Pandemics Are Over When the Public Decides They’re Over – “All of this will go into calculating risk, and this is why the public’s recognized end to pandemics is often different than the “official” end. The public is made up of countless individuals who make their own risk assessments based on the available facts. This also is why it’s impossible to declare with finality when “herd immunity” has been reached.” – Ryan McMaken  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM RYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2020 not enough: WHO envoy predicts THIRD WAVE of Covid-19 in Europe next year – RT

UK “Experts” Who Pushed Through Lockdown 2.0 Also Believed Even Improvised, Emergency Hospitals Would Be Overwhelmed by Now – “Instead they have once again stand completely empty” – Gordon Rayner

Sharyl Attkisson on Media Bias (VIDEO) – “Multinational industries, and the drug industry in particular, also wield powerful influence over content relating to their particular interests. As drug advertising became a major income stream for media companies, their reporting on health and medicine became increasingly biased. In terms of health, COVID-19 reporting has taken censorship and media manipulation to brand-new heights. All social media platforms are openly censoring dissenting views about the virus, particularly its origin and treatment. Even lauded doctors and scientists have been axed for speaking against the desired narrative dictated by the World Health Organization.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Facebook Denies ‘Science’ – Blocks Danish Study Questioning Efficacy Of Masks – “What’s clear is that Facebook moderators are not allowing for both sides of the mask debate to be heard.” -Tyler Durden

‘We Will Get Through This’ — How to Resist Governments’ COVID Vaccine Campaigns (VIDEO) – “AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine (still in the trial phase) has ingredients we know are correlated with brain injury. Governments have signed deals with vaccine makers to buy billions of dollars worth of COVID vaccines, so they’ll want to use them — so they’re programming us with messaging about fear, altruism and patriotism.” – Children’s Health Defense Team




MSM Already Helping Next Administration Hide Corruption Under ‘Diversity’ Banner – “Real diversity in any government is of course important. But what you don’t see Vox reporting on is the fact that Biden’s transition and advisory teams are packed to the gills with corporate cronies and war whores, and that the women he’s eyeing for key foreign policy positions are as murderous and depraved as any man anywhere on earth. They might be diverse in gender, skin color and sexual orientation, but in terms of bloodshed, exploitation and oppression they couldn’t be more homogeneous.” – Caitlin Johnstone

America’s Elites—Not Trump—Are Responsible for Undermining American Democracy – “Further still, America’s political environment has become so polarized and hostile that you have many elected officials in positions of influence who openly despise large swaths of the American population.” – Tho Bishop

No, it’s not time to move on … – “We’re Americans. And nothing is more natural for Americans to cut our losses and move on. Why must we continue to fight? Because it might be 70 long years before anything changes politically in the U.S. if we don’t. The machines appear to be rigged and they’re all in the uncooperative hands of the Democrat big city political machines and governors. Bernie Sanders was a pilot project, Democrats stole his nomination once in 2016, and again in 2020. Anyone think they’d do less with Trump?” – Monica Showalter

Putin Says He’s Not Ready To Recognize Biden As US President – “However, while China may now officially recognize Biden, Russia still does not. On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while he’s ready to work with any U.S. leader, he still isn’t ready to recognize the election victory of Joe Biden.” – Tyler Durden

BREAKING Video: Young Internet Sleuth Reveals Evidence Showing Over 23K PA Ballots Were Filled Out and Returned Before They Were Ever Mailed To Voters (and MORE) – Patty McMurray

Planning to See Family for Thanksgiving? NBC Has Contempt for You – Nicholas Fondacaro

4 Radical Policies That Could Pass if Democrats Win the Georgia Senate Runoffs – Brad Polumbo

Do Trump Supporters Live in an Alternate Universe? – “I agree with Nicolle Wallace that a huge number of Americans have a false impression of reality because they are being told lies by their media. The people who constantly hear these lies do live in an “alternate reality”. I also agree that this is very, very dangerous.” – Bryce Buchanan  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRYCE AS TO WHO IS REALLY LIVING IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!!!!!

