The ‘Covid’ Vaccine Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction! – “Many are having horrible effects due to these injections, and many are dying. Some are dying immediately after taking this shot, some are dying after a few hours or days, others after a few weeks, and the long-term effects at this point are virtually unknown. This is a war against the people; the chosen tool to gain the submission of the masses has been a lie called Covid-19, and the weapon of mass destruction being used to accomplish the death of millions is the ‘Covid vaccine!’” – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY HAS WRITTEN A LOT OF GOOD ARTICLES ON COVID, THIS IS ANOTHER ONE!!!!!

The Vast Majority Of The Global Population Has Eagerly Embraced A Giant Deception – Michael Snyder

Johns Hopkins doctor defies Fauci, says ‘herd immunity is likely close at hand’ – “Dr. Marty Makary has criticized Fauci’s broad influence in forwarding a ‘vaccination-only path’ to herd immunity, saying it is not ‘healthy for a small group of people to be making all the public health recommendations. It’s good to have multiple voices.’ Dr. Marty Makary called into question Fauci’s claim that “70% to 85% of the population” must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before herd immunity will be reached, positing that Fauci “inexplicably ignores natural immunity.”” – David McLoone

But Dr. Fauci says… – “The person I spoke with, whom I will call “Jim” to protect his privacy (although he doesn’t really deserve it), started off the conversation by stating: “Something is wrong with you.” When I asked him to elaborate, he said “People like you are the reason things are not back to normal.” And on and on his rant went.” – Josh Kantrow  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOSH THAT SHOWS HOW EXTREME SOME PEOPLE HAVE BECOME!!!!

We Must Not Be Forced Into Vaccinating Our Children From COVID – “The recent push by the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other television medical experts who suggest that we can only get to herd immunity by vaccinating our children is absurd and patently false. They are denying scientific reality. They are spreading false information to the nation. The current data suggest that we are much nearer to herd immunity than they wish it to be.” – Paul E. Alexander

The Vaccine Passport Propaganda Template – “With reports that President Joe Biden’s administration is planning for imposing a vaccine passport mandate in America, expect to see in the media a deluge of vaccine passport propaganda. What will that propaganda look like? A template illustrating several elements you can expect to see in the propaganda push was provided several weeks ago in a CNN interview.” – Adam Dick

Vaccine passports: the end of liberty as we know it – “Britain could become a two-tier, papers-please society.” – Mark Johnson

In Berlin You Need to Show a Negative COVID Test to Enter a ‘Non-Essential’ Business – “Berlin’s Senate agreed to new pandemic restrictions from Wednesday that include tighter rules on testing and mask wearing but which steer clear of a return to a strict lockdown. Compulsory FFP2 masks The new rules, which were agreed on Saturday and will come into force on Wednesday April 1st, mean that everyone will now have to buy FFP2 masks if they want to go shopping, or move around the city on public transport. Normal medical masks (usually blue and white in colour) will no longer be permitted in many public spaces. The stringent new mask requirement applies to supermarkets, as well as any other shops that may be able to open in April due to a ramped up testing regime.” – Anti-Empire

Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated _ “So-called breakthrough cases pop up in Orlando area” – Louis Bolden  – SO MUCH FOR THE VACCINE GIVING YOU IMMUNITY. WHAT “BS” IS FAUCI GOING TO SAY TO EXPLAIN THIS ANOMALY. SOME WERE FULLY VACCINATED FOR SEVERAL WEEKS. ANDMORE BELOW!!!!

Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington state, officials say – “Officials said the so-called breakthrough cases are expected with any vaccine.” – Morgan Winsor  – I WOULD THINK THAT THE PEOPLE GETTING VACCINATED WERE EXPECTING SOME KIND OF IMMUNITY!!!!

Covid Vaccine Nonsense – “US-based human rights lawyer breaks down the contradictory claims of “effectiveness”, the incomplete studies and legal minefield of forced use of experimental vaccines” – P Jerome

Canada Suspends AstraZeneca COVID Shot – 2,530 Injuries and 24 DEAD Following Mostly Pfizer and Moderna Shots – Brian Shilhavy


Prepare for 3 Things: Big Government, Huge Boondoggles, Massive Taxes – “Progressives have their eyes on on your wallet to pay for their big government schemes. And it looks like Biden will oblige them. $10 Trillion for Climate and Infrastructure” – Mish

Joe Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan Sure Talks About ‘Equity’ A Lot – “The White House also claims the “American Jobs Plan” will “fix highways, rebuild bridges, upgrade ports, airports and transit systems,” in addition to renewing the “electric grid” while delivering “high-speed broadband to all Americans.” The plan calls for “building, preserving, and retrofitting more than two million homes and commercial buildings.” But a close look at the details and the “fact sheet” put out by the White House shows the plan is also full of social justice projects and “equity” is a major focus.” – Katie Pavlich

