Emergency vs Humanity – “Now, a year ago, there also was a lot of talk about herd immunity. But that had nothing to do with the “vaccines”, because none of them existed back then. Way back when, “herd immunity” meant that enough people had been infected, and not gotten sick. Some estimates said 20% would be enough, others said 70%. But none talked about vaccines. And now all of a sudden it’s all about vaccines? For which the companies that produce them say there is no evidence that they protect the vaccinated from getting infected, or them from infecting others? Excuse me? There already is a huge amount of herd immunity. 90-95% of people do not get sick, period.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

SARS Variants, Spike Proteins and More All Rest on 1 Big Fat Assumption – “As the WHO, CDC and Governments ramp up COVID fear with new scary stories of SARS variants, let’s get back to the basics: there still has never been true virus isolation. Without virus isolation, the SARS variants brainwashing theme is being increasingly pushed by the NWO (New World Order) social engineers to prop up the pandemic.” – Makia Freeman

Welcome to Snitch Nation: From kids to parents, it’s a race to rat out your (former) loved ones before they get you first -“In the grand tradition of divide and conquer, the ruling class has set in motion a fool-proof way to keep us from uniting against the Great Reset and attendant restrictions on human freedoms – dupe us into snitching on each other! In order to achieve the proper level of blanket obedience, it’s important that ordinary people trust the government unquestioningly – and fear and hate those who don’t” – Helen Buyniski

Peak Mental Illness: Parents Locking Kids in Quarantine Because Schools Told Them To Do It for Virus Protection! – “This is a perversion of humanity! To subject any child to this torment, then broadcast it publicly online as somehow virtuous is perverted and fucking disgusting. This is what the fairytale virus and weak fucking people have done to our kids!” – Off Grid Survival

Gov. Greg Abbott says it is now time to open Texas 100%, end statewide mask mandate – Allie Morris and Sue Ambrose

Why COVID Vaccine Testing Is a Farce – “Vaccine makers rarely use inert placebos (such as a saline shot), which is the gold standard for drug trials. Instead, they typically assess the safety of a new vaccine against another vaccine. This hides side effects, as most vaccines have side effects and risks. Some argue that placebo arms aren’t needed in COVID-19 vaccine trials, but their argument hinges on the idea that the vaccine being tested is known to be safe, which it absolutely is not at this point, and won’t be for many years.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Virus Is Your Fault, Says the Fauci Regime – “Graph the results any way you like: lockdown stringency, people’s mobility patterns, mask mandate dates, whatever. The results are completely random. They absolutely do not show a clear pattern whereby ruining your life solves the problem.” – Tom Woods

The NYT Calls the New Abnormal Normal – “There’s nothing remotely normal about the state-sponsored mother of all scams. Nor is it normal to mass-deceive people about hazardous to health from mass-jabbing with toxins causing widespread harm that includes increasing numbers of deaths. Huckster/profiteer Fauci said it’s OK to socialize as long as jabbed for seasonal flu-renamed covid. He operates in cahoots with Pharma for his own self-enrichment — a conflict of interest ignored by the Times and other establishment media.” – Stephen Lendman

SARS Covid-2 is the ‘Product of Genetic Experiments Commissioned and Funded’ by Fauci’s NIAID – “Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has been an influential advocate of a very controversial type of research called “Gain of Function” virus research. The research “aims to take a virus and then manipulate its genetic code to make it stronger and more contagious. The virus would gain new functions, hence the name,” Hilton pointed out that the research has been highly controversial throughout the scientific community since it began about ten years ago because it carries the very real risk that the genetically engineered virus could “get loose.”” – Debra Heine

Military May Revisit Making COVID-19 Vaccines Mandatory After FDA Grants Approval – “Nearly one-third of troops have turned down the vaccine, Pentagon officials told lawmakers last month, which has raised concerns.” – Stephen Losey

The Stats on Covid-Vaccine Injury and Death Don’t Add Up – “There’s a big mystery that needs to be solved. It’s how many people are getting sick and dying from the Covid vaccines. There are reports from around the world of large numbers of elderly people dying right around the time they’re vaccinated. On rare occasions those reports of those deaths even percolate into the mainstream press. But officials almost always quickly proclaim that deaths aren’t caused by the vaccines. Instead they tell us that serious injuries are extremely rare.” – Rosemary Frei

Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines” – Brian Shilhavy

Ebola: the new fake outbreak. he virus is the cover story – “Before yet another lunatic pandemic story takes off, people need to understand the multiple hoaxes behind Ebola.” – Jon Rappoport

‘Freedom Bracelet’ Tracking Device Launched As Alternative To Quarantine – “Israel has rolled out what it is calling a ‘Freedom bracelet’, a tracking device that will serve as an alternative to a two-week quarantine for anyone entering the country from abroad. This is definitely NOT freedom” – Steve Watson

No jab, no Hajj: Saudi says all Muslims will need to have Covid vaccine before they can perform annual pilgrimage to Mecca – rt

Will state legislatures keep rolling over for tyrannical governors? – “Even if one believes government has the legal right and the scientific backing to destroy our lives over a virus, shouldn’t such decisions be made by a legislative body? Governors continue to tell legislatures to mind their own business, and the response from most GOP-dominated legislatures has been tepid at best.” – Daniel Horowitz


The New Journalism Is Destroying Us – “Fomenting hate is now what the media does—all of it: not only the NY Times but also CNN, NPR, MSNBC, Washington Post, and the rest. All of the hate targets are still around—Trump, whiteness, Russia, Iran, China—and are likely to be for some time. If these targets wear out and fail to bring in digital subscriptions, what woke infraction will bring forth the new target? ” – Paul Craig Roberts

