The Damage of Lockdowns to Young People – “Long-Term Effects At the time of this writing lockdowns around the world are still ongoing and it will likely take years to fully understand the long-term damage that has been done to young people by lockdowns. The increase in drug consumption, unwanted weight gain, and mental health complications will surely have lasting physical consequences.” – Ethan Yang  – GOOD FACT BASED ARTICLE!!!!

Large-Scale Covid Outbreaks in Michigan: The NYT Suppresses Why – “Outbreaks of seasonal flu now called covid are greatly increasing in Michigan because the state leads the nation in complying with mass-jabbing with experimental covid drugs that don’t protect and risk possible irreversible harm to health when taken as directed.” – Stephen Lendman  – INTERESTING THEORY, WOULD LIKE TO SEE IF OTHER STATES WITH HIGH LEVELS OF VACCINATION HAVE INCREASED OUTBREAKS AS WELL!!!!!!!

Back into quarantine? German govt plans new harsh Covid-19 restrictions in draft law – reports – RT

More Than Half of People in England Living In Areas with Almost No New Covid Cases – “Over half of people in England now live in an area in which new cases of Covid have all but vanished, with some places not reporting a case in public data for more than a month.” – Michael Curzon

CDC Reports 2,794 Total Deaths Following COVID Experimental “Vaccines” as Some Clinics Halt J&J Shots due to Side Effects – “In what is becoming the most censored story probably in the history of the United States, the CDC has reported this week that 2,794 deaths have been reported to VAERS as of April 5, 2021, following injections of the three experimental, non-FDA approved, COVID-19 injections. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. To put this into some perspective, there were a total of 345 deaths recorded in VAERS following vaccines for all of 2020. From 2010 through the end of 2020, an entire decade spanning 11 years, there were a total of 2,588 deaths recorded following vaccines. So deaths following vaccines during the first three months of 2021 have now exceeded total deaths for the past 11 years. How is this not headline news?” – Brian Shilhavy

Goochland County man suffers ‘rare’ severe reaction to COVID-19 vaccine – “Richard Terrell got the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine earlier this month. He suffered a severe rash that spread over his entire body and turned his skin red. The 74-year-old was admitted to the hospital and spent five days at VCU Medical Center.” – Talya Cunningham  – SOME PRETTY GRAPHIC IMAGES HERE!!!!!!


We Need Rule of Law Not Lawlessness – “After the Rule of Law degenerated in Argentina in the early twentieth century, for example, it dropped from being the ninth richest nation in the world to an economically volatile has-been. We cannot allow the same to occur here. That’s certainly not a call for bigger government, but better government that places the Rule of Law above ideology.” – Robert E. Wright

Loving God with All Our Hearts and All Our Minds – Michael Brown

Top Threats to Preppers – “Let me start by removing politics from this conversation as much as possible. The threats to preppers I mention below have proponents on both sides of the isles and business is tied up in the middle as well. If anything, it’s the people versus the state – regardless of who is running the state at the moment.” – Pat Henry  – VERY GOOD READ WHETHER YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A PREPPER OR NOT!!!!!

‘Rona “Relief” . . . – “I got a check today from Uncle Joe – ostensibly “relief” from the harm visited by Uncle in the name of the ‘Rona. I am expected to be grateful, in the manner of a man who receives a free wheelchair from the person who pushed him down the stairs. I’m not. Nor am I stupid. $1,400? It’s a pretty insulting price to place on the cost of the harm Uncle – now in the guise of Joe – has visited upon the people of this country, which far surpasses the harm supposedly caused by the ‘Rona, which hasn’t harmed 99.8-something percent of the population.” – Eric Peters

Naomi Wolf, The Leftist Who Knows Fascism Is Here – Without Trump – “Liberal feminist Naomi Wolf sounds the alarm about COVID totalitarianism.” – Pennel Bird

Joe Biden’s Trojan horse presidency – “Joe Biden was elected president after a campaign rooted in rhetoric emphasizing unity, moderation, and compromise. But with every day that passes, the veneer of centrism that got him elected over rivals such as Sen. Bernie Sanders becomes more distant of a memory. Simply put, it sure seems like “moderate Joe” was a thin facade used to usher an ultra-progressive agenda in the backdoor. It resembles a Trojan horse” – Brad Polumbo

Biden’s Gun Control Distraction – “Biden is accelerating the gun control agenda to divert attention away from the real crises at the border and elsewhere in the United States.” – Pedro Gonzalez

The “Common Sense” Argument For Prosecuting Hunter Biden – “President Joe Biden has a lot of nerve. He stood at a podium on Thursday and tried to make a case for gun control to the American people. He did it while his own son, Hunter Biden, is still walking around after his irresponsible handling of a firearm as well as his possibly fraudulent purchase of said firearm. Frankly, he needs to be prosecuted, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.” – Tom Knighton

Biden’s gun control policies would treat everyone like a criminal – Washington Examiner

Standing Army: Biden Surpasses Trump on Flow of Military Weapons to Cops – Matt Agorist  – HMMM, ARM THE POLICE WITH MORE MILITARY WEAPONS OF WAR AND DISARM THE POPULACE AT THE SAME TIME. HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS DOES IT HAVE TO GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gun-makers face extinction under Biden – ““Most people don’t realize,” Biden said at a Rose Garden speech to announce his executive actions against guns, “the only industry in America, billion-dollar industry, that can’t be sued, that’s exempt from being sued, are gun manufacturers.” That’s not true. In fact, it’s the 180-degree opposite of true. Gun manufactures can indeed be sued for manufacturing defective guns. So Biden is wrong. Or maybe misinformed. Or maybe lying. At the least, Biden is using deceptive hyperbole as a means of cutting down a crucial protection for gun manufacturers — and the Second Amendment. PLCAA is only common sense. Why should the makers of firearms be held liable when criminals illegally use their products to commit their illegal and criminal acts? Suing gun manufacturers for the shoot-and-kills of criminals is akin to suing car manufacturers when bank robbers use getaway vehicles to flee. It’s just not the manufacturers’ fault. But Biden wants to remove those basic legal protections on gun-makers.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

Marxist Black Lives Matter Founder Didn’t Just Buy a Million Dollar Compound — She Bought FOUR High End Homes, Complete With Airplane Hangars – “The militant leftist also eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort.” – Cassandra Fairbanks  – MUST BE GOOD MONEY TO BE MADE IN ORGANIZING RIOTS, OR MAYBE SOROS JUST SLIPPED HER A FEW MIL!!!!