Biden’s Ukrainian “Putin Push” May Lead To World War III – “Biden was in charge of much of the “Ukraine project” during Obama’s time in office. In recent weeks President Biden has been saying some rather mean-spirited things about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Now Russian state sources are alleging that Washington under the Biden administration is ramping up military aid to Ukraine.” – Bruce Wilds

Washington’s Hegemonic Ambitions Defy Multipolar Reality, Risking Catastrophic Conflict” – Finian Cunningham

Opposing All Governments Equally Is Supporting The Most Powerful Government – Caitlin Johnstone

Republicans Want to Take Your Guns – “Republicans like to portray themselves as the most ardent and dedicated protectors of gun rights and the Second Amendment. No. It hasn’t been true for a long, long time. Which is worse: being robbed or being swindled? If someone robs you, you’ll know they’re robbing you. You can stop it from happening again. If someone swindles you, you may not know about it for days or weeks or more. Democrats will rob you of your guns. Republicans will swindle you out of your guns and you’ll be none the wiser.” – Dakota Hensley

Ministry of Truth? Gates/Soros-Funded Org Starts Leftist ‘Information Disorder’ Commission – “An organization backed with millions of dollars from liberal billionaires Bill Gates and George Soros has launched a commission led by radical liberals to fight “mis- and disinformation.”” – Joseph Vazquez

The ‘Insurrection’ Probe Is Falling Apart – “No Sedition Charges So Far. Despite heavy-handed threats and braggadocio about pending “sedition” cases, nearly three months later, the Justice Department has nothing even close to this boast—and their mouthpieces in the media are getting nervous.” – Julie Kelly

Elite Media Look The Other Way On Portland Riots – “But anyone associated with the Jan. 6 uprising is picked to pieces publicly.” – Sarah Cowgill

Stop blaming everything on ‘white supremacy’ – “The Atlanta and Boulder shootings were swiftly pinned on racism. The reality was very different.” – Wilfred Reilly

Do Not Look Away From Evil – “The first step to stopping Anti-Asian hate is to see it clearly.” – Bari Weiss

An Ebola Outbreak In America Now A Very Real Possibility – With Untested Illegal Immigrants Being Inserted Into Vulnerable Communities, What Could Go Wrong? – “With COVID having such a low death rate compared to the death rate of Ebola victims, depopulation proponents would much rather have Ebola here in the U.S. than COVID, but having both would be their dream scenario to bring the numbers more in line with Deagel’s predictions.” – Susan Duclos

Game Over, SquarePants: Two SpongeBob Episodes Pulled, the Reasons Are the Silliest Yet – Mike Miller

Google Is Testing Its Controversial New Ad Targeting Tech in Millions of Browsers. Here’s What We Know – “Google’s launch of this trial—without notice to the individuals who will be part of the test, much less their consent—is a concrete breach of user trust in service of a technology that should not exist. Below we describe how this trial will work, and some of the most important technical details we’ve learned so far.” – Bennett Cyphers

Microchips Are the “Brains” of Every Electronic Device in the World and They’re Becoming Scarce – J.G. Martinez

How To Preserve Potatoes – Ken Jorgustin


NYT Fake News Calls Main Street Economic Collapse the Biden Boom – “NYT propagandist Tom Friedman absurdly called $1.9 trillion stimulus enacted into law a “rescue (plan for) the poor (sic)” and a boon for “the private sector to start new companies and create more good jobs (to) boost living standards (sic).” It’s a short-term bandaid, not a boon for ordinary Americans. Nor will it “create more good jobs,” stimulate economic growth, or “supercharge” it. A “Biden boom” applies to Wall Street, not Main Street. America’s privileged class will keep benefitting at the expense of exploited ordinary Americans.” – Stephen Lendman

The Tail That Wags The Dog – “As Greensill and Archegos roil markets and cause losses, they beg the question – who is next? Why is 2021 turning into the year the scams are unravelling? Will leverage on leverage trigger wider implosion or will it be something else, like liquidity?’ – Bill Blain

Our “Wealth”: Cloud Castles in the Sky – “Buyers know there will always be a greater fool willing to pay more for an over-valued asset because the Fed has promised us it will always be the greater fool.” – Charles Hugh Smith

DISORDER WILL COME – AS CONFUCIUS WARNED – “So getting out of stocks and holding physical gold will not only be a seminal decision but it will also heed 2,500 years of wisdom that Confucius taught.” – Egon von Greyerz

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation – “a 5 to 10 percent jump in inflation expectations could be enough to set off a fiscal crisis for the federal government. And a fiscal crisis could be enough to generate a crisis of confidence in the dollar.” – James L. Caton

SILVER LEAVING THE BUILDING (VIDEO) with Andy Schectman – “No longer just standing for delivery on the exchange, the big money players are now actually puling metal off the exchange – and out of the building – in massive amounts never seen before.” – Liberty and Finance

What Biden’s Big Infrastructure Push Means for Silver – Stefan Gleason

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.19EUR


Proverbs 24:3  Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: