Fear is the New Smart – “Now, I don’t know exactly who the WaPo refers to when they say “the anti-vaccine movement”, or that German guy with “the anti-vaxxers”, but it appears there is a widespread movement going on to promote mRNA vaccines, both by governments and by the press. And we’re not supposed to ask questions. Well, I’m sorry, but I make a living asking questions. And I think asking questions is not just everybody’s right, it’s an obligation. So don’t come at me with “domestic terrorism” or “anti-vaxxers”, a term that has nothing to do with the topic to begin with. Asking questions is not the same as being against something.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tyranny Continues Seemingly Without Resistance! – “I am forever puzzled by the lack of interest of Americans. There have been more examples of pushback, but only at the edges, and the bulk of the masses are still complying with most every draconian order issued by the state goons. The biggest pushback has been that a good percentage of this population have said they will refuse to take this synthetic concoction of mind and body altering poison called the “Covid’ injection, but this is talk only at this point. The agenda of immune passports is quickly gaining ground, and there does not seem to be much resistance. These two things go hand in hand, as with any acceptance of immunity passports also comes much higher pressure to take this RNA/DNA altering shot. Once any immunity papers become mainstream, then the extended force to take this injection will be vastly increased.” – Gary D. Barnett

Fauci Says Military Who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine Are ‘Part Of The Problem’ After High Rate Of Service Members Refuse Jab -Robert Hart

“Fraudulent Marketing”: The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Is an “Unapproved Product” which Is “Permitted for Use” – “Extensive fraud and coverup prevail at the highest levels of government. The “Green Light” to market the experimental mRNA vaccine was granted back in December 2020, despite the fact that according to the FDA, the vaccine is an “unapproved product”. The FDA in its ambiguous statement has provided a so-called Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, namely “to permit the emergency use of the unapproved product, … for active immunization…” ” – Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Pfizer CEO’s Israel visit cancelled because he is not fully vaccinated – “Bourla said in December that he has not yet received the vaccine yet because he does not want to “cut in line.” ” – Jerusalem Post  – RIGHT! IN OTHER WORDS; HE KNOWS WHAT’S IN THE VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China’s Role in Global Lockdowns: The Smoking Gun – AIER Staff

Are Immunity Passports Coming to North America? (VIDEO) – Derrick Broze

The REAL “Lunatic Fringe”, and where to find it – “The anti-Lockdown protests in Dublin. Enough is enough. The Irish did what they do best – demanded freedom, stood up to their oppressors and sang songs. The oligarchs winced. Butterflies were doing somersaults in their overfed bellies. Panic set in and beads of sweat dripped down their deranged little heads. Their biggest fear was realised; the people refused to comply. As a result, what followed was an onslaught of desperation from every political party and establishment sycophant in the nation. The usual rhetoric was thrown out; anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, far-right, etc, etc. Yawn!” – Gary Jordan

Wisconsin moves to bar public officials, employers from mandating COVID vaccines – Patrick Delaney

How Did the Life Insurance Industry Survive the Pandemic? – “Why don’t newspaper headlines blare warnings about the impending collapse of the global life insurance industry? Of the bankruptcy of US life insurers great and small? Why aren’t life insurers banging on the doors of Congress looking for trillion-dollar bailouts? Because they are doing just fine for now.” – Robert E. Wright


The Inversion – “Climate and coronavirus dogma masquerading as science is the Trojan horse ushering in the great reset of a new world order. Global governance, state-approved science, political and cultural canons enforced with jihadist zeal, top down economic command and control, the eradication of any vestiges of liberty, and billions of unthinking adherents will destroy rather than build, compounding today’s inversions and creating new ones.” – Robert Gore  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ROBERT AS USUAL!!!!!!

Defense vs Offense: Which Are You? – “Who do you want in the driver’s seat – us or them? It’s time to bring in the offense with the defense. It’s time to stop reacting and start acting. It’s time to think outside the box, build and create, and dominate this game they invented for purpose of enslaving us, through civil disobedience and strategic precision to navigate these roads ahead, straight to the finish line!” – Corey Lynn

As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever – “If the threat of “armed insurrectionists” and “domestic terrorists” is as great as some claim, why do they have to keep lying and peddling crude media fictions about it?” – Glenn Greenwald

If Davos Man Views Lockdowns as ‘Quietly Improving Cities,’ Then Klaus Schwab and His Great Reset Cannot Be Trusted – “Schwab’s happy talk about the lockdown regime is at the very least plain stupid and at the worst pure sinister, In a tweet that resonated with all the subtlety of an empty beer can being kicked down the road, the World Economic Forum (WEF) informed its 3.9 million followers that “lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.” And “quietly” is the really disturbing part of that statement – a sick inside joke, as it were – as many urban centers, once bustling day and night with myriad forms of economic activity, have transformed into barren ghost towns.” – Robert Bridge

“Days Away From A Crisis”: 100,000 Illegal Immigrants Arrested At US Mexico Border; Most For February In 15 Years – Tyler Durden

Dumbest ‘insurrection theatre’ stunt of the week – “Even the Washington Post admitted there was nothing to it, calling the reports a “mirage.” This is too kind, for mirages are genuine phenomena, a product of the physics of light. This bogus warning was entirely the product of human intentions, not the result of impersonal natural forces. And it amounted to the worst sort of propaganda, intended to demonize a group based on lies, by fanning the flames of panic.” – Thomas Lifson

