Eugenics Is Alive and Well, and the “Covid-19” Scam is the Engine for Accomplishing Depopulation – ““Eugenics is a social (and ‘scientific’) movement based on the belief that the genetic quality of the human race can be improved by the use of selective breeding, as well as other often morally criticized means to eliminate groups of people considered genetically inferior, while encouraging the growth of groups judged to be genetically superior.” Those that deny the mass eugenics efforts that exist in the U.S. and globally today, are either pathological liars, are censorship driven manipulative propagandists, or are completely ignorant of any reality whatsoever.” – Gary D. Barnett

White House orders enhanced airport screenings for Ebola – Nick Turse and Jana Winter  – RAMPING UP THE FEAR FOR THE NEXT BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Want some money?’… Can Anthony Fauci Legally Accept His Million Dollar Prize? – “There must be some strict rules governing third parties giving money to US government employees, especially when that money is given because of how a US government employee does his job. Such payments can be used to reward an employee for taking actions the third party desires or to encourage the employee to take certain actions in the future. A big concern is that third party payments to government employees can buy influence.” – Adam Dick

Why it’s reasonable to question the major simulated pandemic event held just before COVID outbreak – Robert L. Kinney III

Study Shows How Masks Are Harming Children – “”Data from the first registry to record children’s experiences with masks show physical, psychological and behavioral issues including irritability, difficulty concentrating and impaired learning. Since school shutdowns in spring 2020, an increasing number of parents are seeking drug treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for their children. – Dr. Joseph Mercola

These 7 States Are On The Verge Of Herd Immunity – “Nothing seems to scare the establishment more than a return to ‘normal’. And by ‘normal’, we mean a return to an environment outside of the tyrannical control of career politicians and bureaucrats who have got a taste for this ‘being king’ stuff and know that anyone who questions their edicts will be ‘canceled’ by their Covidian cultists.” – Tyler Durden

Emergency Room (ER) Sees Surge of Seniors After COVID-19 Vaccination, Says Nurse Whistleblower – John C. A. Manley

‘We Never Agreed to This’: State Dept. Objects After Diplomats Given Anal Swab Covid Tests in China – Debra Heine  – A LITTLE TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE, DON’T YOU THINK. NOW SOME POLITICIANS KNOW WHAT SUBJUGATION IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!

CDC Reports 1,095 Deaths Following Experimental COVID Vaccines While UK Government Reports 294 Deaths – “The CDC has done another data dump today into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. However, there is nothing to worry about, because: “CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports. A review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths.” Don’t you feel better now that the vaccines have finally arrived to save the world?” – Brian Shilhavy  – NOT ONCE HAS THE CDC AND FDA ADMITTED THAT THE VACCINES WERE AT FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imperial Folly: Neil Ferguson Has No Qualification in Biological Sciences – NEWS WIRE

New Zealand PM Ardern plunges Auckland into 2nd LOCKDOWN in a month after new Covid-19 case detected – RT  – ONE NEW CASE, BETTER LOCK EVERY THING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contrary to media reports, COVID-19 vaccines have caused paralyzing facial condition – “A research study indicates that the chance of developing Bell’s palsy is 3.5 to seven times higher among the vaccinated than the general population.” – Celeste McGovern




Escape Hatches: Migration, Bitcoin, and the Ability to Get Out – “Human societies have always flourished by acquiring that which better suits its individuals; through the ages people have embodied this tendency by simply moving – packing up and leaving – for greener pastures when the old no longer works. Sometimes peacefully and orderly, sometimes in great chaos during calamities and persecution.” – Joakim Book

Insanity Defined – “This is what I’ve referenced repeatedly over the years, and many times with regard to Covid and multiple claims, whether it be masks, the PCR testing, other alleged mitigations and similar. Too many of its findings that fill the academic ether are the result of shoddy experiments or poor analysis. … Think about the scope of this problem. It is by no means limited to the medical field; indeed environmental matters are some of the worst, especially in the so-called “global warming” field.” – Karl Denninger  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KARL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The People Haven’t Risen Up For The Same Reason Abuse Victims Don’t Leave Their Abusers – Caitlin Johnstone

Damascus and Moscow Slam Escalated US Aggression in Syria – “On Thursday, Biden regime terror-bombing strikes in Syria showed his contempt for the rule of law and unbending hostility toward Damascus and Tehran. It also showed the illusion of his diplomatic outreach to Iran, an act of rhetorical head-fake deception with no policy action follow-through.” – Stephen Lendman

Is Biden Back in the Basement?- “Joe Biden appears to be the first president to skip doing a State of the Union Address which is typically done by the end of February by tradition. However, it is not uncommon that a president skips the State of the Union Address during the year in which they were inaugurated. The Constitution requires the president to provide an update on the country. It does not specify any precise timing. What normally happens is the House and Senate set the date for the joint session of Congress. What has everyone concerned about is that in fact, Joe Biden said in January that it would be forthcoming. It certainly appears that if there was EVER a need for a State of the Union it is now. The Democrats have so divided the country and the Capitol is still surrounded by Pelosi’s Wall. Of course, we are back to the Swamp and it is already clear that Jen Psaki is just a spin-artist.” – Martin Armstrong

Putin, crusaders and barbarians – “Civilized NATO might want to rethink picking a fight with the lateral heirs of the Great Khan” – Pepe Escobar

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria (VIDEO) – “Bomb back better (with inclusivity and compassion)Bombs are falling on Syria again, the kids are still in the cages, the $2,000 checks are AWOL. But hey, at least Orange Man Bad no longer being offensive on Twitter!” – Paul Joseph Watson

