U.S. Troops Will Be Among the First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine – Rishma Parpia – BET THEY DIDN’T KNOW THEY SIGNED UP TO BE GUINEA PIGS!!!!!!!!!

Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, deliver a knockout blow to the traitorous CDC – “Only the PCR should be used for case-counting (according to the conventional experts). You take those two types of tests, the antibody and the PCR…put them together, add up those results which suggest COVID in any relevant or irrelevant way, and voila, you have inflated case numbers. Which is exactly what the CDC wants. They’re in the business of raising false alarms and promoting epidemics.” – Jon Rappoport

Exposing Deception: Minimal Risk to the Healthy from COVID-19 – Vasko Kohlmayer

The COVID-19 Panic Shows Us Why Science Needs Skeptics – “The dumpster fire of COVID predictions has shown exactly why it’s important to sustain and nurture skeptics, lest we blunder into scientific monoculture and groupthink. And yet the explosion of “cancel culture” intolerance of any opinion that doesn’t fit a shrinking “3 x 5 card” of right-think risks destroying the very tolerance and science that sustains our civilization.” – Peter St. Onge

The False-Positive Panic over COVID-19 – Neil A. Kurtzman, MD

Soon, You Will Need To Wear A Mask To Enter Virtually Every Major Retail Store In America – Michael Snyder

Retailers: No Mask, No Service – “The push is on to ban maskless shoppers from stores and businesses.” – Kelli Ballard

The Covid Set-Up Is Now Fully in Play as CDC Outlines Plan for Death – “What the CDC head is indicating with his comments is that he knows that the flu season coming will be much more devastating than normal, and that all sickness and death will be blamed on a virus that has never been properly scientifically isolated, identified, or verified. That will matter not, as after 8 months of mandated isolation and lockdowns, deadly oxygen-stealing mask wearing, of vitamin deficiencies, lack of exercise, job loss, depression, and extreme stress, the entire population will be at great risk of becoming sick, and the evil controllers of this fraud that plotted this outcome from the beginning, will use the purposely created weakness of the masses to advance their agendas of control.” – Gary D. Barnett

Californians turn against each other amid 2nd coronavirus shutdown – Brittny Mejia, Maria L. La Ganga, Sonali Kohli  – ALL PART OF THE PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine induced adverse reactions in ‘more than half’ of trial participants – “One-fifth of participants in one test group reported ‘one or more severe adverse events.’Solicited adverse events that occurred in more than half the participants included fatigue, chills, headache, myalgia, and pain at the injection site,” the report states. Fever, joint pain and nausea were also reported. ” – Just The News  – SOUNDS LIKE THE SIDE EFFECT IS COVID19 TO ME. AREN’T THESE THE SYMPTONS. WONDER IF THE CDC TESTED THEM TO SEE IF THEY WERE POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Study Finds Significant Inaccuracies In COVID-19 Antibody Tests – “A new peer-reviewed study by researchers at NSF International and Novateur Ventures finds significant variability in the accuracy of currently available COVID-19 antibody tests.” – Natural Blaze

Bad News For Moderna: More Evidence Shows COVID-19 Antibodies Disappear Not Long After Infection – Tyler Durden

How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Forget Cecil Rhodes, We’ve Got Bill Gates: Oxford University is Exploiting Africans and Africa Now! – John Stone

There Were at Least 17,000 Non-Virus, Lockdown Deaths in Five Hardest-Hit US States Alone – “35 percent of excess deaths were lockdown & hysteria deaths (chiefly heart disease patients who eschewed hospitals) rather than from the virus” – Reis Thebault

Is It a Problem That Sports Gets Fast Test Results and You Don’t? – “MLB and the NBA are getting coronavirus test results quickly and frequently. Some say that’s a problem in places where the results are sometimes so slow that they are worthless.” – Louise Radnofsky, Ben Cohen and Jared Diamond  – ATHLETES, CELEBS AND THE ELITE. DEPENDS WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!




The Social Justice Cult Really Hates Parler – Here’s Why… – “What I want to explore here is why? Why do the lefties care so much if we leave them to their little bubble world and start our own thing? Parler in particular has been under endless attack the past few weeks from SJWs attempting to troll and disrupt the site, as well as disjointed criticism from the MSM. Perhaps part of the reason is that Parler has been gaining momentum; with 500,000 new people joining in a matter of days. We have to consider the possibility that Parler wasn’t a threat to the social justice cult, they would not be attacking it so consistently. The main criticism of Parler by the left goes a little something like this: “Parler claims it’s a free speech site but it censors people just like Twitter, so why leave Twitter at all?” I love this argument because it really showcases the dishonest sophistry of leftists. First, leftists do not care about free speech and haven’t cared for at least a decade.” – Brandon Smith

I Don’t Care How I’m Labeled – I Will Not Back Down – Guest post by “Prepper Dan”

Every Billionaire Is A Predator: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!

