Operation Warp Speed Reveals COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan by Military: “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approval – “While the nation continues to be fixated on the aftermath of the U.S. Presidential elections, the news of which is dominating BOTH the Corporate Pharma-funded media, and the Alternative media, a far more significant public briefing occurred in Washington D.C. yesterday that seems to have “slipped through the cracks” of media coverage. And perhaps this was intentional.” – Brian Shilhavy

EU could approve TWO Covid-19 vaccines in coming weeks, Commission chief says – “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced that the EU is set to approve both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines before the end of the year, meaning they could then be distributed across the bloc.” – RT   – THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG!!!!

The SPARS Pandemic Of 2025: Echo Chambers And Vaccine Opposition – “In 2017, the Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic known as SPARS. What can we learn from this exercise?” – Derrick Broze  – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM DERRICK!!!

Biden’s COVID Plan: Close The Economy, Open The Border – “As coronavirus cases spike, Joe Biden is getting increasingly aggressive about containment. He’s pushing all governors to impose statewide mask mandates and other restrictions. “It’s about patriotism,” Biden said on Wednesday. “If you really care about your country, what you want to do is keep your neighbors and your family safe.”Yet somehow Biden’s patriotic concern for your neighbors and your family dissipates if it means stopping the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border. Curious, indeed. Until you come to realize that Biden and his fellow Democrats care less about controlling the virus than they do about controlling the country. If pointless lockdowns and open borders serve that purpose, containing the coronavirus is irrelevant.” – I & I Editorial Board

Up To 20% Of COVID-19 Infections Asymptomatic, Far Less Likely To Transmit Virus: Study – Tyler Durden

Gov. Newsom orders curfew for most California counties – “The curfew will affect 41 of the state’s 58 counties — and more than 94 percent of the state’s population. The curfew, which the state is calling a “limited Stay at Home Order,” stops short of a full lockdown. It will be in effect from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting Saturday.” – Alix Martichoux

The Truth About COVID-19 ‘Long-Haulers’ – “You may have read about some people claiming they can’t fully recover from COVID-19 and are experiencing insomnia, pain, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and other mental health problems. Are these symptoms due to COVID-19 or is something else happening to cause them?” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Small businesses can’t survive an extended lockdown – “It is obvious that lockdowns have resulted in serious damage to the economy. Yet it remains far from clear whether the UK will exit lockdown on 2 December as originally planned. Any extension beyond 2 December would be a bitter blow to struggling firms.” – Spiked

The COVID Feedback Loop – Tyler Durden




AMERICA, IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER 1776 – “It is time to quit hiding and say NO. To socialism, to globalism, and to neo-liberalism. To censorship, to ‘fact-checking’, to draconianism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism. It is time to kiss the nanny state goodbye and refuse to follow tyrannical orders from those complicit with fraud and who see our constitution as a roadblock rather than a beautiful chain wrapped around the ankle of tyranny. It’s time to quit making excuses and demand that our rights be respected by the so-called ‘public servants’ we put in office. It is time to turn off Fox News, CNN, and start thinking for ourselves. It is time to stop being quiet.” – Phillip Schneider

The Many Layers of Travail – “One thing you could say about the three Trump campaign lawyers’ joint press conference at high noon, Thursday: it sure wasn’t slick. But then, are we now such a nation of lobotomized chumps that our chief criteria for any public acting-out of an acute national melodrama is slickness of presentation? This one, though, is raw and savage. Then Jenna Ellis, much in command of herself, emphasized perhaps half a dozen times, and quite sternly for the obdurately seditious news media, that the actual evidence would be revealed in court and that the day’s presentation was a mere overview. Got that? In court. The news media didn’t get the message — on purpose, as usual — and so the stories flew all over the Internet’s gaslit echo chambers that the three lawyers failed to make a case.” – James Howard Kunstler

Coffee Is For Closers – “It is put up or shut up time. More than two weeks have passed since November 3rd, and the Trump legal team only has a very limited amount of time left to stop Joe Biden from being elected president.Yes, I believe that they have more than enough evidence to get the job done, but so far they haven’t gotten the job done and time is running out. ” – Michael Snyder

The Rudy, Sidney, and Jenna show: a blistering press conference for the ages – “And every day, the bloated news network slugs calmly twiddle and twaddle about the brand spanking new president Joe and his plans and possible choices for cabinet posts, as if the sky is clear and the course is fixed, and all’s right with the world. Justice has been served. The people have spoken. The US is most certainly not a banana republic. If they say Rex the shaggy dog is the next president, the nation of viewers nods and goes back to sleep. But not this time.” – Jon Rappoport

Giuliana’s Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence – “I say the attorneys shamed the presstitutes, but of course the presstitutes have no shame. As they are shameless they can’t be shamed. As I have said previously, there is no one in the American media today who could have been hired by the Wall Street Journal in the 1980s. What passes for journalists today are not journalists. They haven’t an ounce of integrity or honor or even a basic understanding of the United States. And they proved it in the question period afterward.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Great US Election 2020 Robbery Exposed – “US Election 2020 for president may one day be remembered as the most brazen political grand theft in the country’s history. Evidence abounds yet establishment media pretend it doesn’t exist. Can anyone ever believe anything they claim ever again? Media “coverage of (Election 2020) has been almost as dishonest as the scheme itself.”” – Stephen Lendman  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM STEPHEN WHO ISN’T A TRUMP SUPPORTER!!!!