Biden’s First Foreign Policy Speech Vows Forever Wars – Brian Berletic

First Amendment Farce: Dems Defend A Demand For Media Censorship – “The letter of the law is important – when it defends Democrats, that is.” – James Fite

Russia’s Policy of Peace Is Encouraging War – Paul Craig Roberts

Silly Liberals, You Can’t Fool Fly Over Folks – “Kids in crates, TDS, and racist off-road rigs – the left falls back on cancel culture. As the lower 48 turned from a frozen winter wonderland to what resembles a Texas Rednecks With Paychecks mudding event, that pervasive Trump Derangement Syndrome – much like COVID-19 – is in the throes of a powerful and disturbing second wave. Cancel culture, having taken the last few days off, reemerged with a new target. A recent poll found that leftists are renting space in their heads to Trump, and Biden is taking kids out of cages and putting them in containers. You cannot make this stuff up. This season may end up being remembered – by red states and flyover folks – as the winter of their discontent.” – Sarah Cowgill  – ALWAYS LIKE SARAH’S ARTICLES AS THEY USUALLY REFLECT THE VALUES OF THE COMMON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s getting exactly the border crisis he asked for – New York Post Editorial Board

There’s a New Twist in Biden’s Ridiculous Push For a $15 Minimum Wage – “Twists and turns abound in Progressives’ push for a minimum wage hike. A wage hike is a bad idea. Q: How is that possibly going to induce businesses hard hit by Covid to hire? A: It won’t. It would encourage them to not hire, outsource, or use robots.” – Mish

Jill and Joe Biden Do Yet Another Joint Interview, and It’s Really Awkward – “Perhaps we’ve had it all wrong about who is really acting as president while Joe Biden goes to bed at sundown. There’s being a supportive First Lady, and then there’s the assertiveness with which Jill Biden shuts her husband down in order to explain what “we” are doing as an administration on immigration policy. Further, why is she even there? Have you ever seen a president do so many joint interviews?” – Bonchie

‘Worst Kept Secret In The White House’: Secret Service Chatter Outs How Bad Biden’s Mental Health Really Is – The Lights Are On, But Nobody Is Home – Susan Duclos

Eviction Moratorium Ruled Unconstitutional, Largest Tsunami Of Evictions In U.S. History Incoming… – “According to one recent study, a whopping 10 million U.S. households are currently behind on their rent payments…” – Michael Snyder

Schwab Family Values – “Is the real Klaus Schwab a kindly old uncle figure wishing to do good for humanity, or is he really the son of a Nazi collaborator who used slave labour and aided Nazi efforts to obtain the first atomic bomb? -Johnny Vedmore

SCOTUS Case May Determine If Police Can Enter Your Home WITHOUT a Warrant – Robert Wheeler

Boys Are Girls: America’s Great Struggle Session – “Another whip with which the left has been painfully tormenting the American public for some years now is the so-called “trans” movement. Trans is an umbrella term for a body of assertions, notions and activities that strike most ordinary people as largely absurd. Perhaps the most shocking among them is the concept of transsexuality. This is the idea that boys can become girls and men can become women and vice versa.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

‘This is social engineering’: Gallup finds huge jump in young Americans identifying as LGBT – “15.9% of Generation Z (born from 1997-2002), and 9.1% of millennials (born from 1981-1996), identify as LGBT.” – Calvin Freiburger

SHTF: How to Make and Store Electricity Before a Catastrophic Grid Collapse ( Survive Weeks Without Power ) – Amy S.




Trapped! – “Kill authentic price discovery, you also kill markets, and in killing markets, you kill allocation of capital and risk management, and in killing those, you kill the economy. Back when prosperity was authentic, the Federal Reserve had little need for public relations. But now that “prosperity” is an illusion that must be managed lest the phantasm vanish, the Fed’s public relations pronouncements are a ceaseless flood as the The Babble-On 7 are the spokespeople for a propaganda machine bent on “managing expectations.”” – Charles Hugh Smith

Just Don’t Expect “Pent-up Demand” from Consumers. Here’s Why – Wolf Richter

HYPERINFLATING! The Federal Reserve Balance Sheet HAS NOW GONE SUPER-PARABOLIC. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

‘Brace For Rampant Inflation’: Hedge Fund Billionaire Stunned At “Market Craziness”, Sees “Trouble Ahead” – Tyler Durden

GROUPTHINK: Just One Of Many Reasons All The Analysts, Chart Huggers, Experts And Gurus Have Been Wrong About Silver For Weeks – “Has silver bottomed? Most people are wrong most of the time. When I say that, of course, I’m excluding the Sheeple, because they’re oblivious, and I’m not counting the Brainwashed Masses either, because, well, they’re brainwashed, so really, I’m being generous with my statement. If I also exclude the Walmart Zombies, who somehow have nary a brain cell yet a license to drive an 850 pound (fully loaded) electric cart around the snack isle like they were race car drivers, or like Walmart was about to run out of cheeze doodles, or like whatever, it’s probably also safe to say that most people are wrong all of the time.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Silver – Primed & Ready for Explosive Upside (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – Palisades Gold Radio

What Makes Bitcoin Special? An Economist Explains – “A top cryptocurrency expert and economist explains the bitcoin phenomenon.” – Brad Polumbo




Psalm 41:5-6   Mine enemies speak evil of me, When shall he die, and his name perish?  And if he come to see me, he speaketh vanity: his heart gathereth iniquity to itself; when he goeth abroad, he telleth it.