COVID-19: A Silent End to the World As We Knew It – Phil Butler

Why is the Corporate Media Predicting a “Dark Winter”? – “The leaders of these controversial pandemic simulations that took place before the Coronavirus crisis have longstanding connections to the U.S. Intelligence and the U.S. Department of Defense. Even more troubling is that key players in the exercises – specifically, Event 201 and Clade X – share a common history in another biowarfare simulation known as Dark Winter.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Darkest Winter (2020) (VIDEO) – Derrick Broze

Fury Over New Covid Lockdowns in Europe Threatens Compliance – “While residents accepted restrictions in the spring, frustration is rising and some small businesses refuse to cooperate” – Bojan Pancevski, Giovanni Legorano, and Yaroslav Trofimov

Has Flu Taken A Backseat To COVID-19? – “In the wake of coronavirus, flu has mysteriously disappeared.Naturally, there is a rush to attribute the drop in influenza to draconian, ill-advised COVID strategies such as quarantines and mask mandates when there is precious little if any science to prove the truth of such assertions. ” – Pennel Bird  – COULDN’T BE THAT IT’S BECAUSE THEY CLASSIFY EVERYTHING NOW AS COVID, COULD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do Not Wear a Mask and Do Not Get a Shot: Never Comply! – “This country that at one time was populated with mostly intelligent, hard working, self-responsible, and tough individuals, has become a country filled with idiots, weaklings, and fools. I do not say this lightly, nor am I attempting to berate all, but most of those that populate America today were taught to become weak and ignorant, to become divided and hateful, to ignore tradition, to disrespect truth and honesty, to throw aside family, to become robotic drones, and self-aggrandizing socialists.” – Gary D. Barnett

“Social Life to a Complete Standstill” – Belgium to Head Into Strict 6 Week National Lockdown – “This is going to bring our social life to a complete standstill. That’s hard, that’s a lockdown.” – Joseph Jankowski

Slovakia Aims To Test All 5 Million Citizens In New Approach To Combating COVID-19 – Tyler Durden


This Is Not a Time for Insouciance—Democrats Intend a Coup – Paul Craig Roberts

On Course for a Coup – “Coronavirus hysteria and the U.S. elections. Because, you see, there’s every reason to worry that the impending election isn’t going to be an election at all. Though no mainstream commentator will say so out loud, the most important single fact about this contest is that it very possibly won’t determine the identity of the next president. ” – Michael Lesher

The Growing Fear Of Speaking Out – “There is a growing trend where people are feeling compelled to deny their opinions and remain silent. This is because we are seeing a blatant disregard for the opinions of others by both those on the left and the right. Democracy as a form of government is far from perfect. Its greatest weakness is rooted in the ability of a vocal minority to force their opinions on others.” – Bruce Wilds

Divided Against Each Other And United For The Machine: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Yeah, vote Biden or else the government which destroys any nation that disobeys it might start sliding into tyranny.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Countdown To Chaos – MN Gordon

Americans Deserve to Know What Happens if Joe Biden is Elected – “Given the precipitous decline in Biden’s faculties, voters deserve to know whether voting him into the highest office in the land would produce something more like a co-presidency, in which the Vice President sits in on and participates in every major decision. Harris will doubtless wield more executive power than any Vice President in history, which is an entirely new model of governance for America.” – Karen Giorno

