Old Mortality: How the Corona Coup Tortures the Elderly – and Everybody Else – Michael Lesher

Fauci Does Damage Control After Fmr. CDC Director Suspects Wuhan Lab Leak – Tyler Durden

The Role of Covid Lockdowns in 2020’s Homicide Surge – “Last year, everyday patterns of life broke down. Schools shut down. Young people were on their own. There was a widespread sense of a crisis and a surge in gun ownership. People stopped making their way to institutions that they know and where they spend their time. That type of destabilization is what creates the conditions for violence to emerge.” – Ryan McMaken

Jeanie Marie Evans: Kansas woman dead hours after experimental mRNA shot – “Ms. Jeanie Marie Evans received the first dose of the experimental mRNA shots against COVID-19 yesterday, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). It’s unclear which experimental shot the 68-year-old received. She received the shot in Jefferson County, Kansas. Ms. Evans immediately suffered anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction, during the 15-minute waiting period after the experimental shot. She was transported to Stormont Vail Health in Topeka, where she was pronounced dead.” – The COVID Blog

The Coming Witch Hunt Against Anti-Vaxxers – “Vaccination has become all-pervasive. The primary objective of society now is not to earn a living or be a responsible member of society but to get immunized over and over and over after being bombarded with endless fear-evoking propaganda in the news media. The corps of news reporters is simply a mouthpiece for commercial interests involved in a first-time exercise to immunize the entire world, even pet dogs.” – Bill Sardi

Gates’ Lackies Publish a New Paper on How HCQ Doesn’t Work. Dr. Meryl Nass Counts the Ways They May Have Fixed the Result – Cindy Olmstead

Bill Gates & Globalist Elites pushing Lockdowns & Masks until End of 2022 – “In an interview with the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and Polish television broadcaster TVN24 on Thursday, the evil fucker who can’t even stop a computer virus on his own windows operating system, who has somehow now with zero medical training become the go-to expert on vaccines and pandemics, said things will not be back to normal until the very end of 2022. This follows our modern-day version of Dr. Josef Mengele, Dr. Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious telling CNN that Americans will have to wear masks throughout 2022. They are never going to let this go; they found the perfect vehicle of fear and control.” – Off Grid Survival

Dissent on trial: the Grand Inquisitor – Jon Rappoport

This NYTimes Writer Thinks Too Much “Small Government” Caused the Covid Crisis – Alice Salles




“Where Am I Here?” – “I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled to hear Joe Biden tell America — with a faraway gleam in those ol’ blue Konstantin Chernenko eyes — that he’s expecting to run for a second term. The prospect must engross him, so effervescent was his campaign of 2020! Meanwhile, from offstage you could hear the crunch of his handlers chewing their Xanax, knowing that the game was a brain-fart away from disaster. Well, he only wandered away from the podium one time, and he dutifully followed the script. In fact, the script was right there in his hand the entire white-knuckle hour of this debut press conference, and he often appeared to be reading straight off the page. Mr. Biden’s real job is as a walking MaxWriter© signature machine, ready to sit down and serve whenever Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer send another 1000-plus-page bundle of legislation to the White House, ” – James Howard Kunstler – MR. KUNSTLER SUMS UP THE PRESS CONFERENCE QUITE NICELY. A GREAT READ!!!!!

Dazed, confused and dreaming of a future without a Republican Party? Biden’s first press conference should terrify all Americans – Karen Giorno

A general overview of Biden’s first press conference – “From the very first moment of Biden’s first press conference, one could tell that the days of Trump press conferences were gone. You remember those days, don’t you? Gotcha questions, lectures, fights, interruptions, blatant disrespect — not from Trump, but from the media. It was they who created a sense of chaos and divisiveness, not Trump. It was very different this time. The media were on their best behavior, but even they couldn’t protect Biden from himself.” – Andrea Widburg

Biden Post-Mortem: Cheat-Sheets & A Trip Into An Alternate Reality – Tyler Durden

Charade of a Biden Presser – “While the real Joe Biden was out to lunch or napping, his double held a charade of a presser. The real Biden is too cognitively impaired to carry out duties of the office he was selected, not elected, to hold. Biden’s double needed cheat sheet notes to answer questions —including names and images of reporters to know who asked questions. Gaffe-filled answers didn’t surprise from a figure uninvolved in daily White House affairs — showing up solely to represent the real Biden in public because he’s cognitively unable to represent himself.” – Stephen Lendman

Joe Biden’s sorriest press conference lies – “Blaming Trump for starving children and claiming Republicans who want to clean up voter rolls to prevent fraud only seek to suppress votes gives a whiff of this clown’s standard of truth.” – Monica Showalter

Fox News Correspondent Peter Doocy Calls Out Biden For Snubbing Him at Presser: ‘I Had a Binder Full of Questions’ – “The 46th president’s first press conference from the East Room of the White House went down on Thursday afternoon, and took questions from a series of outlets — with the notable exception of Fox News.” – Ken Meyer  – DID ANYBODY THINK THAT HE WOULD TAKE A SERIOUS QUESTION AND ONE THAT WASN’T PRE-SUBMITTED!!!!

Biden meets the press and the pandemic disappears – “The president’s first news conference on Thursday was notable for what wasn’t asked.” – Anita Kumar

Biden Vows to Stop China From Becoming the World’s ‘Leading’ Country – “In his first press conference, Biden said Chinese President Xi Jinping doesn’t have a ‘democratic bone in his body'” – Dave DeCamp

Biden is to blame for the border crisis – “In his desperation to reject all things Trump, Joe Biden has created a humanitarian disaster.” – Sean Collins

Political Hot Potato: Biden Tosses The Border Crisis To Harris – “When the going gets tough, the tough … punts? Without even a cursory look at the messy surge of illegal immigrants on America’s southern border, President Joe Biden tossed the political hot potato to his vice president. Still unable to label it for what it is – a crisis – the commander in chief said Kamala Harris was the perfect person “to lead our efforts” against the “serious spike” in immigration at the border.” – Kelli Ballard

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and Murder: The Real Nature of Government – “In the midst of all this totalitarian madness, many more agendas are being pursued by the controlling and governing classes, including possible war, monetary restructuring and eliminating cash, gun control, bogus climate change policies that rely on economic destruction and control, government land grabs, the mass transfer of private property from citizens to government due to government mandates causing bankruptcy, the rollout of ‘smart’ technology that is very detrimental to society, and much more.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Role Will the Supreme Court Play as the Left Goes After Guns? – Will Dabbs MD

Arrest Hunter Biden – “Just as President Biden moves to push new gun control laws through his narrow six-seat majority in the House and his 50/50 even split in the Senate, we learn that his son, Hunter, is the poster child for how ridiculous these gun control laws are. Here’s a person who is perfectly fine with buying illicit drugs, possessing illicit drugs, using illicit drugs… not to mention flouting laws regarding driving while intoxicated, possession of drug paraphernalia, illicit possession of a law enforcement identification, corrupt political cronyism, and acting as an unregistered foreign lobbyist. What makes Biden, the Democrats, or anyone else think that this habitual criminal will suddenly balk when faced with a legal prohibition of purchasing or possessing a certain weapon? And just yesterday, the day after his dad proposed his new gun control laws, we’ve learned of even more laws Hunter doesn’t care about. And these existing laws all happen to directly relate to purchasing and possessing a firearm.” – Larry O’Connor

Heartlanders Have No Love For Gun Control Or The Fake News Media – “There’s a lot of talk about gun control – but what about the shooter being a Trump-hating, Biden-loving lunatic from Syria?” – Sarah Cowgill

Federal Judge Calls Left-Leaning Media a ‘Threat to U.S. Democracy.’ So Who Will Tell the People? – “The American people are presently trapped in a Catch-22 situation in that any criticism that is leveled against the U.S. mainstream media is channeled away from social discourse by the very institutions under attack. Judge Silberman rightly viewed this as an encroaching form of tyranny that, if not checked, will spell the end of American democracy, if we have not passed that point of no return already.” – Robert Bridge

When The Powerful Say Truth Is A Lie And Lies Are The Truth, No One Will Stand Up For America But You – “In an age when Americans have grown used to casually shrugging away their freedoms at the whim of TV pundits, this kind of propaganda is seriously dangerous.” – Christopher Bedford

CNN’s Defense of Chris Cuomo’s Special COVID Privileges is Grotesque – “How can a media outlet credibly claim to denounce abuse of power by political officials when they defend and glorify their own anchor’s participation in it?” – Glenn Greenwald

Why Putin’s Pipeline Is Welcome in Germany – “What is behind American opposition to Russian natural gas going to Germany, and from there to NATO Europe?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Biden Administration on Aggression Tour of Europe Against Russia, China – Strategic Culture Foundation

Washington Wants to Establish Global Governance by Advancing Alliances – “Thus, we see that the United States is implementing its aggressive policies openly in a bid to create a fortress moat of military and political alliances from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to the Far East, which would cut Eurasia and Africa in two. However, such saber-rattling away from home on Washington’s part urges the political elites of Eurasia and Africa to objectively assess the risks of possible armed confrontations for the sake of America’s interests. Which is why such initiatives are being met with widespread opposition,” – Vladimir Odintsov

Climate change is the perfect tool to justify complete control – “The COVID social experiment in control was a smashing success. Yet, with COVID winding down, Democrats need a new apocalypse…As a scheme for total control, climate change is even better than COVID.” – William L. Gensert

Smart Cities: Digital Prisons Of The Great Reset – “The Great Reset, Agenda 2030, and Smart Cities” – Derrick Broze – GOOD ARTICLE FROM DERRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garden Rebels: 10 Ways to Sow Revolution in Your Back Yard (and Why You MUST Go to Battle) – “Perhaps the next Revolutionary War will take place in a vegetable garden. Instead of bullets, there will be seeds. Instead of chemical warfare, there will be rainwater, carefully collected from the gutters of the house. Every day, the big industries that run our nation take steps towards food totalitarianism. They do so flying a standard of “sustainability” but what they are actually trying to sustain is NOT our natural resources, but their control.” – Daisy Luther

Tool Maintenance – “But this isn’t about how to clean a shovel, but rather the importance of maintenance. Maintenance should be taken seriously and a schedule made and adhered to, just like the oil change on a vehicle, checkups with the dentist, doctor, etc.” – Richard T.

A Few Tips To Protect Gardens From The Japanese Beetle – Bob Rodgers




Sleepy Joe’s Next $3 Trillion Boondoggle – “And just in case the reader didn’t connect the dots to the “more productive” bit, the NYT thoughtfully provided a picture to explain. Of course, we say no thanks. Indeed, the NYT’s write-up of this latest Biden Boondoggle tells you all you need to know about why we do not have just a standard-size economic slump ahead but a veritable calamity. Not surprisingly, Sleepy Joe’s next $3 trillion plan proposes making permanent the free-stuff-for-nearly-all embodied in the stimmy checks and $3,600-per-child tax credits. As we have said repeatedly, those were just a backdoor route to a permanent form of UBI (universal basic income). UBI is a horrible notion being justified on the grounds of righting the drastic and artificial wealth maldistribution caused by the Fed.” – David Stockman  – MR. STOCKMAN’S ARTICLES ARE ALWAYS INSIGHTFUL!!!!!

Do We Really Think a Band-Aid Will Heal a Tumor? – “Borrowing a quarter of the nation’s entire economic output every year to prop up an ineffective, corrupt status quo is putting a Band-Aid over a tumor.” – Charles Hugh Smith

If Deficits Don’t Matter, Why Bother with Taxes? – Peter St. Onge

Expect Higher Taxes, Possibly a VAT, to Support Huge $4 Trillion Infrastructure Bill – “To get any legislation passed, Democrats cannot afford to lose a single vote. Senator Joe Manchin holds the lock and the key. Manchin Open to VAT.” – Mish

The Ghost of 2013 – “What have we learned so far in 2021? Simple: The relentless liquidity machine remains in full control. In addition to renewed and larger fiscal stimulus central bankers, including the Fed, have made it abundantly clear they will keep printing no matter what the data shows,” – Sven Henrich

At Some Point You Gotta Pay the Piper (VIDEO) – “Every time the economy gets into trouble, governments and central banks react the same way. They slash interest rates and loosen monetary policy. This gooses the economy — temporarily. But when the next crisis comes, it takes an even bigger dose of extraordinary monetary policy to revive the economy.” – Mike Maharrey

Signs of Inflation so Far – Gerald P. Dwyer

India Seeks to Criminalize Cryptocurrencies – “India has an estimated 8 million people invested in cryptocurrencies. A blanket ban would be a very poor decision.” – Nicholas Anthony

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.52EUR




James 1:25    But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.