Biden Imposes Permanent Masks & Social Distancing to Prevent Civil Unrest – “Biden Administration has made it clear that they are stripping us of all our First Amendment rights which include the freedom to assemble. What was just made clear that even if you take these questionable vaccines, you will forever have to wear a mask and continue to social-distance for the rest of your life. So what is the point of these vaccines?” – Martin Armstrong

CDC: Propaganda Exemplified – “The CDC just published a claimed “research article” that makes yet another claim by retrospective observation that “masks work.” Isn’t it interesting that: Sites in states that did not have statewide mask mandates during March 1–October 17, 2020, were excluded from the analyses. In other words they deliberately excluded comparisons against locations without mandates and, of course and most-importantly they cherry-picked the dates.” – Karl Denninger

NY Doctor Proved Everyone Wrong About Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO) – “As early as March 2020, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko boasted a near-100% success rate treating COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), azithromycin and zinc sulfate for five days. Zelenko has now treated 3,000 patients with COVID-19 symptoms and only three high-risk patients have died. Misinformation and outright lies were spun about HCQ, including fabricated research, in an apparent effort to suppress and prevent widespread use>” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence” (VIDEO )- “This is a long video, but if you think you will not watch it due to the length, (1:54:48) and would rather have a soundbite version, then you most likely would not be willing to take the time to protect yourself or learn the truth. ” – Gary Barnett  – WHEN YOU HAVE A COUPLE OF HOURS, WATCH IT!!!

The Mainstream Bubble – “To this day, people like to say that the USA is the country most severely affected by corona, with mere reference to the absolute numbers of infections and deaths, regardless of the size of the population, to which the numbers are rarely put in relation. The term “recovered” is also adopted uncritically by the authorities, although it implies that those affected were actually all sick, which is highly doubtful: ” – Ralf Arnold, translation by S. Robinson

The Worst Junk Mail: The Biden Administration Wants to Deliver Masks to All Americans – Adam Dick

Biden Solves COVID Crisis, Allegedly – “Joe Biden on the verge of being credited with defeating COVID-19 pandemic – largely using Trump’s plan.” – Andrew Moran

CDC: Over 500 Deaths Now Following mRNA Experimental Injections – “Vaccine Hesitancy” Increasing – “The CDC has done another data dump into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. The data goes through January 29, 2021, with 11,249 recorded adverse events, including 501 deaths following injections of the experimental COVID mRNA shots by Pfizer and Moderna.Besides the recorded 501 deaths, there were 2443 visits to Emergency Room doctors, 156 permanent disabilities, and 1066 hospitalizations.” – Brian Shilhavy


“Sustainability” Misses the Point – “One of the strange words to which our symbolic-minded age is addicted is ‘sustainable.’ It hardly means what its proponents use it for. Almost nothing about human life is sustainable, over even short time periods: running, typing, procreating, lifting weights, or eating chocolate cakes. Ultimately even our lungs breathing or hearts beating are unsustainable activities as one day either will stop and we will die. ” – Joakim Book  – SOME GREAT POINTS FROM JOAKIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready for the climate lockdowns? – “It’s only a matter of time. Climate alarmists like Greta Thunberg and John Kerry will be salivating at the prospect of using the emissions data to enact their ideas of a methane- and airplane-free future. How dare you refute it! If we can all just stay home for two weeks (which would inevitably become four weeks), it’s worth it to save the planet. Anyone who questions such proposals will be labeled a science denier and accused of wanting to kill their fellow neighbors (you know, like what you hear if you don’t wear a mask for a casual walk around the block). How would governors and the federal government impose climate lockdowns? Simple: by declaring that climate change is an immediate public health and national security crisis, and using the same authority granted to them by public health departments to implement them under the same guidelines they did for COVID-19. Bernie Sanders and AOC announced a bill suggesting as much yesterday!” – Stephen L. Miller

Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Political Violence Runs Deep – “There is a reason Republicans don’t wear t-shirts emblazoned with the image of Augusto Pinochet, but Democrats do wear shirts emblazoned with the image of Che Guevara.” – Thaddeus G. McCotter

Rand Paul: If Schumer Is Going to Impeach for Speech, Maybe He Should Be Impeached for His Own Troubling Words -Nick Arama

Big Media v. Marjorie Greene and Lou Dobbs – “Instead of exposing and denouncing 2020 election rigging for Biden over Trump, establishment media cheerled the outcome. They’ve been hostile toward everything Trump related and his supporters. Instead of slamming what happened to Rep. Marjorie Greene and Fox News host Lou Dobbs, they expressed support the constitutional breach of their First Amendment rights. The hostile to truth and full disclosure NYT slammed Greene as an “QAnon congresswoman, a far-right influencer and gun fanatic who dabbles in anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim bigotry,” followed by a further litany of over-the-top remarks that were all about her support for Trump.” – Stephen Lendman

