Freedom isn’t Free, Freedom isn’t Cheap, Freedom isn’t Easy. It Comes at Great Sacrifice and so Few Want to Hear That. – “I don’t think this ends well for us. People are so far beyond stupid, obedient, lazy and afraid. They are slaves to their cores. They won’t even stand up to a stupid mask. How can we expect such pathetic cowards to stand up to an obvious stolen election?” – Allan Stevo

Pope Fauci and The Variants – “Perhaps you saw the exchange between Pope Fauci and Senator Rand Paul over Mask Wearing Forever, which the Pope of Sickness insists on. The Pope instead resorted to incantations – The Variants! The Variants! – this being the replacement for The Cases! The Cases! – the latter having lost some of its tent show power to wow and cow the Faithful. But wait! While this ‘Rona may have been tamed, a new ‘Rona – several of them, even, could be in the air. Thus saith the Pope.” – Eric Peters

A year ago: top officials urged people to congregate in crowds, not wear masks – “What a difference a year makes. Around this time last year:” – Sharyl Attkisson  – AH YES, THE EVER CHANGING SCIENCE!!!!!

Denmark reports two cases of serious illness, including one death, after AstraZeneca shot – Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen

Fully Vaccinated People Testing Positive for COVID – So How Does the “Benefit” of Experimental Vaccines “Outweigh the Risk”? – Brian Shilhavy

Why are We Vaccinating Children against Covid-19? – “Why this focus? Because there is now a major effort to test the new mRNA-based vaccines against SARS CoV-2 virus in young children. What is the rationale for this and what is the basis? Why would there be a push to vaccinate six-month-old babies? Vaccinate two-year-old infants? Vaccinate six-year-old children? Ten-year-old children? Via an experimental vaccine that delivers genetic code into your cells instructing it to produce a mock portion of the virus? ” – Paul E. Alexander

The Madness of Zero Covid – “SOME DAYS Scotland is aiming for a ‘Zero Covid’ strategy. Some days it’s aiming to ‘eliminate’ the virus SARS-CoV-2. And some days, it seems we have no plan at all. Until 2020/21, ‘endemic’ status of viruses has always come about with time and gathering high enough levels of community immunity through exposure.” – Christine Padgham

Former FDA Commissioner: “Costly” Social Distancing Mandate “Wasn’t Based On Clear Science” – Tyler Durden


Media Pseudo-Debates and the Silence of Leftist Critics – “The US rulers have their defenders. Most are corporate mainstream journalists whose jobs are to defend the ruling elites of both political parties. They will criticize across the political divides depending on their organizations’ political leanings at the moment. But they will never attack the fundamentals of the oligarchic war system since they are part of it. Their jobs depend on it. So CNN and The New York Times will obsessively attack Trump while Fox News will do the same to Obama or Biden. This is a game.” – Edward Curtin

Joe Biden’s dire opening chapter on the world stage – “A pattern of contempt for America and its leaders seems to be taking hold” – Roger Kimball

Putin’s Outreach to Biden Rebuffed – “Bilateral Russian/US relations exist in name only. The real thing as it should be doesn’t exist. The prospect for getting dominant hardliners in Washington to turn a page for improved relations is virtually nil. Why do Putin and other Russian officials waste time and energy in trying to engage with the US diplomatically? Yet Putin continues to engage in dead-end attempts to change things — knowing that the only language the US understands is force.” – Stephen Lendman

Biden has Just Crossed the Red Line – “Such a statement, that was based purely on Russophobic misinformation, would do no honor to any politician. However, when such remarks are made by a person that occupies the position of the head of the United States, they start looking particularly queer, since Russian leaders, unlike their American counterparts, are not generally known for unleashing bloody senseless conflicts like the Vietnam war or the wars in the Middle East, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. Such improper and aggressive behavior can hardly be attributed to the mental challenges that Biden might or might not be suffering from. For sure, one cannot rule out that the entire White House and the Biden family got infected with a “biting frenzy” that first affected Joe’s German Shepherd that had a “biting incident” with a member of White House security. However, if the sitting US president did in fact got affected by this “disease”, it still doesn’t excuse his remarks. What is clear is that this aggressive posturing was met with widespread outrage in different parts of the world.” – Valery Kulikov

From ‘President Harris’ to Tripping Up the Stairs, How Press is Blind to Joe Biden ‘Senior Episodes – Svetlana Ekimenko

Someone Has to Save Joe Biden – “Elder abuse is now out in the open and happening before the nation’s eyes, and we have all become complicit bystanders. I am speaking about elder abuse happening in real time, televised without comment by the mainstream media, on Joe Biden. We can speak up before this man is dead.” – Carey Walsh

US goes wobbly under Biden – “As metaphors go, it will be hard to top President Biden falling up the steps of Air Force One. The one hopeful sign is that nobody blamed Donald Trump. Up to now, the theme of the Biden administration has been that whatever Trump did, they will do the opposite. The approach worked wonders during the campaign, but “opposite day” is a child’s game, not a sensible governing principle for the world’s superpower.” – Michael Goodwin

