COVID CHECKLIST THREE new virus symptoms revealed including diarrhea and runny nose – “Anyone with the following symptoms may have COVID-19: Fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea, the CDC reports.” – Danielle Cinone  – WHAT’S LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!!!!!

Bill Gates says ‘final hurdle’ to distributing a Covid-19 vaccine will be convincing people to TAKE IT – RT

Bill Gates Outspends U.S. Government and Provides $18 BILLION to WHO for COVID Vaccines – “The World Health Organization (WHO) announced today their plan to vaccinate every person on the planet with a COVID-19 vaccine. In order to do this, they have received $18 BILLION from two organizations funded by Bill Gates: GAVI and the Vaccine Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).” – Brian Shilhavy

Is The Chinese Coronavirus Fading? – “If we judge the pandemic by the number of confirmed infected cases alone, Trump’s statement that it is fading fails the fact check. However, there is a reason the media focus on this number, namely that the corresponding death rate is falling dramatically. In the graph from Worldometers, we can see that the virus is growing ever more benign. The number of deaths per case is falling steadily. By this standard, COVID-19 is indeed fading. This is not only true for America but the whole world. Although there has been a surge in new cases globally, there has not been a corresponding rise in deaths.” – Onar Åm

The Second Round of Lockdowns Won’t Be As Easy as the First – “The pressure is already mounting for state and local governments to move again toward coerced stay at home orders and mandatory business closures. The constant drumbeat of headlines designed to convince people to adopt new draconian government controls is more of less exactly the same as what it was back in March.” – Ryan McMaken

2022: A Vaccination Passport. The EU Keeps Quiet Over Suspicious Documents – “Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.” – Daniele Pozzati

Don’t Relinquish Civil Liberties for False Sense of Security – Dr. Joseph Mercola


Employers can’t require COVID-19 antibody tests, EEOC says – “Businesses can still require viral test to see if workers are actively infected.” – Anne Flaherty and Catherine Thorbecke

If you don’t believe the official narrative on COVID-19, then you have a MENTAL ILLNESS, claim scientists – Ethan Huff

Sweden turns on WHO for saying it had suffered ‘very significant resurgence’ of Covid-19 – “Anders Tegnell has said the WHO has made a ‘total misinterpretation’ of the data” – Agence France-Presse

What You Need To Know About CBD And Coronavirus – “Can CBD be considered an effective coronavirus treatment? First all, you must know, that on this matter, the virologists’ claims are fairly controversial. But, at last, is CBD helpful for Coronavirus or No? To find a reliable answer, try reading our short guide, where we revealed everything you need to know about CBD for Coronavirus. Let’s start from the beginning.” – Rachel Hudson




This Russia-Afghanistan Story Is Western Propaganda At Its Most Vile – “All western mass media outlets are now shrieking about the story The New York Times first reported, citing zero evidence and naming zero sources, claiming intelligence says Russia paid out bounties to Taliban-linked fighters in Afghanistan for attacking the occupying forces of the US and its allies in Afghanistan. As of this writing, and probably forevermore, there have still been zero intelligence sources named and zero evidence provided for this claim.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – THE NEW YORK SLIME IS AT IT AGAIN!!!!

Trump Bashes ‘Fake News NY Times’, Denies ‘Attacks on US Troops in Afghanistan by Russians’ – Sputnik News

Trump Signs an Executive Order to Defund States Which Don’t Protect Public Statues, Including Those of Jesus – Alex Parker

Nancy Pelosi: Nationwide Mask Requirement Is ‘Long Overdue’ – Scott Morefield

John Bolton Can Stomach Kim Jong Un’s North Korea, but Not Iran – “The real revelation of the former national security advisor’s memoir is that he placed Israeli and Saudi interests ahead of America’s—by successfully undermining any U.S. diplomatic efforts with Iran. Bolton appears to have had no qualms about working with a foreign leader to undermine the expressed desire of the U.S. president he was supposedly serving.” – Trita Parsi

All that bar-hopping and spring-breaking: Press ignores protests as source of new wave of COVID-19 – “Anything to ignore the elephant in the room: raw, undistanced, unprotected, mass protests over the police-brutality death of George Floyd. The Washington Post actually excuses the protests.” – Monica Showalter

CNN picked the wrong person to interview about police and BLM – “What’s a CNN host to do when confronted with a guest who doesn’t accept The Narrative? In the case of Don Lemon interviewing former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the answer is: tell him to “keep it down,” refuse to listen to what he is saying, and then abruptly cut him off. It’s not as if they are interested in anything that doesn’t support The Narrative. Much less explodes it with data on cops being killed.” – Thomas Lifson  – GOOD TO SEE SHERIFF CLARKE PUT A POMPOUS ASS IN HIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

History shows free speech is the loser in mob action – Jonathan Turley

Escape from Minneapolis and Seattle – “If you want your city to be another Minneapolis or Seattle, vote Democrat. If you want the entire United States to become Minneapolis or Seattle, elect a Democrat president. Indeed, the collapse of white confidence is so total in the US that Republican governments might not make much difference. The forces of evil have succeeded. The white race is now split: self-hating white liberals on one side and Trump deplorables on the other. The latter are marked for extermination politically, economically and culturally, if not physically.” – Paul Craig Roberts

