Dr. Fauci now claims it will take up to 90% immunity across the US to end pandemic as COVID becomes ‘more transmissible’ – while the number of super-strains discovered overseas hits THREE – and CDC predicts up to 420K deaths by mid-January – Emily Crane

COVID-19: A Fabricated Second “Tidal Wave” of Poverty and Injustice Crimes against Humanity. – “The people who are implementing and enforcing lockdown measures are directly contributing to the untold suffering and deaths of millions of people” – David Skripac  – LONG BUT VERY GOOD!!!!!!

What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”? – F. William Engdahl

Pfizer’s vaccine maximizes profit, not the greater good – John A. Quelch  – DID YOU REALLY THINK PFIZER WAS DOING THIS FOR THE PURPOSE OF BENEFITTING MANKIND!!!!

The drug that gives ‘instant immunity’ to coronavirus? UK trials new antibody therapy that can stop people who have been exposed to COVID becoming ill and it could save MILLIONS of lives across the globe – “A new antibody treatment with the potential to give people instant immunity after being exposed to Covid-19 and prevent illness is being trialled by scientists in the UK.” – Rachael Bunyan

In case you thought the PCR test detects an actual virus…wrong – “Hence, the claim that the PCR test is detecting a piece of RNA from the virus is unwarranted. Because, again…where is the virus? Where is the truly isolated virus? Nowhere. And on that basis alone, the PCR test is irrelevant, useless, and deceptive.” – Jon Rappoport

Research reveals how COVID-19 affects the eyes – “The study found that sore eyes was significantly more common when the participants had COVID-19, with 16% reporting the issue as one of their symptoms. Just 5% reported having had the condition beforehand. While 18% of people reported suffering from photophobia (light sensitivity) as one of their symptoms, this was only a 5% increase from their pre-COVID-19 state.” – Science Daily  – ANOTHER SYMPTON TO ADD TO THE LIST. PRETTY SOON THERE WON’T BE ANY HEALTH SYMPTON NOT RELATED TO COVID. WONDER WHAT THESE SYMPTONS MEANT BEFORE THERE WAS COVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boston doctor has severe allergic reaction to Moderna COVID vaccine – Reuters

Face Masks Refusal Says so Much, Because Courage is the Prerequisite to All Virtuous Behavior – “I don’t care if I agree with a person or not. I don’t have a need to surround myself with those who will repeat my own views back to me. But I care very much if that person has guts. No, the foundation of what the maskholes advocate for is a lie, for masks don’t work against Covid-19. Masks may, in fact, do more harm than good. You won’t fool me by calling the truth “anti-science.”There’s nothing else for masks to be considered than a symbol. The only thing masks are is a symbol. There is virtually nothing else a mask is good for on the faces of healthy people in the general population, but as a symbol. And what are they a symbol of? They are a symbol of gutlessness and blind obedience. ” – Allan Stevo

More Contagious Covid Super-Strain in Britain? – “Western governments in cahoots with Pharma and press agent media have gone all-out this year to terrify ordinary people. Instead of truth-telling, the whole truth, and nothing less, we’ve been bombarded with fake news about the alleged threat posed by covid. Did the Boris Johnson regime scare Brits to death more than already to promote mass-vaxxing with fast-tracked, experimental, hazardous to human health vaccines? Is the current escalated fear-mongering campaign aimed at Brits opposed to covid vaxxing over concerns of its safety and effectiveness?” – Stephen Lendman

US Requires All UK Travelers To Test Negative For COVID, CDC Rules – Tyler Durden

COVID has Caused Tens of Thousands of Medical Doctors and Scientists to Wake Up to Corruption in the Medical Industry – “Most often it is only a handful of health professionals who come forward to challenge official statements or to uncover the serious flaws in the scientific literature to support their actions. Yet for the past year we have witnessed tens of thousands of physicians, medical experts and researchers coming forward publicly with harsh and even damning criticisms of how the ruling medical agencies have mishandled the pandemic.” – Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD





Christmas Awokenings – “And so, on Christmas morning, having suffered the night visitations of vexing spirits — or was that just the strange interaction of Zyprexa and Zolpidem — Joe Biden woke up (in a manner of speaking) to find himself transformed. He was no longer dogged by the prospect of being president of the US, but, rather, was convinced he had become the provincial plenipotentiary of a Chinese overseas possession known as Golden Wok West, where CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping can order up any asset for take-out. What a relief, Joe thought, as they brought in his morning meds. Then, there was the Golden Golem of Greatness, a.k.a. President Donald Trump. He arose from his rococo bed in Mar Lago unmolested by spookish visitations, but, rather, faced with some rather stark decisions about how to proceed with the possible takeover of the USA by agents of China. There was some sentiment among his advisors to send out US marshals and start arresting hundreds of persons suspected of gaming the recent election by means of ballot fraud and fiddling with Dominion vote tabulation machines.” – James Howard Kunstler

A Republic if You Can Keep It – ” America has yet to live up to its founding principles but moving closer brings us closer to a more perfect union. Moving away from those ideas will doom societies to despotism and despair.” – Ethan Yang

Earth to God: Lessons of 2020 – “Drawing on the positives as we head into the next year” – Kevin Smith

