Covid-19 Reinvades U.S. States That Already Beat It Back Once – Bloomberg News

Latin America OVERTAKES US & Canada as second-worst affected region in Covid-19 pandemic – AFP tally – RT

Dispatches from the war: Mr. Trump, you’re not Tom Paine – “Don’t blithely assume the economy is reopening and things will continue to improve. The nation is under the control of public health traitors. They can declare “new waves” of cases. They can invent pretexts at the drop of a hat, and governors and mayors can declare lockdowns again. This is not over. The economic war against the people is being waged to destroy America. Who, Mr. Trump, is the enemy? Who has stormed the beaches and swarmed into the cities and towns of this country? Who has taken down the engines of business? Do you know? You swaggered into the White House in 2017 like a two-gun cowboy, backhanding the press, talking fast, talking hard, promising to lift up the economy to soaring heights…and now you’re sitting in the Oval signing away trillions of dollars for a Welfare operation the likes of which the world has never seen.” – Jon Rappoport

Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud – “The pandemic’s guru, unfortunately, behaves as an ordinary creature of the Washington swamp. Many attest to his earlier epidemiological brilliance. But none of the words by which he has helped inflict chaos on America have reflected either medical or epidemiological facts. Fauci has acted as, and has been, a politicized, partisan bureaucrat while pretending to be the disinterested authority of physicians and scientists.” – Angelo Codevilla

Culprits Behind Covid-19 Coronavirus Epidemic Reveal Their Destructive Agenda – Bill Sardi

First COVID-19 Vaccines May Not Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection Says Fauci – “The problem with vaccines that will not actually prevent SARS-CoV-2 viral infections is that most people who get vaccinated will assume they are protected and will not take any further precautions either for themselves or to prevent transmission to other people.” – Marco Cáceres

Speaking as a Pharmacist…Here is What’s Coming (C-19) (VIDEO) – “Insight into the purpose behind the supposed C-19 pandemic. And, a look at what is “coming” next through careful examination of new legislation.” – Changing Matrix

Why doesn’t the medical deep state want coronavirus patients to heal? – Ethan Huff  – ONE WORD HERE – VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandatory face masks: forcing us to be ‘safe’ – “Public-health zealots are now demanding that people be legally required to wear them almost everywhere. The desire to eradicate the disease is misplaced – it is going to be around for many years to come, rumbling along at low levels with the occasional cluster here or there, and a potential rise in cases in the colder months of the year. The best we can reasonably hope to do is take basic precautions and keep an eye out for local outbreaks, isolating those who are infected or who may be infected. Yet the drumbeat for more public-health measures seems endless.” – Robert Lyons

Big Assumption That Everyone Has Been Making About COVID-19 May Be Dead Wrong – “If antibodies can fade in some patients within weeks, and if just about everyone loses them after a few months, that would render any vaccine almost completely useless. And if these findings are confirmed, we can pretty much forget about ever achieving “herd immunity”.” – Michael Snyder

Sunbelt Covid ‘Spike’ – Just A Lot Of Hot Air? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Coronavirus Surge: Pumping Up The Numbers – “Did Florida inflate its Coronavirus numbers by 30%?” – Pennel Bird

Covid-19, Hunger and Starvation in India. Globalist Takeover of India’s Public Health Policy (VIDEO) – “Some might ask why India is in complete lockstep with global lockdown despite the very low COVID19-related mortality figures for 1.3 billion people. Following this introduction is a two-hour interview with investigative journalist Kapil Bajaj. It focuses on the Public Health Foundation of India and how the Gates Foundation-pharma cabal bought influence, embedded itself within government machinery and is determining India’s lockdown and public health policy.” – Kapil Bajaj and Pavlov’s Dog





Position Statement – “I’ve gotten a lot of letters and comments lately condemning my failure to go all-out against Mr. Trump. So, I’ll state my current position plainly: I didn’t vote for him last time, but I would vote for him this time to keep the Democratic Party out of power. There’s a lot to not love about Mr. Trump in his persona and manner. There’s a great deal more to fear about the prospect of Democratic Party control of government. Their enmity to free speech cannot be doubted after a decade of promoting cancel culture. Their appetite for coercion is at odds with the Bill of Rights. Their bad faith and dishonesty have been on display through all the concocted melodramas of RussiaGate and its offshoots.” – James Howard Kunstler   – GOOD ARTICLE ONCE AGAIN FROM MR, KUNSTLER

Who Is Making Decisions about Our Lives – “The Track Record Is Not Encouraging Nevertheless, government must do something regarding COVID and the economy, even if the ‘something’ done is nothing. I confess to strongly leaning in the direction of having government do nothing. And my reason for this strong leaning is summarized by the two words “These people” – as in “What good reason have we to believe that these people in high government positions will make sensible decisions?”” – Donald J. Boudreaux  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!

‘People Are Going To Be Shocked’: Bannon Claims Wuhan Lab Employees Have Defected, Are Working With FBI – Tyler Durden

George Soros directs $220 million toward efforts to achieve racial equality – Rebecca Klar  – IN OTHER WORDS, LOOK FOR MORE FINANCED RIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Straight from Soros: Are you ready for government-owned banks? – “Government-owned banks, same as they have in third-world hellholes. That’s the new swamp gas emanating from the Soros crowd, same people who brought you the criminal justice ‘reform’ fiasco such as no bail, and let-the-criminals out of jail, same people who brought you pot-addled drivers on the nation’s roads, same people who encouraged the illegals caravan surges, and the green new deals. Now it’s government-owned banks.” – Monica Showalter

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – “The proof of this old adage is the picture of police officer Chauvin with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. The entire world has seen this picture and had it interpreted for them by a lazy, incompetent, and dishonest American media without any regard to evidence or the medical examiner’s report. The official story is that Floyd died from suffocation resulting from the pressure of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The U.S. Doesn’t Need Another Cold War To Improve Itself – “This is likely to lead to many violations of civil liberties committed in the name of national security.” – Daniel Larison

Record Temperatures, Long Lines And Increasing Scarcity Will Greatly Test The Patience Of Americans This Summer -Michael Snyder

They are Deliberately Trying to Bankrupt Businesses To Recreate A Marxist World – Martin Armstrong

This Is How Quickly The Rat Race Can Turn Into The Mouse Trap… We Are Living In ‘The Great Delusion’ – “One minute we’re living the Rat Race with our rights and freedoms. Next thing we’re trapped in a new-style Mouse Trap with no rights or freedoms. Tyranny replaces democracy and rules with a paper fist. People just go along with it all. And this virus is not a real pandemic. But people cooperate too much for too long with the insane new tyrannical governing abuses.” – R.X. Kendrick

GOP Lawmakers Urge Attorney General To Defend St. Louis Couple’s Gun Rights After Firearm Confiscation – Jake Dima

Living in the Roach Motel – “Little wonder, then, that so many people are throwing up their hands. As one expatriated American recently said to me, “I’ve always thought of myself as a patriot. But the US isn’t American anymore. It’s been taken over by political robber barons.”” – Jeff Thomas

How The ‘Great Reset’ Is Targeting Our Children & Plans To ‘Reimagine’ Humanity (VIDEO) – “As we find ourselves in this new normal, we have seen long standing agendas, which have remained behind the scenes, hidden away from the public, now being offered as solutions justified by this crisis.” – Spiro Skouras  – SPIRO’S VIDEOS ARE USUALLY WELL DONE!!!!!

Extreme ‘Heat Dome’ to Fry U.S. With Record Temperatures from 90F to 121F for Several Weeks – “It appears that a sizzling “heat dome” will be frying most of the continental United States for several weeks starting this weekend.” – Elias Marat

How Do We Change the Leadership of our Quasi-Sovereign Big Tech Neofeudal Nobility? – “You better bow low and pay up, peasant, or your voice in the digital world will disappear just as quickly as your democracy’s control over Big Tech.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Fact Checkers Can’t Possibly Know Wayfair Human Trafficking Allegations Are False – “Are fact-checkers truly asking the right questions? Are they truly investigating? Or are they just siding with the unscientific claims of the very people independent media is debunking? Why are they so keen on debunking everything that seems ‘fringe?’ Should we not allow fringe ideas? Are they not worthy of exploration?” – Joe Martino

Masks and Guns: What You Need to Know – “In the present COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers have done everything possible to make Americans’ lives more complicated. Now, lawful Americans could find themselves in a pickle if they’re outside wearing a mask and concealed carrying. Generalized crises like these provide opportunities for demagogues to exploit and use their power to infringe people’s civil liberties. In this case, they can double-dip by not only imposing arbitrary public health mandates but also potentially infringe on people’s right to bear arms.” – José Niño

How To Make A SHTF Plan – Bob Rodgers




The “Biblical” Default Wave Arrives: Here Is The Avalanche Of Bankruptcies Unleashed By Coronavirus – Tyler Durden

Will the Federal Reserve Cause the Next Riots? – Ron Paul

SHOWDOWN! Silver Calls Out Cartel With $20 On The Line As Nation Goes Bananas & Bonkers – “The cartel’s gonna need to call in the Calvary, or it will end badly… This is going to be one interesting week. In fact, it’s almost going to be an information-overload week, so you might want to have Walmart deliver some extra popcorn to your door the next time you go grocery shopping from the comfort of your pajamas. Indeed, there are several things happening to start the week which could have us talking about $20 silver.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Silver Offers a Golden Opportunity to Preserve Soon to Be Destroyed Value – Gold Core

Bullish Silver Fundamentals: Investment Demand Up 10% in First Half of 2020 – Peter Schiff

Using Bank Deposits, JPMorgan Chase Lost $3.2 Billion Trading Stocks and Credit Derivatives in First Quarter – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The “Too Big To Fail” Banks Are Getting Ready For Their Worst Quarter Since The Financial Crisis – Tyler Durden

Chainlink (LINK) Surges 39.5% to a New All-Time High — Here’s Why – “Surging volume, price discovery, and new partnerships pushed Chainlink price to a new all-time high at $8.48.” – Joseph Young

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.70EUR




Isaiah 5:18  Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope: