Fauci tells MarketWatch: ‘We should try as best as we possibly can to open up the schools’ – “‘We are still in a pretty big first wave,’ says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the veteran epidemiologist. I’m not sure taking temperatures is all it’s cracked up to be, because there are a lot of false negatives and false positives. It’s best to just question people: “Do you have any symptoms? Have you been near someone who is infected?” The time spent asking a couple of simple questions is probably more effective than just taking temperatures, to be honest with you.” – Quentin Fottrell  – DOES FAUCI EVER STICK TO THE SAME STORY, DON’T TEMPERATURES INDICATE AN INFECTION. BUT THEN AGAIN, I AM NOT AN  ( EXPERT ? ) EPIDEMIOLOGIST!!!!!!!!!

Does A Newly Published Study Prove The 5G-COVID19 Connection? – “A newly published editorial posits that there exists a connection between millimeter waves used by 5g technology and COVID-19. Is this the smoking gun or something else entirely?” – Derrick Broze

The Real Virus Plaguing Humanity. The Numbers of Corona Deaths are Being Skewed. (VIDEO) – “Manipulated test data are not the only culprits. CDC guidelines and administrative pressures have resulted in a “skewing” towards COVID on Death Certificates, wherein presumptions of COVID or an assessment that COVID may be a contributing cause of death, are marked as COVID deaths.” – Dr. Annie Bukacek and Mark Taliano

Corporate Media and Big Tech Trying to Stop Judy Mikovits Interview Exposing Dr. Fauci from Airing this Weekend – “The video is an interview with whistle-blower Dr. Judy Mikovits and her attorney, Larry Klaman, where Dr. Mikovits is claiming that Dr. Fauci was manufacturing coronaviruses in monkey cell lines at Ft. Detrick in the U.S., a biosafety level 4 facility, and shipping them to Wuhan, China.” – Brian Shilhavy

The Models Were Wildly Wrong about Reopening Too – “Although all five states remain under COVID-19 restrictions of varying degrees, even partial reopening has increased mobility at levels that match or exceed the ICL’s modeled scenarios” – Phillip W. Magness

Mental Health and the Pandemic: What Preppers Need to Know – Daisy Luther

Prepping For the Second Wave: How To Avoid the Fastest Rising Food Prices in a Decade – “Planning for a future of food price inflation now will help you save money and invest in your future. Here are some tips to help you beat the rapid swings of food prices.” – Tess Pennington




Who’s afraid of Tucker Carlson? Just the entire US establishment, that’s all – ” Indeed, Tucker Carlson is a one-man information wrecking crew challenging, night after night, the combined efforts of the mainstream media to keep the average American viewer strapped into a form-fitting straitjacket of ‘acceptable opinion’. Billions of dollars have been spent purchasing that outfit, and the owners will not relinquish control without a major fight, which usually happens behind the scenes.” – Robert Bridge

Biden Equals ‘Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated’ – “Joe just said two things so stupid, moronic, mindless, revolting and offensive to most Americans we should just freeze the election right here. With all the problems plaguing America including COVID-19, the economic meltdown, riots in the streets, mob takeovers of Portland and Seattle, and a potential war with China, Biden thinks the big problem is we need to teach more about Islam in schools. That’s a quote. But wait; there’s more. Joe just promised to end Trump’s Muslim travel ban on day one of his presidency. It’s THAT important to deal with. Basement Joe is horrified that we don’t have more immigrants from the terrorist havens of Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, North Korea and Venezuela. Isn’t this just what America needs during a pandemic and economic collapse? Islam being taught to your kids? And welcoming Iranians, Somalis and Yemenis? I can’t wait. How about you?” – Wayne Allyn Root

We Are On Our Own In The Post-Covid World – “It’s time to be our own heroes, because those in charge sure won’t be” – Chris Martenson

Narrative Is Crumbling – Caitlin Johnstone

Jobless Thursday – How the Donald Is Making America Poor Again – ” Maybe it is time to don our tinfoil hat. Here’s the flat-out lie the WSJ reported this morning in response to the weekly unemployment claims release. It sure did make you think that the jobs picture is improving by the week:” – David Stockman

