Dr. Fauci Warns Don’t Go Here Even If It’s Open – Alek Korab  – DON’T GO ANYWHERE, STAY HOME, WHERE DOUBLE MASKS AT HOME EVEN. HOW ABOUT JUST DON’T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sheep Syndrome – “Today and during the last few days new “measures” – restrictions of freedom imposed by governments for reasons of “public health security”, i. e. preventing the spread of covid infections – have been tightened throughout Europe. Literally, these treacherous governments say, “we have to tighten the screws”. Seriously. WTF – who do they think they are? Servant of the people who elected them and who pay them. This is high treason. But people take it without asking too many questions, some complaints but not strong enough… we are living in the midst of the Sheep Syndrome.” – Peter Koenig

First Goes Law, Then Goes Democracy – “Righteous moral busybodies flourish in our “COVID-19”-obsessed society. They exert social pressure mandating the sharing of previously sacrosanct private information, such as health status and travel itineraries. This creates a nightmarish world of social flagellation in which we are shamed for celebrating holidays with our families, or going out for exercise within seven days of crossing a state line. Our acquaintances must have this information about our comings and goings to ensure we are not potentially diseased. There are murmurings from Anthony Fauci, Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and the media that these pervasive rules-that-aren’t-really-rules will need to continue at least until 2022. Of course, their deadlines notoriously creep forward, starting with “two weeks to flatten the curve,” which became “12 months to stop the spread,” which is now morphing into “five years (more?) to eliminate death by infectious disease.” Are we meant to get used to this?” – Stacey Rudin  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID vaccine secret, a stunner – “Bottom line: there is no persuasive evidence that a virus is in the soup. What’s in the COVID vaccine? Among other material, a supposed fragment from a supposed virus that hasn’t been proven to exist.Down yet another level, we discover that the PCR doesn’t detect a virus at all. It identifies a piece of RNA presumed to come from a virus. And finally, the test identifies a piece of RNA from a virus that hasn’t been proven to exist. This is the root of the poisonous tree. ” – Jon Rappoport

SHUTDOWN Boris Johnson ditches travel corridors for ALL countries from Monday over ‘vaccine-busting’ mutant virus fears – Natasha Clark and Sascha O’Sullivan

23 Seniors Have Died in Norway After Receiving the Pfizer Experimental COVID mRNA Injection – “Pfizer has allegedly sent an email to Bloomberg claiming these deaths are “not alarming” ” – Brian Shilhavy  – MIGHT BE KIND OF ALARMING TO THE PEOPLE THAT DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death by Coincidence? – “Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations are unrelated coincidences are becoming a pattern. They’re also depriving people of the information they need to make informed decisions.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Microsoft, Big Tech Coalition Developing Rockefeller Funded COVID Passports – “The most significant vaccination effort in history” – Steve Watson

Are you ready for “The Vaccination Credential Initiative?” Big Health and Big Tech join forces to keep you safe! – “Big Health and Big Tech coming together as one to ensure our safety and well-being? That’s hardly terrifying at all. It’s called, “The Vaccination Credential Initiative.” The only way they could have made that sound more authoritarian is if they said it in German. Let’s see what that would look like. “Die Impfung Berechtigungsnachweis Anstrengung.”” – Planet Moron

The latest COVID absurdity: walking with hot beverages – Simon Black


Signs and Wonders – “In case you don’t know what condition our condition is in, the name for it is a crisis of legitimacy. Four years of seditious harassment by a “Resistance” within-and-without the US Government culminates in the janky election of a mentally incapable grifter… run by whom? Does anyone seek to know who, exactly, is pulling Joe Biden’s strings? My guess would be…duh… Barack Obama and his posse. When will he be outed? Maybe today… or next week at the latest. Heads will explode to see liberalism’s bowling trophy fall off the national mantelpiece. If you think Nancy Pelosi is running around in a hebephrenic fugue state now, just wait. A crisis of legitimacy means that citizens have lost faith in their institutions, that is, in the armature of agreements and procedures for running this society. Do you have any idea how much damage RussiaGate did to the country? The three-year-long mind-fuck perpetrated by the highest officials of the FBI and the CIA ruined whatever was left of their reputations.” – James Howard Kunstler

Why They Hate Trump So Deeply – “Isn’t the purpose of an impeachment to remove a public official from power? Trump is out of power on January 20. The impeachment trial won’t even be held until after January 20. What’s the point? I’ll tell you the point: hatred — deep, unfathomable, all-consuming hatred for Donald Trump.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The Lynch Mob Comes for Citizen Trump – Patrick J. Buchanan

Consent-Manufacturing For Patriot Act II Continues – “They’re not actually worried about “domestic terror”, they’re worried about any movement which threatens to topple the status quo. They want to make sure they can adequately spy, infiltrate, agitate and incarcerate into impotence any movement which provides a threat to America’s rulers and the system which funnels them wealth and power at the expense of everyone else” – Caitlin Johnstone

