WHO Pushes International Pandemic Treaty – Another Stepping Stone to World Government – “On March 30th 2021, the WHO released a letter, signed by its director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus plus 23 other world leaders, calling for the world to unite behind a new international pandemic treaty. Is this really about protection or something more sinister? Is this in fact another stepping stone towards the creation of a NWO-style World Government?” – Makia Freeman

The Top Four Reasons Why Many People, Doctors & Scientists Refuse To Take The COVID Vaccine – “It’s no secret that vaccine hesitancy is at an all time high. Mainstream media has claimed that this is a result of “anti-vax conspiracy theories” when in reality, there are legitimate concerns not being addressed.” – Arjun Walia

Chicken Little’s Puppet Masters — Fear Destroys Freedom – “While COVID-19 can hardly be called a major public health threat anymore, having now reached endemic status (like the seasonal flu), the fearmongerers who need this crisis to continue in order to complete the implementation of a Great Reset of the global economy and social structure aren’t letting up. In a mid-March 2021 appearance on MSNBC News, National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins expressed dismay at the public’s display of independence, He’s referring to a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that is, allegedly, now “causing so many problems” in Europe. But is it really? To be clear, there will be many new variants of this virus, just as the seasonal flu changes and evolves from year to year. The thing is, as viruses mutate within a population over time, they tend to become more benign.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

You can’t ‘follow the science’ – “Too many politicians have spent the pandemic dressing up value judgements as facts.” – Gabrielle Bauer

The Lockdowners Have Their Own Conspiracy Theories – Phillip Magness

Scenes From 2030 – “So, what’s new? What are your plans for next week?” “Not sure. Maybe I’ll go to the City Hall Yearly Masked Ball. You want to come? The masks are all N95 compliant, so it’s safe.” “No, thanks. I thought you were travelling to Italy for the holidays?” “Nah, I can’t board a plane this month. I didn’t get my Moderna monthly booster shots. I wanted to, but the lines were so big, the next appointment available for me is only next month.” “This Covid-29 is really pesky, isn’t it?”” – TE Creus  – A GOOD READ. SADLY, IT’S PROBABLY SPOT ON!!!!!!!

UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Shots as Other Nations Have – 95 New Deaths Recorded this Week in the UK Following AZ COVID Shots – “The UK Government’s reporting system for COVID vaccine adverse reactions from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency released their latest report today, April 1, 2021” – Brian Shilhavy

Covid Mass-Jabbing with Depopulation in Mind? – “Long before hazardous to health mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid began, Henry Kissinger endorsed the idea of eliminating maximum numbers of what he called “useless eaters.” What’s gone on since early last year has multiple diabolical objectives in mind.” – Stephen Lendman

Spain Passes Law Mandating Face Masks Even While Swimming in the Sea – Paul Joseph Watson  – AFTER ALL, IF COVID CAME FROM BATS ( THE SO-CALLED EXPLANTION ), THEN I”M SURE IT CAN COME FROM FISH AS WELL. SO, BETTER MASK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and daycares in Quebec – “Radio-Canada has obtained documents showing Health Canada warned of the potential for “early pulmonary toxicity” from the SNN200642 masks which are made in China and sold and distributed by Métallifer, a Quebec-based manufacturer.” – CBC News

Can mRNA Gene Therapy Jabs Permanently Alter Your DNA? – “What’s most concerning when it comes to the mRNA vaccines is that the study also found that the embryo then takes up these plasmids and carries them (sustains and clones them into many of the daughter cells) throughout its life, even passing them on to future generations. So, the real answer as to whether or not mRNA gene therapy can permanently alter your DNA is a definite yes — and it’s something scientists have been aware for years. The only question, then, is will these vaccines end up being a type of birth control?” – Cindy Olmstead

Ontario ignores effective COVID interventions, imposes still another province-wide ‘shutdown’ – “Premier Doug Ford’s lockdown begins the day before Easter in a move that Christians could view as discrimination.” – Life Site News



Paradigm Failure – “A nation literally falling apart certainly might want to Build Back Better, but it also might want to consider building back differently, consistent with the signals that reality is sending to humankind these days. For instance, the signals that the old industrial paradigm is coming to an end, and that the furnishings and accessories of it may not be the ones that humankind actually requires going forward. A thumping sense of triumph attended the roll-out of the Build Back Better infrastructure bill, at least on the Democrats’ side, especially with all the chocolate Easter eggs for “social justice” lodged in the $1.9 trillion basket. I imagine it will mark the Biden regime’s high point of esprit. By the time Congress churns through it all, the financial markets will be sending florid distress signals of deepening instability” – James Howard Kunstler

Joe Biden’s Bid to Remake America – “If Joe Biden’s American Jobs Program, outlined in Pittsburgh, is enacted, then the federal government will take a great leap forward toward irreversible control of the destiny of the Republic. To finance this leap, to subsidize this giant stride toward socialism, U.S. corporations are to be forced to turn over to the government a far larger slice of their earnings.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Socialist Revolution On Target – “It doesn’t take any imagination to then hypothesize and extrapolate that the WHO, WEF, UN, Gates and other uber-wealthy people are the designers and movers of this takeover worldwide.” – Martin Armstrong

How Biden Became the Dollar Sign President – “So far the defining word of the Biden era is “trillion.” The Joe Biden who portrayed himself as a moderate, old school, bipartisan deal-maker during the presidential campaign is now a distant memory. But when all the money is spent, will anyone really be able to point to transformative change? ” – Rich Lowry

