Melinda Gates Slams Social Media for Spreading ‘Disinfo’ – “In a September 2020 interview, Melinda Gates said “It may be time for a reckoning” with social media’s role in spreading disinformation, yet the Gates Foundation has a history of funding disreputable science. What the Gates call “disinformation” and “conspiracy theories” are often information exposing the Gates Foundation’s own disinformation campaigns.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Where Did Covid-19 Come From? – Evidence indicates that it came from NIH funding of EcoHealth Alliance, an entity doing “gain-of-function” research in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many experts believe that the virus was created by that research and escaped from the Wuhan lab. Gain-of-function research involves enhancing the pathogenicity and transmissibility of pathogens.”” – Paul Craig Roberts  – MORE ON GAIN-OF-FUNCTION!!!!!

OPEN LETTER: Belgian Healthcare Workers Call for End to Lockdown – Off Guardian

Lockdown Rebels: 48 Percent of Russians Never Wore a Muzzle, 62 Percent Never “Socially Distanced” – “Russia has far lower death rates from the virus than other countries. Moscow has denied that its official data undercount the number of infections and fatalities from the pandemic.” – Henry Foy

Why Fauci Is Lauding New York as a COVID-19 Success, and Why Rand Paul Isn’t Buying It – ” “Is man really capable of altering the course of an infectious disease through crowd control?” Rand Paul asked.” – Jon Miltimore

The COVID-19 Numbers Game: The “Second Wave” is Based on Fake Statistics (VIDEO) with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – GlobalResearchTV


The Mask and the Bump – “If blood oxygen saturation is lowered by wearing a mask, then we ask what harm could that do to a pregnant woman? For most healthy young people the harm is probably mild such as a headache that goes away after full breathing is restored. But if the mother’s oxygen saturation is lowered then so is that of the fetus and here things get frankly frightening.” – Patrick Corbett



Debate Extra — A Ghastly Spectacle – “Ol’ White Joe Biden showed up last night after all, along with an executive officer of government known here as the Golden Golem of Greatness, a.k.a. President Donald Trump. Mr. Trump demonstrated that he is not a politician while Mr. Biden proved that a politician is exactly what he is… or was. If Mr. Biden was stoked on amphetamines, someone should have slipped half a milligram of Xanax into the president’s pre-debate diet Coke. Had Mr. Trump remained calm and self-possessed, there would have been a high probability of Mr. Biden simply talking himself into a muddle of verbal applesauce by the halfway mark.” – James Howard Kunstler   – MR KUNSTLER, ONCE AGAIN. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

2020 Trump – Biden Presidential Debate Postmortem – “Wow. What a circus. Though I did watch it for the entertainment value, what a joke. Sad for America. I would hardly call it a presidential debate. It was anything but presidential. Yesterday I said that I thought it might be “cringe” worthy. Well, it certainly was. But not so much in the way that I expected.” – Ken Jorgustin  – VERY GOOD ANALYSIS FROM KEN. I FIND LITTLE TO DISAGREE WITH HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poo-Slinging Monkeys – “That’s what last night was — identical to going to the zoo and watching the monkeys sling poo at each other. Appalling and amusing at the same time. If I was supposed to be surprised by any of that, I wasn’t. Let’s talk about what little we learned.” – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM KARL!!!!!

Russia Could Never Discredit The US Empire The Way These Guys Just Did – “Well. Wow. I mean, wow. So in case you missed it, the first US presidential debate was everything the US empire deserves and a fair reflection of everything the US empire is. If Vladimir Putin were every bit the election-meddling demon the Democrats say he is, and if he had unlimited time and unlimited resources to create the perfect ninety-minute propaganda video to discredit the US-led unipolar world order, he could not have designed one more effective than the performance that was just delivered by President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden with the help of moderator Chris Wallace.” – Caitlin Johnstone

A sh*tshow of a debate – “Are these two grouchy old men really the best America has to offer?” – Sean Collins

Two crucial things emerged from the first presidential debate – “The short version of the debate is that Biden did well if one ignored that almost every other statement he made was a lie or fantasy; Trump dominated him, almost too aggressively; and Chris Wallace may have been the worst and most obviously biased moderator since Candy Crowley. Most significantly, though, Biden and Trump each made a critical point.” – Andrea Widburg

Absence of Fair and Balanced Media Coverage of Trump v. Biden Round One – Stephen Lendman

Gun Control Absent From Presidential Debate – “This issue that seemed poised to shape at least part of the presidential election has largely fizzled out. Oh, Biden still wants gun control and we know that if he’s elected, we’ll likely see it, but no one wants to talk about it, apparently. Why?” – Tom Knighton

