‘Very serious situation’ unfolding in Europe, WHO warns, as cases rise dramatically – Holly Ellyatt – AND NOW YOUR DAILY PROPAGANDA!!!!!

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!

What a Joke – “( “With the benefit of hindsight, I am sure that we would’ve made different choices in terms of our response to the disease.” – John Mauldin ) What would these different responses include? Don’t shut down the economy? Don’t add trillions in new debt? Don’t destroy hundreds of thousands of small business? Don’t increase the suicide rate? Don’t decrease the number of doctors’ visits for cancer screenings, heart disease, etc.? Nope, none of these: It would’ve been nice to have a stockpile of N95 masks and other PPE gear. Mauldin should spend three minutes to understand the completely unscientific basis underlying these measures, along with the negative health effects brought on by their implementation. Instead, he wants more study on the exact distancing necessary. Is it six feet? Is it 50% capacity at restaurants? What nonsense.” – Bionic Mosquito  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Sweden shows lockdowns were unnecessary. No wonder public health officials hate it – Dan Hannan

Making an apocalypse out of a pandemic – “What the 20th-century flu pandemics reveal about our response to Covid-19.”- Tim Black

EcoHealth Alliance Gets Big Bucks for Risky Virus Research – “Gain-of-function research to alter coronaviruses for the infection of humans goes back to 1999 or earlier, years before the first novel coronavirus outbreak. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, is a top scientific collaborator, grant writer and spokesperson for virus hunters and gain-of-function/dual-use researchers, in labs both military and civilian.” – Alexis Baden-Mayer

New rules may allow Australian police to detain “conspiracy theorists” – “The Australian state is roling out increasingly fascistic laws, when will people finally say enough is enough?” – Off Guardian

Conspiracy Theorist Bill Gates Is Undermining Trust in Public Health Officials Outrageous! – “Get with the program, Bill! Trust experts and believe in science” – Marko Marjanović  – IF THE SCIENCE ISN’T FAUCI’S, THEN IT’S WRONG!!!!!

CDC Director: ‘Covid Vaccine? Ha! Wear Your “Life Saving” Mask!’ (VIDEO) – “Yesterday Centers for Disease Control Director Redfield testified before Congress, while dragging his fingers all along the inside of his mask and thus contaminating it, that wearing a mask was even more important than any future coronavirus vaccine. Funny, the CDC was singing a different tune just months ago. Why can’t they seem to get it right? Is this science…or politics?” – Daniel McAdams

Video: CNN (Seriously) Claims That Covid Will Spread At Trump Rallies But Not BLM Protests – “At protests many people are aware of the risks and doing everything they can to reduce that risk versus at many of the rallies we are seeing people going in defiance” – Steve Watson

Beets for Better Lung Efficiency – “Nitrates, which are found in beets, have been shown to improve muscle contractions in the diaphragm, helping to improve breathing as a byproduct. This is important for general health, but can become especially important for fighting off severe symptoms from viral respiratory illnesses like COVID-19.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola




Bringing a Bazooka to a Knife Fight – “You heard it here first: Joe Biden will call in “sick” to the presidential candidates’ debate on Tuesday, September 29, and within days the Democratic Party will be obliged to replace him. Enough said for now. Wait for it…. Onto the election issue du jour: putting out ideological fires set by political arsonists: namely, the “systemic racism” hustle cooked up by “progressive” anarcho-terrorists to provoke hatred and division in a nation sore beset by propaganda, psy-ops, and seditious subterfuge — not to mention Covid-19 and economic collapse, as if those were not enough.” – James Howard Kunstler

We House Arrested Some Folks – “Being a vandal and a politician, but I repeat myself, means having zero shame. Case in point the leadership of the City of Nashville. They were caught red-handed suppressing the data of COVID-19 transmissions to support their draconian business closure edicts. And yet they still persist in demanding citizens commit economic hari kiri and cover their faces to keep them from losing theirs.” – Tom Luango

Biden Interrupts Republican Voter, Tries To Rebut Her Question Before She Finishes It – Virginia Kruta  – AND HE NEVER REALLY DID ANSWER HER QUESTION WHICH WAS ABOUT OVER REGULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden, the mean old man the media won’t tell you about – “Biden can’t get near a voter without getting into some kind of political fight. And it’s not a cute sort of pugnacity we are talking about here, it’s a stone-cold meanness and contempt for ordinary people with a common denominator of elitist entitlement. Latest incident was yesterday.” – Monica Showalter

Joe Biden Claims That President Trump Could Save Everyone From Dying From Wuhan Virus and CNN’s Doctor Agrees – ” (“If the president had done his job, had done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive. All the people — I’m not making this up. Just look at the data. Look at the data.” -Biden). The stunning part of this is that this claim has been left unchanged and unchallenged. Not even a “clarification.” No sign of a CNN or Politifact or Washington Post “fact check” of this claim. In fact, it seems like the media, particularly CNN, are perfectly willing to tell a monumental lie in the service of Joe Biden’s election. Here is CNN’s say-anything, Pharma transcriptionist Sanjay Gupta backing up Biden’s claim.” – streiff

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal. Committing And Hiding Them Should Not. – Caitlin Johnstone

Self-censorship in the US – “When citizens stop voicing their concerns in public about current events, policies and ideas out of fear that they will lose their livelihoods and social standing, it is — or should be — a huge problem in a democracy. A democratic society of fearful citizens who dare not speak about what is on their minds — often important issues of their time — is doomed to succumb to the will of those who bully the hardest and shout the loudest.” – Judith Bergman

