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Fauci: States with severe coronavirus outbreaks “should seriously look at shutting down” – Fadel Allassan

My investigation of the so-called COVID deaths – “To sum it up: deaths labeled “COVID” have nothing to do with the purported virus. The purported virus has never been discovered. A claim of discovery was made, but proper scientific procedures were never carried out. Which leaves the question: why are all these people dying? Are the deaths all stemming from the same cause? No. They aren’t.” – Jon Rappoport

Plenty of Coronaviruses but no SARS-CoV2: February Study Finds no Evidence of COVID Virus, Still Holds True – “This study is eye-opening. I am going to quote a large section of it. Notice how the authors specifically mention that a similar situation happened with earlier ‘pandemics’ such as MERS that never lived up to the hype. Notice also how they state that while everyone is obsessing over the non-existent SARS-CoV2, there are other known viruses in the body which are being ignored.” – Makia Freeman

Second wave? Not even close. – “The COVID-19 virus is on its final legs, and while I have filled this post with graphs to prove everything I just said, this is really the only graph you need to see, it’s the CDC’s data, over time, of deaths from COVID-19 here in the U.S., and the trend line is unmistakable:” – JB Handley

Stanford expert says 80-85 percent of Texas hospital patients ‘have nothing to do with COVID-19’ – “Scott Atlas, former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, said while cases have increased in several parts of the country the death rate has not.” – Joseph Guzman

Only herd sanity can inoculate us against this madness – “If enough people remain calm and rational, we can limit the spread of stupid ideas.” – Nick Dixon

COVID Doesn’t Care About Politics – Have The ‘Experts’ Forgotten? – “Health “experts” reveal their stunning bias on Coronavirus solutions – so why do we still listen to them? Given the overt willingness of our so-called health “experts” to shrug off the harsh social curbs they deem essential to saving human lives the moment the rules prove inconvenient to their own worldview, why in Heaven’s name should the citizens of this nation give one jot of credence to these howling hypocrites when they demand even more control over our lives?” – Joe Schaeffer  – GREAT POINT!!!!!

Politics Influences the Science of COVID-19 – ” It’s clear that the exponential expansion phase ended long before the lockdown could have had any effect. Not only weren’t the numbers expanding exponentially, but the death rate had already started to decline before April 14, when the effect of lockdown was expected to kick in. The authors state they performed the same analysis for 10 other countries in the Ferguson study with similar results, though they show the graph for Great Britain alone.” – Josh Mitteldorf  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE ON LOCKDOWNS AND DEATH RATES IN ENGLAND!!!!!!

Just a Little Prick (Part One) (VIDEO) – “Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, looks at how Bill Gates now influences every aspect of our lives and explains how Gates has used his vast wealth to give him extraordinary power over public health policies.” – Vernon Coleman





Personal Liberty Squeezed in a Vise – “At the other end of the societal breakdown are the profoundly unconstitutional power grabs by mayors and governors in the name of public health. They have effectively nullified the Bill of Rights by using the police to infringe upon religion, speech, assembly, travel, self-defense, privacy, commercial intercourse, due process and the sanctity of voluntary contracts. These government leaders have concocted their own rules and had them enforced as if they were law.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

As Long As Mass Media Propaganda Exists, Democracy Is A Sham – “This latest poll is a perfect example of how the plutocrat-owned media manipulate public opinion in the interest of establishment agendas using brazen propaganda campaigns, but it is just the most recent example. Over and over and over again we see public perception of what’s going on distorted by lies inserted into their minds by the corporate news media, like when half a year after the invasion of Iraq seven in ten Americans believed Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Social Justice in Response to a Predatory Ruling Elite – “It’s true. America has a systemic problem. I’m not talking about racism. I am talking about social justice. No, not the identity and group-centric justice demanded by the foundation and corporate funded so-called left. I’m talking about social justice for a population subject to the abuse of a ruling financial elite. Point is, there will never be true liberty and justice, not until the corporate crony state and its bankster owned Federal Reserve — now with a branch office in the US Treasury — is thrown out and the billionaire perpetrators of the massive economic fraud imposed on the American people are rounded up, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. This is not going to happen. It’s not going to happen with crony capitalist Donald Trump and it certainly will not happen with a semi-demented Joe Biden.” – Kurt Nimmo

U.S. Supreme Court allows prosecutor but not Congress to get Trump’s financial records – Reuters

“Political Prosecution!”: Trump Rages After Supreme Court Tax Ruling – Tyler Durden

Trump Reaps the Whirlwind With China/Iran Mega Deal – Tom Luango

Joe Biden Says Police Have ‘Become the Enemy,’ ‘Absolutely’ Should Defund Them – Katie Pavlich

