The New Feudalism – “Another way to look at this, however, is that the lockdowns have created a new feudalism. The workers/peasants toil in the field, struggling for their own survival, unable to escape their plight, while privileged lords and ladies live off the labors of others and issue proclamations from the estate on the hill above it all.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY!!!!

The missing COVID virus—answering critics’ objections- “And don’t try the tactic of accusing me of “confusing people about the pandemic.” That is not a standard for measuring veracity. It’s actually a low-level con. When two sides disagree, proponents of one side assert the other side is sowing confusion. Baloney. The confusion, in this case, is inherent in the conventional view of virus-isolation and proof of discovery.” – Jon Rappoport

Joe Biden Warns: A “Dark Winter” Is Ahead – “He isn’t the first elitist or establishment ruling class member to warn us of this either. Back in May, ousted vaccine chief Rick Bright has warned Congress of the “darkest winter in modern history” without a ramped up coronavirus response. Meaning, unless you submit to even more tyranny and fully enslave yourselves to the ruling class, it’ll be “dark winter.”” – Mac Slavo

Globalists, Including Joe Biden, Keep Pushing This Nightmare Scenario, Bio-Warfare Simulation ‘Codeword’ – Why? Nearly 20-Year-Old Blueprint To Engineer The Destruction Of America Is Playing Out Before Our Eyes – “For those who aren’t yet aware, all the way back in 2001, a war game played out by numerous deep state agencies here in America simulated a biological attack upon America and coincidentally, or not, those exercises were called ‘Dark Winter’.” – Stefan Stanford

Health Expert: Mask Wearing Will Remain Mandatory Even After a COVID Vaccine – “The new normal is a muzzled population.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Doctors vs. Doctors: Who’s Telling the Truth? – “There’s a civil war raging across the U.S. today, pitting medical doctors against other medical doctors. And it’s not because they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. It’s because they are on opposite sides of the truth. COVID Information is Now a War Between Politician Doctors and Practicing Physicians.” – Brian Shilhavy

Zinc Is Key for COVID-19 Treatment and Prevention – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Synonymous: Fight Covid/ Fight Aging – “There Is A Second Virus That Accelerates Aging” – Bill Sardi

Are The Risks Of Reopening Schools Exaggerated? – Anya Kamenetz

Sesame Street Offers “New Normal” Brainwashing for the Very Young and Vulnerable – “This clumsy puppet also makes a guest appearance on World Economic Forum’s The Great Reset Podcast where he offers more dehumanizing advice to lonely and depressed children.” – John C. A. Manley


Last Round-up at the Wokester Corral – “Are you against the principle of free speech? The Democratic Party is. They used to be champions of the First Amendment; now they want to make it conditional on ideas and sentiments they support. Contrary ideas are to be labeled “hate speech,” and suppressed, along with anything that might hurt somebody’s feelings. How did you come to such a complete misunderstanding of what free speech means? Namely, that a free society is obliged to tolerate the expression of disagreeable ideas up to the limit, as the Supreme Court put it, of “crying ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.” I will answer my own question partially by saying: you have been programmed against free speech by what used to be the very vehicles of it, the newspapers and TV News channels, which have, amazingly, come out against freedom of the press and turned into propaganda outlets for Woke Progressivism and its illiberal agenda — thereby inadvertently committing suicide of the entire profession” – James Howard Kunstler

WaPo ‘Perspective’: Hunter Biden Leaks Should Be Treated As ‘Foreign Intelligence Operation’ ‘Even If They Probably Aren’t’ – Tim Pearce  – HOW ABOUT TREATING IT FOR WHAT IT IS, CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tyranny of ‘misinformation’ – “The term is being used by politicians, the press and Big Tech to dismiss opposing views.” – Tim Black

November’s Choice: Trump or the Establishment – “The November presidential election is not about a choice between a Republican and a Democrat, Trump or Biden/Kamala. It is about a choice between Trump and the Establishment. You are voting for or against the Establishment. If you vote against Trump, you are voting for your continued dispossession of your personal freedom, your independence, your income and wealth if any, your integrity, the First and Second Amendments, and any hope for your future and the future of your country. It is as simple as that” – Paul Craig Roberts

