Russia Shocks the World by Approving First COVID Vaccine – Big Pharma Throws Temper Tantrum – Will They Apply the Same Criticisms to Their Own Vaccines? – Brian Shilhavy

Russia receives orders from 20 countries for ONE BILLION doses of world’s first Covid-19 vaccine – RT


Ten experts on a NIH COVID-19 panel have ties to companies involved in coronavirus treatment – “Eight members of NIH’s COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel list financial ties to Gilead Sciences, whose COVID-19 drug remdesivir has been touted by Dr. Anthony Fauci.” – Nicholas Ballasy

COVID Incoherence – “Cuckolded by COVID. Not sick? No problem! No symptoms? Easy. Symptoms which could be mild and seasonal? You dare not make light! Not dying? Give it time… stop society!” – Omar S. Khan  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

Authoritarianism in Auckland – “For months we’ve heard the cry: oh how wonderfully New Zealand dealt with the Coronavirus! They did the tightest lockdown in the world! The coronavirus – no doubt astonished by the decisiveness and ferocity of prime minister Jacinda Ardern, the heroine of all media – just decided not to make this wonderful country a home. The virus was bested by political wit! You can observe how much the country locked down and then opened up with a sense of false comfort, only to lock down again. Talk about regime uncertainty!” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Letters From Melbourne, a ‘Ghost Town Police State’ Under Brutal Covid Lockdown – Robert Bridge

The China lockdown: origin of the war against the population of Earth, pretense of containing the virus – “Again—the only method for victory would be mass exposure, through living, leading to mass immunity. This is the implication of accepting the notion of a new virus rushing out from a source. So the Chinese regime achieved nothing by locking down 50 million people. Less than nothing. Of course, the mass lockdown model was soon copied by every nation on Earth” – Jon Rappoport

Sweden’s Success is Kryptonite for Lockdown and Mask Advocates – “Their long term strategy is working.” – Jordan Schachtel

America Desperately Needs a Second Opinion – Jeff Harris

Fake Pandemic Re-Run: Similarities Between 1976 Swine Flu and 2020 COVID – “If authorities like the USG and its CDC pulled off a similar scam before, why would we trust them now? What can the 1976 swine flu scam teach us about the engineered coronavirus crisis?” – Makia Freeman

More Experts Point to COVID-19 Being Created in a Lab; WaPo Columnist Complains – Mercola

John McAfee Arrested For Wearing A Woman’s Thong As A Facemask In Germany – Tyler Durden   – LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This Is Amerika: Where Fascism, Totalitarianism and Militarism Go Hand In Hand – “What you smell is the stench of a dying republic. Our dying republic. The American experiment in freedom is failing fast. Through every fault of our own—our apathy, our ignorance, our intolerance, our disinclination to do the hard work of holding government leaders accountable to the rule of law, our inclination to let politics trump longstanding constitutional principles—we have been reduced to this sorry state in which we are little more than shackled inmates in a prison operated for the profit of a corporate elite. We have been saddled with the wreckage of a government at all levels that no longer represents the citizenry, serves the citizenry, or is accountable to the citizenry. “We the people” are not the masters anymore.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!

Nauseating But Predicted: Biden Selects Kamala Harris as His VP Running Mate – “Biden’s caving into the progressive wing of the party with a political opportunist like Harris is sickening to say the least.” – Mish

The Real Kamala Harris – “Could the White House soon be occupied by a power-hungry authoritarian that will not hesitate to use the full power of the presidency to absolutely crush political enemies? And no, I am not talking about Joe Biden. Having Kamala Harris just one heartbeat away from the presidency is truly a nightmare scenario, because Joe Biden’s health would be the only thing standing in the way of a reign of terror unlike anything America has ever seen before.” – Michael Snyder  – 100% IN AGREEMENT WITH MICHAEL’S ASSESSMENT. REMEMBER WHEN YOU VOTE, THAT YOU WON’T BE VOTING FOR BIDEN FOR PRESIDENT. YOU WILL BE VOTING FOR HARRIS AND SHE COULDN’T EVEN GET ENOUGH SUPPORT TO BE IN THE PRIMARIES AND DROPPED OUT!!!!!!!!

This Isn’t Going To Be Good At All – “She is one of the most power-hungry politicians that I have ever seen, and she will do whatever it takes to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming the president of the United States.” – Michael Snyder  – AND ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MICHAEL!!!!!!!

