Year Zero – “2020 was GloboCap Year Zero. The year when the global capitalist ruling classes did away with the illusion of democracy and reminded everyone who is actually in charge, and exactly what happens when anyone challenges them. In the relatively short span of the last ten months, societies throughout the world have been transformed beyond recognition. The authorities have assumed control of the most intimate aspects of our daily lives. We are being managed like inmates in a prison, told when to eat, sleep, exercise, granted privileges for good behavior, punished for the slightest infractions of an ever-changing set of arbitrary rules, forced to wear identical, demeaning uniforms (albeit only on our faces), and otherwise relentlessly bullied, abused, and humiliated to keep us compliant. None of which is accidental, or has anything to do with any actual virus, or any other type of public health threat.” – CJ Hopkins

The Decimal Point that Blew Up the World – “Fauci was claiming what in fact he could not know, conflating two distinct data sets, and extrapolating in ways that allowed him to make a completely unsupported claim that very obviously turned out to be false.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

2020: The Year we Let Ourselves be Infantilised and Dehumanised – “I won’t sport with your intelligence by mentioning all the other mind-numbing slogans we’ve been fed this year, suffice it to say that phrases such as “social bubble” and “Covid-secure” would be deeply funny were it not for the seriousness of the situation into which those coming up with such tripe have placed us (as an aside, are such buildings for which it is claimed that they are “Covid-secure” also “Flu-Secure” and “Cold-Secure”?) But the infantilising of an entire population is by no means the worst thing they have done to us” – Rob Slane  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ROB!!!!!!!!!

The Globalists Power Trip Goes Pedal-To-The-Metal As More Evidence Emerges We Have Been Truly Had – Stefan Stanford  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM STEFAN!!!!!!!!!

Vaccines: Did Big Pharma Purchase California’s Legislative Machinery? – “California has some of the most stringent vaccine mandate laws in the United States. Why is that?” – Dr. Meryl Nass

COVID-19 Destroys the Weakest and Poorest – “The disease clearly affects certain groups far worse than others, and the countermeasures implemented to quell the outbreak have been a phenomenal boon for wealthy globalists while decimating the lives of the rest. Certain comorbidities significantly raise your risk of complications and death from COVID-19. Among the top ones are obesity, insulin resistance and vitamin D deficiency.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Governing by Rage and Ridicule – “Back in July, Yale University began a critical study on COVID vaccines. But there was an interesting twist to Yale’s study: scientists weren’t looking at the actual vaccine candidates; instead they were studying how to most effectively convince people to take a vaccine. In other words, the study examined if shaming people would be an effective way to compel everyone to take a COVID vaccine. The results of that study have not yet been reported. But the mainstream media and Twitter mob have already decided that shaming people is the best approach to vaccine compliance.” – Simon Black

The real pandemic is an outbreak of PCR testing – “Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant. That’s called a false positive. What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35. Therefore, all labs in the US that follow the FDA guideline are knowingly or unknowingly participating in fraud. Fraud on a monstrous level,” – Jon Rappoport

Irish Man Sentenced to Two Months in Prison For Failing to Wear a Face Mask – “Authorities ignored claim he was medically exempt.” – Paul Joseph Watson

The Holy Jab – “The Holy Jab is upon us. More precisely, it is about to be forced upon us. Not by law, probably – that being both harder to do and easier to challenge. Rather, by economic means, via the “private” sector – which has become almost-indistinguishable from the “public” sector, i.e., the government. Which isn’t accidental.” – Eric Peters

Should Companies Require Employees to Take the Vaccine? – “It’s a debate that’s roiling boardrooms around the world. Some companies could even require their customers to be vaccinated, which would have a bigger impact on the compliance rate and show genuine leadership.” – Andrew Ross Sorkin  – OF COURSE A NY TIMES WRITER IS ALL FOR THIS!!!!!

Was New York’s COVID-19 Response More Destructive Than NYC’s Historic Fires? – Lawrence W. Reed and Jon Miltimore




The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset – “” – Brandon Smith

Taking Christmas Seriously – “Taking Christmas seriously means humility, charity and abandonment to His will. God works in strange ways and often through strange people. Taking Christmas seriously is the lesson of “A Christmas Carol.” Through Scrooge we see that it is never too late to love God and to show that love through our hearts. And the internal joy that comes from giving overwhelms the fleeting joy that comes from keeping.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

Hard Truths Outgunned by Big Lies and Mass Deception – “You’re being lied to — assaulted daily by state-sponsored Big Lies! The power of complicit Big Media repetition embeds them in the public consciousness. On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, Big Government and Big Media substitute managed news misinformation and disinformation for truth-telling — the real thing banned. State-sponsored mass deception suppresses what’s vital for everyone to know. Ordinary people are exploited and abused so privileged ones benefit.” – Stephen Lendman