Comprehensive Roadmap to Biden Family Corruption and Documents How VP Joe Biden Compromised U.S. National Security While Biden Family Profited from Deals with America’s Enemies – Seamus Bruner  – GOOD RESEARCH AND SUMMARIZTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miles Taylor, Deep-State Throat for The New York Times, Comes Out of the Closet Like a Halloween Skeleton – “Miles Taylor just outed himself as The New York Times’ Deep Throat, a.k.a. “Anonymous,” who boasted he was part of an internal soft coup against the Trump Administration by the deep state. He is now being called a deep fake by, well, nearly everyone. In spite of Taylor’s lies as a paid contributor to CNN, the network is keeping him on. Apparently, The Times’ source is the kind or resource CNN likes.In light of Wednesday’s revelation of Taylors insignificant stature, Matt Winlock, another senior advisor, tweeted, “What did he do to frustrate the President’s agenda? Refuse to deliver the Secretary’s coffee? Hide the toner? Use 2 spaces after periods?” ” – David Haggith  – NONE OF THIS MATTERS TO CNN. IN THEIR EYES HE IS A FRUSTRATED INSIDER WHO IS FED UP WITH TRUMP. THEY WILL RUN WITH THIS ONE FOR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Media Are Rigging The Election Against Half The Country. Here’s How – “Will all this be enough for mass media to win the day? People will find out next week.” – Mollie Hemingway

Jake Tapper exposes himself as a craven corporate shill – “The George Babbit of American journalism puts free speech second to Twitter’s wishes.” – Monica Showalter

Noted Uniter of the People Joe Biden Trashes Trump Supporters as His Closing Argument – Bonchie

Trick Or Treat: The Biden Doctrine – “Shifty-looking characters and the illusion of choice: It’s a Biden Halloween.” – Graham J Noble

The Media Hate President Trump With An All-Consuming Mania – “You have so many former CIA operatives on TV it’s hard to know who the anchor is from the CIA Operatives because they have become one-and-the-same. This is state run TV media without the state saying a word.” – Rory Hall

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Kids Get in-Person Learning; All Your Kids Get Is Zoom – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell  – WELL, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Is Sacha Baron Cohen? Hollywood Comic Genius or a One-Man Anti-Republican Hit Squad? – Robert Bridge

65% of College Students Say Rioting and Looting is ‘Justified,’ New Poll Finds – “What the poll really conveys is that many of today’s young people neither understand nor respect the importance of property rights in a free society.” – Brad Polumbo

The Perfect Storm Is Here And There Will Be Election Day Rioting, Especially In Liberal Cities Where Elected Officials Let Rioters Burn Everything Down – Susan Duclos


The Threat of Peace… Why America Needs War With Russia and How To Stop It – Finian Cunningham

US sells oil seized from Iran to Venezuela for $40 million – France 24

The shameful silence on France – “Even after the slaughter in Nice, too many Western liberals are cravenly quiet about the jihad against the French Republic.” – Brendan O’Neill

“Goodbye, Mr. Bond” – Sir Sean Connery Dies At 90 – Tyler Durden

‘Toxic masculinity’ role model: Woke critics use Sean Connery’s death as chance to remind us he was ‘problematic’ – “It used to be a thing to not speak ill of the dead, but Twitter’s army of armchair social justice warriors couldn’t resist pouncing on the chance to preach about how the late film legend Sean Connery was “problematic” with women.” – RT

SHOP NOW: Places Other Than the Grocery Store Where You Can Buy Food at the Last Minute – “As we head into the last weekend before the hotly contested presidential election, it isn’t just preppers who are getting stocked up and planning to hunker down. Americans, in general, have an overall really bad feeling about the aftermath and the possibility of violence.” – Daisy Luther

Best States for Homesteading: Top 6 States Discussed – Bryan Rucker


Do We Really Need More Stimulus to Print More Millionaires & Billionaires, Enrich Fraudsters, Balloon the Trade Deficit? Consumer Data Says, “No We Don’t” – Wolf Richter

Easy Money, Low Interest Rates to Last for Years – Nathan McDonald


Dow closes more than 150 points lower as Wall Street posts its worst one-week sell-off since March – Fred Imbert and Yun Li

Why Hasn’t Trump Tweeted About The Stock Market This Week…?!? (Spoiler Alert: A Sunday Night Shocker Is Coming, Or, He Would Have To Say It’s “Pricing In A Biden Win”) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Fate Of The Pound Sterling – Alasdair Macleod


Proverbs 24:32   Then I saw, and considered it well: I looked upon it, and received instruction.