Disappearing Freedoms in America – “The real thing disappeared long ago. Activist attorney, law professor, author and public advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sounded the alarm in a straight talk letter and report to 100,000 lawyers on the urgency of “protecting individual rights” at a time when they’re disappearing altogether that demands action to halt the US road to tyranny. Seasonal flu-renamed covid is the invented driving force behind what’s going on.” – Stephen Lendman

JAB PASS Brits may have to show a Covid vaccine passport to go to pub or restaurant – Katherine Ferguson  – BASICALLY, FORCED VACCINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID Airlines Solves the Great Racial Divide – “Hello, this is COVID Airlines, how can I help you? I want to book a ticket from New York to Paris. Have you had your COVID vaccine? Not yet. An immunity passport is required for all our passengers. You must take the shot. Yes, I understand. I recently read you may be making an exception for people of color. True. Certain minority communities are understandably suspicious of government. We don’t want to drive them further away by demanding they take the vaccine. They’re exempt from vaccination. They can fly with us.” – Jon Rappoport

Out: 100 Day Reopening Plan – In: Indefinite COVID Regime – “The Biden White House has seemingly disappeared its “100 days” back to normal COVID-19 plan, substituting its highly-publicized pledge for a more permanent safety regime, at the request of power-drunk officials and “public health experts” who continue their reign over U.S. society.” – Jordan Schachtel

COVID Rules Force Us To Trade Substance For Sterility, And Will Change Our Culture Forever – “We are not merely bodies to be protected but souls to nourish. As Steinbeck said, ‘a sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.'” – Elle Reynolds

28-Year-old Wisconsin Healthcare Worker has Aneurysm – Brain Dead Five Days After Second Experimental Pfizer mRNA COVID Injection – “a healthcare worker at SwedishAmerican Hospital, has suffered a brain aneurysm and is now brain dead just 5 days after receiving the second experimental mRNA COVID injection from Pfizer. As we reported yesterday, the CDC has stated on their website that there have been 1,170 deaths recorded in the U.S. following the experimental mRNA COVID injections, and according to the CDC and the FDA, NONE of them are related to the “COVID vaccines.”” – Brian Shilhavy

A Doctor’s View About the New mRNA Vaccines – “If the death rate from COVID-19 were much higher, it might make the risks acceptable to try an experimental vaccine. Given that the COVID-19 death rate is a little higher than a bad flu, my opinion is that younger and healthier people need a more rigorous risk/benefit analysis before taking the mRNA vaccines.” – Thomas Siler

Faith, Trust or Science? – The COVID Vaccine, Part 1 – “A mRNA vaccine like the several Covid-19 vaccines currently being trialed has never been used on humans. Such vaccines have been only been trialed in animals. In those studies, antibody responses initially looked promising, similar to claims in the current human trials. However, the animal trials eventually proved unsuccessful, with one study in ferrets resulting in an increased number of mutated genes, cancer rates, autoimmune responses, and death. And if a vaccine elicits an immune response that misses the target, the result could potentially be worse than if no vaccine was given, according to an Australian professor. ” – Rachael Parsons



“Unity” – “In their latest act of degeneracy disguised as virtue, the Progressive Wokesters of Washington failed again to nail that old orange coonskin to wall. Rather, they only embarrassed themselves in the effort, even as far as submitting faked evidence. Watch now as some Wokeness-inflamed DC prosecutor is enlisted by the Lawfare beagles to charge former President Trump with a catalog of crimes under the city’s ordinary statutes. The impeachment loss, which was predetermined by simple math, seems to have only driven Nancy Pelosi crazier, perhaps because there are no more traps she can lay for the ex-president, or maybe because her managers’ strategy was revealed to be so shamelessly dishonest. Mr. Biden, rumored to be president — or at least regarding himself as such — has been proclaiming the wish to “unite” the warring tribes of America. He may say so, but he doesn’t really mean it, not one little bit, and everybody knows it. Every executive order he’s issued his first month on-the-job is designed as much as a slap in the face to more than half the country as it is an actual policy goal.” – James Howard Kunstler

