Record Covid-19 hospitalizations in US could soon force health experts to ration care – “A further spike in cases would put Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Los Angeles in the position of needing to ration care, CEO Dr. Elaine Batchlor said Monday. “If we continue to see an increase in the number of Covid patients, we may be forced to do something that, as health professionals, we all really just loathe having to even think about,” Batchlor told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.” – Madeline Holcombe  – IN OTHER WORDS, TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, THEY ARE CONSIDERING “DEATH PANELS”. AND THAT WAS EXACTLY THE TERM THEY USED ON THE RADIO NEWS THIS MORNING. WELCOME TO THE BRAVE NEW WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO (secretly) changed their definition of “Herd Immunity” – “Global health body dishonestly alters meaning, claims you need a vaccine to achieve it” – Kit Knightly

Aligning Ominously With The UN’s ‘2030 Agenda’, Vaccine Creator Warns Covid-19 Will Be Here Until 2030 As Globalists ‘Blueprint For The Enslavement Of Humanity’ Is Fully Unleashed Upon Us – Stefan Stanford

WHO: Bigger Pandemic Than COVID Is Coming – “This pandemic has been very severe … it has affected every corner of this planet. But this is not necessarily the big one.” – Steve Watson  – ALREADY STARTING THE FEAR MONGORING FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Ready To Revolt Yet America? – “Peacefully, I hope, but absolutely with exactly zero quarter given to anyone who tries to stop you. Yes, this means throwing maskholes out of your businesses. It means refusing to sell goods and services to government goons and health department workers – and their families. It means telling businesses to take down the signs and “hall monitors” or you’re going elsewhere and you will target them and their employees for personal and financial destruction. Why? Because damn near everything you’ve been told about Covid-19 was a lie and these people are the liars who killed not just small businesses and jobs but literally killed your elderly mother while portraying themselves as “heroes”. Let’s go down the list.” – Karl Denninger

COVID Vaccinations of Seniors Begin Worldwide: 1 Man Dead and 4 Nursing Home Staff Hospitalized as Gov. Newsom Begins Vaccinating Nursing Home Residents in California – Brian Shilhavy

To Know the Enemy That Has Caused This Tyrannical Carnage, Just Look at the Reflection in the Mirror – “Most of the people in this country are fond of claiming that this is a republic, and that the people rule over the government through their alleged ‘representatives,’ not the other way around. The irony is that this belief is ridiculous, while also being partially true, because the people are their own worst enemy. They have voluntarily allowed others to rule over them, and they believe that by voting for their own masters that they have some control over the process, and the policies created therein. This thinking of course is lunacy, but it is the prevalent attitude of the masses.” – Gary D. Barnett

COVID: Open letter to business owners – You need to form associations of your types of business: barber shops, salons, bars, restaurants, small grocery stores, gift shops, caterers, food trucks, inns, independent truckers… Each type of business puts together its own association(s). In addition to whatever you do to survive, you each file lawsuits against governors and state public health departments, for unconstitutional lockdowns based on false science.”” – Jon Rappoport

Cuomo Says Addicts In State-Run Rehabs Next To Receive COVID Vaccine – Tyler Durden 

The ‘new strain’ of COVID propaganda – “The unaccountable elite justify their failures to “stop the spread,” while continuing an unabated power grab. Not much is known about the so-called “new strain” of the virus, but that hasn’t stopped the ruling class from using it to their advantage.” – Jordan Schachtel

University of Florida Researchers Find No Asymptomatic Spread – “The asymptomatic/presymptomatic secondary attack rate is not statistically different from zero,” – Len Cabrera


2020: The Year the Tree of Liberty Was Torched – “Government corruption, tyranny, and abuse coupled with a Big Brother-knows-best mindset and the COVID-19 pandemic propelled us at warp speed towards a full-blown police state in which nationwide lockdowns, egregious surveillance, roadside strip searches, police shootings of unarmed citizens, censorship, retaliatory arrests, the criminalization of lawful activities, warmongering, indefinite detentions, SWAT team raids, asset forfeiture, police brutality, profit-driven prisons, and pay-to-play politicians were accepted as the norm. Here’s just a small sampling of the laundry list of abuses—cruel, brutal, immoral, unconstitutional and unacceptable—that have been heaped upon us by the government over the past two decades and in the past year, in particular.” – John W. Whitehead   –  A MUST READ FROM JOHN AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Boiling Mad – “Spontaneous food banks, mayoral recall efforts around the country, kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner, and the Nashville bombing are each borne of desperation and frustration with the statist status quo. It boiled over in 2020, and could have profound consequences on politics, economics, and every aspect of life next year.It is now official: the people who sparked the American Revolution at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill would no longer recognize Massachusetts. The proverbial frog has been boiled to death and its legs are probably slated to be served to a politician at Deuxave, a fancy French restaurant at the intersection of Commonwealth and Massachusetts Avenues that apparently is open for sit-down service. The governor of Rhode Island recently joined the Hall of Lockdown Shame by drinking in a wine bar without a mask. The Founders would have hung her in effigy from Westerly to Woonsocket.) ” – Robert E. Wright

A year of skin-deep politics – “Our media and political elites have turned public life into a woke fashion show.” – Ella Whelan

The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real, and Has Nothing To Do With Trump – “The COVID-driven centralization of economic power and information control in the hands of a few corporate monopolies poses enduring threats to political freedom.” – Glenn Greenwald

How to Survive the Next 4 Years – “To start out with, we need to make sure that we understand exactly what we’re dealing with and not led astray by either fear-mongering or political rhetoric. Politicians seem to be experts on making campaign promises that they can’t uphold. So many of those need to pass through Congress and be written into law, before the president can act. The real danger is if one political party gains control of both Houses of Congress, as well as the Presidency. In that case, they can do whatever they want. The other important thing to realize is that little of what we receive as “news” actually meets the definition of that word. We talk about the mainstream media and their “fake news,” which is really political commentary that they try to sell as news. But we are in danger of the same thing from the right. Many of the best known right-wing news personalities aren’t giving us news, but rather their opinion. While that usually aligns with our own, it’s still not news.” – Bill White  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BILL!!!!!!!!!

