The Flight of the Covid Quacks – “Widespread quackery provides the only justification for the formation and continued existence of the FDA. But like similar government “watchdogs,” the FDA is subject to capture and other forms of manipulation. Moreover, it is painfully slow and hence especially ineffective during a fast-evolving situation like a pandemic. Yet many Americans assume that it protects them from all forms of quackery even though the last year has proven that it does not. The FDA did not, and indeed cannot, protect Americans from two types of quacks extraordinaire, the legacy mass media and the government itself.” – Robert E. Wright

Official COVID death numbers: the fraud, the killing – “Death numbers are a significant metric, because, obviously, all other so-called “cases” recover and live.” – Jon Rappoport

Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State – “After writing about the premeditated murder of those accepting and taking this bioweapon called a Covid ‘vaccine’ two days ago, things continue to deteriorate as the state’s tyrannical agendas move forward at an accelerated pace. People are dying all around this country and the world in large numbers after taking this deadly concoction of infectious material, toxins, and bioweapon poisons. Stories abound telling of nursing home deaths where more are dying than did all last year in just a few days after receiving this pharmaceutical weapon. This is easy for the state perpetrators to cover up because they can adjust the PCR testing to show positives, and simply continue to blame a virus that does not exist for all the deaths. In addition, the new ‘mutations’ or ‘strains’ that were promised by those committing this fraud, are now being claimed to exist. So long as a new strain can be paraded out as real, more ‘vaccinations’ will be offered,” – Gary D. Barnett

Forecast What? – “What could possibly force Americans to once again eat by the sweat of their brow? Insider military think tank The think tank that in 2015 estimated the death of 200M Americans by 2025.” – Dr. D  – INTERESTING ARTICLE ABOUT THE DEAGEL PREDICITION. IS COVID AND VACCINATIONS PART OF THE PREDICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seniors Dying After COVID Vaccine Labeled as Natural Causes – “Around the world, reports are pouring in of people dying shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. In many cases, they die suddenly within hours of getting the shot. In others, death occurs within the span of a couple of weeks. Ironically, when seniors die before vaccination, it’s due to COVID-19 and something must be done to prevent it, but when they die after vaccination, they die of natural causes and no preventive action is necessary.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

7 die at Spanish care home after getting Pfizer Covid-19 jab as ALL residents test positive for virus, second doses still to come – “On January 13, all residents, including nursing home staff, were vaccinated with the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and after six days the first symptoms began to appear in ten of the residents,” they said in a statement. The Lagartera Residence for the Elderly insisted the current outbreak was its first of the pandemic, having remained virus-free during the first two waves of infections.” – RT

The Largest Experiment on Humans Ever Seen – ” every single person now getting these jabs is effectively an unwitting test subject in the largest medical experiment ever carried out, having been asked to give their consent to receive a product injected into their bodies without being properly informed as to the status of the product.’ – Rob Slane

How Do You Adapt When the Rules Are Constantly Changing? – “Constantly changing rules, numbers, and stats make it difficult to discern truth from fiction. For example, even the CDC admits flu cases are low this year despite a higher number of tests. Maybe the hand-washing, sanitizing, and social-distancing due to Covid has prevented the flu from spreading. Perhaps hospitals have reported things differently this year due to the financial incentives associated with reporting patients as Covid positive. Regardless of the reason, one would think that the dramatic decrease in flu cases would be cause for celebration. Not so. The CDC still urges people to get flu shots because “diseases can strike at any time.” That may be true. However, why are the people in charge of our nation’s health not concerned about the mental health impacts of constantly bombarding the public with messages about one dangerous disease after another? When do we get a break from the fear and panic? It seems like the public is teased daily with the thought of going “back to normal.” However, only IF we do exactly as they say and get the vaccine. I don’t have a problem with informed adults receiving the vaccine by choice. I do have a problem with the consolidation of power and the exertion of control. ” – Joanna Miller  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The New Reichstag Fire – “Was this indeed an attempted coup – highly armed troops who acted with military precision? Well, no. In fact, the attackers seemed to have been divided into two groups. If we ignore the media rhetoric and study the videos objectively, what we see is, in fact, two entirely different groups entering the Capitol. What we witnessed was, in fact, a minor event of vandalism that was exacerbated by the fact that it took place at the Capitol Building. And so, we look back again to the events after the Reichstag fire. People are shocked and scared. There’s a call for law and order. The Nazis acted swiftly, abolishing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and freedom of privacy. The Nazis took full power from that date forward and transformed Germany into a collectivist state. In the US, the playbook has been altered slightly.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Treason And Thoughtcrime Are Easier Than Ever In Biden’s America – “Democrats are already vastly expanding the only crime defined by the Constitution – treason.” – James Bovard