Top Biden advisors Flournoy and Blinken promise smarter, more secretive permanent war policy – Dan Cohen

Liz Cheney Wants To Lead The GOP — Right Back To Its Bush/Cheney Past – Christopher Bedford

The Cunning Plot to Kill Kennedy – “If anyone murders a federal official, you can be assured of one thing: the feds will do everything they can to ensure that everyone involved in the crime is brought to justice. It’s like when someone kills a cop. The entire police force mobilizes to capture, arrest, and prosecute everyone involved in killing the cop. The phenomenon is even more pronounced at the federal level, especially given the overwhelming power of the federal government Yet, the exact opposite occurred in the Kennedy assassination. The entire effort immediately became to pin the crime solely on a communist ex-U.S. Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald and to shut down any aggressive investigation into whether others were involved in the crime.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Trudeau Calls “Great Reset” a “Conspiracy Theory” Despite Previously Advocating It – “Labels corona plot “disinformation.”” – Paul Joseph Watson

There’s Never Been A More Crucial Time To Buy Guns And Ammo Than Now As ‘A Radical-Leftist Boot Stomping Upon Conservative Faces Forever’ Will Absolutely NOT Be Tolerated In America – “Any gun in the hands of a good man is no threat to anyone, except bad people” – Stefan Stanford

Effective Security, Traps & Alarms for Your Home – “The most effective way to stop bad guys with guns is with good guys with guns. Homeowners can install alarms, locks, cameras and safe rooms, but when it comes right down to it, the most a homeowner can hope to accomplish with any of these preparations is to delay aggressors and alert the home’s occupants to their presence.” – Cache Valley Prepper




Even If Legal, Biden Should Not Forgive Student Debt – “Canceling student debt might provoke a backlash among those who don’t have any loans. People who decided not to go to college because it was too expensive might be upset at a government action that invalidates their decision. Those who paid off their loans early might feel that their frugality was being punished. Parents who forked over more cash for their children’s educations to help those kids avoid the burden of debt might be similarly incensed.” – Mish  – EXCELLENT POINT FROM MISH. I PAID MY KIDS STUDENT LOANS OFF, THEY PAID THEIR LOANS OFF. IS MR BIDEN GOING TO GIVE ALL THE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE WHO DUTIFULLY PAID THEIR LOANS $10,000 AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Million People Can’t Make Rent – UPFINA

Struggling Retailers Owe $52 Billion In Overdue Rents Tyler Durden

The Mnuchin-Powell Affair over the Fed’s “Special Purpose Vehicles” in Dollars & Effects – “Why do bondholders and leveraged speculators have to be enriched, instead of providing fiscal relief to the unemployed and small businesses? That’s the question.” – Wolf Richter

Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming (VIDEO) with John Williams- ““Put all the political turmoil aside for the moment. The markets respond that this (CV19 vaccines) is going to turn the economy. My point is it is not going to turn the economy . . . at least not soon because of what has happened to the economy and the severe structural damage. We have had a lot of companies go out of business, in particular, small companies.” – Greg Hunter




Jeremiah 30:19  And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small.



They like to get you in a compromising position
They like to get you there and smile in your face
They think they’re so cute when they got you in that condition
Well I think it’s a total disgrace

I fight authority, Authority always wins
I fight authority, Authority always wins
I been doing it since I was a young kid
I come out grinnin’
I fight authority, Authority always wins

So I call up my preacher
I say, “Give me strength for Round 5.”
He said , “You don’t need no strength, you need to grow up son.”
I said, “Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying
“And dying to me don’t sound like all that much fun.”

I fight authority, Authority always wins
I fight authority, Authority always wins
I been doing it since I was a young kid
I come out grinnin’
I fight authority, Authority always wins

Oh no oh no
I fight authority Authority always wins

( Authority Song by John Mellencamp )