WHO (finally) admits PCR test is potentially flawed – “Second PCR memo in two months casts even more doubt on the “gold standard” of Covid diagnosis” – Off Guardian

Regeneron’s Trump-touted antibody cocktail effective in preventing Covid-19, interim results show – RT

Steve Hilton Drops BOMBSHELL: “Dr. Fauci’s Institute Commissioned Research That Produced This [COVID-19] Virus” After Obama Administration Banned Funding Of The Controversial Research (VIDEO) – ““Gain of Functions research has always been highly controversial,” Hilton explained. The Revolutionary host explained that in 2014, the Obama administration placed a complete moratorium on this kind of research, “following recent biosafety incidents at federal research facilities. “Despite the controversy studying this type of research, it always had one steadfast champion, a leading figure in the world of infectious diseases—Anthony Fauci,” Hilton explained. “His institute funded that first ferret study,” he explained, adding, “At the time, he co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post describing this research as ‘A flu risk worth taking…important information and insights can come from generating a potentially dangerous virus in a laboratory.’”” – Patty McMurray  – SOME CONJECTURE HERE, BUT THE VIRUS COULD HAVE COME FROM A GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH GONE BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Question of Masks – “I envy the reader who can reach the end of Alex Berenson’s Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns: Masks, without tearing her hair out in frustration at the absurdity of the world today, which apparently is not so different from the one that Galileo inhabited four centuries ago. Berenson makes an airtight case (no pun intended) that there is no evidence whatsoever that surgical and cloth masks work to control coronavirus spread, and a substantial amount that they do not. Nevertheless, as anyone who has tried to discuss the topic in a blue state knows, the subject has been so politicized that to make this contention amounts to heresy. This is the third booklet in a series, Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns. ” – Jenin Younes

Changes to tongue, hands or feet may flag coronavirus, study shows – Straits Times  – JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THAT THEY HAD USED UP EVERY SYMPTOM!!!!

The COVID-19 Crime & The Unwary Christian Church – “The church is a target for extermination. The virologists already attempted to cancel Christmas. In the Xmas play the three wisemen would be super-spreaders. The cancel culture will predictably encourage believers to “ghost” Easter. Most church leaders are unaware of the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEC), that has religious institutions in its crosshairs.” – Bill Sardi

Dr. Simone Gold Blows the Whistle on the COVID Agenda (VIDEO) – “Just one example is the National Institutes of Health, which has a policy that, unless you’re in the hospital needing oxygen, there is no treatment for COVID. “That is a complete falsehood,” she says — completely false. “There’s plenty of treatment easily available, she says, and two very accessible treatments — if you can get a doctor to prescribe them — are ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.” – Mercola

SARS-CoV-2 has not been proven to exist: the shocking research of Christine Massey – Jon Rappoport

Side Effects and Data Gaps Raise Questions on COVID Vaccine – “By December 18, 2020, 112,807 Americans had received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Of those, 3,150 suffered one or more “health impact events.” That’s a side effect rate of 2.79%” – Dr. Joseph Mercola



Fourth Turning Detonation – “The globalist elite want to keep the fear at a high level to institute their global reset, where you will own nothing and be happy, or you will be brought to heel by the truncheon. This was the year it became crystal clear, the world is filled with good people, governed, and manipulated by bad people.” – Jim Quinn  – LONG BUT GOOD ARTICLE FROM JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After COVID, Davos Moves to Great Reset – “With the USA Biden Presidency, Washington has rejoined the Global Warming agenda of the Paris Accords. With China making loud pledges about meeting strict CO2 emission standards by 2060, now the World Economic Forum is about to unveil what will transform the way we all live in what WEF head Klaus Schwab calls the Great Reset. Make no mistake. This all fits into an agenda that has been planned for decades by old wealth families such as Rockefeller and Rothschild. Brzezinski called it the end of the sovereign nation state. David Rockefeller called it “one world government.” George H.W. Bush in 1990 called it the New World Order. Now we can better see what they plan to impose if we allow.” – F. William Engdahl

Biden/Harris Regime to Wage War on Civil Liberties? – “At a time when the only domestic and foreign threats are invented, not real, the stage is set for making the repressive Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act the law of the land.  The 2001 Patriot Act created the crime of domestic terrorism for the first time. It unlawfully targeted anti-war global justice demonstrations, environmental and animal rights activists, civil disobedience for justice denied, and dissent for the same reason. Does the Biden/Harris regime intend more of the same to eliminate what remains of greatly eroded freedoms? Supported by media press agents, nonviolent pro-Trump Capitol Hill protesters are considered “domestic terrorists” – Stephen Lendman

How the FBI Created Domestic Terrorism: 80 Years of Psychological Warfare Revealed – “© Photo: Flickr/Kim Taylor Hull The “war on terror” is now expanding to target a broad spectrum of the American population who would be morally resistant to the sorts of anti-human policies demanded by Great Reset Technocrats” – Matthew Ehret

In a Paranoid Nation, “Treason” Is Everywhere – “In a free society, peaceful citizens deserve the legal benefit of the doubt. In an age where government agents have endlessly intruded onto people’s land and into their emails, citizens should not be scourged for transgressing unknown or unmarked federal boundaries. There are enough real criminals in this nation that federal prosecutors don’t need to seek publicity by destroying people who may have unknowingly illicitly violated politicians’ sacred turf.” – James Bovard

Democrats Have Released a Roadmap to One-Party Rule – “In the House, Democrats have revived sweeping election reform legislation that died in the Senate during the previous session, perhaps hoping they can browbeat enough Republicans into going along with them. If that happens, the “Grand Old Party” of Abraham Lincoln might as well disband, because Republicans would never have any hope of regaining a congressional majority or controlling the White House under the rules that HR 1 would put in place.” – Phill Kline  – MOST DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND THE IMPLICATIONS OF THIS BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McConnell Caves On Preserving Filibuster After Two Democrats Signal ‘No’ On Eliminating – Tyler Durden

