Are the New Experimental COVID Vaccines the Largest Propaganda Campaign Ever Launched on the Public? – “In unison, editors at the New York Times, Washington Post and the major multimedia networks encourage everyone to be vaccinated as soon as enough vaccines are available. Anthony Fauci and the captains in the pandemic efforts claim Moderna’s and Pfizer’s vaccines are about 95 percent effective, and the Department of Health and Human Services is convincing us they are safe and effective. Therefore, we should all be willing to stand in the waiting line. There is nothing to be concerned about, we are told, except those anti-vaccine heretics, who the World Health Organization has now dubbed among the ten most dangerous risks to global health. What the media blitzkrieg is ignoring are the very legitimate and even worrisome unanswered questions.” – Richard Gale and Gary Null

BBC Tells People to Wear Face Masks During Sex – “Choose positions that aren’t face-to-face during sex.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Study: Sweden Has Had Schools Open, Over One Million Kids & No Deaths – “A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine outlines how despite no lockdowns, school closings, or mask mandates no school children have died from Covid-19, and 1 in 130,000 have been admitted to the ICU.” – Arjun Walia

UK Authorities Shut Down Vitamin D Recommendation for COVID- “According to new COVID-19 guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Public Health England and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, there’s insufficient evidence to support the recommendation to take oral vitamin D for the sole reason of preventing or treating COVID-19. While the panel agreed low vitamin D was associated with more severe COVID-19 outcomes, they claim it’s impossible to confirm causality due to inconsistencies between the studies and because vitamin D deficiency and severe COVID-19 share many of the same risk factors.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Covid: Women on exercise trip ‘surrounded by police’ – “Two women have described how they were surrounded by police, read their rights and fined £200 each after driving five miles to take a walk. The women were also told the hot drinks they had brought along were not allowed as they were “classed as a picnic”. Guidance for the current lockdown says people can travel for exercise as long as it is in their “local area”. The police force involved, Derbyshire Police, said driving for exercise was “not in the spirit” of lockdown.” – Caroline Lowbridge

COVID Tests Gone Wild—An Epidemic of COVID Positive Tests – “When we see statistics of COVID-19 deaths, we should recognize that some substantial percentage of them should be called “Deaths with a COVID-19-positive test.” When we see reports of case numbers rising, we should know that they are defining “case” as anyone with a COVID-19-positive test, which, as you might now realize, is really a garbage number.” – John Hunt, MD

New York Wants COVID Concentration Camps – “Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice. New York legislators have introduced a bill that would authorize state health officials to detain people without charges. The law would apply in the event the government declares a health emergency, like the ones in force for essentially all of 2020, which were used to justify the COVID lockdowns. The legislation would allow the state to arrest and hold anyone with a communicable disease, a carrier of that disease, or a contact of someone with the disease. So, basically anyone.” – Simon Black

Clips From “The Hamburg Syndrome” (1979), German Pandemic Sci-Fi Film — Oddly Familiar? – 21stCenturyWireTV




Finding Light in the Face of Extreme Darkness – “The goal is to gain mental and physical control of every living human being, so that rebellion and secession cannot be achieved. The good news is that the full takeover of humanity has not been achieved to date, and that means that it can be stopped in its tracks if enough people wake up and take charge of their own lives and freedoms.” – Gary D. Barnett

The Swamp Swallowed Trump – “You would think that if there’s one group of people who’d recognize a coup if they saw one, it would be the American people. Because their intelligence services have been involved in almost all coups in the world for many decades; let’s say since WWII, to keep it simple. So you would think Americans would recognize a coup, but instead they’re the last group of people on the planet who would. Because their media doesn’t present them as coups. They’re labeled as spreading democracy, freedom etc., as standing up against the bad guys, and liberating innocent people -even if many of them die in the process. People dying is a feature of these coups, not a bug. People get shot, bombed, disappeared, in a word: killed. Anyway, it’s way more and better than ironic that all these very deadly CIA-led operations are not labeled coups, but then the clowns and actors spectacle that took place in Washington DC this week, is. Which is possible only because they never told people what a coup actually is.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – CAITLIN JOHNSTONE HAD AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY IN THE SAME VEIN. GOOD ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!

Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War – “Trump was demonized before he was inaugurated. He was demonized because he was correctly perceived by the Establishment as a threat to the Establishment. The world does not understand that the American Establishment has a propaganda organization that shames the one assembled by Joseph Goebbels.The American Establishment is not through with Trump and his supporters. Propaganda campaigns against them could well end in show trials. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, like the print and TV media and NPR, are employed to shut down non-establishment explanations. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

The woke purge – “Twitter’s suspension of Donald Trump is a chilling sign of tyranny to come.” – Brendan O’Neill

Prepare for the new “Domestic Terrorism Bill” – “The Patriot Act 2 is on the way, from the same author behind the smash-hit original. Soon-to-be-President Joe Biden promised a new “domestic terrorism bill” back in November, according to the Wall Street Journal. That is why you’re seeing so much usage of the phrase “domestic terrorism” in the last couple of days. It’s the meme-phrase. The primary talking point for this whole exercise. It was underlined in all the memos sent out to all the media outlets.” – Kit Knightly

The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast – “Biden has announced plans to roll out new domestic terrorism laws in the wake of the Capitol Hill riot. Did you know that Biden has often boasted about being the original author of the US Patriot Act? The first draft of the civil rights-eroding USA PATRIOT Act was magically introduced one week after the 9/11 attacks. CNET reported the following back in 2008: “Months before the Oklahoma City bombing took place, [then-Senator Joe] Biden introduced another bill called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995. It previewed the 2001 Patriot Act by allowing secret evidence to be used in prosecutions, expanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and wiretap laws, creating a new federal crime of ‘terrorism’ that could be invoked based on political beliefs, permitting the U.S. military to be used in civilian law enforcement, and allowing permanent detention of non-U.S. citizens without judicial review. Biden’s bill was never put to a vote, but after 9/11 then-Attorney General John Ashcroft reportedly credited his bill with the foundations of the USA PATRIOT Act.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – YEP. OLD JOE IS GOING TO UNITE THE COUNTRY. THE MILLIONS THAT SUPPOSEDLY VOTED FOR HIM DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE STANDS FOR, THEY WERE JUST BLINDED BY TRUMP HATE!!!!!

The Government’s New ‘War on Terror’ is Coming — This Time It’s Aimed at America – Matt Agorist

Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt – “Anyone can see the footage. Ashli Babbitt was a young woman at Wednesday’s protests. She had no weapon, not even a stick. There were armed police in front of her and behind her. She posed no danger to anyone. Still, a police officer, apparently black, shot and killed her. If BLM took over the Capitol, once the mob went home, congressmen would kneel in submission. Journalists would praise the takeover. Corporations would give billions. It’s already happened. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, festooned in kente cloth, knelt for George Floyd. The Capitol Police knelt too. Washington D.C. symbolically renamed 16th Street Black Lives Matter Plaza. New York City painted a huge Black Lives Matter sign on the street just outside Trump Tower. And we’re supposed to think BLM got harsh treatment? In what must have been millions of man-hours of rioting, how many people did police kill? Not one. Did they shoot outright looters or arsonists? Only with rubber bullets, and only a handful. So far as I can tell, police did not even open fire and wound a single BLMer — not one — even in the 300 cities with such bad rioting there had to be curfews.” – Gregory Hood

Crackdown on America’s civil liberties is here now (VIDEO) – Tucker Carlson

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair: Hover Through the Fog and Filthy Air – “Could anyone have scripted the events of the first week of the New Year that would have left Trump supporters more shamed, scorned, and deflated than they are now? And that’s the point: The outcomes are too perfect for the political left- right down to the predictable and exact 51% Democrat / 49% Republican split in the two Georgia senate run-off races the day prior.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

The Capitol: So Much Suspicious Evidence – “It’s our own fault. We allowed Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to control the narrative while Google controlled the answers to any questions. They now believe they can define what happened on January 6, 2021 with impunity and we will accept their lies as truth. For the entire year, the left has tried to provoke the right into violence. On Wednesday, they got what they wished for. Or conversely, they infiltrated a peaceful demonstration with Antifa and carried out a successful false flag operation.” – William L. Gensert

The Origins of America’s Secret Police – “When will the American people realise that the biggest threat to American freedom is not from without but from within its very own walls, where it has been prominently residing for the last 112 years…” – Cynthia Chung

Wednesday’s Other Story – “On the case of Julian Assange, and fearing empire more than Trump” – Matt Taibbi

Even If Assange’s Death isn’t the Goal of the US and UK, Everything They’re Doing Makes It More Likely – Jonathan Cook

The Liberal-Left Has Gone Fully Illiberal – “I have watched with incredulity as the liberal-left has unquestioningly and unequivocally embraced policies, ostensibly to manage the coronavirus pandemic, that are not only illiberal but authoritarian. With each passing day, those on the left-liberal side of the political spectrum display greater acceptance of increasingly oppressive measures. Maybe I should have been prepared. Nevertheless, I did not anticipate that the left would soon abandon all pretense of concern for liberal values, which are widely understood to consist of tolerance, open-mindedness, and protection of individual rights and dignity (As a preliminary matter, I am using the term “liberal-left” broadly, to describe: individuals who so identify, the Democratic Party and politicians, and center-left news outlets such as the New York Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN.” – Jenin Younes  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thoughts on a “Right Wing Insurrection” -January 6th was crack cocaine for the mainstream media, Democratic politicians, and some of their most ardent supporters. As the high wears off, the post high paranoia will be a problem. “” – Karen Kwiatkowski

Dems Preparing Phony Impeachment Charges Against Trump – “At this late stage, days before Trump’s tenure ends, what’s going on aims to discredit and humiliate him more than already — for unjustifiable reasons, not the other way around.” – Stephen Lendman  – KEEP IN MIND THAT MR. LENDMAN IS NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER!!!

Pelosi calls Gen. Milley to block ‘unhinged’ Trump from using nuclear codes – Ebony Bowden  – WHAT, DOES SHE THINK HE IS GOING TO DO. NUKE EVERYBODY. THIS WOMAN IS BAT-SHIT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

28 Times Media And Democrats Excused Or Endorsed Violence Committed By Left-Wing Activists – “After excusing and ignoring riots from leftists all year, Democrats and their allies in the media are ready to condemn riots now that the turmoil has shifted to fit their narrative.” – Tristan Justice

The New Puppet Biden Will Further Destroy America. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

Statehood For DC – Power Grab Disguised As Social Justice? – “Equal representation for the residents of D.C. is probably not the real agenda.” – Sarah Cowgill

Why OpSec Has NEVER Been More Important – “Keeping our preparedness efforts private has always been essential, and during this time of outrageous censorship and cancel culture, keeping our views private might be beneficial too. If you don’t wish to be involved in the political aspects of the things going on right now, if you want to quietly live out your life with limited conflict, and if your focus is on the safety of your family, you need to think about the information you are giving away about yourself. Don’t make yourself a target for the rage of people who aren’t behaving rationally. Your memes and banners and bumper stickers aren’t going to change their minds.” – Daisy Luther  – GOOD POINT AND ARTICLE FROM DAISY!!!!!

Face Masks, Lockdowns, & Would-Be Rulers: The Great Reset Comes Every Sunday – “It happens when you arise and bow down to your maker, when you do things so hard so much of the week and then humble yourself on the seventh day, ease into the comfort of giving in a little, and reflect on how much better you can be. None of us are perfect. Reflecting on that detail is so humbling and leveling. Life can make a lot more sense after that few minutes or few hours of prayerful reflection.” – Allan Stevo

Apple Has Threatened To Ban Parler From The App Store The social networking app favored by conservatives has been given 24 hours to institute a moderation policy. – Ryan Mac and John Paczkowski  – MORE CENSORSHIP!!!

NBC News smears pro-life, pro-family org as ‘hate group,’ defends PornHub – “Ruth Institute president: NBC News lost all credibility when it defended PornHub” – Life Site News




Biden says economic package will be in the trillions of dollars – Reuters Staff   – AND JUST WHERE DOES  JOE THINK THE MONEY IS GOING TO COME FROM. JUST PRINT SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extreme Charts – January 8 – “This week’s theme is “spikes and crashes,” and why they’re great for gold and silver.” – John Rubino

Gold And Silver Victimized By Paper Games – “Gold and silver gave precious metals bulls a harrowing ride on the “down” price elevator on Friday, as gold had as much as $82 removed from its price and silver was hammered as much as 10%. However, make no mistake, the bulk of the sell-off occurred in the paper derivative markets of London and NYC. Very little if ANY physical gold transacted in institutional size during this price ambush. The sell-off did not start until AFTER the Asian physical markets had closed for the weekend and London was open.” – Dave Kranzler

Don’t dismiss gold and silver… – “There is worrying evidence that 2021 will see the end of fiat currencies, led by the US dollar. US dollar money supply has accelerated at an extraordinary rate, a process that will continue.” – Alasdair Macleod




Luke 12:35   Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning;