The Attempted COVID Coup of 2020 – “COVID-19 is not America’s plague. There was never the slightest evidence that the virus could produce mass casualties; all evidence pointed in the opposite direction. Instead, the ruling class took this opportunity to extort the general public’s compliance with its agendas. Their claim to speak on behalf of “science” is an attempt to avoid being held accountable for the enormous harm that they are doing. They continue doing it because they want to hold on to the power the panic has brought them.” – Angelo Codevilla  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus – Bloomberg News  – ARE YOU READY TO BE SENT TO THE CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antibodies Don’t Equal Immunity: Busting the Antibody-Protection Paradigm – “The topic of antibodies is becoming more important again due to the manufactured COVID crisis. It is important that you grasp the nature and function of antibodies, as well as their limitations, since the New World Order (NWO) manipulators orchestrating Operation Coronavirus are counting on your ignorance as they continue to roll out their tyrannical agenda” – Makia Freeman

Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu disaster; betrayal of trust – “Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (‘swine flu’) vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were ‘very, very, very rare.’ Shortly thereafter, the vaccine went on to wreak havoc in multiple countries, Fauci was, in fact, recommending a highly dangerous vaccine for protection against AN EPIDEMIC THAT DIDN’T EXIST AT ALL. His friends and professional colleagues at the CDC were creating the hoax. Let me run it down for you.” – Jon Rappoport  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM, JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic. – “Make vaccines free, don’t allow religious or personal objections, and create disincentives for those who refuse vaccines shown to be safe and effective.” – Dr. Michael Lederman, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Dr. Stuart Youngner  – PATRIOTIC MY ASS. HERE COMES THE PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!

Mainstream media “scientists” threaten punishment for refusers of coronavirus vaccines, regardless of their safety – Ethan Huff  – REFERS TO THE LINK ABOVE!!!!!

Virus Vaccine Rush Leaves Little Recourse for Anyone It Harms – Valerie Bauman and Susan Decker

Protest against COVID Disinformation and Social Engineering – “How to Awaken Others to COVID Disinformation by Rousing Their “Highest Aspects of Cognition”” – John C. A. Manley

Report: Workplace Coronavirus Tracing Apps Institute Dystopian Mass Surveillance by Default – “Microsoft, UnitedHealth Apps Pose Risks to Worker Privacy, Bypass HIPAA Requirements” – Public Citizen




Chaos Theory – “For the moment, it seems, the Democratic Party’s actual anointed candidate for president is Senator Harris (CA), due to the obvious disability of her running mate. But such a boldfaced shuck-and-jive has never been tried before in a national election. Do you suppose the DNC honchos really believe they’re putting one over on the voters? It remains to be seen whether this hustle will withstand the moilings and toilings of next week’s national convention — itself shaping up to be a massively peculiar event conducted by texts, emails, phone calls, Zoom meet-ups, smoke signals, and perhaps rioting here and there to emphasize the party’s dedication to the violent overthrow of cultural norms. The real action may spool out this pre-convention weekend as all concerned grok the awful prospect of Joe Biden fumbling and stammering through an acceptance speech, confounded by the voice in his earpiece vying with the text rolling on the teleprompter. ” – James Howard Kunstler

The Gerontocracy Strikes Back – “Is there any more perfect metaphor for a society in terminal decline than the senescent Joe Biden? The U.S. election has boiled down to a choice between the authoritarian versions of Mr. Magoo and P.T. Barnum. Truly, “there’s a sucker born every minute” is a far more apropos motto for the country than E. Pluribus Unum.” – Alexander Aston

The “New Normal” Is De-Normalization – “Here’s what denormalization means: there was no New Normal for the dinosaurs. A few winged species survived and evolved into the birds of today, but that is by no stretch of the imagination a New Normal that included all the other dinosaur species. For them, denormalization meant extinction. De-Normalization: everything that was normal is gone and will not be replaced with some new normal. Normal is gone, done, over: goodbye to all that.” – Charles Hugh Smith

“Stop Playing Politics With The Virus” – Trump Slams Biden’s Call For Mandatory Mask-Wearing – Tyler Durden

What month is it? Joe Biden’s big mask mandate has been in place since March – “Democratic candidate Joe Biden has been stuck in his basement all these months and now wants us all to be mandated by law to wear masks. That’s his big idea. Where ya been, Joe? Governors have already been there. Here in California and in most big-population states, we’ve been wearing masks for months — in the Walmarts, in the Targets, at the Costcos, to the doctors’ office, to the post office, on our walks — the very few places we’ve been allowed to go, and during that brief period when we could go to the gym and indoor church services. Masks do do some good, and people generally follow the idea. So to put that idea out there as if none of us has noticed is rather obnoxious. Been there, done that.” – Monica Showalter

Looting Now A Form Of Reparations? – “A modest proposal that dignifies looting and reparations.’ – Sarah Cowgill

Imperialists Run The Same Tired Old Script Day After Fucking Day – Caitlin Johnstone

