The Real Reasons Why Millions Of Americans Will Defy Covid Mandates And Vaccines – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!

Mass Vaccination Amidst A Pandemic Creates An Irrepressible Monster – “This is a open letter by a virologist named Geert Vanden Bossche. It may well be the scariest thing I’ve read on Covid19 so far.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Biggest Casualty of COVID-19 Is Your Individual Rights – “While the casualties of government-imposed COVID-19 countermeasures are manifold, the biggest and most tragic of them all is the loss of individual freedoms. We either choose freedom, or we choose to live under authoritarian rule. Even if restrictions are lifted, public attitude can place freedom on shaky ground, as public acceptance of overreach will allow for the same to occur again and again at a moment’s notice.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The abuse of schoolchildren continues even in the reddest states – “Despite a full year’s worth of science and data showing that kids in school are not at risk at all from this virus and that they are not meaningful vectors of spread, even the reddest of states are making them the last to get a reprieve from the mask fascism, rather than the first. This is likely the most radical policy ever implemented in our lifetimes. The muted response from most established conservative officials and organizations is shocking.” – Daniel Horowitz

Video: Fauci Admits There Is No ‘Science’ Behind Continued Lockdown – “When you don’t have the data and you don’t have the actual evidence, you’ve got to make a judgment call” – Steve Watson

Police entered a church to take pictures of congregants illegally gathering … in Canada. – “When you hear of police entering a church gathering to collect information on citizens breaking the law, what country comes to mind? Perhaps China or North Korea? Perhaps Yemen or Afghanistan? Well get ready to redefine your understanding of worldwide persecution, because such a thing just happened in Calgary in Alberta, Canada.” – Joel Abbott

Canadian Doctors Speak Out Against Government COVID Restrictions – Masks and Vaccines Not Needed! – Brian Shilhavy

Get Jabbed for Covid and Die? No Paid for Life Insurance Benefits? – “According to, many life insurance companies won’t honor their obligation if policyholders die from covid jabbing with experimental, unapproved drugs. Some insurance are accepting life insurance applications from jabbed individuals. Others refuse. Policies may contain a clause to deny payouts if policyholders die from unapproved covid jabs. It’s crucial to check to find out if perishing from covid jabbing invalidates life insurance coverage. According to reports, some, likely most, may all insurers are delaying applications from individuals testing positive for covid — even if the test result is false which is highly likely.” – Stephen Lendman

Denmark suspends use of AstraZeneca COVID vaccine – “An unconfirmed number of patients have developed blood clots after receiving the shot, according to health authorities. Iceland and Norway have also stopped administering the shot.” – DW.COM

This Texas School Never Required Kids to Mask or Distance – “No masks. No social distancing. No mandatory quarantines and no shutdowns. In the Peaster Independent School District in Texas, life went on as usual when school started in fall 2020 and everything was fine.” – Cindy Olmstead




Politicized Name Calling and the Dehumanization of Difference – “Imagine my dismay, then, when I learned that our beloved President, Mr. Unity himself, referred to Texans as Neanderthals because they support the repeal of nonsensical Covid “social distancing” guidelines. Now, President Biden is very, very old, but not nearly ancient enough to have met a full-blooded Neanderthal, the last of which, so far as we know, died some 28,000 years ago. According to 23andMe and my spit, my DNA contains 285 variants that scientists have traced back to Neanderthals. That is less than 2 percent of my overall DNA but more than three-fifths other 23andMe customers walk around with, in their cells. You might think that I would try to hide my Neanderthal heritage but I am proud of it because I follow the science.” – Robert E. Wright

‘No More Thoughts And Prayers’: Schumer, Pelosi Target Gun Owners With New Reforms – “We’re sure criminals will immediately comply…” – Tyler Durden

Report: Americans Expected to Buy More Guns With New Stimulus Money – Personal Defense World

The Power to Make War -“What is going on with American presidents and war? The Constitution specifically separates the power to make war from the power to wage war. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 spent more time debating this than any other topic — beside the makeup of Congress. In the end, they were adamant and unanimous that only Congress can declare war and only the president can wage war. Congress cannot tell the president how to deploy the military, and the president cannot use the military against foreign targets without a congressional declaration of war.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Is Biden About To Be Yanked Out Of Office – A Patriot

The Progressive Imaginarium – “Because the West is a self-critical, affluent, tolerant, and leisurely place, the number of the victimized has grown to far outnumber the vanishing pool of victimizers.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Finding Meaning Under A Meaningless System – Caitlin Johnstone

At a certain point, even the Gestapo had to stop cancelling people – “The new Chancellor— who encouraged the behavior — was so shocked by the citizens’ eagerness to rat out their neighbors that he remarked, “We are living at present in a sea of denunciations and human meanness.” That Chancellor, of course, was Adolf Hitler. The secret police didn’t need wire taps in every home or spies on every street corner. They found an army of willing, eager informants in the general population. The volume of denunciations was so great, in fact, that the Gestapo actually had to ask people to stop reporting political crimes to them, because they were overwhelmed and found it impossible to process them all. Obviously Germany in the 1930s is an extreme case, and I’m not saying that the West today is in the same boat. Not even close. The similarity, however, is how quickly things changed.” – Simon Black

Biden is Giving a Big Speech Thursday Night…But Won’t Take Questions – Katie Pavlich

Democrats slip sneaky little rider into stimulus bill to forbid states from cutting taxes -Monica Showalter

As migrants pour over US border, White House won’t admit Biden’s dealing with a crisis – “The fruits of Joe Biden’s border policies are already apparent: a tripling of children detained at the border, and crossings set to hit record levels. Yet the administration refuses to acknowledge it has a crisis on its hands.” – RT

Biden Broke The Border, Now He Owns The Humanitarian Crisis There – I & I Editorial Board

Mexican President Says Biden Border Policies ‘Encouraging Illegal Immigration’ And Enriching Cartels – Tyler Durden

Biden: naked socialism/technocracy for America; the great land theft – “We are living in the middle of a giant scam: “Reduce energy use, in order to cut CO2 emissions and save the planet.” Here is the next chapter in that scam: On January 27, 2021, the White House published Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14008, “Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad.” Obviously, this document was long in the making, and Biden had no role in composing it. Buried deep in its mind-numbing text, here is what its opponents are calling “the 30 by 30 plan”:” – Jon Rappoport

Wherefore Art Thou Ghislaine Maxwell? – “And who are your friends?” – Philip Giraldi

NATO Expanding Its Doorstep to the Edge of Russia – Strategic Infographics

It’s Time for the US to Withdraw from Korea – José Niño

Massive camera hack exposes the growing reach and intimacy of U.S. surveillance – Drew Harwell

The Pope-Sistani riddle – “Francis and Sistani delivered anti-war, anti-genocide and anti-sectarian messages beyond the comprehension of most Western media” – Pepe Escobar




Congratulations Workers! You Make 13 Cents More Per Hour Than You Did in 1973 – “Today the BLS reported on hourly wages and real (inflation adjusted) hourly wages. Let’s see how you are doing.” – Mish  – MOST WILL SAY, HOW CAN THAT BE. BUT MOST DON’T REALIZE THE ROLE INFLATION PLAYS ON WHAT THEY MAKE. PLUS THE FACT THE DOLLAR HAS LOST 98% OF IT’S VALUE SINCE THE FED WAS CREATED IN 1913!!!!!

Dollar’s Purchasing Power Dwindles to Another Record Low. Fed is Getting its Wishes – “Durable goods inflation +3.3%. Food inflation +3.4%.” – Wolf Richter

US budget deficit hits record $1.05 trillion after 5 months – Martin Crutsinger

What Is CPI Really Telling Us? – Peter Schiff

The Fed’s Most Convenient Lie: A CPI Charade – “Despite a penchant for double-speak that would make a politician blush, the Fed tells us that its primary focus is unemployment not inflation.” – Matthew Piepenburg

Be a ‘Silver Hodler’ – “If silver was going to crash, it would have done so by now, and we’d be back near $18. Instead, the metal’s been rangebound.” – Peter Krauth

A Bottom or THE Bottom in COMEX Gold? – Craig Hemke

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.51EUR




Psalm 1:4  The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.