Government & Media Induced Psychological Terrorism – “Thank you, CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post for your contributions to the destruction of not just the United States, but western civilization.” – Martin Armstrong

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Has Complete Meltdown Over Trump’s Goya Promo, Conveniently Leaves Out a Few Things – Sister Toldjah  – DOESN’T HE ALWAYS LEAVE OUT A FEW THINGS!!!!!

The Washington Post Proclaims Who Is Responsible for Murder Spikes, and They Are Laughably Wrong – “In other words, both these “studies” simply counted up total gun sales, compared them to previous years and months, and then decided that explains why people are shooting each other in liberal cities with extremely strict gun laws. There is no actual causality shown because it doesn’t exist. The guy in Arkansas buying a new rifle is not responsible for a person shooting a child in New York. Of course, no article at the Post would be complete without overtures to blaming racism.” – Bonchie

New York Times denizens respond to Bari Weiss resignation over bullying — with more bullying – “An amazingly catty bunch crawls out of the woodwork to weigh in on Bari Weiss.” – Monica Showalter

Trump Defends St. Louis Couple Who Brandished Guns, Hints He’ll Take Action – Isabel van Brugen

Democrat Governor Of Michigan Uses Emergency Alert System To Dictate Mask Wearing – “Business must refuse entry or service to those who do not wear a face covering. “This is an overt abuse of a service designed to alert people of legitimate emergencies — the governor has gone beyond the scope and intent of the law and is now somewhere over the rainbow and approaching Oz,” said Sen. Peter Lucido in a statement.” – Steve Watson

A Brief History of the Freedom of Speech in America – Andrew P. Napolitano

Turmoil at Home, Turmoil Abroad: Israel and the U.S. Escalate Their War Against Iran – “As the combined impact of the corona virus and the wholesale destruction of America’s history and culture, or at least the part of it that is white, continues, it is nice to see that other nations are getting into the game that will lead to the de facto elimination of western civilization. No one is yet quite up the U.S. level of senseless destruction and looting by the heroes of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa, but in Britain mobs are beating policemen, statues including that of Winston Churchill are being attacked and the Cenotaph commemorating the country’s war dead has been vandalized.” – Philip Giraldi

UK Accuses Russia-Backed Hackers Of Trying To Steal COVID-19 Vaccine Research – Tyler Durden

‘Europe’s energy policy made in Europe, not Washington’: Defiant Germany again hits back at US targeting Nord Stream 2 pipeline – RT

Is Trump Using Nordstream 2 to Exit NATO? – ” The one thing I never thought I’d say is that Donald Trump is consistent, and yet on the subject of the Nordstream 2 pipeline he has been.” – Tom Luango

The #1 destination for American expats is still very compelling – Simon Black

Way Fair Questions Need to Be Asked (VIDEO) – “I know the W@yf@ir story is not bait. I know it isn’t a Leftist ruse. How? I tell you in this video. I go over some of what researchers have dug up on this story and give a tour through the elite trafficking swamp to show the way the media & celebrities have helped these criminals to hide their crimes.” – Amazing Polly  – INTERESTING VIDEO, IF YOU’VE GOT SOME TIME TO WATCH!!!

Five Places to Watch for Gun Control During the Fall Election – Brenden Boudreau

8 Camouflage Essentials Preppers Must Consider – Bob Rodgers

Starting a Fall Garden: Cool Season Vegetable Varieties to Grow – Deanna





Unemployed Americans Spent More With $600 Weekly Boost Than Before Pandemic; That’s About To Go Away – Tyler Durden

This Is a Financial Extinction Event – “The lower reaches of the financial food chain are already dying, and every entity that depended on that layer is doomed. Despite all the hoopla about a potential vaccine, no vaccine can change four realities: one, consumer sentiment has shifted from confidence to caution and from spending freely to saving. This is the financial equivalent of “nuclear winter”: there is no way to return to the pre-impact environment.” – Charles Hugh Smith

32 Million People on State & Federal Unemployment, 2nd Highest Ever: Week 17 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse – Wolf Richter

Dollar Destroyed by Year End (VIDEO) with Alasdair Macleod – Greg Hunter

Silver Needs To Break Above This Price – “Silver closed today right on an important KEY LEVEL.” – Steve St. Angelo

Gold / Silver: Brief Pullback Then Higher – Dave Kranzler

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.81EUR




Luke 20:2  And spake unto him, saying, Tell us, by what authority doest thou these things? or who is he that gave thee this authority?