Despite FBI Fearmongering, DHS Sees No “Specific, Credible Threats” At This Time – ” “There’s no specific credible threats at this point in time. There’s just this raised level of tension. And so we’re raising our security level. And we’re doing it across the country,” Ken Cuccinelli, acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said on CNN’s “New Day.”” – Zachary Stieber

Are We All ‘Domestic Terrorists’ – “Joe Biden has the people who took over the Capitol on Jan. 6 figured out. In just two days, he had them pegged for “a bunch of thugs, insurrectionists, white supremacists, and anti-Semites, and it’s not enough.” Not enough? He also said they were “domestic terrorists.”” – Jared Taylor

Baby Social Media – “And just like that, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg belatedly found they had fallen on their own swords, as these were already sticking out of their backs. Let’s see it as poetic justice. They figured since most of the world doesn’t like Trump, it would applaud the moves as much as the US Democratic party does. But most of the world doesn’t. What it sees, what its leaders see, is a threat to everyone else’s freedom of speech, not just Trump’s.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Censorship: The Storm Is Here – “The mainstream media’s news cycle is presently dominated by the second impeachment of DJT. This was orchestrated when he has just a few days left in office. But that is just a sideshow to distract the public from the real news: The Purge. That larger story really should be the main topic of discussion. But the media moguls have masterfully pushed that off to the sidelines and turned the news into “All Impeachment, all the time.” I expect The Purge to continue until the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, on January 20, 2021. But then it won’t stop. ” – James Wesley Rawles  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Impeachment Incitement – “What is this latest impeachment gambit really about? Of course, it was a Parthian shot to discredit President Trump’s supporters.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Trump Impeachment 2.0: Necessity Or Farce? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Quarter of Americans believe it’s time for U.S. to split into separate red, blue countries – “Proposals have called for essentially giving Democrats and Republicans their separate states and countries.” – Daniel Payne

Bill Gates Buying Up Huge Amount of Farmland While ‘Great Reset’ Tells Americans Future is No Private Property – “Feudalism makes a roaring comeback in the name of progress.’ – Paul Joseph Watson

“Build Back Better?”: Biden’s Gun Control Push Will Further Divide Us – Gabriella Hoffman

WaPo: Why’s It Always About Guns With These Gun People? – “The mainstream media has a big problem when it comes to gun owners. Well, and with gun owners too. This column by author and researcher Jennifer Carlson in the Washington Post is a fantastic example of the inability by the vast majority of the mainstream national media to approach gun ownership as a normal activity.” – Cam Edwards  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAM!!!!!

War Goddess Samantha Power to Join Interventionist Biden/Harris Regime – “Like other interventionists chosen to be part of the Biden/Harris regime, Power never met a nation free from US control she didn’t want smashed. The late Edward Herman once called her a member of “the cruise missile left” for good reason — time and again justifying what’s unjustifiable, adding: She “never departs from the selectivity dictated by the establishment party line.”” – Stephen Lendman

America in Crisis… Blaming Russia Is Self-Defeating Diversion – “There is something deranged about U.S. politics that continually seeks to find foreign “enemies” who are purportedly hellbent on destroying America. As the United States heads towards the inauguration of Joe Biden next week to become the 46th president of the republic, the nation is gripped by a foreboding sense of civil violence erupting.” – Strategic Cutlure Foundation

The Country Where Liberty Is a Statue – “The global reaction to the events of 6 January shows that the authority of the United States is greatly dented. Biden will use any method – including hybrid war – to revive this authority. But it is unlikely to succeed.” – Vijay Prashad

Entire Dutch Government Resigns Because of Corruption – Martin Armstrong

Climate Engineering News Q & A, January 7, 2021, #1 ( Geoengineering Watch ) (VIDEO) – Dane Dane Wigington   – GOOD VIDEO FROM DANE, AND YES IT’S STILL GOING ON; ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change – “Preppers shouldn’t just amass supplies and expect that to save them. Instead, we should focus on building the resilience to withstand the unexpected. The future looks to be anything but predictable.” – Daisy Luther


Shifting Political Views and Covid Concerns Pull Down Consumer Sentiment – Robert Hughes

Stimulus-on-Steroids Cometh – “The Biden team is considering up to $2 trillion in fiscal stimulus, far in excess of earlier estimates of $750 billion.” – David Brady

Biden’s banana republic – “Donald Trump is probably the luckiest presidential candidate in history to have lost an election. He doesn’t realise it yet as he suffers from a self-inflicted wound in the final moments of his presidency. Nor does Biden yet realise how unlucky he is to have won. But that will soon change as his presidency goes from crisis to crisis in all areas from monetary to fiscal to social and political. Very little will go right during his presidency. The US economy now clearly fits the definition of a Banana republic.” – Egon von Greyerz

U.S. Retail Sales Post Surprise Monthly Drop to Cap Dismal Year – Olivia Rockeman

The destructive force and failure of QE – Alasdair Macleod

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.67EUR


Psalm 59:7  Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?