Why Are Progressives So Illiberal? – “Progressives also believe in natural hierarchies. They see themselves as an elite certified by their degrees, their resumes, and their correct ideologies, our version of Platonic Guardians, practitioners of the “noble lie” to do us good. In its condescending modern form, the creed is devoted to expanding the administrative state, and the expert class that runs it, and revolves in and out from its government hierarchies to privileged counterparts in the corporate and academic world. Progressivism patronizes the poor and champions them at a distance, but despises the middle class, the traditionally hated bourgeoise without the romance of the distant impoverished or the taste and culture of the rich.” – Victor Davis Hanson

On the Cusp of the “Blue Terror” – “Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) called on President Biden to disavow those in his own party leading the charge against the rest of us. But neither he nor Kamala Harris will do that – why should they? If they were that sort of people, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.” – Alan Sabrosky

Everything About The Biden Administration Is Fake – “Everything about life in our current world order is dominated by phoniness. Our culture is manufactured by Hollywood. Our dominating political structure is manufactured by think tanks. Our perceptions of what’s going on in the world are manufactured in Langley and Arlington. The whole thing is so fake and stupid. We’ve got to figure out a way to snap out of these artificial boxes they are placing over our minds and these perceptual filters they are placing over our eyes, and birth something real and authentic into our world.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Biden Regime Will Be America’s First Totalitarian Government – “It is not only the United States that has fallen into totalitarianism. It is the fate of the entirety of the Western World. In no Western country does the government represent the people. In Sweden, UK, Germany, France, Italy the governments represent immigrant-invaders. Anyone of French, Italian, British, German, Swedist ethnicity who thinks that a country is defined by its ethnicity, language, history, customs is considered a neo-fascist. Any citizen of a European country who believes in national sovereignty is labeled a nationalist racist. Leaders of national ethnicities, such as Marine le Pen are demonized and prosecuted. The notion of a “Free West” has become an absurdity. China’s social credit system is frightening, but it is less frightening than what has been set in motion in the United States. There has been a revolution from the top, and it will be enforced by bringing the power of the state against the individual.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The ‘Big Lie’ And Big Liars- “Democrats have reached the point where they’re now so routinely using Nazi analogies that they’re likely unaware that they’re doing it, the way people swear more when they’re drunk. In this case, Democrats are drunk with power and not only can they not control themselves, thanks to the media going along with them for the ride, they have no reason to control themselves. And it’s going to get much worse before it gets any better, if it ever gets better at all.” – Derek Hunter

The Political Game on the Pandemic – “After the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, progressives (i.e., “liberals”) used it as a game to point out all the things that President Trump and his administration were doing wrong to address the crisis. Hardly a day went by without some leftist pointing out the faults and failures of Trump’s efforts. Now that Joe Biden is president, you can bet your bottom dollar that the same thing is now going to happen in reverse.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Confused Kamala Harris Warns Of West Virginia’s ‘Abandoned Land Mines’ – Jayme Metzgar

Joe Biden to Divert $30 Billion in Aid Trump Left For Farmers to Climate Change without Waiting For Congress – Cristina Laila

H.R. 127: A New Bill In Congress Would Literally End Your 2nd Amendment Rights Permanently – Michael Snyder

Biden Regime – AS PREDICTED – Here They Come For Your Guns – “The very first attack will be the requirement to register ALL GUNS. And that is exactly what they’re doing and an important part of H.R.127, a bill recently introduced in the House of the 117th Congress of the United States. You do know what they do next (after registration), right? This will be game over for the 2nd Amendment.Once enacted, the countdown clock to compliance begins >> 3 months. After that, if you do not comply, you’re a felon. ” – Ken Jorgustin

Biden Administration Using OCC to Allow Anti-Gun Banking Policy – Personal Defense World

Record Shattered: More Than 2-Million Guns Sold In January – Cam Edwards

America in Terminal Decline, Biden/Harris Hastening It – “History is clear. We can choose democracy over tyranny and survive or continue today’s self-destructive course and perish. The US is clearly going the wrong way with no signs of constructive change, just the opposite that’s virtually sure to continue under Biden/Harris. Today’s cutting-edge issue is whether humanity can survive America’s rage for global dominance while failing to acknowledge its declining supremacy relative to other nations.” – Stephen Lendman

Is AOC the most dangerous politician in America? – “Since the Capitol riot she has been whipping up a culture of fear that could have dire consequences for liberty.” – Brendan O”Neill