 Should Elderly Die For Social Justice? – “”It is, all of us acknowledge, very important to ensure that members of ethnic minorities are not excluded from access to the vaccine on the basis of their race. But to prioritize a 23-year-old Latino Uber driver who is very likely to weather infection with Covid over an 80-year-old white retiree who is likely to die from it because the former is part of a group that includes marginally more brown people and the latter is part of a group that includes marginally more white people is to inscribe racial discrimination at the heart of American public policy in an astonishing manner. – Rod Dreher

MANAGING PEOPLE IS A LOT EASIER THAN MANAGING A VIRUS – “Faced with a deadly virus, the people whom the taxpayers had been paying a small fortune so that they can have houses in three different states didn’t fight the virus, they fought behaviors. When Democrats attack President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, they aren’t criticising the amazing dispatch with which Operation Warp Speed produced vaccines, but his refusal to join them in scolding Americans for not wearing masks and for spending time with their families. President Trump is being blamed for not being a Newsom, a Whitmer, or a Cuomo: a hypocrite. Democrats aren’t impressed by the vaccines because for all their talk of following the science, the only sciences and diseases they’re interested in are the social kind. Medical science developing vaccines at rapid speed doesn’t impress them. Getting people to obey does.” – Daniel Greenfield

It’s Interesting How the Violent Riots of 2020 Ended Right After the Election – “Did police shootings suddenly cease? Did racially-motivated violence end? Did the justice system radically evolve? Did everyone finally agree and settle their differences amicably? It’s almost enough to make a person ask questions about the widespread violence from May through October.” – Daisy Luther  – DAISY IS JUST POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS. IT WAS ALL ORCHESTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Pardoning Time of Year Will the president do the right thing? – “One of his initial pardons was a notable example of a miscarriage of justice in the case of presidential national security advisor designate Michael Flynn, who was wrongly accused of collaborating with Russia. The process of issuing presidential pardons will undoubtedly continue up until Inauguration Day on January 20th, but sources are uncertain whether Trump will be courageous enough to pardon the two individuals whose freedom would most definitely be sending a powerful message for integrity in government. They are Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.” – Philip Giraldi

Democrats & Republicans Still Agree On One Thing… The Money Spigot – “There is no doubt (at all). The money spigot will remain open. As they say, it’s always about the money.” – Ken Jorgustin

2020: America’s Wake-Up Call – “Unable to stand up to a China in which they invested so many hopes, the American establishment turns to Russia — a nation with one-tenth China’s population and one-tenth of its economy, and no army or navy to match Beijing’s — as its adversary of choice.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Ukraine press conference explicitly ties Hunter and Joe Biden to corruption – “A newly released video from Ukraine provides more details about how millions of dollars from the Ukrainian people ended up in Biden family bank accounts.” – Andrea Widburg

Nashville Detonation a False Flag – “Accused suspect Anthony Quinn Warner appears to have been used as a convenient patsy. Did he commit suicide as claimed or did US dark forces kill him to be sure no refutation of the official narrative? The answer seems self-evident. Dead men tell no tales. Claimed evidence revealed no motive for wanting to carry out the attack, a clear red flag. If Warner — described by neighbors as a quiet friendly loner — wanted to take his own life, why didn’t he do it in private? The official narrative has holes large enough to drive an RV through.” – Stephen Lendman

THE PAPACY, THE ROTHSCHILDS, AND PAPAL CLAIMS – “I submit that, when secular globalists and financiers – materialists all – cozy up to the papacy, and when the papacy is willing to accept that embrace, and embrace back, that something is up, and it’s not good.” – Joseph P. Farrell   – F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL HAD A GOOD ARTICLE ABOUT THE POPE AND THE ROTHSCHILDS AS WELL THAT WAS LINKED ON 12/24/20

The Real Reason Why Your Kids Can’t Go Back To School (Hint: It’s Not COVID-19) – “Let’s start with a blunt fact: The teachers unions — including the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA), along with a host of radicalized local unions — don’t have your kids’ best interests at heart, despite their well-funded, slick propaganda to the contrary.They oppose reopening schools, despite overwhelming evidence they should be reopened immediately. ” – I & I Editorial Board


$600 Stimulus Checks Won’t Pull America Out Of This Mess… – “Well, it looks like we are going to get $600 stimulus payments from the federal government after all. Oh goody! For the millions of Americans that are on the brink of being evicted from their homes, that will be enough for about half a mortgage payment or about half a month of rent. Many are referring to this as America’s “let them eat cake moment”, and that probably is not too far off target.” – Michael Snyder

2021 to Surpass 2020 for Precious Metals – “A break of the recent high at 27.60 and the Silver train has likely already left the station with a possible new record high ahead.” – David Brady

A Remarkable Look At Gold, Twilight Zones, Perfect Storms and Fairy Tales – Matt Piepenburg

Quantitative Easing Is the Biggest Sham Ever (VIDEO) – John Titus

Price Inflation Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 8.93EUR




Matthew 10:27    What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.