It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and none of what it says is good – Andrea Widburg

Does Kamala Harris Still Believe Joe Biden’s Accusers or Nah? – “If Harris is miraculously asked by a member of the fawning press corps at some point down the line if she still stands behind Biden’s accusers, it will be interesting to see how – and if – she responds. If she says she does, then the fact she’s chosen to be his VP running mate will make her look like a traitor to women who chose her ambition over (supposed) principle. If she says she doesn’t, she’ll look even more like the shameless political opportunist she is.” – Sister Toldjah

Reminder: Kamala Harris Said She Would ‘Take Executive Action’ on Gun Control, Ban AR-15s – Teresa Mull  – IF BIDEN AND HARRIS SHOULD HAPPEN TO WIN, EXPECT THE BIGGEST ASSAULT ON YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS EVER!!!!!!

No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America – “The media are spinning Kamala Harris as a ‘centrist’ and a ‘moderate.’ In reality, she’s a leftist who could be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.” – Joshua Lawson

Facts Feared by Leftist Media: Kamala Harris Is Not a ‘Moderate’ – Nicholas Fondacaro

Hillary Recrudescence? Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris represents return of Democrats’ Hillary wing – “Biden’s pick represents the triumph of the Hillary wing of the party. Not surprisingly, Hillary is thrilled:” – Monica Showalter

Trump On Kamala: “She Was My Number One Pick” – Steve Watson

His Name Is Cannon Hinnant: Five-Year Old White Boy Shot and Murdered Execution-Style by Black Neighbor… for Riding His Bike in His Lawn – “With what happened to Cannon Hinnant though, we might be seeing the early stages of a profound shift in thinking, where the story of a five-year-old white child murdered execution-style by his black neighbor and the complete silence from the corporate media (that just spent nearly three months canonizing a black man who once put a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman he was robbing in a home invasion and then died of fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest in Minneapolis) provides the much-needed realization to a lot of people that to our elite, white lives don’t matter. It takes dramatic examples to shake people from their apathy and indifference toward the evil peddled as morality by our elite.” – Paul Kersey

OUTRAGEOUS: Chicago Looters Target Ronald McDonald House with the Families of Young Sick Children Inside – Joe Hoft

MSM Smear Merchants Target Critics Of Establishment China Narratives – “As the US-centralized empire’s slow-motion third world war against unabsorbed governments continues to accelerate, narrative management campaigns are getting more and more frenzied. We see this exemplified in two recent smear pieces published by imperial spinmeisters about critics of the establishment-authorized narratives about what’s happening in China.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The George Soros ‘Color Revolution’ In America Is In Progress – Antifa And BLM Are Nothing More Than Soros Minions Trying to Destabilize America – Susan Duclos

Our enemies will tremble at the sight of our diversity and inclusion. . . – Simon Black

List Of Electronic Devices For Emergency Preparedness – Ken Jorgustin

5 New CBD Studies In 2020 Reveal Why So Many Are Choosing It Over Big Pharma Drugs – “The free market has spoken. Americans prefer cannabis-related products to Big Pharma drugs for a host of ailments. They’re choosing cannabis because it works for them and now science is beginning to back them up.” – Steven Maxwell




U.S. consumer prices accelerate in July – Reuters

US in Longterm Economic Decline – “Measured by the common man (or common girl), we’re on the road to ruin. The US has been in decline for decades, but you can’t see that by looking at stocks. You can’t tell it from those who lie about the economy to make their living, but look at longterm real numbers, and you see an empire in decline that just got its wobbly legs kicked out by COVID-19.” – David Haggith

Fed Will Not Fight Coming Inflation (VIDEO) with Craig Hemke – ” In simple terms, the Fed is going to allow much more inflation than 2%, and on top of that, the Fed is not going to raise interest rates to fight it.” – Greg Hunter

Wall Street Banks Are Dangerously Evading U.S. Derivatives Rules by Making Trades at Foreign Subsidiaries – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

After The Large Silver Price Correction Today, What’s Next?? – Steve St. Angelo

$1200 Stimulus Checks Matter And SILVER CRASHES! (Or, CARES 4.0 Talks Stalled Because The Cartel Is Smashing SILVER Right Now And Risks TOTAL VANISHMENT OF PHYSICAL!!!) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Welcome To The Third World, Part 31: Cities And States Are Bankrupt Without A Bailout – John Rubino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.23EUR




Psalm 37:35  I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.