A senile old man being led by the hand by Bernie Sanders – “Ordinarily, you’d call it elder abuse for some manipulative character to lead an infirm elderly old man where he might not want to go. But then there Joe Biden, running for president, unable to recall his own political proposals for running our lives, even with a teleprompter before him, clearly being led by the hand by agile Bernie Sanders minions.” – Monica Showalter

It Begins: Liberal Columnists Want Biden to Limit Debates, the Real Reasons Why Are Clear – “A growing number of prominent liberals don’t want Joe Biden to debate Trump because they’re afraid all of America will see what we’ve previously only seen snippets of in the MSM and on social media since the pandemic started.” – Sister Toldjah

Coronavirus unemployment: California jobless claims backlog jumps – “Nearly 2 million claims are unpaid during coronavirus-linked business shutdowns” – George Avalos  – NEWSOM LOCKS DOWN THE STATE AND IS THREE MONTHS BEHIND ON PAYING UNEMPLOYMENT. SO MUCH FOR LETTING BIG DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT TAKE CARE OF YOU. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

The Medical Examiner’s Report of George Floyd’s Death – “This is a puzzle. Homicide is not supported by the medical examiner’s report. When the autopsy finds Floyd with a fatal amount of fentanyl and serious heart disease which would make the fentanyl even more lethal and “no life-threatening injuries” to neck or elsewhere, how was homicide committed?” – Paul Craig Roberts  – NONE OF THIS FITS THE NARRATIVE, SO THE MSM WON’T BRING IT UP. THE DISGUSTING PICTURE THAT WENT VIRAL IS ALL THEY NEEDED!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Don Lemon – “The “dumbest broadcaster on television” gave the game away Monday night when it comes to Black Lives Matter.” – Earick Ward

Tucker Trashes Lemon for Laughing About Rising Crime, Responds to Calls to Cancel Show – “And as for how Carlson made the latter point, he cited none other than Lemon himself from 2013.” – Curtis Houck

Video Shows the Stunning Transformation of Don Lemon From Rational Human Being to Journalistic Wrestler (VIDEO) – “Case in point, Don Lemon’s transformation from a rational human being to a heavily-scripted, journalistic wrestler, complete with elbow drops off the top rope. Yes, believe it or not, there was a time when Lemon wasn’t insane enough to giggle about rising murder rates and support rioting.” – Bonchie

Judgement Day for Ghislaine Maxwell Finally Arrives. Or Maybe Not – “The simple answer just might be that Epstein was in fact an Israeli spy preying on prominent figures and anything having to do with the Jewish state, no matter how malodorous, is a political hotwire and off limits to Democrats and Republicans alike. If all of that is true, we the public will not be seeing anything like a “show trial” of Ghislaine Maxwell that reveals all and names names. She will quietly disappear into the legal system and before too long she will be out and around again, taking her secrets with her.” – Philip Giraldi

‘She has copies of everything Epstein had.’ Ghislaine Maxwell ‘has secret stash of pedophile’s sex tapes’ that could implicate world’s most powerful and ‘will try to use them to save herself’ – Cheyenne Roundtree

Former Prison Official Says Ghislaine Maxwell Should be Transferred to Rikers For Her Own Safety – “Alleged Epstein co-conspirator could be violently attacked by MDC inmates.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Jay Sekulow, Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer, Collected $1-2 Million in a PPP Loan for his Scandal-Ridden Charity – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Subway Bans Open Carry Nationwide – Teresa Mull




Federal Reserve: Everything is fine. Just like in 2008 – “It’s nothing but rosy news coming from the Federal Reserve.” – Simon Black

Almost 50 Million Americans Have Now Filed For First-Time Jobless Benefits Since Lockdowns Began – “The big question remains – what happens when the $600 CARES Act bonuses stop flowing?” – Tyler Durden

The American Economy in Four Words: Neofeudal Extortion, Decline, Collapse – Charles Hugh Smith

Silver & Gold BREAKOUT Above Important Technical Levels – Steve St. Angelo

The Ultimate Silver Exit Strategy (VIDEO) – Chris Duane

Fewer People Pay Their Rent on Time in July – Mish

Pandemic Compresses Brick & Mortar Meltdown: Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy, Ascena (Ann Taylor, etc.) Prepares to File, Tailored Brands (Men’s Wearhouse, etc.) Not Far Behind – “A dozen major brands, thousands of stores, after years of struggling. Work-from-home is annihilating casual and formal office attire.” – Wolf Richter

The retail bankruptcies and store closings just keep coming. For some merchants, the pandemic was ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back.’ – Lauren Zumbach

More Than 8,700 Stores Are Closing In 2020 So Far—A Number That Will Surely Rise – Walter Loeb

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.63EUR




Ezekiel 33:6  But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.