How Will Trump Present Evidence Of Election Fraud? (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – SilverDoctors  – JIM IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!!

John Kerry Says Great Reset is Needed to Stop Rise of Populism – “Says rejoining Paris Climate Agreement is “not enough.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Obama’s Grotesque Self-Revisionism – “The former president’s assessment of Trump ignores his own administration’s lawlessness.” – John Loftus

Flyover Folk Love The New Trump GOP – And Won’t Settle For Less – “Whether Trump is president next year or not, the GOP can never go back to the days of Bush and McCain.” – Sarah Cowgill

Trump Election Plan, Massive Voter Fraud, MSM Propaganda (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Parallel presidency: So-called ‘president-elect’ Joe Biden muscles in on President Trump – “The votes haven’t even been tallied in some places, let alone audited or recounted or certified, and already Joe Biden is running a parallel presidency. So much for ‘one president at a time.’ Look at this garbage going on now:” – Monica Showalter

Please Accept the Fact That Regardless of Outcomes, Elections Change Nothing! – “Will it make any difference which evil trimmer is selected this time around? Of course not, except at the extreme margin. In the long run, and over time, there will be literally no difference whatsoever.” – Gary D. Barnett

‘Transition’ and Constancy of Washington’s Warmongering – Strategic Culture Foundation

Declassify America’s Dirty Secrets In Syria To Stop A Biden War – “Opening incriminating documents from the conflict up to the public could discourage Biden from escalating America’s role.” – James Bovard

Joe Biden Did NOT Receive 79,685,131 Votes. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s why – “Barack Obama was a candidate who was able to connect with and really motivate Democrats to go to the polls in great numbers. And, yet, he only received 69,498,516 votes at his peak in 2008. He got 65,915,795 votes in 2012. And Hillary received only 65,853,514 votes in 2016. When you consider that the vast majority of Democrats had to hold their noses while voting for Biden whereas they could not wait to cast a ballot for Obama, something doesn’t add up.” – Open Letter from a Walkaway

Your Political Leaders Hate You And Think You’re Stupid – “Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. But it doesn’t end there! On Wednesday, Politico reported that two top officials with the California Medical Association were among the guests at Newsom’s fancy birthday dinner. You might think the state’s top medical lobbyists would think twice about flagrantly disregarding COVID guidelines, or even feign an apology like Newsom, but no.” – John Daniel Davidson

The Imbalanced and Unhinged California Gov. Gavin Newsom Gets the Holiday Mockery He Has Earned – Brad Slager

Don’t ‘Californicate’ The Rest Of America – I & I Editorial Board

The Pentagon and the CIA Are in Charge of Foreign Policy – “Trump had four years to bring home those troops. Clearly he wanted to. The reason he didn’t — the reason he still can’t — is because the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA won’t let him.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

US under Joe Biden will pursue policy of “countering” and “encircling” Russia – Uriel Araujo




The Greatest Swindle in American History… And How They’ll Try It Again Soon – “Governments everywhere are squeezing their citizens through increased taxation and money printing–which is a hidden tax. This trend will only gain momentum as governments go broke and need more cash.” – Jeff Thomas

Bitcoin and the Apotheosis of Gold Bugs – Tom Luango

The global reset scam – “Moreover, nothing can now stop the collapse of fiat currencies, and with it schemes to control humanity for the convenience and ambitions of government planners. There can only be one statist solution and that is to mobilise gold reserves to back and save their currencies, which in order to succeed will have to be fully convertible into circulating gold coinage.” – Alasdair Macleod  – THIS IS TRUE ABOUT TRYING TO CONTROL THE CURRENCY. BUT THE GLOBAL RESET IS TO CONTROL EVERYTHING. IF THEY HAVE TO USE SOME TYPE OF GOLD BACKED CURRENCY, THEY WILL!!!!!

While Household Income Falls, Central Bankers Are Pushing for Higher Prices – “The idea that there is no inflation is untrue. There is plenty inflation in the goods and services that consumers really demand and use. Official CPI (consumer price index) is artificially kept low by oil, tourism, and technology, disguising rises in healthcare, rent and housing, education, insurance, and fresh food that are significantly higher than nominal wages and the official CPI indicate.” – Daniel Lacalle

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Surge Strengthens – Mish

Who Bought the Monstrous $4.2 Trillion Added to the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt in 12 Months? Everyone but China – “An increasingly important question, because someone always has to buy this debt – and it’s not just the Fed. But the share of foreign holders is waning.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.–96EUR




Psalm 18:26   With the pure thou wilt shew thyself pure; and with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward.