Fearmongering Goes Nuclear — ‘We’re in Brand-New Pandemic’ – “A “double-mutation” of SARS-CoV-2 is now said to target younger people. Some “experts” interviewed by mainstream media claim it should be viewed as a whole new virus, and a brand-new pandemic” – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – JUST LIKE GARY BARNETT STATED IN HIS LINKED ARTICLE ON MONDAY, HOW WILL FEAR BE REESTABLISHED; WELL, HERE IT IS. THEY WILL KEEP THIS GOING AS LONG AS THEY CAN!!!!!

Idiocy: Experimental Vaccines And Spike Proteins – “So now the FDA has “paused” the J&J Covid-19 vaccine because of, as they claim, just six cases of thrombotic disorder. That alleged “six” is a ******ned lie; this is a hell of a lot more common than that even though one in a million is outside of the parameters that are acceptable for a disease that only gets you 2/100,000 times. Why? Because you’re not guaranteed to get a virus but you are guaranteed to take the risk when you are stabbed with it.” – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM KARL!!!!!!

Is Dr. Fauci the ‘Father of the Pandemic?’ – “Dr. Fauci’s NIH funneled American taxpayer dollars — some $7 million — into the Wuhan Lab” – Peter Navarro

Vaccine Passports vs. Freedom Itself – “To reject the creeping totalitarianism and dictatorship is the lifeblood of all freedom-loving individuals across the world. Those under despotic control yearn for freedom.” – Paul E. Alexander

VIITAMIN-D Should Be The Public Health Message For Covid – “(You’ve got to watch the video below and spread this to others)” – Ken Jorgustin

Bribing, Incentivizing, and Threatening Termination Over Covid Vaccines: Is It Legal? – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The COVID Experiment: Are You Covered? – “Why do people who have avoided the annual flu vaccine suddenly trip over themselves to inject an experimental shot? Why do they do it with so many questions left unanswered? What are the known and unknown consequences of an experimental jab? Identify the Known Knowns: Identify the Known Unknowns” – Rosanne Lindsay  – GOOD COMMON SENSE ARTICLE!!!!!

Do You Wear Depends? – “If you’re not physically sick and find yourself being pestered by someone who is mentally sick about your “failure” to wear a “mask” to “stop the spread” of a physical illness you haven’t got – but which they worry you might have – ask them a question in reply: Are you wearing your Depends? These being the adult diapers designed to protect the incontinent from spreading . . . something else. They will probably draw themselves up indignantly and say no – of course not. Why would they? Exactly so – as regards the facial equivalent of the same thing.” – Eric Peters

CDC: 3,005 Recorded Deaths in VAERS Following COVID-19 Experimental “Vaccines” – More than Total Vaccine Deaths for Past 13+ Years – “The CDC wants the public to think that this is an insignificant number, since over 189 million doses of COVID-19 emergency use injections have now been administered to the public. But to put this into perspective, these 3,005 deaths now exceed the total number of deaths following ALL vaccinations from August of 2007, through the end of November, 2020, just before the experimental COVID shots started.” – Brian Shilhavy  – AND FAUCI MUST NOT READ THE CDC’S OWN STATS BECAUSE ACCORDING TO HIM THERE HAS BEEN FEW DEATHS LINKED TO THE VACCINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

State Legislatures Are Finally Limiting Governors’ Emergency Powers – Ryan McMaken

New Kentucky Law Preserves Vaccine Exemptions Even During Pandemic – “Legislation passed with bipartisan support preserves certain vaccine exemptions, including religious and medical, even if the state mandates vaccines during a pandemic.” – Stephanie Locricchio

Mick Jagger Releases Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Bill Gates and Anti-Deep State Song – Robert Wenzel


One Question Before Us Is: Will We Be Destroyed in War Before We Lose Our Civil Liberty to the Establishment’s Orchestrated “Covid Pandemic”? – Paul Craig Roberts

The 100 Year Plan To Disarm The American People (VIDEO) – ““NO AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION IS ABSOLUTE” says Joe Biden. The regime is actively crafting gun executive orders that can’t be undone. The intent being to turn millions of law-abiding citizens into felons with a criminal stroke of the pen.” – A Patriot

Op-Ed: ‘Defund the Police’ and Gun Control Laws Killed Daunte Wright WANTED FOR MERELY POSSESSING A GUN, AND KILLED BY MISTAKE, LEFTIST GUN CONTROL AND DEFUND POLICE POLICIES ULTIMATELY FAILED DAUNTE WRIGHT. Make no mistake. Oppressive racist police officers did not murder Daunte Wright — unfettered progressive ideology did.” – Will Dabbs MD

Going grifting via Black Lives Matter – “It’s a story that has played out over the generations and around the world. A few people decrying the unfairness of capitalism and the gap between the rich and the poor turns out to be a racket making those same leaders filthy rich while abandoning the true believers on the side of the road, destroying lives and nations. This tragedy is unfolding again, this time here in the United States courtesy of the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” group. And now we’ve also learned Big Tech doesn’t want anyone to talk about it.” – Tammy Bruce

Media Rewriting History Over Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal? – “Fourth Estate grants Biden historic victory while erasing Trump. Headlines across the country laud President Joe Biden for preparing to announce the end of American involvement in Afghanistan. It is being widely reported that on Wednesday, April 14, the president will declare that the estimated 2,500 U.S. troops in the Central Asian nation will pack up and come home by no later than September 11 this year. Donald Trump featureBut wait? Readers with a memory longer than that of a somewhat forgetful goldfish may remember that President Trump had orchestrated a deal whereby the troops would leave Afghanistan no later than May 1. This seems to be something that the Biden-backing Fourth Estate is content to bury in the name of helping its top pick build a better legacy.” – Mark Angelides

