Another Medical Professional in the Prime of Life DEAD Weeks After Receiving the mRNA Experimental Injection as Memphis Mourns Loss of 36-Year-Old Doctor – “In what is becoming a frequent report here at Health Impact News, another medical professional has died within weeks of being injected with an experimental mRNA COVID injection, and once again, health authorities and the local media are “assuring” the public that his death is unrelated to the experimental injection he received.  The CDC is reportedly investigating his death, as it is being blamed on a “rare COVID related syndrome.” Threlkeld said it is believed Williams previously had an asymptomatic case of COVID. This raises the question, once again, that we have been raising for weeks: Why would anyone choose to get an experimental mRNA injection, especially in this case when the deceased allegedly already had “natural” antibodies against COVID-19?” – Brian Shilhavy

Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out – Bernadette Hogan, Carl Campanile and Bruce Golding

COVID-19 Pt. 5: Psychologists, Scientists and The CIA Tell Us Fear is The Real Killer – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT SERIES FROM COREY, THE FIRST 4 PARTS HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Politicians Seem Loath to Let COVID End – “Now not only one, but multiple vaccines have arrived and are being distributed across the United States and the rest of world. Yet the goalposts continue to move as those who enjoy the largesse of government and the control it gives them over the populace scramble to come up with new conditions they claim must be met before the fight against COVID-19 is over and we can be allowed to live lives free of microbial terror.” – Anders Koskinen

Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremburg Code? – “Those running the COVID cult are engaging in forced medical experimentation upon the world population via mandatory masks and (planned-to-be) mandatory vaccines.” – Makia Freeman

CDC Recommends Putting Hosiery over Your Face along with a Mask – John Fund

The New Normal Valentine, Masked, Tested, Vaccinated, Sanitized, Afraid (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente  – GERALD IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!

Matt Hancock is behaving like a tyrant – “Health secretary Matt Hancock announced new, staggeringly authoritarian enforcement measures in the House of Commons today. Passengers returning from one of the 33 designated ‘red list’ countries will have to quarantine in government-approved hotels from next week. Anyone who lies on their passenger-locator form about whether they have visited one of these countries faces imprisonment for up to 10 years.” – Spiked

Public Schools Planning on Encaging your Kids in Mini Plexiglass Prisons when Schools Reopen! – Off Grid Survival

Move over Bill Cosby. Here come the Covid Criminals – “Earlier this week, the right honorable politicians of the United Kingdom rolled out strict new Covid travel rules. Bear in mind that the UK already has some of the strictest Covid rules in the world right now. People must stay at home and only go out if they have a “reasonable excuse”. Anyone who attends a gathering of more than 15 people faces steep fines of 800 pounds (about USD $1,100), and anyone who organizes said gathering faces a fine of 10,000 pounds. All ‘non-essential’ businesses are closed. And, just like incarcerated felons, Brits are allowed to exercise outside once per day.” – Simon Black

Would You Support the Lockdowns If It Meant Losing Your Own Job? – ” Belief in the corona-religion is thin, but much worse, it’s gutless. People believe as long their jobs and their businesses aren’t being destroyed.” – John Tamny

Lockdowns are a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – ““Non-pharmaceutical” interventions do not work, and are doing far more harm than good” – Daniel Jeanmonod MD


The Trials of Wokery – “How do you like the party you supposedly voted into power so far? Or is it perhaps too much to say they were actually voted into anything? And if so — if there was something, let’s say, a little irregular with the ballot tabulation, maybe even more than a little — have they not succeeded splendidly in pissing-off more than half the people across the land? And then attempted to rub that half’s faces into the squishy, fetid loam of the DC Swamp? I’d say that every move they make, every breath they take, seems calculated to spark a new civil war. Yesterday’s spiteful exercise in cognitive dissonance was a humdinger: Mr. Biden threatened to cut off travel to Florida for flouting his regime’s policy on Covid-19 lockdowns, while over in Texas (and several other states), he ordered a general unlocking-down of the border with Mexico, permitting the unchecked illegal ingress of thousands of possible Covid-19 carriers a day. Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor, responded, saying — if I may paraphrase — see you in court, asshole.” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER NAILS IT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One Man’s Terrorist Is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter – “In order for tyranny to be established, people who love freedom must first be demonized. It seems like this would be an easy historic fact to accept, however, it’s very common for state propagandists and establishment shills in the media to cloud the argument. The conflict between the political left, globalists, conservatives and patriots is awash in misdirection. This article is my appeal to cut through that engineered fog, but before anything else is discussed, we need to recognize a fundamental truth: If leftists and globalists were not trying to take away our individual and inherent liberties, then we conservatives and moderates would have no reason to fight. If people walking unarmed into a building and then leaving quietly after an hour is terrorism and insurrection, then what would they call it if we actually physically defended ourselves against the usurpation of our civil rights?” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reckless Rhetoric Is A Reckless Standard For An Impeachment Trial – Jonathan Turley

The ‘Sound And Fury’ Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Signifies Something Sinister For America – “Trump isn’t really on trial here, everyone who voted for him is.” – John Daniel Davidson

Impeachment snoozer: What kind of trial is this? – “It’s a tired old re-run. Which is true enough. But it’s like the sheer dishonesty displayed is a turn-off, too. Members of the public have told the press it’s coming off as a Democrat informercial. Who the hell would want to watch a trial, with, for-starters, a judge-and-jury combo presided over by Rep. Tim Leahy? This guy, whose nickname is “the nastiest Democrat” is a judge who can be impartial? The only reason he’s there is because Democrats couldn’t get a real judge, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts for a second run at the gavel and podium. Roberts wanted no part of this.”- Monica Showalter

A Monsoon of Manure – “I refuse to watch the impeachment trial as a matter of principle. To devote any attention to this charade would legitimize the corruption of our Constitution. Tuning in would be a tacit acceptance of the blizzard of BS that has buried the national discourse. At least since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Democrats and their media allies have demanded that we view their smears and lies as high-minded pursuits of the truth.” – J. Peder Zane

Democrats Caught Using Fake ‘Evidence’ At Impeachment Trial – “Made up phone calls and photoshopped tweets” – Steve Watson

Public Servants or Parasites? – “I have a question. When did politicians and federal employees start calling themselves “public servants”? Even more importantly, why are we letting them? It’s almost as if they’re trying to claim the mantle of nobility for making a sacrifice in the public interest. But I don’t understand what that sacrifice is. They’re paid better and have better benefits than most private-sector employees. They’re rarely held accountable for their performance. Why do we treat them as if they’re serving a higher calling than any other profession in the country? Take Joe Biden, for example. He claims to have been in public service for over 50 years. But what has he done in that time?” – John Green

With Biden, teachers unions are getting what they paid for – “President Biden has made abundantly clear that he cares more about the teachers unions than he does about the parents and students they’re hurting. For an explanation, all you have to do is follow the money.” – Washington Examiner

The Callous COVID Cruelty of Our Ruling Class – “As Joe Biden abandons a key campaign promise on reopening schools and contemplates a travel ban to Florida, the inhumanity of COVID “mitigation” efforts is laid bare.” – Julie Kelly

The Real World And The Narrative World – “The most powerful manipulators are the ones who have succeeded in exerting control over both the real world and the narrative world, and they pursue both agendas with equal emphasis. Populations in the real world who insist upon their own national, resource, financial, economic or military sovereignty are subject to real world attacks by bombs, starvation sanctions and special ops. Entities in the narrative world which threaten imperial narrative domination are attacked, smeared, marginalized and censored. That’s all we are seeing with the increasingly shrill mainstream panic about disinformation, conspiracy theories, foreign propaganda and domestic extremism. Our rulers and their media lackeys are not compassionately protecting us from deception, they are ensuring that they remain the only ones authorized to administer deception. By golly the only ones allowed to deceive us should be our government, our news media, our teachers and our priests.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden administration to allow 25,000 asylum-seekers into US – Elliot Spagat

Biden considers restricting travel within US for COVID while leaving southern border open – “In an amazing display of cognitive dissonance, the Biden administration proposes imposing limits on the movement of American citizens while encouraging the flood of illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America. His actions are allegedly intended to mitigate the spread of the Chinese COVID virus.” – Andrew Thomas  – SO SHOULD WE ALL ASSUME THAT THE 25,000 THEY ARE LETTING IN WILL ALL BE TESTED AND QUARANTINED IF POSITIVE THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frustrated Flyover Folks Get A Belly Laugh – “Impeachment pales as woke folk get arrested. For the folks who reside in red states, amid said polar vortex, nothing quite satisfies the cabin fever symptoms as much as celebrity woke folks being caught with their pants around the ankles. Well, perhaps not literally, as the complete details continue to unfold. Mr. Bruce Springsteen, the star of the Super Bowl’s stellar Jeep commercial – more fricking unity – has been found to have a recent driving while intoxicated arrest last November.” – Sarah Cowgill

