Bill Gates: U.S. ‘sadly’ not taking coronavirus ‘seriously’ – Max Zahn and Andy Serwer

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Another failure of the COVID diagnostic test – “No large study validating the uniformity of PCR results, from lab to lab, has ever been done. You would think at least a dozen very large studies had checked for uniform results, before unleashing the PCR on the public; but no, this was not the case. It is still not the case.” – Jon Rappoport

Lockdown of children is harming immune systems and our best shot at herd immunity – Daniel Horowitz

Hanging with the Silenced Majority in Covid Country – “The specific formula is too convoluted to understand, let alone explain. What I do know is that I left a place where no one I know has had the disease and arrived at a place where most of the people I know have had it. I do not exaggerate.” – Jack Cashill

No jab, no job? NEJM says everyone needs to be vaccinated for coronavirus in order to go to work – ” A new paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) attempts to make the case that people who refuse a future vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) should no longer be allowed to work and make a living. In order to enforce compliance with potential vaccine mandates, the paper, entitled, “Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2,” states that “substantive penalties” need to be imposed, including loss of employment.” – Ethan Huff

Frontline Doctors on Censorship: We’re Coming After You Big Tech – We will Not be Silenced! – “Less than 24 hours after the Frontline Doctors first press conference in Washington D.C. was censored and removed from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and after having their own website knocked offline in an attempt to silence them, the doctors were back in front of the steps of the Supreme Court building today (Tuesday, July 28, 2020) for their second press conference” – Brian Shilhavy

From Sweden To Uruguay The Evidence Is Clear: Lockdown ‘Cure’ Worse Than The Disease (VIDEO) – “While much of the world imposed strict population lockdowns in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the pressure on countries (and even US states) to conform to the lockdown demands was intense. But a few counties broke from the pack and now the results are in: not only did they not experience a cataclysm, they fared better in both cases and deaths than the lockdown countries. And they have economies to return to once the virus runs its course, which it is doing according to the history of viruses. Also today: Fauci’s “not concerned” by potential dangers of the Covid vaccine. Should the rest of us be?” – Ron Pau lLiberty Report

COVID19 Long Lasting Damage & More Hydroxychloroquine ‘Controversy’ (video) – Chris Martenson

Next Time You’re Called A “Crank” Or “Flat Earther” On Concerns About A ‘Rushed’ Coronavirus Vaccine, Show Them This – “Even CBS pressures Bill Gates on the topic that almost everyone had side effects. He doesn’t seem to care.” – Tyler Durden

BILL GATES’ RECENT COMMENTS ON CV-19 VACCINE SIDE EFFECTS ARE TYPICAL OF BIG BUSINESS – “Gates just passed the buck for vaccine safety to the FDA, made adverse reactions sound like collateral damage, and told us that multiple doses will likely be required.” – Alex Pietrowski

Of Red Herrings And Facemasks – “I get that some people don’t want to wear facemasks. I also get why people want to make up excuses to justify their stands. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, it’s your choice no matter what the law says. Actions have consequences, but consequences do not have to determine choice. My take on facemasks? I’m wearing one in public because it gives me the best chance to survive the current pandemic, and I’m a survivalist. I don’t give a flying fig about the political aspects of the “facemask debate”, I just care about keeping me and mine alive and healthy. I’m also avoiding crowds, social distancing and avoiding being in enclosed places with other people unless absolutely necessary. It baffles me that any prepper would want to do things that would reduce their chances of surviving a pandemic, but it is what it is.” – Salty  – AGREE OR NOT – POSTING THIS ONE FROM SALTY, BECAUSE THERE IS ALWAYS 2 SIDES TO A COIN!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Divide and Conquer – “Western civilization, led by the US government and media, has embarked upon a campaign of mass psychological terrorism designed to cover for the collapsing economy, set up a new pretext for Wall Street’s ongoing plunder expedition, radically escalate the police state, deeply traumatize people into submission to total social conformity, and radically aggravate the anti-social, anti-human atomization of the people. The pretext for this abomination is an epidemic which objectively is comparable to the seasonal flu and is caused by the same kind of Coronavirus we’ve endured so long without totalitarian rampages and mass insanity.” – Russ Bangs




One Nation Under House Arrest: How Do COVID-19 Mandates Impact Our Freedoms? – “We have become one nation under house arrest. You think we’re any different from the Kentucky couple fitted out with ankle monitoring bracelets and forced to quarantine at home? We’re not.COVID-19, however, takes the surveillance state to the next level. There’s already been talk of mass testing for COVID-19 antibodies, screening checkpoints, contact tracing, immunity passports to allow those who have recovered from the virus to move around more freely, and snitch tip lines for reporting “rule breakers” to the authorities. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands. ” – John W. Whitehead  – EXCELLENT AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martial Law Is Unacceptable Regardless Of The Circumstances – “The federal government became fixated on the Bundy’s, and decided to make an example out of them. Their defiance of the crackdown on their use of the land was met with extreme measures, including their cattle impounded, their farm being surrounded and sniper teams placed in the hills nearby. The liberty movement saw this as the last straw, and so reacted at a grassroots level. The concern was that Bundy Ranch could become another Waco. They locked and loaded and went to defend the Bundy’s. I completely agreed at the time with the efforts surrounding Bundy Ranch and I still agree with them today. ” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!!