There’s Only One News Story, Repeating Over And Over Again – “It’s the exact same news story playing out over and over and over again, day after day after day. Alarm clock goes off at six AM, Sonny and Cher sing “I Got You Babe”, and Bill Murray wakes up to Groundhog Day once again.” – Caitlin Johnstone

So is Joe Biden a Nazi, too? – “Biden is doing a lot of the things Trump did, and yet he isn’t being called Literally Hitler.” – Brendan O’Neill

Is Biden Reenlisting in the Forever Wars? – “The leverage we have are the sanctions Trump imposed. If Biden lifts those in return for Iran returning to the terms of the 2015 deal, he surrenders all of his leverage for a new deal covering Tehran’s missile development and aid to Shia militias in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Biden team in full denial mode about border crisis – “Biden said, he would take some time to set up “guardrails” to make sure his new system would work smoothly. But prospective illegal border crossers got the message: Come to the United States and you can stay. And now, under President Biden, they are not waiting for the new administration to set up “guardrails” to handle them. They are coming right now.” – Byron York

There’s Only One Reason Democrats Are Turning On Cuomo, And It Isn’t A Noble One – “What’s most striking is that de Blasio’s call to ‘revoke the governor’s emergency powers’ comes after nearly an entire year of Cuomo publicly wielding his power to destroy his own state.” – Christopher Bedford

Andrew Cuomo’s Apology – Sorry, Not So Sorry – “The New York governor misses the target entirely with half-apology.” – Kelli Ballard

Progressives Fume At Biden As $15 Minimum Wage Hike Fails – Tyler Durden

One Fish, Two Fish, Everything Is Racist Fish: Joe Biden Cancels Dr. Seuss – Nick Arama


Fuel Prices Are About to SKYROCKET. Here Are the REAL Reasons Why. – Robert Wheeler

Western governments now try to strangle funding of independent media – “After years of working hard to stop the voice of independent media being heard on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, the turn has now come to strangling their funding. The financial company Patreon is the latest to join the establishment drive to marginalize and criminalize all dissenting opinions. Over the years, many independent media outlets have relied on Patreon, which offers the ability let your fans become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership. Given that Patreon’s business model relies heavily on independent content creators, the ones they are now evicting, the pressure applied for it to shoot itself in the foot must have been significant.” – Terje Maloy

Who Is Fighting the Tides of Democracy in Latin America? – “What nation and forces are interfering in the domestic affairs, electoral processes and democratic freedoms of Latin America? It is not Russia or China” – Martin Sieff

Banned Dr. Seuss Books Already Selling For Hundreds Of Dollars On Ebay – Tyler Durden

It’s Official! Kids Who Grow Up With Pets Make More Sensitive, Sympathetic, Successful Adults – “For children, having an animal friend can lead to a greater quality of life further down the road.” – Elias Marat

25 Ways To Save Money on Food and Groceries – Erica Nygaard

Why The Back To Land Movement Is Growing! – Neenah Payne  – SEVERAL GOOD VIDEOS IN THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Global Inflation Nightmare That You Have Been Warned About Is Here – Michael Snyder

Bouncing back is not good enough – “Western economies were in big trouble long before the virus hit.” – Tom Bailey

McDonald’s Response to Minimum Wage Hikes Totally Undercuts the ‘Fight for $15,’ New Study Shows – “Almost all the higher labor costs from minimum wage hikes resulted in an equivalent increase in menu prices.” – Brad Polumbo  – OF COURSE THEY ARE GOING TO RAISE PRICES, OR CUT EMPLOEES OR CUT HOURS. THE WAGE HIKE WILL BENEFIT NO ONE!!!!!

Intervention – “In our age when every market disturbance is subject to intervention don’t be surprised when new intervention is coming. Last week’s bond jiggle got plenty people nervous. Velocity being the operative word as the 10 year flew toward 1.6% in a hurry. The Fed from Powell on down put on a brave face claiming the rise in yields is just a sign of confidence in the recovery. Other central banks were having none of it:” – Sven Henrich

Why Gold And Silver? – “The question you’ll need to answer for yourself is “what alternatives are there for big investments right now?” The stock market, residential real estate market and bond markets have been inflated into bubbles of historic proportions. The Fed has created a financial market Frankenstein of Biblical proportions. Commodity inflation is raging now, and eventually this will transmit into soaring food, energy and capital/consumer goods price inflation. This dynamic is just getting started. It will soon get worse,” – Dave Kranzler

BREAKING THE SILVER MARKET (VIDEO) – “Surging Investment demand will be the leading factor to Break the Paper Silver Market ” – Steve St Angelo

Comex Has A Problem, Here’s Your Signs! – “A type of panic and response can be seen in the commodities” – J. Johnson

Bullion Banks Sell Even More Silver: Do They Have It? – “Anyone with a naked short in the silver futures market risks getting squeezed by physical buying. Demand for delivery of COMEX silver bars is rising, even as the paper price of the metal fell more than 4.5% last week. Silver shorts sold contracts representing a whole lot more silver than they have available to deliver again last week. The disconnect between paper prices and physical demand is getting more ridiculous by the day. It is also getting more dangerous for COMEX market participants – long and short. The COMEX functions on confidence, which can vanish suddenly.” – Clint Siegner

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.46EUR


Psalm 92:11    Mine eye also shall see my desire on mine enemies, and mine ears shall hear my desire of the wicked that rise up against me.