Biden Is the Establishment’s Man – “Biden has the seal of approval from the American Establishment. His minions are fomenting animosity with the Chinese as Biden slings mud at the Russians. The higher tensions thus produced are good for armament orders and the well being of the military/security complex.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Want To Serve The Empire? Help Circulate Its Propaganda Narratives! – “Hey kids! Wanna do your ol’ Uncle Sam a big honkin’ favor? Wanna serve the US empire like a good little lickspittle? Wanna help kill other people’s kids in far off lands for fun and profit? You do?? Well bust my britches, that’s just swell! It’s actually really easy. You don’t even need to be smart to do it — heck, it’s actually a whole lot easier if you’re not. Just shut off that pesky little lightbulb inside your noggin and listen up.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden cares about borders — as long as they’re Irish – “The emerging signature of this presidency isn’t radicalism and ruthlessness: it’s incompetence and unreality. Joe Biden won’t go to the border, but the border is coming to him. The Northern Irish border, that is. It’s bordering on the ridiculous. Biden’s administration refuses to admit that it has a moral and humanitarian crisis on its southern border, but it makes time to create problems on the border between two close allies, Britain and the Republic of Ireland. The administration insists it isn’t taking sides on Brexit, but the truth is that it already has. It has sided with the European Union — not from coherent policy or longsighted wisdom, but from a petty determination to do the opposite of whatever Donald Trump did.” – Dominic Green

Biden And Co. Out Of Touch When It Comes To Women And Guns – “Like so much of Biden’s thinking, his stance on guns and women is hopelessly behind the times.” – Leesa K. Donner

Obama-era officials return to White House worth millions – “White House financial disclosures show several officials gained massive wealth.” -Soo Rin Kim and Libby Cathey  – IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“With Terror and Slaughter Return” – “Asian Americans’ Problem Is NOT “White Supremacy”. The message we’re getting here from the Gods of the Market Place is, that because the sinister, evil Donald Trump told us that Covid-19 was a Chinese virus, his followers—who are, of course, all gap-toothed white supremacist persecutors of nonwhites—have been attacking anyone who looks Asian: sucker-punching them, shoving them under subway trains, and so on.” – John Derbyshire

IS THIS OUR LAST CHANCE TO RESTORE THE REPUBLIC? (VIDEO) with Anna Von Reitz – “Anna von Reitz helps to unlock the secrets which have allowed two Corporations to steal our government and our birthright in the largest FRAUD ever committed in human history.” – SGT Report  – HAVE LISTENED TO INTERVIEWS WITH ANNA BEFORE, SHE HAS AN INTERESTING THEORY!!!!

H.R.1 – Is It Really “For the People”? – “Here are just a few of the more egregious federal power grabs in H.R.1 concocted against the 50 states that run elections under the U.S. Constitution:” – Chris Farrell

Monopoly For The Woke: Hasbro Enhances Its Community Chest – “Iconic toy company decides that its flagship board game is a little too capitalist. Hasbro – which no doubt will eventually remove the “bro” from their name – is obviously triggered by the butt-hurt woke folks trying to force the rest of the world — in any way they can – to conform to their standards.” – Sarah Cowgill

Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program – Common Dreams  – MUST OWE BAYER (MONSANTO) A FAVOR. SO MUCH ABOUT CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: BUT HEY, IT’S IN COLUMBIA ANYWAY!!!!

Gene-Editing is Not an Option for Sustainable Agriculture – Greens/EFA Report – Sustainable Pulse

Climate Engineering News Q & A, March 17, 2021, #9 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Wigington – GREAT SERIES OF VIDEOS FROM DANE. THE FIRST 8 HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!


Fed and Treasury Steer Their Unsinkable Ship toward Iceberg – “This past week we got to observe Fed Chair Jerome Powell and the US stock market and the US bond market do everything I said they would do in their complicated shuffle of ships-and-icebergs:” – David Haggith

The Great Donkification – “Did you get your stimmy check, yet? If so, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to park it in your savings account, pay down debt, and pay off a few bills? Are you going to buy Chinese ‘stonks’, cryptocurrencies, and digital NFT art? What about a new iPhone, fancy dinners, or a plane ticket to Cabo? How about a new living room rug, a wood pellet grill, or a 75-inch flat screen TV with a sound bar? The collective answer to these questions is the difference between deflation, asset price inflation, and consumer price inflation.” – MN Gordon

Massive U.S. Government Money Printing Motivated Investors To Buy A Record Gold & Silver Eagles – “Truly amazing change this year when the Gold Eagle sales for Jan-Mar 18th 2021 at 391,000 oz are nearly the same as the total sold for 2018 and 2019 combined (397,500 oz). In just a little more than two months, the U.S. Mint sold the same amount of Gold Eagles as it did for 2 YEARS!!” – Steve St Angelo


MAKING SENSE OF COMEX INSANITY – “The Death of Free Markets. This is because there is no such thing as free market capitalism in a world where central banks, eight key commercial banks, and one or two global “institutions” (hint: IMF and World Bank) have effectively and completely taken over, as well as distorted, almost every aspect of the natural supply & demand forces to which we and Adam Smith once swooned.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Silver Bullion Supply Issues Worsen 2021 – J Handers


Proverbs 24:17    Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:


On the day the wall came down
They threw the locks onto the ground
And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived
On the day the wall came down
The Ship of Fools had finally ran aground
Promises lit up the night like paper doves in flight

I dreamed you had left my side
No warmth, not even pride remained
And even though you needed me
It was clear that I could not do a thing for you

Now life devalues day by day
As friends and neighbors turn away
And there’s a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone
Now frontiers shift like desert sands
While nations wash their bloodied hands
Of loyalty, of history, in shades of grey

I woke to the sound of drums
The music played, the morning sun streamed in
I turned and I looked at you
And all but the bitter residues slipped away…slipped away

( A Great Day For Freedom by David Gilmour and Polly Samson )