ancient cultural right.” – Kyle Sammin

Biden’s statement following the Chauvin verdict was disgraceful – “Biden was always a vicious buffoon. That is, he’s a man with a small, feral intelligence that he’s managed to leverage into power by sinking his talons into whatever racial or ideological hatred is popular at the time. In many ways, he was made for this moment, which culminated with him, as the current occupant of the White House, following a trial predicated on jury intimidation, with a statement oozing contempt for the nation he governs.” – Andrea Widburg

Derek Chauvin – the devil the woke elites needed – “The identitarian set cynically used the trial of Chauvin to put all of America on trial.” – Brendan O’Neill

Exploiting civil unrest: Before court delivered Chauvin guilty verdict, Dems poured fuel on fire – Washington Times

Chauvin Verdict Settles Little – “With justice, is there peace? Absolutely not. Again, the outcome of the case manages to divide us even when we agree on the verdict. Since the Left still believes the system to be unjust and that violence is the way to get what you want, what incentive is there for them not to cause carnage and achieve revolution? With the gleeful aid of the media and politicians, I think a new norm has been firmly established – mob rule. It was de facto, but it’s now the law of the land. If I were a cop, I’d be seeking employment elsewhere.” – Rod Dreher

They Convicted an Innocent Man (VIDEO) with Paul Craig Roberts – “This was a show trial essentially. . . . Chauvin did not have a fair trial. . . . The media convicted an innocent man, and the jury was too fearful to stand on the evidence, and that was the story of the trial.” – Greg Hunter  – AGREE OR DISAGREE, DR. ROBERTS MAKES HIS CASE!!!!!

Chauvin Trial – A Political Nightmare – Martin Armstrong

I’m Impressed: One Man Was Killed Three Times – “Well, America has proved once again that we are Boobus Americanus. You see, Floyd was one man. You can certainly commit homicide against him but it is not possible to commit homicide three times against one person. As I have pointed out multiple times in these pages you can disagree with a verdict but if you honor the rule of law you must respect it, and you were not there in the courtroom and thus have an imperfect understanding of the evidence presented, even if you watched every minute of the trial. But an impossibility is an impossibility, and what the jury found was not possible since you cannot commit three felonious homicides against one person.” – Karl Denninger  – GOOD POINT FROM KARL!!!!!

Press cranks up narrative of police racial injustice after Columbus cop stops a knife-wielding teen from stabbing another girl – “Fresh off the police brutality trial of Derek Chauvin, business is booming for the racial grievance industry, this time in a southeast Colombus, Ohio residential neighborhood. The narrative is formed and it’s already a stale old story.” – Monica Showalter

“Get the F**k Out of New York!”: BLM Protesters Demand White Restaurant Owners Leave the City – “Mob also suggests taking 30 per cent of their income.” – Paul Joseph Watson

How to Survive Riots and Civil Unrest – “As the world seems to be on fire in countries across the planet, the threat of civil unrest and riots certainly feels like it’s increasing. People are responding with rage to perceived injustices, and whether that rage is warranted or not isn’t the point of this article.” – Daisy Luther

Mexican Drug Cartel Mayhem Hits Main Street USA – “Bloodbath in central North Carolina over drug stash.” – Joe Schaeffer

Who Runs The World? Blackrock and Vanguard – “If you’ve been wondering how the world economy has been hijacked and humanity has been kidnapped by a completely bogus narrative, look no further than this video by Dutch creator, Covid Lie. What she uncovers is that the stock of the world’s largest corporations are owned by the same institutional investors. They all own each other. This means that “competing” brands, like Coke and Pepsi aren’t really competitors, at all, since their stock is owned by exactly the same investment companies, investment funds, insurance companies, banks and in some cases, governments. This is the case, across all industries.” – Bill Sardi  – GREAT ARTICLE AND VIDEO!!!!

Who’s to Blame for Normalizing One-Man Rule? – Robert Fellner

California Hasn’t Opened Schools Yet, But Tiny Kids Can Dance for Cash in Drag at Late Night Clubs – Matt Agorist

The Great Reset Morality: Euthanization of the Inessentials – “Genocide or Slavery? What do the elites plan for us?” – Joaquin Flores

The Rising Threat Of Nuclear War Is The Most Urgent Matter In The World – “The US has been ramping up aggressions with Russia in a way that has terrified experts, and it looks likely to continue doing so. These aggressions are further complicated on increasingly tense fronts like Ukraine, which is threatening to obtain nuclear weapons if it isn’t granted membership to NATO, either of which would increase the risk of conflict. Aggressions against nuclear-armed China are escalating on what seems like a daily basis at this point, with potential flashpoints in the China Seas, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, India, and any number of other possible fronts.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Say hello to the new multilateral boss – “Xi Jinping’s Boao Forum speech marked his latest appeal for an open global economy and against US-led decoupling” – Pepe Escobar

Bounties? What Bounties? – “When truth is marginalized, the fringe is the only place where it’s to be found. So it looks like Russia didn’t pay the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers after all. So it isn’t the Times’s or the CIA’s fault, you see – it’s merely a hazard of the trade. But isn’t it’s curious how words like “murky” and “muddied” never cropped up last summer when the Times was busily egging Democrats on with stories charging that the bounties had led to “at least one U.S. troop death” or maybe even three? All of which was nonsense, as is now clear. Yet not only has the Times failed to apologize but White House spokesman Jen Psaki managed to spin the story last week so that it’s still Moscow’s fault and “there are [still] questions to be answered by the Russian government.” ” – Daniel Lazare

Putin’s Key State-Of-The-Nation Address: “Swift & Tough” Response Coming For Those Crossing ‘Red Line’ – Tyler Durden

US and Russia Won’t Have Ambassadors in Each Other’s Capitals as Tensions Simmer – “The US ambassador to Russia said he is returning to Washington, Moscow recalled its ambassador after Biden called Putin a ‘killer'” – Dave DeCamp

US Seeks South China Sea Conflict – “Despite hopes by some that with Joe Biden a new US foreign policy will follow – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reaffirmed Washington’s committment to seeking conflict in the South China Sea under the guise of “standing with Southeast Asian claimants.”” – Tony Cartalucci

Taiwan: The New Geopolitical and Economic Flash Point – Ethan Yang



It’s time to start thinking about inflation – “Governments who spend too much money almost invariably resort to debasing the currency. In ancient times, ‘debasement’ meant reducing the gold and silver content in their coins. In early modern times, it meant printing vast quantities of paper money. Today, it means creating ‘electronic’ money in the banking system.” – Simon Black

The Price Of Plywood Is Absolutely Ridiculous – But It Is Also A Sign Of The Times… – Michael Snyder

Has the Bubble Already Popped? – ” Last week’s highs in markets and crypto may have been deceiving. Whether we get new highs still or not I submit there is a lot of damage taking place in this hyper valued market that is masked by the new highs headlines of last week. And the cumulative picture leaves the door open for the possibility that the bubble has already popped, except none of us realize it yet for recent new highs are masking it all.” – Sven Henrich

Government Spending Doesn’t “Stimulate” the Economy – Peter Schiff


Are Metals & Miners Starting A New Longer-Term Bullish Trend? – Chris Vermeulen

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.90EUR



Psalm 2:1    Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?