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets all treacly – “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is going big these days for the sympathy play in the name of Getting Her Political Opponents. See, she’s a victim of sexual assault. And she’s mad at people who say she “should move on” from the utterly unrelated Capitol riot instead of dwell on it. She’d like you to know she couldn’t possibly move on, at least not until the last Republican is jailed. And with fresh makeup on, she giggled, laughed, waved and smiled merrily as she explained it.” – Monica Showalter

D.C. military occupation not a good look for America – “Concerns over “civil disturbance” have led the powers-who-be in Washington, D.C., to extend the stay of members of the National Guard in the nation’s capital city. A military occupation in America — who knew. Military troops are not law enforcement officers. Nor should they be treated as such. The first is designed for war; the second, for fighting crime. Mixing the two can have disastrous results for citizens’ rights.” – Cheryl K. Chumley

Who Are the True ‘Domestic Terrorists’? – “The truth: The vast majority of criminals who rob, rape, shoot and kill Americans in the tens of thousands each year, and the people who did almost all of the rioting, looting, arson and assaults on cops in 2020, never wore MAGA hats.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

NATO to Stay in Afghanistan Beyond May Pullout Deadline – “US pledged pullout seen wavering, Biden ‘taking a hard look’ at peace deal” – Jason Ditz  – HAVE TO KEEP THE NEOCONS HAPPY!!!!

Happy Days Ahead for the Pentagon as Beacons Are Lit for the Military-Industrial Complex – “The military-industrial complex has just got itself a might ally in the top echelons of the new Administration in Washington, and given that Biden endorses confrontation with Russia and China, currently involving carrier strike groups roving off China’s coast, three U.S. Navy warships operating in the Black Sea, and U.S.-led Nato manoeuvres in the Arctic” – Brian Cloughley

China building digital Silk Road stretching from Asia through Africa to Europe -RT

The Layered Approach to Survival – “Part of the challenge for us all is that we’re preparing for the unknown. We can study the potential hazards and try to determine which ones are the most likely to occur. In the end, there’s no way we can know exactly what will happen.” – Bill White

Police To Use A Network Of 1,000 “Anveshak” AI Cameras To “Spotlight” A Person’s Every Movement – MassPrivateI


Inflation Galore at Manufactures, amid Massive Shifts in Demand, Supply-Chain Snags, Shortages, Lack of Shipping Capacity. And They’re Passing it On – “For now, the story is that it’s just temporary.” – Wolf Richter

Can The Big Silver Shorts Be Squeezed? (VIDEO) – “Unfortunately, unless the physical market can be squeezed, at some point the bullion banks like JP Morgan and HSBC – with help from the Central Banks and the BIS – will be able to regain their grip on the pricing of gold and silver using derivatives – paper gold and silver. I hope this latest move in the silver price is sustainable but I don’t think it is.” – Dave Kranzler

Physical Premium To Paper Hits Record As Silver Market Tears In Two – Tyler Durden

IMMINENT SILVER PRICE CRASH WARNING As Gold & Silver “ADVOCATES” Forget Where They Come From, Turn Their Backs On Gold & Silver – “Does anybody else feel this “silver short squeeze” is a set-up, or quite simply, a trap? I’m starting to feel that way again. Because the MSM has been heavily covering the silver story today: Which means the cartel would love to come in and smash price because, well, why in heck would anybody want to invest in silver if the price is plunging? Another thing that concerns me is that everybody is now totally bullish on silver, and not only that, but long time so-called “gold & silver advocates” are quite content gambling in the rigged casino, announcing all of the call options they’ve loaded up on or what miners they like the best, and this sort of greed and willingness to participate by feeding the Beast only enables the corrupt, fraudulent system to continue: It does nothing to end the manipulation. ” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Is Silver THE Answer? (VIDEO) with Chris Duane – The Morgan Report

Actually, there is an alternative – “Even prices of industrial and agricultural commodities like corn, rubber, copper, lumber, cotton, and iron are WAY up since August. But gold is DOWN. This makes gold one of the only major assets to fall over the past five months. And yet the world is not exactly on a positive trend right now.” – Simon Black

How Do GameStop and Silver Trading Differ From Bank Lending? – Mish  – GOOD ARTICLE ON HOW BANKS REALLY DO BUSINESS!!!!!

GameStop Short Squeeze: These Are the Big Wall Street Players Who Stood to Make Billions – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.66EUR


Proverbs 14:28    In the multitude of people is the king’s honour: but in the want of people is the destruction of the prince.