The Supreme Court had one last chance to keep the American Republic together. It failed. – “By washing its hands of responsibility to hear the Texas challenge to the 2020 presidential election, the nine Justices of the US Supreme Court may have sealed the country’s fate and made a kinetic civil war much more likely.” – Nebojsa Malic

Trump Is Considering Giving an Order That Should Terrify Joe Biden – “A new report is out saying that President Trump is currently considering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. This comes after the revelation of at least four investigations involving the former VP’s son.” – Bonchie

A Return to Normalcy? Joe Biden’s Vision of Normal Raises Concerns – “It has already been observed that Joe Biden’s incoming cabinet looks a bit like old wine in new bottles, drawing as it does on veterans from the Barack Obama and even the Bill Clinton administrations. That’s the bad news as it very much looks like business as usual as the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Wall Street kleptocracy is reasserting itself and will be in place for the next four years.” – Philip Giraldi

Both the Left and Right Have a Biden Problem – “Biden is standing on home plate in an adult diaper convinced he hit a home run. Joe Biden will never be my president, period. This election was stolen for him even if he is the only one who does not know it. He is a despicable man who has been one of the most divisive politicians of the last half century.” – William L. Gensert

Biden Should Beware of Nemesis – “Joe Biden will be our next president. But he will face Nemesis in a way that few other presidents have ever encountered the cruel Greek god. Biden’s hubris and that of the media/Democratic Party fusion almost guarantee such divine retribution. A President Biden cannot avoid the press forever. He will soon face unscripted meetings with foreign leaders. He will have to meet dozens of movers and shakers each week. Is he or the nation prepared for the consequences of his return to normality after nearly a year of media fawning and forced isolation?” – Victor Davis Hanson  – SOME GREAT POINTS FROM VICTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Are Mad As Hell But Will They Take It Anymore? – “Has there ever been a more opportune time to create a new political party?” – Sarah Cowgill

Scrutiny of her doctoral dissertation will make ‘Dr. Jill Biden’ wish she had stuck with ‘Mrs. Biden’ – “We are being led by a bunch of pretentious imposters.” – Thomas Lifson

This Series Of Fact-Checks On America’s Mission To Defeat COVID Exposes Media Hatred – “Fact checks on the United States’ COVID vaccine timeline expose how outlets like NBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are willing to attack American aspirations to score political points. America’s corporate fact-checkers are out of control. Long gone are the days of Snopes assuring readers there isn’t a million dollars waiting in a Nigerian bank account for them. Distant are the happier times when fact-checks assured us there was no hook-handed hitchhiker killing our grandparents on the local highway. Instead today, we see an alliance between corporate media and corporate tech titans to squelch debate, silence conservatives, and literally censor regular Americans, dissenting scientists, newspaper competitors, and even the president of the United States.” – Christopher Bedford

The Futility and Cruelty of Washington’s Economic Sanctions – “A perennial favorite tactic for officials running U.S. foreign policy has been to impose economic sanctions on countries whose governments defy Washington’s wishes. Sanctions enjoy a reputation among the policy elite of being the responsible “middle option” between relying solely on diplomacy or using military force when dealing with an adversary.But the image of sanctions as a sensible middle course is largely an illusion. Economic sanctions have the unique feature of being simultaneously ineffectual and cruel. Their track record of successfully compelling recalcitrant governments is dismal. ” – Ted Galen Carpenter

Net Zero will take over our lives – “The new energy White Paper will force us to obsess over the minutiae of everyday energy consumption.” – James Woudhuysen

Another “Pre-Crime” AI System Claims It Can Predict Disinformation Before It’s Even Shared – Activist Post




Winter Is Coming: 62% Of U.S. Small Business Owners “Fear The Worst Is Still To Come” – Michael Snyder

Fed Chair Powell Opens a Big Can of Worms at His Press Conference – “Powell first acknowledged in his opening statement that “the current economic downturn is the most severe of our lifetimes.” But he then proceeds to tell Guida that the Fed has given no thought at all to what kind of emergency lending it might engage in under the incoming Biden administration.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Physical Silver Investment Set to Surge 27% and Other Silver News – Peter Schiff

Another Good Reason for No Student Loan Bailout – Mish

Gold jumps 1% on dollar slide, U.S. stimulus progress – Reuters

German retailers report run on gold and silver – “German precious metals dealers report a rapid increase in demand for gold and silver following the announcement of a harsh nationwide lockdown.” –

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.07EUR




Micah 5:9  Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off.