Are You Ready for the “No One Could Have Known” Routine? – “0.23% of the US population over 65 have died of COVID Though they’ve tried to sell it otherwise, this thing has very little, if anything, to do with great-grandma’s Spanish flu of 1918. Indeed, it not even completely clear if it is cumulatively worse in terms of loss of life than the influenzas outbreaks of 1957-58 or 1968-69 that most everyone slept through. But, I guess that doesn’t matter when there’s a narrative to keep. Might it be time to ask if there might be something else afoot with all this?” – Thomas Harrington  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE. I URGE EVERYONE TO READ THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How The Deep State Globalists Duped Americans With Covid-19 To Collapse The US Economy And Mortally Wound The Empire (Explained As Simply As Possible) – “OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what’s the other reason you’re now so anti-mask?”. It’s simple. Only a total idiot or a strait-up liar would say that a condom with 1000 holes poked in it is useful in preventing pregnancy or STDs, and in the same sense, only a Deep State Globalist would say to use a bandanna, a home-made cloth mask, a scarf, a surgical mask, or any of those other stupid things that people slap on their faces that offer zero protection against airborne pathogens, much less when we’re talking about a particularly nasty, potentially aerosolized little bugger that can supposedly travel 10 stories through the PVC pipes, lead tubing, duct work and concrete walls to infect people. Alternatively, the Sheeple will say to use one of those ineffective masks too, because, well, they’re sheeple. They’ll never get it. They’re only meant to be fleeced, or slaughtered.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Virginia Plans Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For All Residents – Tyler Durden

Americans Believe 24 and Under Are 8% of COVID Deaths. The Real Share Is 0.1% – Sonal Desai  – VERY GOOD, FACTUAL ARTICLE!!!!!!!

The Covid-19 “Big Lie”: Is This What You Want for Your Children? – Prof Michel Chossudovsky

California Military Veteran Warns that Armed Resistance is Coming: “There’s a Million People Like Me, and You Won’t Stop Us – “There are signs of resistance in California, a state which is still under lockdown as summer wanes on. In a video that is going viral on the Internet right now, a military veteran who has reportedly been identified as Carlos Zapata attended the Shasta County Board of Supervisors meeting last week, unmasked in defiance of Governor Newsom’s dictate, and issued a strong warning to the Board:” – Brian Shilhavy

As COVID-1984 Accelerates Bill Gates Blames ‘Freedom’ For Spread of the Virus (VIDEO) – Spiro Skouras

The Economic Insanity of This Coronavirus Pandemic Plot and the Coming Global Reset – “The near elimination of the middle class caused by this government response policy, brings with it a society much easier to control from the top. That was the main objective all along, as separating society into two classes, one wealthy and one not, a power shift of epoch proportion was the result.” – Gary D. Barnett

If you are reading this, you might be a conspiracy theorist – “Yes it’s a fucking conspiracy theory. It is a theory based on evidence, however. Why are the US and UK and a host of other countries deliberately ensuring a massive depression? Because they care about your health? They are worried we all might catch the flu? Has the US ever demonstrated a concern with your health and well being before?” – John Steppling

Company Set To Manufacture COVID-19 Vaccine For US Intentionally Sold Faulty Biodefense Products – Whitney Webb





The Storm Is Here: Pelosi Prepares to Be Appointed President – Trump’s Fight Against Total Chaos – “A plan is underway to install Nancy Pelosi as president. It is not the only plan, but this plan will be worked towards its logical conclusion, whether or not its utility concludes prior to the election itself, now less than 90 days away.” – Joaquin Flores

Joe Biden Makes a New Promise and It’s Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Him – “I’ll note the media’s continued fetish with destroying the economy and your livelihood, which is what would even prompt a question like that to be asked. But it’s Biden’s answer that really stands out. He says “I would shut it down, I would listen to the scientists” without a hint of what that would actually mean. Let me translate it: Biden is once again admitting that he’s not actually going to be President. What does listening “to the scientists” mean in practice? Does it mean a dogged pursuit of the facts? Of course not. You can find a scientist to tell you anything and there are well credentialed people on all sides of the current coronavirus arguments.” – Bonchie

Hey, Joe, here’s your science and experts: Dr. Birx calls in-person voting safe as Starbucks – Monica Showalter