Disaster and Opportunity – “Whenever a period of dramatic change is unfolding, the Chinese people recognise that change, in addition to potentially bringing disaster, also presents opportunity. To the western mind, crisis is a negative condition only, and as people wish to escape negativity as quickly as possible, westerners tend to support whatever leaders promise to make the problem go away quickly.For decades, westerners, particularly in the US, have voted for those candidates who promise “Hope and Change” and “Make America Great Again.” Of course, these are paper-thin slogans that do not in any way bear scrutiny. In them, there is not even a suggestion of an actual plan. ” – Jeff Thomas

The Wages of Trump Hatred – “Over the last five years, the pathology of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been widely described. It was more than a chronic disease and was often characterized by an array of rapidly advancing symptoms of deterioration in reasoning, emotional stability, and personal ethics. Hating Donald Trump in the hater’s eyes makes one moral. But in the real world, such pathological fixations usually result in abject immorality and moral decline, as the hater becomes far worse than what he hates.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Trump Just Thumped the Democrats and That’s a “Win” for the Country – “The Democrats approached the impeachment with the same cockiness that they approach everything. They thought they’d stomp their feet and run around with their hair on fire, and eventually people would see the righteousness of their cause. But it didn’t go down like that. Now Trump is more powerful than when he was in the White House. His following has grown, his reputation as a fighter has ballooned, and his Democratic opposition has been exposed as incompetent, vindictive and thoroughly corrupt. That’s about as close to a total victory as it gets in politics.” – BlogviewMike Whitney

Reason Can’t Prevail Against an Irrational Opposition – “The current atmosphere of political hatred posing as political unity portends the growth of state power, as anyone who has read Hannah Arendt closely will recognize. In order to make headway against what is clearly a rising tide of totalitarianism, we need action, not talk.” – Kenneth LaFave

Joe Biden Seizes Opportunity For Sweeping Gun Changes – “In the statement, Biden’s call for “banning assault weapons” likely amounts to calling for a ban on semi-automatic firearms, and there was no language included in the statement about allowing gun owners who currently own those weapons to be able to keep those weapons. If gun owners are not allowed to keep those specific semi-automatic firearms under a Biden ban, that would effectively amount to a mandatory gun confiscation-type program. What Gun owners are concerned about: 1) Every state already has background checks. 2) An AR-15 is not an assault weapon. 3) Over 90% of gun violence is committed with handguns, so banning “assault weapons” doesn’t solve anything. They want a national gun registry to make them easier to confiscate.” – Kari Donovan

Biden Shamelessly Exploits Parkland Shooting to Push Draconian Gun Ban – “Although the ostensible intention of these laws is to stop a future tragedy, it is important to point out that there were already laws on the books that should’ve stopped Nikolas Cruz from ever getting a gun. This is a fact that is ignored by Biden and the rest of the anti-second amendment ilk. The reactionary nature of disarming Americans because deranged psychopaths kill people is dangerous and only serves to keep the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Moreover, deranged psychopaths don’t even need guns to cause mass death.” – Matt Agorist

A Return To Rage: Schumer and Pelosi Attack Members Who Voted To Acquit As Political Cowards and Shills – Jonathan Turley

COVID relief heading to the coffers of social justice warriors – “At a time when small businesses go wanting, why is COVID relief easily attained by Democrats’ favorite radical activist groups?They get aid in $50,000 chunks. You on the other hand, should be grateful for your peasant’s $1,400. ” – Monica Showalter

A suggestion for Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico – “The statute governments should institute a policy, initially by executive order, then endorsed and reinforced by legislative action, that anyone who crosses the border from Mexico must be hustled onto a bus that, when full, is driven directly to Washington, D.C., emptied, and returned to the border for more passengers.* We’ve seen that, for our federal political class, what stays distant from D.C. (such as riots, vandalism, violence, and hordes of drug-addled homeless occupying a city) is not a big deal. Instead, we’re told the societal breakdown we see is mostly peaceful, normal expressions of “protest.” But bring an “insurrection” close to the home of our elected leaders, and all hell breaks loose.” – Terry Paulding  – EXCELLENT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green New Deal Is Underway – “When you add it all up, Biden’s proposals will destroy high-paying jobs with benefits in the energy sector, raise energy costs for consumers and help flat-line economic growth. Still, given the ideological momentum behind the Green New Deal and the imperatives of getting policies enacted quickly, it seems likely that some of these misguided provisions will become law at great cost to consumers and the economy as a whole.” – Jim Rickards