Black Lives Don’t Matter To #BlackLivesMatter – “We need to stop pretending that the group “Black Lives Matter” gives a damn about the lives of black people, police brutality, or anything other than hammering huge corporate checks and electing Democrats. This sham of focusing on a dozen or so instances of unarmed black people killed by police (many of whom had cars as weapons) is an insult to the thousands of black lives snuffed out every year by other black people.It’s a great marketing gimmick – come up with a slogan that is basic, simple, and no one disagrees with it. ” – Derek Hunter

Seattle Rioters Attack Police and Citizens, Throw Explosives at Precinct, Torch New Youth Detention Center – Nick Arama

Protests Erupt Across Country; Black Militia Member Accidentally Shoots Comrades In Park – Tyler Durden

Main Source Behind the Steele Dossier Was Outed – Beth Baumann

Epstein floodgates open as judge rules explosive docs detailing Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex life can be UNSEALED in Virginia Giuffre’s defamation case within a week – Daniel Bates

N. Korea announcing 1st suspected coronavirus case & ‘maximum emergency system’ may actually point to problem being far worse – RT

While Covid Distracts, Turkey And Egypt On Brink Of War Over Libya (VIDEO) – Ron Paul Liberty Report

Why Are We Ignoring The Coming Autism Avalanche? – “If we stay on the same trend line, half of all children born in the year 2025 will have autism. What happened between the 1980s and the present day to make our children the sickest of all first-world nations? One strong contender for the answer to that billion-dollar question is that in 1986, beset by scores of costly vaccine injury lawsuits, pharmaceutical companies effectively blackmailed the federal government. Acting in concert, they asserted they would no longer manufacture vaccines if they were to be held liable for revenue-killing vaccine injuries and deaths – and the government relented.” – Pennel Bird  – AND JUST WAIT TILL THE BIG PUSH ON THE COVID VACCINE HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




How To Live On $1500 Per Month (After Taxes) – “Not so long ago, 1500.00 a month would have seemed like incredible wealth. Today, people making 60,000 a year are struggling just to pay for the basics of life. If you have 1500.00 per month after taxes per individual in your home, here is a budget that may make it easier to manage current expenses as well as prepare for future problems.” – Carmela Tyrell

What’s Changed to Cause the Gold and Silver Breakout? – Tom Luango


All Roads Lead to Gold in a Credit Implosion (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – ““All roads lead to gold” especially in today’s economic environment. Holter explains, “Gold is the arch enemy of fiat currencies. . . . You can just use your common sense and see we have a big, big problem out there, and capital is going to need a place to hide. Gold and silver are the only money that do not have any liability. As much as Holter likes gold, he says silver is way undervalued compared to gold. Holter has long said when silver prices takes off, “it will be like gold on steroids.”” – Greg Hunter   – ANOTHER GOOD LISTEN, AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CHART OF THE WEEK: Silver Eagle Premiums On The Rise Again – Steve St. Angelo

The Gold & Silver Markets Are Setting Up For Violent Moves Higher – King World News




Deuteronomy 28:43   The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.



A wall of denial
Is fallin’ down
Wo it’s fallin’ so hard
Down to the ground
Never knew something so strong
Could be washed away by tears
But this wall of denial
Was just built on fear

We’ve all had our demons
From the garden of white lies
Dressed them amused them
Pullin’ wool over our eyes
Go so far as to love them
To keep from letting them go
All the while they we’re killin’ us
But we couldn’t let it show

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
We’re never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Down to the ground

Simple things in life
Bring the greatest pleasure
A smile, a kiss
A little baby’s laughter
It makes no difference
If we run away in fear
The little things in life hold us so near

No matter what the trouble
We carry round inside
Never safe from the truth
But in the truth we can survive
When this wall of denial
Comes tumblin’ down
Yeah this wall of denial
Must tumble down
Down to the ground

( Wall Of Denial by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Doyle Bramhall )