Chris Wallace: Never Again – “His narcissistic synapses firing at warp speed, Fox newsman Chris Wallace could not stop himself from ruining the American people’s opportunity to hear from President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in 2020’s first presidential debate yesterday evening. All the chatter on this “morning after” is about Trump interrupting his challenger. Really? Wallace spent the entire 96 minutes of the debate adding to the melee instead of tamping down the rebellion.” – Leesa K. Donner

It Begins: Media, Democrats Float Canceling the Remaining Debates, the Real Reasons Why Are Obvious – Sister Toldjah

Biden: Let’s Go to the Videotape – “Back in the ’70s a local New York City sportscaster named Warner Wolf coined a phrase. “Let’s go to the videotape.” In doing so he was able to settle many a sports argument. There may be other reasons to vote or not vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming election. But by his 47-year record and by his own words, it has become increasingly evident that Biden is a pathological liar. Just go to the videotape.” – Jerrold L. Sobel


So Much for Income Tax Privacy – “How many times have we been told that the information we send to the Internal Revenue Service in our federal income tax returns is guaranteed to be kept confidential? So much for that myth, as President Trump can now attest. The New York Times somehow secured a copy of Trump’s income tax returns and is excitedly telling the world what they contain. One thing is for sure: If the president of the United States can’t keep his income tax returns private, no one else can either.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Did BoJo steal ‘build back better’ tagline from BIDEN? Fact checkers can relax, as BOTH repeat an old UN slogan from JAPAN – RT

Doug Casey Debunks Four Myths About Trump, Taxes, and the Economy – Doug Casey

Global Food Shortages Are Becoming Very Real, And U.S. Grocery Store Chains Are Preparing For Worst Case Scenarios – Michael Snyder

This Is How Quickly They Could Shut It All Down: 911 Emergency Outages Just The Latest Sign Of Something Sinister Ahead – Stefan Stanford

Thai Protests are Anti-Chinese, Not “Pro-Democracy” – Tony Cartalucci

Explosive Gas Pipeline in the Mediterranean – “The US strategy is declared: to reduce and finally block Russian gas exports to Europe, replacing them with gas supplied or otherwise controlled by the US. In 2014 it blocked the SouthStream pipeline through the Black Sea, which would have brought Russian gas to Italy at competitive prices, and is attempting to do the same with TurkStream which, via the Black Sea, carries Russian gas to the European part of Turkey to get it to the EU. At the same time, the US is trying to block the New Silk Road, the network of infrastructures designed to connect China to the Mediterranean and Europe” – Manlio Dinucci

New York Hospitals Now Asking Patients: ‘Do You Have a Gun in Your House?’ – “Gun control politics is coming to hospitals in New York.” – José Niño

2019 FBI Crime Statistics Show Hammers, Clubs Again Outrank Rifle Murders – Personal Defense World

Are You Missing These Often Overlooked Necessities in Your Bug-Out Bag? – Toby Cowern

Build Your Own Survival Shack – DIY Project – Bob Rodgers

How To Build A Walipini Greenhouse – “We use cellars because they maintain a more constant temperature than structures that are built above-ground. We use greenhouses to extend the growing season because they hold in heat. Well what if you combined a greenhouse and a cellar? You’d have a greenhouse that would allow you to grow plants year-round. This type of greenhouse is called a geothermal, pit or, Walipini greenhouse, and is common in South America.” – Theresa Crouse




What Major Stores Went Bankrupt in 2020? – Mish

The Urban Exodus and How Greatness Goes Bankrupt – Charles Hugh Smith

Powered by Stimulus & Rent/Mortgage Payments “Not Made,” US Trade Deficit Hits Record Worst Terrible Level Ever – “Not a sign of strength, but of big economic distortions.” – Wolf Richter

Meet The Mastermind Behind JPMorgan’s Gold And Silver Manipulation “Crime Ring” – Tyler Durden

JPMorgan Chase Admits to Two New Felony Counts – Brings Total to Five Felony Counts in Six Years – All During Tenure of Jamie Dimon – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Bubbles, Booms, Busts, and Bummers – Gary Christianson

We Are in a Very Dangerous Period (VIDEO) with Charles Nenner – Greg Hunter

Is This a Buying Opportunity for Silver? – Michael Maharrey

Silver Will Soar on Its Next Rally – ” I see silver not only heading above $30, I expect it to reach new heights, shocking many observers in the process. Still, in the near term, my research suggests silver’s consolidation/correction phase has further to run before the metal resumes its climb.” – Peter Krauth

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.26EUR




2 Timothy 2:16    But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.