Countdown to Destruction – “Biden Lunatics Aggressively Harassing Russia and China” – Andrew Anglin

Are Biden Regime Hardliners Plotting a Sarajevo Scenario Along Russia’s Border? – Stephen Lendman

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Buys Microsoft Ahead of Big Govt Contract – Mish

Texas Nonprofit Hires Biden Transition Official – Then Lands Half-Billion Dollar Contract To Manage Border Crisis – “Now let’s watch the media’s reaction to this, vs. the manufactured lie that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis awarded a vaccine distribution contract to a campaign donor.” – Tyler Durden

Mayhem in Minneapolis: Riots Erupt After Police Shooting and a Not Guilty Verdict Likely in Chauvin Trial – Robert Wheeler

Minnesota provides proof that the Second Amendment matters – “One of the most striking images to emerge from the latest rioting in Minnesota is that of armed men guarding their property against looters. It is the type of image that should educate large swaths of Americans about the fact that guns keep us safe, especially when law enforcement is in retreat. For those who have grown up accepting guns as both an important right and a normal part of life, it’s hard to understand the mindset of those who grew up in an anti-gun world. I on the other hand, totally understand it. I grew up in a Democrat household and was reflexively anti-gun.” – Andrea Widburg

Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise – “By draping itself in the finery of political activism, the corporatist class consolidates political power, corrupts democracy and distracts from its real functions.” – Glenn Greenwald

‘China, Iran, and Russia are laughing at us’: US Navy is slammed for adding a mask to the eagle in service branch logo – “Critics piled on mocking the ‘woke’ move saying adversaries would laugh” – Keith Griffith

The West Resolutely Refuses to Face the Facts in Crimea – “One of the more tiresome aspects of the mainstream media is the way they ignore history and treats all modern systems as though they were devoid of historical context. Nowhere is this more obviously the case then in the presentation of the current situation in Crimea. Western politicians and reporters seem completely bereft of historical context when discussing the current friction between Russia and Ukraine over the status of Crimea.” – James ONeill

CNN’s Blatant Disinformation About Russia-Ukraine Activity – “Confrontation with Russia is in line with a sensationalist media, influenced by neocons, neolibs and flat-out Russia-haters.” – Michael Averko

Keep Ukraine Out of NATO – “Biden’s declaration of “unwavering support” is either empty posturing or potentially dangerous overreaching. The US has no obligations to defend or support Ukraine in a conflict with Russia or Russian-backed proxies, and it has no vital interests at stake that would justify taking their side. Reflexively throwing support behind Ukraine has become a bipartisan pastime in Washington, but it has nothing to do with US or allied security” – Daniel Larison

Washington could not be happier with Ecuador’s new president – “Against all expectations, right-wing Guillermo Lasso won the Ecuadorean presidential election on April 11. It was anticipated that Andrés Arauz, a protégé of former leftist President Rafael Correa who famously protected Julian Assange, would win the election.” – Paul Antonopoulos

No, it is not elitist to correct students’ spelling – “Some universities now claim it is ‘white, male and elitist’ to expect students to have good English.” – Frank Furedi

Top 23 Plants for Pollinators: Attract Bees, Butterflies, & Hummingbirds! – DeannaCat


Food Prices Are Rising Aggressively, And Even The Corporate Media Is Admitting That It Is Only Going To Get Worse – Michael Snyder

The Middle Class Has Finally Been Suckered into the Casino – “The Fed’s casino isn’t just rigged; it’s criminally unstable.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops Sharply to Record Low, But It’s a Lot Worse than CPI Shows – Wolf Richter

US Stimmy Checks Support Foreign Manufacturing Economies – “What we’re seeing is entirely predictable. When you had a bunch of people who aren’t producing anything big fat checks, they’re going to spend the money on goods that come from places where people are working. In effect, the US government is supporting the manufacturing economies of China and other countries.” – Peter Schiff

Stock Market Risk-Taking Is Going Parabolic – Dave Kranzler

Coinbase soars in market debut, valued near $100 billion – “There were 43 million verified Coinbase users in 2020, with 2.8 million making transactions monthly. Its revenue more than doubled to $1.14 billion last year and the company swung to a profit of $322.3 million after losing tens of millions in 2019. It recently estimated that revenue rose to $1.8 billion and net income increased to between $730 million and $800 million in the first quarter of 2021.” – Michelle Chapman and Alex Veiga

A New Piece of the Puzzle – “Suddenly, out of nowhere BankAmerica has emerged as a major participant in precious metals OTC derivatives. One constant in these quarterly reports is that JPMorgan has dominated OTC dealings in every category for as long as I can remember, including precious metals. However, the new report indicates that BankAmerica has now emerged as a major participant in precious metals OTC derivatives. BankAmerica didn’t suddenly wake up one day and decide to borrow and sell (short) 300 million ounces of physical silver. It’s much more likely that JPMorgan dreamed up the whole affair, since it and its related entities will profit mightily as a result. The net result of all this lending, borrowing, selling and buying of 300 million ounces, is that the friends and family of JPM now own at least 1.2 billion ounces or 60% of the world’s 2 billion ounces of total world silver inventories. BankAmerica is now obligated to return 300 million ounces of physical silver to JPM someday.” – Ted Butler

Gold Suddenly Gets Real-ly Interesting – “Since August, we’ve been waiting for a bottom and end of this current consolidation in COMEX gold prices. With the most recent U.S. inflation data, that day may finally be here.” – Craig Hemke

$50 Silver Will Just Be a Pit-Stop for Higher Prices, Here’s Why. (VIDEO) – GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.38EUR


Proverbs 14:23  In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.