The checkmating of America – “Watching one’s country go down in flames through a Chinese Communist and Soros-funded globalist Color Revolution is a tragedy of gigantic proportions. We’ve seen it happen to other countries around the world, but never imagined it could happen here. In fact, most Americans who actually voted for Biden have no idea that it has happened here.” – Cherie Zaslawsky

Twitter Rolls Out New Wikipedia-Like Program To Narrative Manage Tweets – “The fact that this “Birdwatch” program will most likely be used to determine the dominant narrative on disputed events like potential false flags and what’s happening in nations like China and Syria means it’s obnoxious that Twitter’s post promoting it features an imaginary account saying “Whales are not real! They’re robots funded by the government to watch us!!” As though that sort of indisputable falsehood is the sort of post this program will actually be targeting rather than people expressing doubts about things like Russian hackers and the White Helmets.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden’s ‘America Last’ Agenda and Executive Orders – “Trump was all about “America First”. Biden is apparently about “America Last”. Biden has issued more executive orders in his first week in office — not yet complete, as of this writing — than any of his 45 predecessors.” -Ken Jorgustin

Biden Border Executive Order: “Release Them All, Immediately” – “Every single illegal alien in ICE and Border Patrol detention who is not suspected of committing a felony or violent crime is being released this weekend. Any “non-violent” illegal alien that Border Patrol catches moving forward will be immediately released as well. Joe Biden promised to halt all deportations for 100 days after taking office, and he is doing just that.” – Max McGuire

Another day, another stunning display of AOC’s ignorance – “This time AOC put her ignorance about the Second Amendment and gun laws on display.” – William Sullivan

Meet Antony ‘Blinkered’ – Biden’s Choice for America’s Top Diplomat – “Blinken has said that America’s foreign policy must be conducted with “humility and confidence”, which may sound refreshingly modest. But it’s not. Underlying this “quiet American” is the same old arrogance about U.S. imperial might-is-right and Washington’s presumed privilege of appointing itself as the “world’s policeman”. If Blinken’s record is anything to go on, his future role as America’s top diplomat is foreboding.” – Finian Cunningham

The Global Supply Collapse Continues to Get WORSE: Shortages of Clothing, Appliances, Food, and Other Essentials – “We’re watching as a totaled American economy meets a global supply collapse.” – Robert Wheeler

Now They’re Trying to Ban Telegram – “If it isn’t controlled by Silicon Valley billionaire tech oligarchs it has to go! Facebook and Twitter remain immune to the same standards.” – Paul Joseph Watson

The Role of 5G, US Command and Control, The Pentagon’s “Red Flag Exercise” – “To the U.S. Surgeon General – Stop Pentagon’s Red Flag Exercises Now to Protect the Public. At Red Flag 2021, 5G relocatable cell towers, that can be set up and taken down in less than an hour, will be probably already operating to be tested in a real environment. Nellis base is the fifth base selected by the Pentagon to test the military use of 5G: the others are located in Utah, Georgia, California and Washington State. 5G will allow the entire command and control system of the United States armed forces to be strengthened worldwide. 5G will play a decisive role particularly in the use of hypersonic weapons which travel at speeds exceeding 10 times that of sound also equipped with nuclear warheads. 5G will also be extremely important for secret services, making control and intelligence systems much more effective than those currently used.” – Nina Beety



Why a One-Size-Fits-All Federal Minimum Wage Makes Zero Sense – “It’s a simple fact that income levels in most low-cost states cannot support a $15 minimum wage.” – Martha Njolomole

The Fed Has a Problem: Yields Have Doubled on the 10-Year Treasury in Six Months, Despite the Fed Buying $400 Billion in Treasury Securities – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Currency Wars Are Back (VIDEO) – “The biggest mistake the Biden administration can make is to follow the siren calls of its competing economies to massively devalue the US Dollar, print endlessly and go full-MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), which is not modern nor a theory. Destroying the currency’s purchasing power to finance bloated government spending has been used for centuries with the same final effect: Collapse of the economy.” – Daniel Lacalle

2.7 Million People Continually Postpone Their Mortgage Payments – Mish

MYSTERIOUS “OTHERS” GROUP CONNECTED TO GREAT RESET (VIDEO) with ANDY SCHECTMAN – “Andy Schectman rejoins the program to discuss the global economy and the great reset. Where are we really at? Also, who the heck are the “Others” on the COMEX? A new group that appeared suddenly and claims at least 1/3 of the volume. Lastly we discuss how to prepare for the upcoming reset and how to protect your wealth.” – Sarah Westall

Nixon Closed the Gold Window and All I Got Was This Lousy National Debt – Peter Schiff

Gold And Silver Are Looking Bullish – “Make no mistake, the sharp sell-offs that have hit gold and silver recently, are purely a product of the manipulation that occurs in the gold/silver paper derivatives market. This is why gold and silver tend to move higher during eastern hemisphere trading hours and are sold back down during London/NYC trading hours. That said, I am confident that transition of U.S. monetary policy into “Modern Monetary Theory,” which is based on limitless Government spending and Central Bank money creation, combined with voracious demand for physical gold and silver primarily in the eastern hemisphere, will forcefully push gold, silver and the mining stocks considerably higher over the next couple of years.” – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.77EUR




Psalm 69:4    They that hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of mine head: they that would destroy me, being mine enemies wrongfully, are mighty: then I restored that which I took not away.