Vaccine Extremism, Hate Speech, and the Well-Beaten Path Towards Genocide – “Dehumanizing and violent messages — now rampant within social media and mainstream news outlets — targeting those exercising their Constitutionally protected health freedoms, bear concerning resemblance to previous phases of human history marred by genocide.” – Sayer Ji ( Green Med Info )

“Making something out of nothing”: PCR tests, CT values and false positives – “A comment on the efficacy of the RT-PCR test in view of the Jaafar paper.” – Niels Harrit PhD

Skin Swab to Test for Covid – “It’s unclear if skin swab tests for covid are accurate in stark contrast to meaningless PCR readings. If accurate in stark contrast to meaningless PCR test results, skin swabs most likely won’t be used in the US and West because they won’t produce desired fear-mongering levels of positive results — no matter how false — so mind-manipulated people will continue agreeing to be jabbed.” – Stephen Lendman

31-Year-Old Italian Professor DEAD following the Experimental AstraZeneca COVID Injection – Brian Shilhavy

Texas’ COVID numbers fall for the 17th consecutive day following Gov. Abbott’s 100% reopening of the state and lifting of the mask mandate – a move that Biden infamously called ‘Neanderthal thinking’ – Karen Ruiz

COVID Panic And Fear Wanes, Now Comes EBOLA! – “Never let a good crisis go to waste? Or is this another false plandemic disguised as something actually deadly? Or is it real and people are going to be going through a sinister disease? It’s hard to say right now. All we know is that ebola is back in the mainstream media, along with scary news headlines designed to make us all afraid.” – Mac Slavo

Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports – “Vaccination passports are being called the new “golden ticket” needed for global travel – and the hospitality industries that benefit – now that the recovery is on its way.” – Tyler Durden


The Scandalous Cruelty of Biden’s Border Disaster – “We are now seeing unprecedented levels of human suffering at the border which did not exist just a few months ago.” – Brian Lonergan

Everything Biden and his top people are saying about the border is a bald-faced lie – New York Post Editorial Board

Why the Biden Administration Fired Staffers Over Smoking Pot But Let Kamala Harris Get Away With It – “Under drug criminalization, elites often get away with the same behavior that earns disadvantaged people harsh punishments.” – Brad Polumbo

Decentralization Is a Step toward Self-Determination – “These problems tend to be made less bad by more localization. Decentralization of this sort is also important, because it allows individuals greater ability to exercise their freedoms by more easily changing the regime under which they live. The conclusion we are presumably supposed to draw is that some centralized political authority must intervene to ensure uniformity among laws, presumably in a way that protects the rights of residents. Of course, this sort of reasoning takes the naïve view that the central government is likely to implement laws that favor the legality of concealed weapons. Experience suggests this is a rather fanciful notion, and we can see the benefits of local control if we consider the case of a state that takes an unfavorable view toward firearms.” – Ryan McMaken

Can the GOP stop Democrats from trashing the country? – “The American people never signed up for a cultural revolution. It’s Do or Die for the Republican Party.” – John M. Contino

Confessions of a Horrible Racist – ” I used to have thoughts that I now recognize as completely and totally racist. The media and Democrats (sorry for the redundancy) helped me recognize the errors of my ways, so to cleanse my soul, I must confess them now. In addition to my misguided belief about hard work, I also believed racist things like skin color didn’t matter, that character of individuals was more important. I was led to this belief by noted racist Martin Luther King Jr. – that character is what someone should be judged on, not their color. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, and their endless string of guests and contributors (liberal activists, college professors, best-selling authors, and fellow journalists) helped me see the light.” – Derek Hunter

Could The U.S. Ban Guns? Australia Tried Something Pretty Close. – “Firearms are strictly regulated in the “Land Down Under” and all firearms license applicants are required to take a safety course, while they must also show a “genuine reason” for owning a firearm. Self-defense isn’t a valid reason either.” – Peter Suciu

Better Than Banning – “Bans are problematic when the thing being targeted is already in wide circulation. Gun being an obvious example. It is much easier and equally effective to not ban possession of guns outright but rather to require that those who wish to continue continue possessing them pay for the privilege. That they pay a lot for it. Not just once, either.” – Eric Peters

Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Shooting Gallery – “If the shooter is white, the left blames racism and privilege. If the shooter is non-white, guns are blamed, and racism or ideology is ignored. In this case, since the shooter is Syrian American, the gun and lax gun control laws will be blamed, ignoring that the shooting took place in Boulder, a left-wing utopia of tolerance, diversity, social justice, green energy, gun control, and kombucha on tap.” – Brian C.Joondeph, MD

Here We Go – FBI Knew Boulder, Colorado, Suspect Identity Prior to Shooting – “Stop me when you have heard this before. The FBI knew in advance the Pulse Nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) and were tipped off by the local sheriff. The FBI knew in advance the San Bernardino Terrorists (Tashfeen Malik). The FBI knew in advance the Boston Marathon Bombers (the Tsarnaev brothers) tipped off by Russians. The FBI knew in advance the Garland, Texas, shooters (Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi). The FBI knew in advance of the Parkland High School shooter (Nikolas Cruz). The FBI knew in advance of the Fort Hood shooter (Nidal Hasan); and now the FBI knew in advance of Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa. Those are just off-the-top of my head… Anyone notice a pattern?” – Sundance  – THE PATTERN IS; THAT THE FBI IS BEING TOLD BY SOMEONE HIGHER UP NOT TO DO THEIR JOB, OR THEY ARE BEING TOLD TO  STAND DOWN IN ORDER TO FURTHER THE GUN CONTROL AGENDA. THERE ARE TOO MANY GOOD AGENTS FOR THIS TO BE JUST HAPPENING!!!!!