Crash the Economy, Burn the Cities, Infect the People: the Evil Plan to Remake America – Mike Whitney

Political Legitimacy Dies in 2020 – James Bovard

Don’t. Side. With. The. Powerful. – “Those who respond to videos of police brutality with “Well what do you expect? They were disobeying!” aren’t just defending the police, they’re defending every power structure in the world where the weak are attacked for disobeying the powerful. From governments which attack, subvert and destroy weaker nations which disobey them, all the way down to parents who hit their children for annoying them. It’s the same mind virus, and it’s the same dynamic, and it all funnels upward in support of the same power structures” – Caitlin Johnstone

If this doesn’t infuriate you, then you are part of the problem. – Nomi Prins Tweet  – THANKS TO JIM QUINN AT THE BURNING PLATFORM FOR LINKING!!!!!!

Our Foreign Policy Nightmare: Vice President Susan Rice – “Susan Rice, former national security advisor to President Obama, is reportedly under consideration for the vice presidential slot in presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s administration. , Syria, Afghanistan—Rice was at the table for every Obama debacle. And she has no solid positions of her own.” – Barbara Boland

Judiciary Hearing Democrats Abuse Barr, Prevent Him From Speaking – “House Democrats’ extraordinary rejection of reality and reason.” – Graham J Noble

“I Thought I Was Supposed To Be Heard”: Full Highlights From Barr ‘Hearing’ – “A real class act…” – Tyler Durden

Time to defund the defunders – Jim DeMint

Getting Rid Of The Police, Or Trump, Will Only Enable More Riots – “Our political and media elite think that Trump and the police are the cause of the ongoing unrest. They couldn’t be more wrong.” – John Daniel Davidson

Pompeo Gives New Meaning to the Ugly American – “Judge him by his actions and rhetoric, defining the menace he represents. Time and again, he shows that he’s mentally unbalanced, recklessly dangerous, arrogant and contemptuous of the rule of law. He’s also able to manipulate geopolitical know-nothing Trump to go along with policies no responsible leader and government would tolerate. Along with majority congressional hardliners in both wings of the US war party, he’s going all-out to sabotage decades of Sino/US relations.” – Stephen Lendman

US Rhetoric Reflects a Long Past Era – “What is always revealing is to compare the rhetoric of US political leaders with the reality of their actual behaviour. Although billing itself as the leader of the free world, that alleged leadership more often manifests itself as unbridled bullying of nations it regards as lesser entities.” – James ONeill

China Says Mysterious Seed Packages Are “Forged” And Aren’t Really From The Country’s Postal Service – Tyler Durden

NYC Shootings Up 220 Percent From a Year Ago – Tom Ozimek

How Modern Jihadism Became Co-Invented by the U.S. and Saudi Governments – “Modern jihadism was co-invented in 1979 by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan al Saud, and U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, working together, and here is the background for it, and the way — and the reasons — that it was done” – Eric Zuesse




The Nation Is Falling Into the Abyss Between Wall Street and Main Street – “I know this runs counter to every dominant narrative, but a vaccine doesn’t really matter, opening up doesn’t really matter, and the size of the “free money” stimulus checks doesn’t matter. What matters is that the nation is falling into the abyss that’s opened between Wall Street and Main Street, and nothing will stave off the collapse of the social order other than a fundamental re-ordering of the way we create and distribute money and political power, as money buys political influence.” – Charles Hugh Smith

25,000 Stores Will Close in 2020 as World Trade Plummets! Worst Economic Crisis in 100 Years (VIDEO) The Money GPS

Almost half of all jobs lost during pandemic may be gone permanently – Maurie Backman

Who Will Fund $24 Trillion in New Government Debt? – Brian Riedl

Goldman Sachs Warns Dollar Could Lose Its Reserve Status – “For years, Peter Schiff has been warning about a dollar crash and the end of the greenback’s role as the world’s reserve currency. Suddenly, the mainstream is starting to see that possibility as well.” – Peter Schiff

World on Verge of Spinning Out of Control (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “We don’t have a tool to fix this if the dollar starts to fall. That is the end game scenario in the financial system. When the world’s reserve currency starts to lose value and the central bank that’s managing it doesn’t have any way to stop it, then, basically, everything falls apart everywhere. . . . When it happens, the early stage of it will feel like the past few months here. I am not predicting we are heading straight to a dollar collapse or a fiat currency collapse, but when it happens, it’s going to start feeling a lot like it is now.” – Greg Hunter


Investors Buying Gold & Silver At Any Price For Wealth Preservation And Not Selling (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Silver Doctors




Proverbs 18:21   Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.