A Primer for the Media on Viruses, Vaccines, and Covid-19 – Roger W. Koops  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!

“We Do Not Consent” – 1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown – Tyler Durden

German Minister: Lockdown Will Kill More Than Covid-19 Does – “Half a million more will die from tuberculosis” – Steve Watson

Cancer Patients May Not Have Higher COVID-19 Risk – American Technion Society

Placer County California Reopens Businesses, Schools, Churches in Defiance of Gov. Newsom, and COVID Incidents Decrease – Model for Rest of California? – “As can be expected, Big Pharma interests kicked into high gear to protest the County’s actions. Placer County Health Officer and Public Health Director, Dr Aimee Sisson, for example, resigned from her position. Kirk Uhler streamed a Facebook video this week exposing the lies in a Sacramento Bee’s article that blamed the unanimous Board resolution on “anti-vaxxers.”” – Brian Shilhavy

Media Bias on Display: A Tale of Two Governors and COVID – Susie Moore  – THIS IS AMUST READ WITH STATS TO SHOW A TRUE COMPARISON!!!!!

MORE QUACKERY: Finland Now ‘Testing for COVID’ With Sniffing Dogs. MSM Approves – “Sure why not. Face diapers, face shields, lung-exploding vents, test that picks up on dead virus…might as well throw in voodoo dogs as well – Anti Media” – Elian Peltier

Chief Scientific Adviser Criticized For Large Investments In Vaccine Developer – “Sir Patrick Vallance, the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of the United Kingdom, has been accused of having a conflict of interest, after a recent report revealed that he has a £600,000 stake in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the pharmaceutical company that is working to develop a COVID vaccine for the UK government.” – John Vibes


Yes, YouTube Has Censored the Ron Paul Liberty Report. You Won’t Believe Why! – “As many of you have already heard, YouTube (owned by Google, with deep roots in the deep state), inexplicably removed our Ron Paul Liberty Report from 23 September, titled “Covid Whistleblowers Expose Narrative As ‘Total Fraud,'” and officially delivered a “warning” to the Ron Paul Liberty Report You Tube channel.” – Daniel McAdams

Arresting People For Not Wearing Masks Is Another Giant Step Toward Total Tyranny – Michael Snyder





Trump poised to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ginsburg’s seat – “The president will officially announce his choice Saturday, just over five weeks from Election Day.” – Marianne Levine, Anita Kumar, Gabby Orr and Burgess Everett

It has started: Bill Maher kicks off bid to make Amy Coney Barrett look like a religious nut – “Left-wing television host Bill Maher has wasted no time in going the low road, branding President Trump’s expected Supreme Court nominee, distinguished law professor and Seventh Circuit Appeals Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, as a ‘f***ing nut.'” – Monica Showalter

Archbishop Vigano: Trump faces ‘biblical challenge’ against ‘demonic forces of … New World Order’ -Douglas Ernst

CNN Meltdown: Civil War Unless Joe Biden Wins – “Tom Friedman, a veteran New York Times columnist, appeared on Thursday’s edition of Anderson Cooper 360 with one message: “I’m terrified to find myself ending my career as a journalist covering America’s potential second civil war in its history.” This in response to President Trump’s comments questioning the integrity of mail-in voting.” – Joseph Norris  – CNN AND THE NEW YORK SLIME WORKING TOGETHER TO PROMOTE CIVIL UNREST ONCE AGAIN. DO PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEIR “SH*T” ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

Is Nancy Pelosi deliberately trying to stir up riots across America? – “Following the Louisville grand jury’s decision not to indict three policemen for murder, Nancy Pelosi sides with the mob.” – Andrea Widburg

Snowflake Meltdowns Prove President Trump Right When He Says That ‘We’re Dealing With Crazy People’ – “It Is Ugly Now And About To Get Much Worse” – Susan Duclos

Is Social Media like a Weapon of Mass Destruction? – Vladimir Platov

The Road to Nowhere: Whatever Can’t Be Politicized Ceases to Exist – “Just as time is a one-way arrow, “the politicization of everything” is a one-way road to dissolution and collapse. The essence of any Totalitarian society is the politicization of everything, as everything must be either supporting the status quo or it’s a threat to the status quo.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Do New York Times Headline Writers Believe Their Headlines? – “Consider the newspaper’s above-the-fold headline from Monday: “A Nation’s Anguish As Deaths Near 200,000.” Really?” – John Tamny