10 dead, 36 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings so far – “Four children were among the weekend’s victims, including a 1-year-old boy fatally shot in Englewood, a 10-year-old girl killed in Logan Square and a 17-year-old boy killed in Humboldt Park. – Sun-Times Wire  – IS LIGHTFOOT EVER GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THE BLACK ON BLACK CRIME IN HER CITY. IT GOES ON AND ON, BUT YOU NEVER SEE THE MSM SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT.  IN THE CITY WITH SOME OF THE COUNTRY’S TOUGHEST GUN LAWS, CRIMINALS NEVER SEEM TO HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING GUNS. JUST THE ORDINARY CITIZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minnesota Get Your Gun: State at Center of Defund Police Movement Sees 20 Year Gun Buy High – Daniel Greenfield

Why Iran won’t be broken – “Islamic Republic has weathered the Covid-19 storm and is on the cusp of a US-defying manufacturing revolution” – Pepe Escobar

Massive Locust Swarms Brazil, Paraguay, Pakistan & India Devouring Fields & Blanketing Entire Cities (VIDEO) – Silver Report

Modern Day Events Across The Planet Show Us The ‘Perfect Storm’ Is Upon Us But We’re Witnessing Just ‘The Tip Of The Iceberg’ – So We Should All Prepare, Now, While We Still Can As We Are Running Out Of Time – “Upticks in earthquakes, locust swarms destroying entire farms, pestilence and pandemics, economic collapse, civil unrest, all events that could cause massive pain, suffering and death across the globe individually, and yet we are seeing headlines across the world of all of things, at the same time.” – Susan Duclos

Social Credit Scores Are Already Here – Derrick Broze

9 Things to Buy Every Time You Go to the Store – “We can reasonably predict that some of the things which were out of stock during the last run on the store will be low again. People will remember the things they couldn’t find and they’ll be determined to get them this time. Most stores still have limits on certain products, so I suggest that every time you go to the store, you add the following items to your stockpile:” – Daisy Luther

Skills vs Stuff – “Spend more than about 8 seconds in any survival related forum and you’ll hear some variation on this phrase – Skills are better than Stuff. The basic premise at work here is that learning skills is a more valuable investment than buying stuff, which is generally true for several reasons:” – Jim Cobb




Into Darkness: Where The Fed Is Leading Us – “The system is hurtling towards breakdown. Protect yourself now.” – Chris Martenson

The Reluctant Fed – “When members of Congress asked the Federal Reserve to provide emergency loans to nonbank companies, they did not like the response. “The Federal Reserve would be extremely reluctant to extend credit,” the Fed chair said. “Questions of industrial policy are best resolved by Congress.” Of course, that was not current Fed Chair Jerome Powell. It was former Chair Ben Bernanke. Entanglement in political decisions can also threaten the Fed’s independence. On this issue, four former Fed chairs, including Bernanke, agree: “The economy functions best when the central bank is free of short-term political pressures.” The Fed has not been sufficiently reluctant, however, in its response to the coronavirus crisis and lockdown. It has far surpassed its normal activities, even those of 2008. It has agreed to lend to a broad range of businesses rather than limiting its role to supporting the financial system” – Thomas L. Hogan   – WHAT THE ARTICLE NEGLECTS, IS THAT THE FED NEVER HESITATES TO BAIL OUT THE BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is US Debt Really $90 Trillion? (VIDEO) with Mark Skidmore – “It’s possible that over the years, we spent a lot more money than is acknowledged. The implications of that are very important. Is it fraud? I have tried really hard to get information, and it’s been quite an experience. This make you question the structure of the system. Is this fraud? I have to be able to prove it, but I have documents that say something is really, really wrong, and it’s not just bad accounting.” – Greg Hunter

Corona-Depression: Southern Europe Will Never Recover – Guillaume Durocher

Can The Cartel Continue To Keep Gold & Silver In Check Until End Of June? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Stagflation Is Paradise For Gold And Silver – John Rubino




Isaiah 26:2    Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in.



Working for the devil
You’ll have to pay his tax
That means going to see him
Down among the racks
You do his work so fine
He’ll remember you

Worried for my friend
As he shows me round the flat
Where I don’t wanna find him
His lips an’ eyelids black
He don’t believe my speech
That lines can and should be drawn
Lke if he had a shotgun
The barrels would be sawn

Swallowed by the river
Swollen by the rains
That leakin’ ol’ computer
Of fingerprints and names
Swimming in the river
That floods the neighborhood
I would call to you
But it would do no good

Voting for the law
That’s the general occupation
First comes the public safety
Second comes the nation
You won’t believe me now
But there’s been some illumination
The wisest cops have realized
They fucked the operation

Cooking up the books
A respected occupation
The anchor and foundation of multi-corporations
They don’t believe in crime
They don’t know that it exists
But to understand
What’s right and wrong
The lawyers work in shifts

‘N speaking of the devil
He ain’t been seen for years
‘Cept every 20 mins
He zooms between me ears
I don’t believe in books
But I read all the time
For ciphers to the riddles
An’ reasons to the rhymes

( Midnight Log by The Clash )