Last Lap Of The Qualifying Race – It’s About To Go Live – “We are about to begin what could be the most challenging times we have ever witnessed. I have a bad feeling about this. I’m sure many of you do too. If you are not already very well prepared, it’s too late. Although I do not intend to discourage newbies, the events we may be about to encounter could go way beyond Preparedness Level 1 or 2.” – Ken Jorgustin

Joe Biden Forgets Trump’s Name Again, Claims He Is Running Against “George Bush” – Tyler Durden

All But the Lamest RINOs Are Getting Conserva-Woke Now – “One of the many glories of Donald Trump is his remarkable ability to clarify the truths than have been hidden, or that weak and stupid people have just preferred not to see. Our garbage institutions are teetering, victims of age, technology, and the utter corruption and incompetence of our allegedly elite ruling caste, and for years the soft conservatives have refused to see what is right in front of their dumb, pasty faces.” – Kurt Schlichter

Why Does Barr Let Wray Lie and Flout the Law? – “The Wray FBI is acting in a disgracefully dishonest manner, and the attorneys of the Barr Justice Department are the advocates peddling this nonsense in federal courts. Here is what your government says it can do: Delete and keep secret all text messages – including those by the dirty cops running an illicit coup against President Trump…. AG Barr accepts it all and takes no action. Ask yourself why AG Barr fights Judicial Watch in virtually every FOIA lawsuit seeking records over the Obamagate coup plot” – Chris Farrell

US to get 9th justice with Dems powerless to block Barrett – Lisa Mascaro

Humanity Has Trolled Itself Into An Awaken-Or-Die Situation – Caitlin Johnstone

Three things Americans are doing to prepare for election chaos, another coronavirus spike and deepening economic problems – Michael Snyder

Break in Relations With the EU? – ‘If This Is the Way They Want It, So Be It’ – “Is it surprising that Russia and China have come to their ‘we have had enough’ moment?” – Alastair Crooke

On Foreign Policy, Trump Is Still the Lesser Evil – José Niño

8 Strategies for Prepping When You Have NO Extra Money – “Given the economic circumstances in the United States, it’s unsurprising that a lot of people who would otherwise be prepping have found themselves at a standstill due to financial reasons. Whether it’s because of a job loss, higher food prices, or simply no room in the budget, you can still prep. Here are some strategies to help you get ready for the next few months.” – Daisy Luther

Plant these high-calorie vegetables to ensure your survival when SHTF – “Vegetables are great if you’re trying to limit their calorie intake, but these present a problem when SHTF and you’re limited to what you can grow in your backyard.Root vegetables have some of the highest calorie contents of all vegetables.” – Virgilio Marin


The Mother of All Stock Market Manias – David Stockman

What the Great Reset Architects Don’t Want You To Understand About Economics – Matthew Ehret

Gold, Silver, Markets & More: Crashing, Surging, Whipsaw Volatility Or Undercooked Nothingburger In Final Week Before The Most (Or Least) Important Election, Ever…?!? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Next Up: Global Depression – “The belief that central banks printing currency can “buy/fix” everything that’s broken, lost or scarce is the ultimate in denial, fantasy and magical thinking.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Coming of Corporate Collectivism – “In the US in particular, most people who vote Republican take pride in believing that the US is a capitalist state. Democrats, too, regard the US as a capitalist state, and take the view that that’s what’s wrong with America today. Increasingly, they seek a move in the socialist (or collectivist) direction to save them from the perceived evils of capitalism. But this is not the case. It can be said that the first major introduction of corporatist collectivism occurred in 1913, with the introduction of the Revenue Act and the Federal Reserve Act.” – Jeff Thomas

US, Global Corporate Giants Not Amused Mexico Finally Forces Them to Pay the Taxes They Owe – Nick Corbishley

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.04EUR


Ezekiel 34:18  Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have eaten up the good pasture, but ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures? and to have drunk of the deep waters, but ye must foul the residue with your feet?