Biden Scolds Americans for Acting Like They Have Freedom – Leah Barkoukis

Biden finger-wags Texas for stadium crowding as migrant cages overfill – “Joe Lockdown is working on his hypocrisy. Packing anyone in a room to 1,600% capacity, even without a pandemic, is ordinarily reason to call the fire marshal. But under Joe Biden, who invited the migrants in, and incentivized them with instant benefits, somehow it’s all OK as he points the finger at Texas.” – Monica Showalter

The Border Is Wide Open – It’s Not Secure – “Illegal Border Crossings Jump to 150,000 in March” – A Patriot

Ever-projecting and never going away, Hillary Clinton invents new rights to take away God-given ones in latest anti-gun campaign – “No one needs or wants to hear failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s specious views on recent mass shootings. We all know her totalitarian aim is disarming ordinary Americans by exploiting ignorance of the Constitution. Who even asked her to weigh in on America’s latest wave of mass shootings, anyway? Basically, Clinton herself.” – Tony Cox

Wow! Such BS Caught on Video: Pete Buttigieg Has Gas-Guzzling Suburban Drop Him Off a Couple Blocks from Work So He Can Ride His Bike in for the Cameras (VIDEO) – “More liberal BS caught on video. The media went gaga after news broke that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was riding his bike to work. What a guy! What a great example!” – Jim Hoft

Minnesota State Officials Emulate Pontias Pilate by Handing over Officer Chauvin – “An attorney who is monitoring the trial of officer Chauvin has concluded that Minnesota officials arranged in advance Chauvin’s conviction. The attorney is not a member of Chauvin’s defense team. He is monitoring the trial because of his long-standing interest in the systematic destruction in America of a fair trial. Just as Pontius Pilate is believed to have turned Jesus over to the Jews in order to avoid troubles, it seems the state of Minnesota has decided to turn Chauvin over to Antifa and Black Lives Matter. We will see whether this cowardly and despicable act quiets trouble or emboldens trouble-makers” – Paul Craig Roberts

Understanding Anti-Putin PSYOPs: Preparing for War – The Saker

Ukrainian Troops Are Being Fired Upon By Grenade Launchers And Machine Guns As More Russian Forces Race Toward The Border – Michael Snyder

The Endless War: Afghanistan Goes On and On – “The real damage comes when governments lie in order to start or continue a war. The Administration of George W. Bush did just that when it lied about Iraq’s secular leader Saddam Hussein seeking nuclear weapons, supporting terrorists and developing delivery systems that would enable Iraq to attack the U.S. with the nukes. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice knew she was not telling the truth when she warned that “the problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly he can acquire nuclear weapons. Rice is, by the way, not in jail and is currently a highly esteemed elder statesman serving as Director of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Likewise for her friend and patron Madeleine Albright who famously declared that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children due to U.S. imposed sanctions were worth it. In the United States the only ones who are ever punished are those who expose the crimes being committed by the government, to include a number of whistleblowers and journalists like Julian Assange.” – Philip Giraldi

Despite History of Failure, Destructive Rent Control is Poised to Hit Illinois – Mish

The tyranny of racial groupthink – “Individuals are being routinely reduced to their skin colour. ‘White privilege’, ‘black oppression’ – these are the kinds of grand generalisations with which we are all familiar by now. They are the sweeping concepts we are encouraged to use to interpret our world – a world in which we don’t realistically live as individuals, but as ‘black people’, ‘white people’, ‘Asians’, ‘people of colour’ et al.” – Remi Adekoya  – LONG READ, BUT VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

These Clues Suggest We’re Headed For a MASSIVE Global Energy Crisis – Fabian Ommar

GM waxy maize: The gene edited Trojan Horse is moving through the gates – “At least five countries– Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile and the US– have approved a variety of maize genetically modified (GM) with a genome editing technique called CRISPR, without subjecting the crop to the risk assessments and regulations for GM crops. Other countries could soon follow. The GM maize is produced by US-based Corteva, the world’s second largest seed company and fourth largest pesticides company.” – Grain



A Trillion Here, a Trillion There – “The late Everett Dirksen, a long-serving Minority Leader of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate, is famously quoted as saying a billion here, a billion there, and soon we’re talking real money. That was back in 1969. At the time, a billion dollars was about one-tenth of 1 percent of GDP. What about today? To put these amounts into perspective: A trillion dollars is today about 4 percent of GDP.” – Clifford F. Thies

The UFO/Fed Connection – “You’ve probably noticed the recent uptick in UFO sightings and video recordings from aircraft of the extraordinary flight paths of these unidentified objects. Perhaps it’s not coincidence that UFO sightings are soaring at the same time as central banks pursue unprecedented monetary policies. Perhaps the aliens’ keen interest in Earth’s central bank magic and its potential for destruction results from a wager.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Twilight Zone Economy – “Today, economic leaders base policies on a hoped-for utopia with bubbles called ‘growing markets’ and greed termed ‘good valuations’. The twilight zone economy is a place where fundamentals have disappeared. It is a utopian world of no moral hazard for business, financial or economic mistakes.” – Patrick Hill

Silver Bugs Are Getting Angry And Mad: One Step Closer To Capitulation – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

How The Nation’s Central Bank Is Covertly “Nudging” Americans To Accept Digital Money & The Great Reset – Bill Sardi

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.26EUR



John 19:30    When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.