Dark Winter of a Grand Old Party – “There may have been a worse 90 days in Republican Party history, but it is difficult to recall exactly when. The questions of the hour are these: Will the GOP be united against an incumbent party that is moving visibly leftward and dragging the country with it — and what will Donald Trump do?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Gun control groups leave White House meeting confident about Biden executive action on gun sales – “Gun rights groups and Second Amendment advocates have expected the new administration would attempt to enact more gun control. However, most of the proposed policy proposals so far will require congressional approval and would face a difficult vote in the evenly divided Senate.” – Sophie Mann

Attacks on Second Amendment Trigger Tyranny – “The election swept in a legion of Second Amendment foes. Americans can expect them to take James Madison’s statement that disarming the people is “the best and most effective way to enslave them” as less of a warning and more of a directive. The freedom to possess firearms will be attacked by the feds and the states through legislation, taxation, punitive fees, red flag laws, and pressure on banks and credit card companies. The restrictions will be aimed, as they always are, at law-abiding citizens and not the criminals responsible for gun violence.” – Allen West and Lori Roman

Queen of Chicken Hawks: Victoria Nuland Had A Hand in Every US Intervention in the Past 30 Years – “As the Senate prepares to confirm Nuland for Under Secretary for Political Affairs, a reflection of her last 30 years in government shows how she was connected to nearly every foreign policy disaster undertaken by the United States.” – Rick Sterling

Would a “Russian Dissident” Do Better in the “Free World?” – “Most Western media call Russian dissident Alexei Navalny a hero. Mr. Navalny is now in a Russian prison, and our most prestigious newspapers are cheering his anti-Putin crusade. However, what’s most remarkable about the media campaign is its hypocrisy. It’s doubtful Alexei Navalny would be a hero — maybe not even a free man — in the “Free World.”” – Gregory Hood

Putin is not about to fall – “Navalny’s appeal has been greatly exaggerated.” – Mary Dejevsky


Reefer Madness and More – “We sometimes wonder what they are smoking down on Wall Street, but today the question might better apply to the homegamers who are apparently hitting their bongs down in mom’s basement.” – David Stockman

More on the Market’s Mania – “Just a collection of market miscellaneous that continues to demonstrate how out-of-whack this market is with all reality.” – David Haggith

Ignoring the Greatest US Great Depression – “Instead of explaining the dire state of things in the US, West and elsewhere — Main Street economies in collapse — establishment media pretend otherwise. What remains for most working Americans at a time of high unemployment are largely low-pay service jobs with few or no benefits.” – Stephen Lendman

Yellen was Right, the Federal Debt “Should Keep People Awake at Night” – “It was in 2017, as she prepared for her exit from the Federal Reserve, that Janet Yellen sounded off about the danger of the growing federal debt. Despite the growing debt burden, Janet Yellen has pivoted as she steps into her new role as the Secretary of the Treasury. She now advises that “with interest rates at historic lows, the smartest thing we can do is act big.”” – James L. Caton

It’s Just a Question of When – “With all that being said, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, all we’re talking about here is different routes with the same destination: HIGHER! Either we go straight up from here, or we get one more punishing sell-off to squeeze out all of the weak longs and enable the Banks to get out of their short positions. Either way, I am expecting the next major peaks in Gold and Silver to be above $2300 and $40 respectively.” – David Brady

Paul Krugman’s Hilarious 2015 Bitcoin Prediction and the Value of Intellectual Humility – “Hubris among intellectuals isn’t exactly unheard of, but it’s a bit astonishing coming from Krugman, whose history is replete with whacky predictions and bad advice that turned out to be rather embarrassing. A $7,500 investment in bitcoin in 2015, when economist Paul Krugman described it as “bubble” rooted in “libertarian ideology,” today would be worth $1.2 million.” – Jon Miltimore

UK Economy Crashed 9.9% In 2020, Biggest Drop In 311 Years – Tyler Durden  – YOU THINK THEIR STRICT LICKDOWNS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.93EUR


Proverbs 8:9    They are all plain to him that understandeth, and right to them that find knowledge.