Deconstructing Biden’s Acceptance Speech, An Exercise in Mass Deception – “What Dem power brokers likely intended all along became official on Thursday with Biden’s nomination as party standard bearer. His acceptance speech featured promises made to be broken if elected in November to succeed Trump in January.” – Stephen Lendman

Official Drinking Game, “The Speech Joe Biden Has Been Preparing For His Entire Life” Edition – “Start your livers. Guessing what an unscripted Joe Biden will do at any given moment is pretty interesting. Here we’re basically trying to guess what Biden and his handlers have decided to put on a teleprompter. Drink EVERY TIME: Biden says,…. ” – Matt Taibbi  – GOOD ONE FROM MATT. WISH I WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS ONE BEFORE BIDEN’S TELEPROMPTER READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP Has the National Anthem. Democrats Have the National Lie – “we got a glimpse of the new-rising cliché among progressive Leftists: “The Work.” Kerry Washington again: “The Work must continue.” Barack Obama: “[Trump] has shown no interest in putting in The Work.” Congressman Jeffries told us we must “put in The Work to end our long national nightmare.” Joe Biden: “it will be The Work of the next president to restore the promise of America to everyone. Kamala Harris “We’ve gotta do The Work to fulfill that promise of equal justice under law.” And so on. They make it all sound very strenuous, don’t they?” – John Derbyshire

Roaming Charges: Conventional Weapons at the DNC – Jeffrey St. Clair


Forget Russia, The Democrats and Republicans Have Openly Rigged the Election for Decades – “The lesser of two evils is still evil. The last time the American people were allowed to see more than two candidates for president on television was in 1992 when Ross Perot was allowed on stage with Democrat Bill Clinton and incumbent Republican President George H.W. Bush. In the old Soviet Union, people had “free” elections and were “free” to choose any Communist candidate that had been selected for the election. The same paradigm is used in the US once the establishment picks a right wing puppet and left wing puppet. Americans are told that if they vote outside of these two evils — for a third party — the “other bad candidate will win,” and they eat it up. Even if you vote, or not, and your party wins, or not, the police state will continue because no one who actually challenges it is allowed inside.” – Matt Agorist

Where’s Tulsi? Outsider candidate Gabbard smeared by Clinton not even invited to Democratic convention – RT  – THAT’S BECAUSE TULSI DOESN’T BUY INTO THE SOCIALISTIC “BS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘As Easy As Going To Starbucks’ – Dr. Birx Says In-Person Voting Safe In November – Tyler Durden

Amazon censors anti-Kamala items; Allows ‘f*** Trump’ apparel – Newstarget

Could We Be Living Through a Systemic Breakdown? Here are 3 Telltale Signs – “We are literally watching a TEOTWAWKI event transpire right before our eyes. By all accounts, the pandemic was the triggering event that will set off a breakdown of epic proportions” – Tess Pennington

US Smears Those Questioning Latest Claims vs. China – Tony Cartalucci

U.S. Will Sanction Other Countries For Not Enforcing UN Sanctions That Do Not Exist – Moon of Alabama


The Best Food To Keep In Your Chest Freezer For Preparedness Is… – Ken Jorgustin




“A Disturbing Milestone”: America’s Top 12 Plutocrats Now Own $1 Trillion in Wealth – “The full list of 12 plutocrats and their quickly rising net worth are as follows: Jeff Bezos ($189.4 billion) Bill Gates ($114 billion) Mark Zuckerberg ($95 billion) Warren Buffett ($80 billion) Elon Musk ($73 billion) Steve Ballmer ($71 billion) Larrry Ellison ($71 billion) Larry Page ($67 billion) Sergey Brin ($66 billion) Alice Walton ($62 billion) Jim Walton ($62 billion) Rob Walton ($62 billion)” – Alan Macleod

The Tyranny of Groupthink – David Stockman

Big Tech, Monopoly and the Pretense of Capitalism – “All those who believe the ‘privatized totalitarianism’ of Big Tech ‘platform plantations’ are ‘capitalism’ have been brainwashed into servitude by Big Tech’s pretense of capitalism.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Fears grow that China may use U.S. debt as weapon amid trade friction – Tomoyuki Tachikawa

Serious Mortgage Delinquencies Soar to a 10-Year High – Mish

Silver to Reach $70 in the Next 12 Months (INTERVIEW) with Patrick Karim – Palisade Radio




Job 1:7   And the Lord said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the Lord, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.