“Massive Corruption By The Obama-Biden Administration”: Flynn Family Responds To FBI Text Message Revelations – Tyler Durden

World War II memorial cancelled for being too white – “Just when you think it couldn’t get more bizarre… we give you this week’s absurdity.” – Simon Black

What’s the Difference Between ‘Villain’ Assange & ‘Intrepid’ Woodward? – “The completely fair super awesome trial of Julian Assange continues in the U.K. as I write this. It’s a beautiful blend of the works of Kafka, Stalin and Joseph Heller. Seeing as Julian is kept in a glass container in the courtroom, like a captured cockroach, maybe Kafka wins the day. The court clearly must keep Julian in that giant Tic-Tac container because he’s undoubtedly as dangerous as Hannibal Lecter. If he weren’t in there, no one would know when he might lurch forward and PUBLISH SOMETHING THAT’S TOTALLY TRUE!” – Lee Camp

British Ambassador Craig Murray Exposes the Corrupt and Censored Assange Extradition Hearing – ““The plan of the US Government throughout has been to limit the information available to the public and limit the effective access to a wider public of what information is available. Thus we have seen the extreme restrictions on both physical and video access. A complicit mainstream media has ensured that those of us who know what is happening are very few in the wider population.” Even Ambassador Murray’s reports on the hearing are censored by social media:” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mueller Team Corruption Contaminates Justice – Chris Farrell

‘Shoot on sight’: Boston Dynamics robot dog spotted out on city street triggers fear — and defensiveness – “The clip polarized social media users, many of whom were filled with horror at the sight of the seemingly autonomous metal canine. “Shoot on sight,” one said succinctly.” – RT

The Supply Chain is Broken and Food Shortages Are HERE – Robert Wheeler

Self-Defense and ‘Taking the Law into Your Own Hands.’ – Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.  – GREAT ARTICLE FROM LEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moderate Murder: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Kill millions in concentration camps and they’ll call you a monster. Kill millions with bombs and they’ll call you a moderate.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

The US’ Hybrid War On Russian Energy Targets Germany, Belarus, And Bulgaria – Andrew Korybko

DARPA’s Implantable Biochip Is Not Fake News, “Anti-Science” & Robbie Martin Talks Anthrax & COVID (VIDEO) -The Last American Vagabond

Bummer: Rising Colon and Rectal Cancer Rates Could Be from Cell Phone Radiation Exposure – BN Frank

Alliance for Science expands mission with $10 million reinvestment – ” Public relations campaign funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promotes GMOs and pesticides” – GM Watch




Revenge of the Money Launderers – “The “FinCen files” story reveals: getting caught doesn’t stop banks from taking dirty money. It may even encourage them” – Matt Taibbi

DARK YEARS & FOURTH TURNING – “Let’s face it, the US is bankrupt. No country, company or individual could lose money every year for 90 years and still be standing. Normally the currency of such a country should have faded into oblivion. Well the dollar almost has since it is down 98% in real terms or gold since 1971 and down 85% since 2000. Central banks will not save the world, they can’t. Because how can you solve a debt problem with more worthless debt or how can you create wealth by issuing more debt. That Ponzi scheme is now finished for a very long time. Physical gold (and silver) will in the next few years reveal the total delusion that the financial system has rested on. Investors who are not protected should take heed.” – Egon von Greyerz  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM EGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“An Extremely Dangerous Game” – Central Bankers ‘Extend & Pretend’ Has Increased Risk Of “Catastrophic Collapse” – Tyler Durden

Continuing the Trend: 2020 to End in Chaos – Nathan McDonald

Tick, Tock Stock Drop – ” You can feel the breath of the bear” – David Haggith

Subprime, No Problem? FHA Mortgage Delinquencies Hit Record 17.4%, as Fed Triggers Mad Land-Rush in Split Housing Market – Wolf Richter

Durable Goods New Orders Spotlight a Manufacturing Slowdown – Mish




Job 30:26   When I looked for good, then evil came unto me: and when I waited for light, there came darkness.