Pompeo feels insulted when quizzed about US crackdown on protesters at home after he bashed ‘authoritarian regimes’ for same – RT

Venezuela Has Gone Cashless (And That’s Not All) – “What about the cost of essential items?” – J.G. Martinez D

CIA-Sponsored Propaganda Has Been Around for 75 Years – “One could easily issue a multi-volume report that deals with America’s propaganda factory both during the Cold War and in its aftermath. A major focus of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency from its very inception was the penetration of the news media, including the assignment of CIA agents to the newsrooms and editorial offices of America’s largest media operations, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Hearst Newspaper, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and other major newspapers and broadcast networks. The CIA also thoroughly infiltrated America’s political polling companies, including Gallup, Harris, and Roper.” – Wayne Madsen

The CIA’s Longstanding Relationship with Crime – “From the time that the CIA secretly hired former members of the Nazi regime after World War II, one could predict that things were not going to go in a good direction, at least not in a moral sense. After that, there was MKULTRA, which exposed an unknown number of American citizens and foreigners to mentally damaging drug experimentation, something those Nazis the CIA secretly hired undoubtedly approved of. The reason I say “unknown” is because the CIA intentionally destroyed virtually its MKULTRA records to prevent Congress and the American people from examining the true nature and extent of this evil program.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Democide: Understanding the State’s Monopoly on Violence and the Second Amendment – “Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government. It’s an important concept, as it is more expansive than the better-known term genocide. There are a number of cases where a wave of gun confiscation and registration directly presaged a democidal outbreak, including a history of gun control and genocide.” – Sam Jacobs

Kamala Harris Brings Gun Confiscation Support to Dem Presidential Ticket – Stephen Gutowski   – THIS IS ONE OF MANY REASONS NOT TO VOTE FOR THE BIDEN/HARRIS TICKET – THE MAIN ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Kamala Harris Really Thinks of WikiLeaks – Joe Lauria

Kamala The Moderate – Laughable Spin – “Will the real Kamala Harris please stand up?” – Leesa K. Donner

Boston Marathon Bomber May Claim Many More Victims in High Places – “Unquestioned answers. It is perfectly possible that the Tsarnaev brothers really did plan and execute the Boston Marathon Bombing on their own initiative. But the question remains – why has all the obvious official cover-up been necessary? Why are there so many problems with the footage of the bombing? How did the FBI know exactly who to look for, and where, amongst that dense crowd of onlookers? Why did the mainstream media immediately declare the Tsarnaev brothers guilty, just like many others who subsequently embarrassed the media when they were not only declared innocent, but victims of a fit-up by people who knew the evidence against them was impermissible, false or didn’t exist? How did Tamerlan and other friends of the Tsarnaevs end up dead, despite their proven links to the FBI?” – Seth Ferris

Judge Denies Ghislaine Maxwell’s Request To Keep Case Documents Sealed – Jeff Charles

Catholics outraged after the Vatican avoids using the word “God” in official coronavirus documents – Isabelle

Hurricane-force storm in Iowa flattens 10 million acres of crops – “A powerful derecho storm that swept through the Midwest on Monday has left thousands of acres of crops completely devastated, and officials say more than half a million people could be without power for quite a while.” – The Week

100,000 Pasta Boxes And Enough Peanut Butter To Make Nearly 3 Million Sandwiches – “If everything is going to be just fine, why are officials spending millions of dollars to stockpile giant mountains of food? What has just been revealed about the “new food warehouse” in Washington state should be a major red flag for all of us.” – Michael Snyder

Growing List Of Shortages In The U.S. Shows A Serious Supply Chain Deficiency That Is Going To Get Much Worse – “Lumber, Appliances, Beverage Cans, and Ammo, Are The Latest Reported Shortages” – Susan Duclos

New York City Rifle Permit Applications Surge by 340% – Teresa Mull

Glyphosate Levels in Children and Adults Drop Dramatically After One Week of Eating Organic – Sustainable Pulse




Another 1.3 Million Americans Apply for Unemployment Benefits – “Mass deception is official US policy on major domestic and geopolitical issues. Time and again, official US government data and pronouncements are fabricated. Economic conditions in America are more dismal than at the depths of the 1930s Great Depression.” – Stephen Lendman

Market Friday: Is This the End of COMEX Paper Gold? – Tom Luango

Fed’s “Direct Money Transfers” Are Coming: Brainard Says Fed Collaborating With MIT On “Hypothetical” Digital Currency – Tyler Durden

Massive Surge In U.S. Gold Imports Signals BIG TROUBLE Ahead For The Financial System – Steve St. Angelo

“Fleet-Footed Silver” May Outpace Gold’s Ascent – Birch Gold

Why the pushdown of the gold price won’t last. (VIDEO) with Andrew Maguire – Kinesis Money

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.08EUR




Isaiah 26:9   With my soul have I desired thee in the night; yea, with my spirit within me will I seek thee early: for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.