White House hosted Covid ‘superspreader’ event, says Dr Fauci – “The data speak for themselves – we had a superspreader event in the White House, and it was in a situation where people were crowded together and were not wearing masks.” – BBC – KIND OF LIKE THE LARGE PROTESTS, RIGHT, DR. FAUCI!!!!!!

Biden accidentally reveals the mask con job – “Watch Biden pull down is mask in order to cough into his hand while speaking at a podium in Nevada, The entire ostensible purpose of wearing a mask is to capture droplets, and the most powerful spreader of droplets is a cough. By coughing into his hand, Biden is contaminating it, enabling his touch to spread the virus to others through direct touch, or via doorknobs or other objects. Were President Trump to cough into his hand, you can be certain that MSMers would claim he has “blood on his hands.”” – Thomas Lifson

Non-Stop BBC Covid Bullshit Proves British Interference in POTUS Election – State of the Nation

The Second Act Will Be Worse Than the First: Lockdowns Are Not the Answer – “In the first presidential “debate” (I use that word creatively), Joe Biden hinted that he would order a national lockdown in order to “defeat” the covid-19 virus, and there certainly seems to be a consensus in the media and among political elites that if there is another “outbreak” of covid, then the “shelter in place” order will be the law of the land.” – William L. Anderson

Why We Should Question The Narrative On Masks – “For all the science-signaling of its advocates, it’s fairly obvious that mask mania is a psychological affair.” – Brian Jones

Are Mandatory Vaccines Coming to Mexico? (VIDEO) – Derrick Broze

Madrid’s Highest Court Throws Out Lockdown So Government Declares ‘State of Emergency’, Orders One Anyway – Euronews

Is Trump the Most Pro-Pharma President in History? QAnons Continue to Lose Credibility – “President Trump has at times allegedly tried to be against Pharma, mostly on pricing issues, but the end result has been the same as every other politician who has promised to go after Corporate America, such as the Obamas originally being against GMOs, and wanting to have an organic garden at the White House. Once they take office, corporate America and the Wall Street bankers take over, and use their secret intelligence agencies and secret societies to make sure everyone stays in line with their plans.” – Brian Shilhavy

Reddit’s Censorship of The Great Barrington Declaration – Ethan Yang

Professor Sunetra Gupta on the Perils of Disease Modelling – AIER Staff

Michigan Health Officials Warn of ANOTHER “Scary” Virus That People Should Worry About – “While Michiganders focus on the COVID-19 issue as well as attempting to get their state’s economy back on track, Michigan public health officials are now warning of another potential breakout of a new virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) EEE is spread by mosquitoes and MI officials claim they are doing everything they can to stop the spread as COVID fatigue sets in with citizens across the country.” – Brandon Turbeville  – GRETCHAN BETTER SHUT DOWN THE STATE!!!!!



Well Played, Mr. President. Sorry To Have Doubted You – “Leaving aside the stupidity of massive new borrowing and spending on top of the past year’s multi-trillions, walking away from those talks seemed like a really bad political move. But then, in almost the same breath, Trump turns around and demands a huge bailout for the airlines and a new round of $1,200 stimulus checks for individuals. Had he joined Biden in the drift toward senility? Or was there some method to the apparent madness? With a little hindsight, it’s clear that this was one of his “Art of the Deal” tactics, albeit in compressed form.” – John Rubino

Trump’s brilliant stimulus ploy rattles Democrats – Liz Peek

On the Subject of Invincible Trump, Soulless Joe, Skynet, and the Pope of Wall Street – Phil Butler  – A GOOD READ FROM PHIL!!!!!

Two Types of Terror in Michigan – “Trump had no connection to the plot, and at least one of the alleged plotters denounced Trump as a “tyrant” and “the enemy.” But Trump’s condemnations of lockdowns was enough for Gov. Whitmer to denounce Trump yesterday as “complicit” with the plotters.” – James Bovard

It’s to ‘replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris’: Trump reacts to Pelosi’s 25th amendment commission with claim of a hidden plot – RT

Why the Truth Behind Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine Matters To Us All – David Schoen

Trump vs. The Establishment: Who Will Win? – “Despite the known facts and abundant evidence of the criminal actions by CIA, FBI, and Obama regime officials in the Russiagate hoax, President Trump’s Attorney General has failed to move forward with indictments and prosecutions. The reason is simple. Attorney General Barr is a member of the establishment, and the establishment protects establishment members and institutions. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

Make America Cringe Again – “Kamala Harris’s faux-inspirational blather obscures a ruthless, unprincipled politician. Harris’s sassy deflections of the vice-president’s non-interruptions were key moments of the night. And not in a good way. While liberal cable news channels clipped the exchanges, and Twitter proclaimed ‘SLAY KWEEN’, I’m sure many voters were reminded of the kind of identitarian posturing from Democrats that they have come to loathe. Harris has particular form in this regard,” – Tom Slater

Debate Number Two Is Off Because Biden, Not Trump, Backed Out – “The media is spinning the cancellation of the second presidential debate. Time for some honesty.” – Graham J Noble

Trump Campaign Challenges Biden To Debate Without Debate Commission – Jeff Charles

No More Debates, Kamala is Speaking, Sick Economy (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Ballot Fraud, Felonies, And Theft – But Mail-In Voting Is Safe? – “Democrats continue to insist that mail-in voting is not vulnerable to fraud. We continue to see evidence to the contrary.” – Kelli Ballard

‘I Am White, Therefore a Racist’ Declares Liberal Professor, in Latest Proof U.S. Academics Are Fueling Racial Tensions – Robert Bridge

A New Globalist Pet Project? #BuildBackBetter – “Every generation or so, globalists will conspire to devise a scheme masked as a benevolent campaign to rescue humanity from the tolling of the bell. Climate change or the coronavirus – each crusade initiated by the socialist left ensures the population is in perpetual fear of whatever it is they vow will imminently eviscerate civilization.” – Andrew Moran

3 Inconvenient Truths 60 Minutes Forgot to Mention in Its Story on California Wildfires and Climate Change – “Compelling evidence suggests California’s wildfires stem largely from government mismanagement.” – Jon Miltimore

ABC Avoids Reporting Police Shooting Victim Was Armed and Fired Weapon – “On Thursday morning, ABC News correspondent Alex Perez was again doing his part to stoke racial strife as he informed viewers that a police officer in Milwaukee will not be charged for shooting a 17-year-old African American teen, Alvin Cole. As Good Morning America ran a full report showing a clip in which a protester called the shooting a “murder,” at no point were viewers told that Cole had fired a handgun before being killed by Officer Joseph Mensah.” – Brad Wilmouth

Democrats Want You to Pay the Media’s Bills – “While small businesses go under, Democrats are bailing out the media.” – Daniel Greenfield  – OF COURSE THEY ARE, THAT’S THEIR PROPOGANDA ARM!!!!!!

The Third Worlding of America – “This is not Norman Rockwell’s America. Indeed, it’s not even the America one might remember growing up in the 1980s and ’90s. It’s changed for the worse.” – Christopher Roach

How Did People Have Conversations Back Before Tech Oligarchs Were There To Police Them? – “Imagine if you were at a party and a bunch of guys with clipboards who work for the government were going around from group to group listening to the conversations people were having and forcibly removing anyone who said anything they deemed false or disruptive. Would you be okay with this? Even if the people they dragged out of the social gathering were saying things that were indeed false? Of course you wouldn’t. Nobody would find such an occurrence acceptable, but because basically the same thing is happening on the relatively unfamiliar conversation forum known as social media,” – Caitlin Johnstone

Has Our Luck Finally Run Out? – “We are woefully unprepared for a long run of bad luck. My sense is the cycles have turned and the good luck has drained from the hour-glass. Energy and food will no longer be cheap and abundant, our luck in leadership will vanish, and our vaunted technologies will fail to maintain an abundance so vast that we can squander the finite wealth of soil, water, resources and energy on mindless consumption.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Shedding light on the limits of Chinese power – “Academic Lanxin Xiang is no fan of Trump’s China policies but also sees where Beijing has miscalculated and overreached” – Pepe Escobar

While No One Was Looking: America, Guyana, and Venezuela – “the US has more than Venezuela in its sights. It also has its sights on the oil discoveries in the disputed waters of the Essequibo.” – Ted Snider

Elon Musk Building “War Rocket” for US Military that Delivers Weapons Anywhere in Only an Hour – Elias Marat

Treat Your Smartphone Like Hannibal Lecter – “The devices in our pockets are dangerous, manipulative, and ready to turn against us. Why don’t we act like it?” – Bill Blunden

What To Keep ON or IN Your Bedside Table Nightstand For Preparedness – Ken Jorgustin



Gold At $2,000 An Ounce In 2020 Is Cheaper Than $35 An Ounce In 1971; What This Means For India – Shanmuganathan Nagasundaram  – AND WHAT IT MEANS FOR ANYONE ELSE, FOR THAT MATTER!!!!

Silver And Gold Shines! – J. Johnson

Don’t Confuse Gold Futures with Gold – Robert Aro

A Big Move In Silver: Watch The Currency Markets – Hubert Moolman

Bitcoin Made Simple – “Finally explained in plain English by a respected crypto expert” – Adam Taggart

Bitcoin: ‘The tsunami is coming’ – “Jack Dorsey’s Square is the latest firm to ride the growing wave of interest in the digital store of value. Square believes cryptocurrency is an instrument of economic empowerment and provides a way to participate in a global monetary system” – Paul Muir



Luke 12:56   Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time?