Nashville: A bomb blast unlike any other on American soil – “What we know about the mysterious Nashville bombing leaves us with many more questions than answers. The facts about the Christmas morning bomb in Nashville are not complicated. What is complicated is understanding who set off the bomb and why. That’s because this bombing does not match any other bombs that have exploded in the Western world.” – Andrea Widburg

The 17 Different “Intelligence Agencies” Latest 100% Failure: Nashville Explosion – “You know, all those “intelligence agencies” that live in the “intelligence community” – without a zip code or known address – that we are told over and over and over and over they must capture all our digital info to keep us safe… And if they happen to spy, illegally, on the President of the U.S., well, that’s okay, because they were just keeping you safe from the truth. I will ask again, as I have in so many other cases – like the Florida night club shooting, the Paris-trio of shootings and the California shooting at a government building – I thought all the spy agencies in the U.S. and in Europe were gathering our cell phone info and our entire digital footprint for the sole purpose of PREVENTING this type of event. Well, to date, they have a track record of 100% failure.” – Rory Hall

So That Nice Emergency System You THINK You Have… – “There’s stupid and then there’s really stupid, corrupt or both. This morning at 6:30 AM we had a vivid demonstration of both. And a warning on several levels. Someone apparently drove an RV into downtown Nashville, a rather non-descript area of honkytonks (bars) and restaurants early this morning, started a recorded message playing on loudspeakers that said there was bomb inside that was about go off, a “shots fired” call was put into the cops (maybe there were, maybe there were not) and indeed there was a bomb. There’s something very odd about this attack.This doesn’t smell random to me folks. No, it smells like a warning, and a very effectively-delivered one too. ” – Karl Denninger

The Plot to Steal America (VIDEO) – Man In America

Welcome to RussiaGate 2.0, Right on Schedule – “And, as always, it comes from his complicit Secretary of State who undermines Trump with his every move to turn the State, Defense and Intelligence apparatuses of the U.S. against Russia. Pompeo goes on Mark Levin’s show, whose ratings are through the roof right now, to tell all the slavering normie-conservatives that it was definitely the Russians who hacked our government.” – Tom Luongo

Emails obtained by FBI detail how Hunter Biden landed Ukrainian gas gig in 2014 – “Memos show concerted strategy to leverage VP Joe Biden’s trip to Kiev to score Burisma Holdings deal.” – John Solomon

11th-hour COVID-19 relief deal proves again that Congress is unfit to govern – “It will take months to decipher this new blizzard of laws, penalties and handouts. We’ll be hearing horror stories long after the victory laps end.” – James Bovard

Five Outrageous Items Snuck In The ‘COVID Stimulus’ Bill – Derrick Broze

Drug Trafficking: The Dirtiest Little Secret – “In a border community like El Paso, the Mexican cartels have an insidious, silent and powerful control that few people wish to acknowledge or accept — that includes a largely compliant news media who usually report what happens, but rarely, if ever, ask “Why?” or “How can this go on, decade after decade, without accountability or resolution?” If a population is dying from overdoses that is one-third as large as the COVID pandemic — and we don’t see, don’t hear about it, and apparently don’t really care about it, what does that say about us? Tens of thousands of law enforcement officers, billions of taxpayer dollars, fifty years — and the highest overdose rate in history?” – Chris Farrell

H.G. Wells’ Dystopic Vision Comes Alive With the Great Reset Agenda – Matthew Ehret

China And The Great Reset: What You Need To Know (VIDEO) – “In this interview, we cover China’s influence in the US, The Great Reset and the future of the Chinese Communist Party.” – We Are Change

Brexiteers, we did it – “Against all the odds, the British people have struck an extraordinary blow for democracy and freedom.” – Brendan O’Neill




The Most Hopeful Scenario for 2021 – “Choose wisely, America, or the options for a positive outcome will vanish like mist in Death Valley on a clear July afternoon.From the point of view of evolution, the most hopeful scenario for 2021 is the sudden and complete collapse of everything that is obsolete, inefficient, ineffective and sclerotic. The problem arises when self-serving insiders siphon resources to keep their obsolete, inefficient, ineffective and sclerotic gravy-train protected from selective pressures.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Bitcoin Surges Above $25k, Surpasses Visa’s Market Cap – Tyler Durden

Why M1 Money Supply (Cash) is Skyrocketing Like No Time History – David Haggith

The psychology of money – “The world stands on the threshold of monetary hyperinflation with the US dollar leading the way. The final months of fiat money are coming into view. What will replace them — bitcoin or gold?” – Alasdair Macleod

Dr. Silver and the Prescription to Combat Craziness – ” Dr. Silver says regular silver and gold purchases will diminish vulnerability to fiscal and monetary craziness. That craziness is increasing, so we need the insurance provided by silver and gold. The anti-gold propaganda is overwhelming, and you believe fiat dollars, backed by nothing, are somehow superior to real money—gold and silver. Those who become wealthy via “fake-money” will encourage fake money investments, and promote the propaganda, not gold and silver. Be wary.” – Gary Christianson

Buy Silver Now – Peter Krauth



Job 12:22   He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death.