Democrats Just Snuck a $1 Billion Tax Hike on Workers Into Their COVID Bill – “Under current tax law, earnings data for gig economy workers only needs to be reported to the IRS once it reaches $20,000. This means that small earners pursuing gig work to supplement their income aren’t hit by crushing federal taxes. However, the Democrats’ provision would nearly eliminate this benchmark, and instead require all income above $600 to be reported to the IRS. A tax expert warned that IRS penalties ‘can destroy a person’s life’ and said many gig economy workers won’t be able to afford this sudden tax hike.” – Brad Polumbo

As America ‘Ticks Towards Midnight’, We Can Learn Tremendously From Our Founding Fathers Who Fully Understood The ‘Remedy’ To Tyranny Are The 1st And 2nd Amendments – Stefan Stanford

This Is What the Progressives Want To Do to Us – “Think of Minneapolis and Portland and then apply that model nationwide. Then you have an idea where progressive radicals want to take us. ” – William L. Anderson

The Left Will Never Achieve Its Goals Until It Prioritizes Countering Establishment Propaganda – “The idea that China or Russia pose a threat to you is so self-evidently ridiculous, so transparently absurd, that the only way to make you believe it would be to propagandize you. And if you do believe it, that’s exactly what has happened. You can expand this principle to include the entirety of US foreign policy on the global stage today. No ordinary American benefits from the US having troops in Syria, sanctioning Venezuelans to death, supporting Saudi Arabia while it rapes Yemen, circling the planet with military bases and working to destroy any nation which refuses to bow to its dictates. The only way to get Americans to consent to any of these agendas is to propagandize them into doing so. Indeed, you can also expand this principle to include our entire financial/economic/political system as a whole. Ordinary people would not accept as normal a system in which they have to toil long hours just to feed themselves while parasitic middlemen hoard all the profits and use their immense wealth to shape the political paradigm.” – Caitlin Johnstone

We didn’t start this culture war – “The woke left rages against increasingly bizarre things, and then calls everyone else crazy.” – Tom Slater

New US admin stands for same grotesque & brutal policies against Venezuela, shows just how little they actually CARE for people – “Venezuelan non-president, Juan Guaido, is back in headlines after the new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called him to discuss America’s favorite talking points: “a return to democracy” via “free and fair elections.” I’m sure the irony will not be lost on those who question the legitimacy of the US election that saw Biden take power. Anyway, you would have to have been offline or in a coma for the past couple of years to not be aware of some key facts about ‘interim president’ Guaido and US “concern” for Venezuelans.” – Eva Bartlett

International Relations According to Antony Blinken – Thierry Meyssan

How the US and Great Britain Instigate Coups Nowadays – “Recently, the United States and Britain, actively using the propaganda tools that they possess, have increasingly begun to accuse Russia and China of interfering in their domestic affairs and election campaigns, and of effectively preparing coups in these countries. However, apart from making proclamatory statements, neither Washington nor London has presented any facts or documents that confirm these accusations, nor can they present them, since these accusations are false.” – Vladimir Danilov

Guardian Promotes ‘Global Lockdown’ Every Two Years To Combat Climate Change – “We told you this was coming next…” – Steve Watson

Google Veterans Team Up With Gov’t to Fill the Sky with AI Drones That Predict Your Behavior – Matt Agorist

The Prepper’s Dictionary: The Jargon and Acronyms You Need to Know – “SHTF: Sh*t hits the fan. This is an acronym that preppers use for an epic, potentially life-changing disaster.” – Daisy Luther  – GOOD ONE FROM DAISY FOR PEOPLE WHO AREN’T FAMILIAR!!!!!!!!!


Yields To Surge As Biden-Yellen Create Record Deficits – Egon von Greyerz

Is “Temporary Inflation” A Real Thing? – “Fed Chair Jerome Powell just spooked the markets by predicting that inflation will jump when the economy reopens – but don’t worry, it’s just temporary.” – John Rubino

Hyperinflation Pushes Venezuela to Print 1,000,000-Bolivar Bills – Patricia Laya and Nicolle Yapur  – PLAY MONEY. COMING SOON TO A COUNTRY NEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

February Payrolls Jump but Details Are Less Robust – Robert Hughes

The Companies Where Employees Most Often Get Payday Loans – “Payday loans are used by people who need money fast, who often have no other way of borrowing money to cover an unexpected expense. The benefit of these kinds of loans is they enable you to meet your immediate financial obligations. The risk, however, is you are taking on debt and incurring future obligations that require future income to fulfill. The most common employer of LendUp users who seek a payday loan is Walmart, followed by Kaiser, Target and Home Depot.” – LendUp

Consumers Paid Down Credit Cards Again! By Most Ever. But Cash-Out Refis Spiked to Highest since 2005/6 Peaks. What Gives? – “They’re not the same consumers.” – Wolf Richter

SPOILER ALERT: Silver Has Not Bottomed – “Why exactly would the Cartel not take advantage of this paint-by-numbers freebie? Everybody is still too bullish.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Doubling Down: Silver & Commodities (VIDEO) – Mike Maloney


Jeremiah 2:7    And I brought you into a plentiful country, to eat the fruit thereof and the goodness thereof; but when ye entered, ye defiled my land, and made mine heritage an abomination.