More Salem than Thanksgiving – “Coronavirus panic has set America back hundreds of years” – Heather Mac Donald  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!

Seeing Family on Thanksgiving Is Too Important to Bow to the Mob – “There are worse things than COVID-19—and isolation and loss of the family unit are chief among them.” – Hannah Cox

Vaccines for Guinea Pigs – “So it’s politics and profit that determine the world of vaccines. What a sorrowful state of affairs. And that’s not even the worst of it. Far from it. With vaccines -that we know of- being developed in Cuba (4x), China, Russia (2x), West (multiple), etc., maybe we can have the luxury of choosing the ones that do the least harm? Well, there’s a trap door hidden somewhere in there. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use a whole new (revolutionary!) technique to produce vaccines. Some people even refuse to call them vaccines because of this.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Study finds 84% fewer hospitalizations for patients treated with controversial drug hydroxychloroquine – Andrew Mark Miller  – OH, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK, REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!

Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam – “Can You Get Reinfected? Yeadon also says he’s “sick and tired” of people claiming that immunity against SARS-CoV-2 may wane after a short time, leaving you vulnerable to reinfection. If you’ve been ill with COVID-19 and recover, you will have antibodies against the virus, and you will be immune, he says. He understands that journalists may get this wrong, or may be given incorrect information, but if a scientist says this, “they are lying to you,” he says.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

The madness of a Covid-secure Christmas – “Do health experts like Devi Shridhar really believe we’ll do Christmas in summer or in the freezing cold?” – Fraser Myers

Belgians Told Police Will Knock on Doors at Christmas to Enforce COVID Rules – “If there is a lot of noise, police will knock on doors.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Sexiest doctor alive’ is called out for partying maskless on a boat while surrounded by bikini-clad women in Miami, despite stressing to his millions of Instagram followers to think before traveling, wear a mask and social distance – “Mikhail Varshavski, who has found fame as Dr. Mike, has been in the vanguard of stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19” – Martin Gould  – MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS AND HYPOCRISY, AND YET THE SHEEP STILL OBEY THE SO-CALLED EXPERTS!!!!!

Another hallmark of the Soviet Union: separate rules for the peasants – “Covid-19 lockdowns around the world have taught us how precious freedom is, and how easily simple things like going outside, breathing fresh air, and the ability to travel, can be taken away from us by people who refuse to follow their own rules. Frankly this was another theme of the Soviet Union—the big bosses had one set of rules for themselves, and the rest of us peasants had another set of rules that we had to follow.” – Viktorija

Snitchgiving: Americans Are Being Urged to Report Families Gathering for the Holiday – “Lots of folks are willing to narc on their neighbors. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your neighbors wouldn’t do such a thing. More than a third of the people who took part in a Rassmussen poll would rat out the folks next door in a heartbeat.” – Daisy Luther

More Signs A Covid-19 Vaccine Is Setting Us Up For The Mark Of The Beast – Only Fringe Fanatics And Medical Morons Would Assert All Vaccines Or Drugs Are Always Safe – Don Boys, Ph.D.

Doctors Urge the CDC to Make the Public Aware of Painful Side Effects of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines – “They want the public to know the truth.” – Shane Trejo

Pubs are hanging by a thread – “The new ‘tiered’ restrictions could kill off the great British boozer.” – Paddy Hannam




Biden: Americans Need To ‘Forgo’ Holiday Traditions This Year – “As Democrat leaders across the country arrogantly ignore their own COVID-19 restrictions (over and over and over), their leader – Joe Biden – has asked Americans to “forgo” holiday traditions this year. In a monotone Thanksgiving eve address against a yellow “Office of the President Elect” backdrop (an office which doesn’t actually exist), the presumptive president-elect said that every American has “a responsibility” to take coronavirus seriously and ‘redouble our efforts’ to fight the disease.” – Tyler Durden

Give Thanks and Tell the Turkey Fascists to Go Gnaw on a Drumstick – “The towering mediocrities, who are now telling you to cower in your homes this Thanksgiving instead of deciding for yourself if you should be joining with your family and giving thanks to God for His blessings, get off on their power, and they dearly love the idea of you being suppressed, oppressed, and depressed. Well, I got something to pass them at the table and it isn’t stuffing, though stuffing is what they can do with it.” – Kurt Schlichter

Thanksgiving 2020 – “What if, on Thanksgiving Day, our gratitude is not to the government that assaults our freedoms and steals our wealth but to God, who gave us our freedoms and our ability to earn wealth? What if, on Thanksgiving Day, our gratitude is for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the exercise of free will and human reason? What if these are integral to our humanity despite the government’s assault on them? What if, on Thanksgiving Day, we are most grateful that we are free creatures made in God’s image and likeness? What if we can use our freedoms to reject the government, make-believe or not?” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For What Are America’s Wealthy Thankful? A Worsening Culture War – “When leaders run out of unifying myths, division is the last currency. Why this Thanksgiving, America is a “death cult” versus “radical socialists” ” – Matt Taibbi

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade – “Entire societies can be easily influenced when they suffer from delusions that the bad times will be fleeting, and that governments will keep them safe no matter what. It is a historically proven pattern that governments tend to CREATE problems instead of solving them, and this is because the power dynamic of government never changes. The politicians we “vote” for are not in control, rather, the elites who fund their campaigns and who permeate their cabinets are in control.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!

Coming Soon From Joe and Kamala: Hooray for the Revolution! – “There is something quite scary about the way leading Democrats have persistently wrapped their attempts to control the American people in platitudes and self-righteous drivel. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are currently pulling their team together, are no different than the Clintons and Obamas who preceded them and are already on course to establish conformity by diminishing the fundamental rights that have been hitherto enjoyed by the American people. The current war being waged against the United States and its constitution hinges on the expressed desire to extirpate “white supremacy” aka “white privilege” aka “systemic racism.” It is a convenient campaign slogan as it immediately creates guilt and apprehension in those white people who are foolish enough to believe it. It also is a vague enough term that it becomes possible to wrap a lot of other issues into it, like gun control, destruction of traditional education, reparations and affirmative action, and even de-policing urban areas.” – Philip Giraldi

Have We Met The Threshold Of Tyranny? Or Are We Quite Beyond… – “It is clear that we are presently on a path to authoritarianism / tyranny. Are we already there? Yes. To varying extents, in my opinion.” – Ken Jorgustin

Oligarchic Imperialism Is The New Dominant World Religion – Caitlin Johnstone

First, They Came for Thanksgiving; Now They Are Coming for Christmas – “Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon, was rather ambivalent in her approach to violence during the time Portland was torched by radical mobs. In fact, she thanked “Oregonians for expressing their free speech rights largely through joyful celebrations…” But Gov. Brown apparently did some soul searching since the election. She found a joyful celebration about to be held by unquestionable enemies of the people. It turns out actual domestic terrorists are Oregonians who wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s extremists who wished to dine on turkey and all the trimmings who are dangerous, as they are potential super-spreaders of disease and destruction.” – Fay Voshell

Obama Is a Jerk, and It Comes Through With Every Media Appearance – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell

Sidney Powell released the Kraken in Georgia – “Sidney Powell promised to release the Kraken and show Americans the scope of election fraud on November 3, 2020. Shortly before midnight on Wednesday, she filed a 104-page complaint detailing everything she asserts took place in Georgia. This post will give you a very brief overview of the allegations.” – Andrea Widburg

Why Trump Provided A Happy Thanksgiving For Michael Flynn – “An American political martyr is pardoned, much to the outrage of some prominent Democrats.” – Leesa K. Donner

SCOTUS Strikes Down Cuomo’s Draconian Restrictions On Religious Services In New York – Tyler Durden

The Ruling Elite’s War on Truth – “American political leaders display a widening disconnect from reality intended to mask their complicity in the seizure of power by global corporations and billionaires.” – Chris Hedges

US limited isolation from the world stage is likely coming to an end – “Judging from the two names listed, Biden gives a decisive sign of discontinuing Trump’s foreign and national security policies. There is also a strong feeling that Biden wants many of the policies made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to return. Under Biden, the U.S. will attempt to regain global influence it lost under Trump. In doing so, the architects of Washington’s new foreign policies will undoubtedly have full support from the American establishment and much more resources at its disposal.” – Paul Antonopoulos

We Haven’t Seen This Much Suffering On Thanksgiving Since The Great Depression Of The 1930s – Michael Snyder

Millions of Americans Expect to Lose Their Homes as Covid Rages – Alexandre Tanzi

Question of the Day: Bad Deal on Fish or No Deal on Fish? – “Rumors have it that a post-Brexit deal is in the works. Fish are at the heart of the matter.” – Mish

Everyone Needs to Understand These 10 Stages of Genocide—they’re happening right now across the planet – State of the Nation

12 Ways To Figure Out Your Direction Without A Compass – Bob Rodgers




Our Frustrations Run Far Deeper Than Covid Lockdowns – “The reality is the roulette wheel is rigged and only chumps believe it’s a fair game.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The State of the American Consumer: Free Pandemic-Money Runs Low – “Stimulus & extra UI dried up. But 16% of “proprietors’ income” in October was PPP money & Pandemic farm aid.” – Wolf Richter

The Real Villain Is the Fed (VIDEO) – “Peter talked about the big stock market rally. He said it’s not really about the presidential election, or the COVID vaccine, or excitement about Joe Biden. The rally is all about the Federal Reserve. And it always has been.” – Peter Schiff

Biden the Silver Bull – “Biden could become silver’s best friend.” – Peter Krauth

2020 Hindsight: Gold to Party Like its 2019 (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – “What a very long a year it has been. It’s nearly impossible to believe that only a year ago, gold was breaking through $1350, $1450, and $1500​, and the Fed was mysteriously embarking on “Not QE” bond repos, during “the greatest economy ever.”” – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.42EUR




1 Thessalonians 5:18    In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.