AOC Is Not the Victim. She’s the Perp. – “History has a new greatest monster – move over Hitler, meet Marjorie Taylor Greene. I don’t know much about her, nor do I really care to. I haven’t read any stories on her alleged craziness because who cares? She’s a congresswoman in the minority party who doesn’t represent me, that narrows her down to half the House. If she posted something stupid or offensive in the past, who cares? I’m more concerned with the morons holding power who are currently working to undermine the country and individual liberty. All those people have a (D) after their name. One of the most vocal, if least effective and dumbest, leading that charge is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When I say “dumb” I don’t mean stupid; she got herself elected to Congress, so the stupid people are those who voted for her. She’s dumb in thinking she can get away with her charade that made her indefinitely. Sooner or later, the piper always demands payment.” – Derek Hunter

Is It All Unraveling After the TIME Magazine Secret Cabal Piece? – “The TIME article’s writer, Molly Ball, gleefully makes claims that a secret cabal joined forces across the country to stop Donald Trump from winning re-election, using methods such as manipulating legacy and social media coverage, getting elected officials to change election laws, and using a network of big business and union workers to manipulate voting machines, vote counts, and to push back against anyone questioning the integrity of the vote. So, what have many of us been saying since before November 3, 2020 and weeks thereafter?” – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell


Guns And Democrats – A Twisted Love Story – “The left may hate guns, but if annual sales are any indication, guns sure love the left.” – James Fite

Concealing Your Guns: 7 Ways To Keep Them Safe And Out Of Sight – “Sadly, recent events have shown us that the liberal left is still hell-bent on taking away our guns. Are you prepared for this to happen? This raises the question of how to resist such confiscations effectively. Taking a stand and resisting the police may be a great way to make a statement. Nonetheless, going out in a blaze of glory is really not going to change anything. You’ll be dead or in the hospital and the law will still be in place.” – Off The Grid News

Illinois Readies Disastrous Teaching Standards – “Illinois is transforming the state’s teachers into a radical political vanguard bent on indoctrinating the state’s children” – S.T. Karnick

Just 15 Percent of Russians Believe Navalny’s Account of ‘Poisoning’ – “Most believe Navalny staged it, or he was poisoned by western intelligence services” – Levada

India’s Strategic Cooperation with Russia is Gaining Momentum – Vladimir Platov

From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic” – “As for the Cyber Polygon 2020 event, the coming cyberpandemic is being prophetically thrown in our faces just as the pandemic exercise was prior to the actual disease’s appearance. The inevitable collapse of the global banking system, resulting from the off-the-charts corruption and fraud that has run rampant for decades, is likely to be conducted through a controlled collapse, one that would allow wealthy bankers and elites, such as those that participated in Cyber Polygon, to avoid responsibility for their economic pillaging and criminal activity. This is especially true for Cyber Polygon participant Deutsche Bank, whose inevitable collapse has been openly discussed for years due to the bank’s extreme corruption, fraud, and massive exposure to derivatives.” – Johnny Vedmore and Whitney Webb  – LONG BUT VERY INTERSTING. FUNNY HOW THEY REHEARSE THINGS AND THEN THEY ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

5 Ways To Store Meat Without A Refrigerator – Sara Tipton


Aristocrats vs “We the People” (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “When you bankrupt your country, your politics are inherently corrupted by that bankruptcy, and that’s what is happening to us. We created a financial system . . . that is run by an aristocracy. It’s not a Right/Left, liberal, socialist or conservative aristocracy. Look at JPMorgan Chase, Google and General Dynamics. Look at Mitch McConnell, the big Republicans and the big Democrats. They are not socialists, and they are not capitalists–they’re aristocrats.” – Greg Hunter

Lockdowns Have Depleted Capital in All Forms – “Lockdowns seem focused on expenditures and consumption but fundamentally they attack capital. The restaurant, the theater, the stadium, the school, the means of transport, all are forced into idleness. They cannot return a profit to the owners. It’s a form of theft. All that you have done to save and work and invest is voided.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

The State of American Debt Slaves: Q4 2020. Consumer Borrowing in Weirdest Economy Ever – “Amid enormous shifts and distortions in consumption and trillions of dollars handed out by the government and the Fed. American consumers – those hundreds of millions of mythical creatures whose sole job is to consume more than they make – have paid down their credit cards again.” – Wolf Richter

Goldman Commodities Strategist Says Silver Is the Populist Metal – Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal

DON’T-STOP GAME STOCKS: Bankrupt Companies As Trillion-Dollar Chips in the Wall Street Casino -David Haggith

Is a Crisis in the Silver Market Dead Ahead? – Ed Steer


Matthew 22:18    But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?


Man to man is so unjust, children:
Ya don’t know who to trust.
Your worst enemy could be your best friend,
And your best friend your worse enemy.

Some will eat and drink with you,
Then behind them su-su ‘pon you.
Only your friend know your secrets,
So only he could reveal it.
And who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Who the cap fit, let them wear it!
Said I throw me corn, me no call no fowl;
I saying, “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”

Some will hate you, pretend they love you now,
Then behind they try to eliminate you.
But who Jah bless, no one curse;
Thank God, we’re past the worse.
Hypocrites and parasites
Will come up and take a bite.
And if your night should turn to day,
A lot of people would run away.
And who the stock fit let them wear it!
Who the (cap fit) let them (wear it)!

And then a-gonna throw me corn,
And then a-gonna call no fowl,
And then a-gonna “Cook-cook-cook, cluk-cluk-cluk.”

( Who The Cap Fit by Bob Marley )

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