Gun Laws and Decentralization: Lessons from “Constitutional Carry” – “Although Obama’s gun control desires never came to pass, gun owners became sufficiently motivated to not only take action against his gun control attempt at the federal level but to shift their attention toward the state level. Several creative Second Amendment organizations picked up on the grassroots dissatisfaction of the Tea Party and leveraged that energy for state-level projects such as constitutional carry. By the time Obama left office in 2016, there were eleven states with constitutional carry as law.” – José Niño

Nike Collaborates With Rapper Lil Nas X to Produce 666 Pairs of ‘Satan Shoes’ and It Gets Far More Disgusting, America – “As corporate America continues to prostrate itself before the Black Lives Matter altar at a record clip, and the self-flagellating myth of “systemic white racism” continues, unabated, no one continues to do both more embarrassingly than Oregon-headquartered Nike. Not only will the production of the $1,018 “Satan Shoes” be limited to 666 pairs, one more tidbit about the new shoes is even more disgusting: every pair contains real human blood.” – Mike Miller  – ONLY A TRULY SICK PERSON WOULD WANT SOMETHING LIKE THIS. BOYCOTT NIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Washington Post Is a Propaganda Organ for War – “Please do note that the sordid Washington Post, full of “concern” for a convicted Russian criminal who is treated with kid gloves by Russian authorities, hasn’t one word in support of fellow journalist Julian Assange, who is indeed held without charges in a British prison under conditions of torture on orders from Washington.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Corrupt Power Can’t Function In The Light: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

China and Russia: The New Guarantors for Justice in the Face of a Self-Cannibalizing West – “China and Russia have made it absolutely clear that they recognize the sad fact that the oligarchy in firm control of the western alliance is adamantly intent on burning all possible diplomatic avenues of cooperation and dialogue as the Hindenburg of the western financial system continues to careen towards a fiery oblivion. It didn’t take long for the behaviorist zombies and NATO-philes managing the recent U.S. color revolution to undo any remnant of hope that some form of sane foreign policy might emerge from the U.S. establishment.” – Matthew Ehret

Western media quick to accuse Syria of ‘bombing hospitals’ – but when TERRORISTS really destroy Syrian hospitals, they are silent – Eva Bartlett

Another Missile Attack, Ebola Is Back, And Dimming The Sun. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Health, Wealth and What Kills Most of Us – “If health is wealth, and it most certainly is the highest form of wealth, then we would be well-served to take charge of our health-wealth in terms of what behaviors we can sustainably modify.” – Charles Hugh Smith

How to Build a Small Shelter Shed – Emily Heyde

Climate Engineering News Q & A, March 24, 2021, #10 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington  – GREAT SERIES OF VIDEOS FROM DANE. THE FIRST 9 HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!


Container Shipping Costs Soar From $1500 to $9000 Due to Suez Canal Blockage – Mish

77% Of Americans Are Worried About Soaring Inflation – Tyler Durden

Why Beijing Wants a Digital Yuan – “In the struggle to dominate the multidimensional board of geostrategy, space, cyberspace, air, land, and sea, the digital yuan poses a new and unique challenge to the US regime. Though there has long been speculation, even serious discussion, of the dollar being replaced or eventually displaced as the world reserve currency, it has remained the overwhelming currency of choice, due in part to institutional inertia but also because of the continued relative economic predominance maintained by the US.” – Joseph Solis-Mullen

Is Silver the New Gold? – “Many analysts expect silver to outperform gold this year. It’s possible, but investors shouldn’t count on improving economic conditions and industrial demand.” – Arkadiusz Sieroń


Titus 2:2    That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.


Men of good fortune
often cause empires to fall
While men of poor beginnings
often can’t do anything at all

The rich son waits for his father to die
the poor just drink and cry
And me, I just don’t care at all

Men of good fortune
very often can’t do a thing
While men of poor beginnings
often can do anything

At heart they try to act like a man
handle things the best way they can
They have no rich, daddy to fall back on

Men of good fortune
often cause empires to fall
While men of poor beginnings
often can’t do anything at all

It takes money to make money they say
look at the Fords, but didn’t they start that way
Anyway, it makes no difference to me

Men of good fortune
often wish that they could die
While men of poor beginnings
want what they have and to get it they’ll die

All those great things that live has to give
they wanna have money and live
But me, I just don’t care at all

( Men Of Good Fortune by Lou Reed )