Has There Ever Been A Tweet That Has Aged As Poorly As This Gem From Chris “Fredo” Cuomo? – “In the coldest take of all time, back in the summer while Andrew Cuomo was engaged in a coverup of Covid numbers, his brother and CNN anchor Chris, affectionately known as Fredo, tweeted this gem: Can we trust the data from florida’s governor?” – Harris Rigby

Heal the Planet for Profit – Redux – “Since Joe Biden became the most popular US president ever, according to his vote count, there is now a climate czar at the US Treasury, and a climate change team at the US Fed. Progress! At least for those seeking to use your money to solve their problems.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Difference Between Copper and Cucumbers – “Thankfully, today’s environmentalists are a little more refined and less resentful of human lives – but only a little. Today we instead speak of unlimited resources, sustainable circular economies, and renewable energy. Here’s a strange claim: renewable resources run out and finite raw materials of the Earth’s crust do not. This is the opposite of how we usually think about our materials-hungry and “unsustainable” world. Almost all the copper – all six trillion pounds or so – that humans over thousands of years have dug out of the ground is still with us. The renewable crops we grew, soils we depleted, whales we slaughtered, or rivers that ran dry, are not. This makes for thoughtful objections to the distinction between limited and unlimited resources that runs amok in public arguments over the environment.” – Joakim Book

THE INDIVISIBILITY OF LIFE – “‘Know Thyself.’ On a tombstone in an English churchyard is the following inscription, “Here lies John Bailey. The fact that he died does not guarantee that he lived.” And that is surely the point. ‘To Live’ is the dynamic expression of existence; not being stuck in some soulless routine permanently in fear of stepping out of line with a sterile status quo.” – Julian Rose   –  A VERY GOOD READ FROM JULIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentagon Tries to Pretend that it’s Engaged in “Harmless Activities” in Syria – Vladimir Platov

The Fukushima quake may be an echo of the 2011 disaster — and a warning for the future – “A quake like this one can be a valuable reminder of how important it is to learn the lessons of a disaster.” – Mark Quigley

Pros And Cons of Various Firearms For Home Defense – David Andrew Brown

Cashing in on Covid: Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Techs Are Booming at the Cost of Your Privacy – “The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be the biggest gift possible for tyrants all across the globe. From economic power grabs made by corporations and the incineration of basic civil liberties, the ruling class has introduced itself as the arbiters and dictators of virtually all human interaction. And the surveillance industry has also benefitted massively from the pandemic” – Robert Wheeler

How We Raise A Year’s Worth of Meat & Never Buy Meat from the Grocery Store Again (VIDEO) – Melissa K. Norris – Modern Homesteading



10-Year Treasury Yield Hit 1.21%, More than Doubling Since Aug. But Mortgage Rates Near Record Low. And Junk Bond Yields Dropped to New Record Lows – “Bond Market Smells a Rat: Inflation. So the Fed seems OK with rising long-term Treasury yields.” – Wolf Richter

How Long Before the Fed Tries to Manipulate Long-Term Rates Lower? – Mish

The Economic Crisis Caused By This Pandemic Has Dramatically Altered How Americans Are Living Their Lives – Michael Snyder

Still Don’t Think Bitcoin is #Winning? You’re a Loser – “Bitcoin is winning. Period. In fact, it may have already won and the people arrayed against it, no matter how powerful, are finally beginning to realize this. This week saw a slew of major announcements which all point in this direction.” – Tom Luongo

Bitcoin: It’s Not If, It’s Now Just A Matter Of When – “This progressive normalization of bitcoin clashes with many interests and will be subject to regulatory interference, which introduces many uncertainties about its future. Nevertheless, we are talking about a completely decentralized evolution and, as such, one that will be very difficult, if not impossible, to stop.” – Enrique Dans

Gold listless while silver steadies – Alasdair Macleod

Silver and the Silverbacks (VIDEO) – David Morgan

SilverSqueeze hits London as SLV warns of Limited Available Silver Supply – “That SLV has seen massive dollar inflows in late January and early February with corresponding jumps in claimed silver holdings is now widely known, but is worth repeating here, for what’s about to come next. 3,416.11 Tonnes of Silver?” – Ronan Manly

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.18EUR



Nehemiah 4:14    And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.