Flyover Folks Serve Up Some Cold Shoulder – “If elitists haven’t bothered to pay attention, now would be a suitable time to take notice.” – Sarah Cowgill

Blinken Warns Of “Consequences” If Russia Acts “Aggressively” In Ukraine – Tyler Durden

Blinken’s Winking and Nodding to the Neocons – “Like proverbial bad pennies, the neocon imperialists who plagued the Barack Obama administration have turned up in force in Joe Biden’s State Department. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has given more than winks and nods to the dastardly duo of Victoria Nuland, slated to become Blinken’s Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, the number three position at the State Department, and Samantha Power, nominated to become the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Nuland and Power both have problematic spouses who do not fail to offer their imperialistic opinions regardless of the appearance of conflicts-of-interest.” – Wayne Madsen

Why It Is Not Advised – “For the US Navy ships to enter the Black Sea and hope to survive in case of the, God forbids, any kind of a conflict with Russia—yes, you read it right—is a fantasy, or, to be even more precise—an unscientific fiction. This group, let alone a single US destroyer of the Arleigh Burke-class (these are the most active types in the US Navy), which enter the Black Sea periodically to “demonstrate flag” and US/NATO presence in this crucial body of water are aware of the fact that the Black Sea for all intents and purposes is Russia’s lake. So, as you can see, there is plenty of subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic goodness to spread around by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet alone and competent people in Pentagon know this.” – Andrei Martyanov

Media Concern Trolling About Afghanistan Withdrawal Again – ““Concerns are mounting from bipartisan US lawmakers and Afghan women’s rights activists that the hard-won gains for women and civil society in Afghanistan could be lost if the United States makes a precipitous withdrawal from the country,” CNN tells us. What follows is yet another concern-trolling empire blog about why US troops need to stay in Afghanistan,” – Caitlin Johnstone

The responsibility for the Northern Ireland violence rests squarely with a selfish EU for supporting a destructive Brexit protocol – “European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer issued a statement on Thursday condemning the uprisings, claiming that “no one has anything to gain” by escalating them, when, in fact, the EU has been using Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit arrangement as a political prop for selfish gain.” – Kevin Karp

What’s Up With Our Very Big Fact-checking Blind Spots? – “Why do most people who can easily find holes in the official Covid narrative not do even basic fact-checking of people they’ve chosen to follow on the Covid-questioning side of the equation?” – Rosemary Frei  – INTERESTING ARTICLE THAT TOUCHES ON THE EDUCATION SYSTEM AS WELL!!!!!!

Are vegan diets good for your heart? – “There are many reasons why people may adopt a vegan diet, such as animal welfare, sustainability or to lose weight. Another reason that’s often touted is that vegan diets are good for your heart, and can not only prevent heart disease, but even reverse it. But as our latest review found, this isn’t necessarily true. In fact, we found that there is currently little evidence to suggest a vegan diet protects the heart, or can reverse heart disease.” – Clare Oliver-Williams

Climate Engineering News Q & A, April 7, 2021, #11 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington  – GREAT SERIES OF VIDEOS FROM DANE. THE FIRST 10 HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!

What Causes Food Supply Shortages and What Can You Do About It? – Erica Nygaard

How Much Survival Food Is Enough – How Much Do I Need? – Ken Jorgustin


The Middle Class Shrinks Globally For the First Time in Nearly Three Decades – Mish

The global debt problem – “It has been recently estimated that global debts stand at $284 trillion equivalent, representing 355% of global GDP. Estimates such as these must be treated with caution, and they probably underestimate financial sector debt. Furthermore, no allowance in these figures is made for OTC derivatives, which according to the Bank for International Settlements have a gross value of $15.48 quadrillion(!), netting out at $609 trillion.” – Alasdair Macleod

CENTRAL BANKS GONE WILD! Expect A Tsunami Of Inflation To Hit. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Bitcoin: Revolutionary Money in a Time of Universal Deceit – “Conspiratorial attempts to maintain and control power are going to be made obsolete in a world of truthful money via Bitcoin.” – Nozomi Hayase

The Four Horsemen of the gold price Apocalypse (VIDEO) with Lobo Tiggre – “Lobo Tiggre, of The Independent Speculator, is long-term bullish on gold, but said that it is nonetheless important to consider four potential bear cases.” – Kitco NEWS


Ezekiel 33:8     When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.


Charlie boy, don’t go to war, first born in forty – four
Kennedy made him believe we could do much more

Lillian, don’t hang your head, love should make you feel good
In uniform you raised a man, who volunteered to stand


Play the bugle, play the taps and
Make your mothers proud
Raise your rifles to the sky boys
Fire that volley loud

News was bad on upland ave., metuchen mourn our loss
Sons rebelled, while fathers yelled, and mothers clutched the cross


Play the bugle, play the taps and
Make your fathers proud
Raise your rifles to the sky boys
Fire that volley loud

( Charlie Boy by The Lumineers )


Charlie Boy – The Lumineers