The Soros Cover-Up – “Ihave been watching a truly curious phenomenon over the past few days. It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros—and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes. This happened to me personally this week while I was being interviewed on Fox’s Outnumbered.” – Newt Gingrich

What Was Trump Thinking When He Appointed an Enemy To Head The FBI? – Paul Craig Roberts

The Coming Food Crisis – “Food inflation, shortages, and poverty – brought to you by the government.” – Andrew Moran

Netflix’s ‘Cuties’: It’s Not The First Attempt By Hollywood To Normalize Pedophilia – “After studying and exposing the agendas of establishment elites for the past 14 years, I can say with some authority that by watching these people you quickly begin to understand the reality of evil. Anyone who dismisses the concept of evil as nothing more than a “social construct” or a matter of “perception” is suffering from either naivety or bias.The elites really want us to look at films like Cuties and say “Gee, this pedophilia thing isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be…and maybe it’s not wrong to be aroused by 11 year old children…” Some people are in fact saying this on YouTube right now as they come to the defense of the film. ” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!

George Floyd Riots Caused Record-Setting $2 Billion in Damage, New Report Says. Here’s Why the True Cost Is Even Higher Even – “beyond face-value insurance costs, riots leave a lasting shadow on a city that haunts its economy for decades.” – Brad Polumbo

Kamala Harris Wants To Ban Guns, But She Doesn’t Want To Talk About It – Cam Edwards

Constitution Day – “As you may know, yesterday was Constitution Day. And you know what? The federal government can’t even get that right. So, what have they done now? Well, in 2004, President George W. Bush signed an unconstitutional federal act, with an unconstitutional federal mandate, applying to unconstitutional federally-funded schools – to “teach the Constitution” Now here’s the thing – the Constitution doesn’t delegate any authority over education to the feds. You might think there’s a silver lining in all this. They at least teach the Constitution, right?Except they don’t even bother to teach the Constitution. ” – Michael Maharrey  – SAD, BUT THEY WILL TEACH YOU ABOUT BLM AND WHITE PRIVILEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CV19 Over – Open Up USA, Economy Damaged, Jill Key to Joe (VIDEO) – “The science and data say that CV19 is over, but why are Democrats wanting to keep it all locked down until after the November Election? It’s all about politics. The Democrats think this is the way to victory. Who cares how many people this hurts? This is the crazy Dem strategy of lie, cheat, steal, riot, cause pain, destruction and then blame it all on Trump.” – Greg Hunter

More Than One Third of All NYC Residents Consider Leaving – Mish

Donald Trump accused of sexual assault by former model Amy Dorris – ” Amy Dorris alleges Trump forced his tongue down her throat and groped her at 1997 US Open” – Lucy Osborne  – WOW, DOWN HER THROAT. MUST HAVE A LONG TONGUE. HMM, 23 YEARS AGO AND IT JUST COMES OUT BEFORE ELECTION. OH, AND HOW COME THEY NEVER TALK ABOUT JOE’S GROPING. AMAZING ISN’T IT!!!!!!


Believe It Or Not, 2021 Is Looking Worse Than 2020 – John Rubino

Into The Wild Part 2 (VIDEO) – “How dire are conditions in our last remaining wilderness areas? What primary factors are fueling the record wildfires that are incinerating formerly thriving forests? What aren’t official agencies telling us?” – Dane Wigington  – GOOD SERIES ON GEOENGINEERING FROM DANE. PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!

Globalist-Directed Geo-terrorists Aim Yet Another Weather Weapon at Florida Panhandle—WHO & WHY? – “The only reason why the 2020 hurricane season has been repeatedly predicted to be the worst ever is because the globalist-directed geoengineers are working overtime to fabricate these Frankenstorms. In other words, the electorate is being relentlessly gaslighted in advance of the transparent weather warfare in order that everyone will simply accept that these are natural disasters. They are natural. Yes, some of them may be, but then they are purposely amped up into megastorms.” – State of the Nation

The Dark Side of 5G: Military Use – Manlio Dinucc

DoD ADMITS Directed Energy Weapons Are IN USE, Eludes To WAR – Mac Slavo

Most Organizations formed to Combat Child Sex Trafficking are Actually Facilitating and Funding It – “The most obvious example is the one we have been reporting on for years now here at Health Impact News, which is the government-funded child welfare system commonly referred to as “Child Protective Services,” or CPS, which is the main vehicle by which children are kidnapped from their families and trafficked.” – Brian Shilhavy

Not All Dogs Are Suited For Survival: 5 Suggestions to Help You Choose. – “If what you are really looking for is a survival dog, there are a few things you need to seriously consider. Some dogs are more well suited to be just companions, while others are better suited to be protectors. What a prepper really needs is a combination of both.” – John Woods




How the Stock Market Got to be Out of Touch with Reality – David Stockman

This Is Why Inflation Will Rip Everyone’s Face Off – “This is why inflation will rip everyone’s faces off: production will continue to stagnate no matter how many trillions the Federal Reserve prints and throws around.” – Charles Hugh Smith

China Is Killing the Dollar – Alasdair Macleod

Total Unemployment Benefits Recipients Remain Near 30 Million – Robert Hughes

Bank of England eyes sub-zero rates in face of virus, Brexit – The Canadian Press

Who Bought the $3.3 Trillion Piled on the Incredibly Spiking US National Debt Since March? – “Trillions flying by so fast, it’s hard to even count them. But somebody had to buy these Treasury securities. And it wasn’t just the Fed. Here’s who.” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.69EUR




Proverbs 30:24-28  There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise:  The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;  The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks;  The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands;  The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.