Packed Bars Serve Up New Rounds Of COVID Contagion – Jordan Rau and Elizabeth Lawrence

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apprehension Over Coming Out of Lockdown Far Exceeds Any Imagined Risk – “Ready To Come Out Of COVID-19 Hibernation Yet? Your Chances Of Getting Infected are 1 in 4000; your chances of dying of COVID-19 coronavirus is 1 in 19.1 million. Your chance of benefiting from vaccination is proportionate to these same numbers.” – Bill Sardi

Biden says he would make wearing face masks mandatory for Americans amid coronavirus pandemic – Veronica Stracqualursi and Sarah Mucha

What good do the masks do, really? – “We are seeing jurisdictions everywhere imposing mask bans at a rate that approaches the number of bars being threatened with liquor license revocation for failing to enforce social distancing. If that sentence seems complicated, then you are beginning to appreciate just how confusing all the arguments are about face coverings. The bandana and face shield represent the extreme of one side of the spectrum. I wore surgical masks daily for 36 years as an anesthesiologist. Their purpose was to reduce the chance that I would infect an open wound with bacteria from my mouth. This article of faith has been shown to be false.” – Ted Noel, MD

Again, What Were the Benefits of Locking Down? – “In terms of health, locked down states have nearly four times the death rate from COVID-19. The results do not prove that staying open necessarily caused the good outcomes, but should certainly lead us to question the notion that “lockdowns are necessary or else we all are going to die.” To be sure, many mitigating factors may exist.” – Edward Peter Stringham

FDA Criticized As COVID Tests Still Not Accurate, But U.S. Starts Second Lockdown Anyway – “The corporate media news cycle this week is once again promoting fear in the American population by claiming that COVID cases are again on the rise in “hot spots,” prompting calls for more lock downs and other measures, including many states now requiring people to wear face masks in public. Two key pieces of information are missing from almost all of these reports in the corporate media: death rates (even by their own statistics) are NOT increasing but holding steady or even decreasing, and inaccuracy with the tests themselves are still widespread.” – Brian Shilhavy

Soylent Green is people; COVID-19 is old people – “To an astounding extent, COVID-19 is a NURSING HOME DISASTER. Mass murder by cruelty.” – Jon Rappoport

Rationing Life: A Major Objective of the Coronavirus Scam – “This seems to have been carefully plotted, and shortly after the so-called outbreak, new triage guidelines were implemented, with age alone being considered. Rationing care, and therefore rationing life, became another “new normal.” Using age requirement for triage had never been done in the past, but this change alone was effective in helping to eliminate much of the population that has high care, and therefore, expensive care needs. This was a designed outcome to be sure, but also one based on completely immoral grounds. But then, eugenicists are never moral, and the government apparatus bowed to the commands of its eugenics masters.” – Gary D. Barnett  – LOOKS LIKE GARY AND JON ARE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH THIS ONE!!!!

Federal review confirms CDC coronavirus test kits were faulty because of ‘likely’ contamination – “The Post has previously reported that the test kits have produced false-positive results caused by the CDC’s contamination. An examination by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concluded that the tests failed because of substandard manufacturing practices and that the CDC violated its own laboratory protocol in making the kits.” – J. EdwardMoreno

Bill Gates: US ‘not even close’ to doing enough to fight pandemic – “The biggest hurdle, in his view, won’t be developing or distributing a vaccine — it will be ensuring people take it.” – Melissa Mahtani  – WONDER WHY, BILL!!!!!!

Why Social Distancing Should Not Be the New Normal – Dr. Joseph Mercola

COVID-19 and Roundup: An Immuno-Comprised Marriage from Hell J- “Strangely, none of these 40,000+ Roundup lawsuits are from consumers who have inadvertently consumed Roundup in their food, or had it injected into them in the form of a trace ingredient in a vaccine. Why? Because it’s next to impossible to clinically prove that one’s God-given immune system may have been impacted. To repeat, the government has never required any long-term research into the possible immunological impact of Roundup, and shows no interest in doing so.” – Mischa Popoff

Virginia’s Department of Health website encourages residents to snitch on people who violate coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings – Arsenio Toledo

What Secrets Do Foreign US Bio Labs Hold? – “Secret US bio laboratories are strewn across multiple countries in Africa, Asia, and even Europe. This is a global problem that is the attention of various media outlets as of late. More and more frequently, the numerous articles published on this issue voice questions such as: what secret programs (even supported by the country they are located in) are these US military bases pursuing? What if they are concocting a biological weapon to be used on their opposition, and are they the ones behind this entire coronavirus pandemic in the first place?” – Vladimir Platov




Bait and Switch – “Anybody else notice Joe Biden styling himself as Abe Lincoln this week? Uh, bad career move, pal. Someone ought to notify the Democratic Party leader that a) Mr. Lincoln was a Republican, and b) he was a racist through and through (BLM certified). The presidential frontrunner is unlikely to win more “woke” hearts-and-minds with this latest stunt. Maybe if they put him in a wheelchair the voters might think he was the second coming of Franklin Roosevelt (though he actually looks more like post-stroke Woodrow Wilson, a racist to the bone, they say). Notice, too, that Uncle Joe appeared in Honest Abe drag to announce that US coronavirus deaths had reached “a hundred and twenty million.” Say, what? That would be roughly one-third of the US population!’ – James Howard Kunstler   – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Today’s Episode of ‘Joe Being Joe,’ Biden Adds a Few Zeroes to America’s Virus Death Toll – “Hey, what’a few pesky zeroes to Democrats?” – Mike Miller

Biden’s Basement Strategy: Just Say Nothing – “Confine Joe to his basement, no press conferences. Trot him out to recite carefully scripted messages for the cameras. Then lead him back to his stall. This enables Biden to avoid the blazing questions that are dividing not only Democrats and Republicans but liberals and leftists. And most of these issues touch on the explosive subject of race.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The DNC panic is palpable – “The DNC and the liberal fake news media have tried their best to provide cover for Mr. Biden. Sadly, their herculean efforts have been in vain, insomuch as every videoed speaking engagement, whether live from the Biden basement or a previously taped segment, exposes more proof of the ugly truth: Joe Biden is suffering from obvious, unmistakable mental decline.” – Anna L. Stark

Why Joe Biden can do no wrong – ” It seems politicians and pundits alike have discovered the glory of the “presidential bull.” In this instance, Biden is akin to a papal indulgence that allows writers, members of Congress and journalists to forgive any sin in a holy crusade to retake Washington.” – Jonathan Turley

“Free Speech” In The US Empire Is As Illusory As “Free-Range” Eggs – Caitlin Johnstone

Battleground Contest Heats Up – Or Not – “Americans do not much believe what the media reports.” – Sarah Cowgill

Extreme MSM Propaganda, BLM Threatens USA, Farm Report (VIDEO) – “The propaganda psyop has officially kicked into high gear with the latest New York Times poll saying Former Vice President Joe Biden is 14 points ahead of President Trump. This is a candidate hiding in his basement who cannot string two sentences together, and he’s beating President Trump? I am not falling for the phony polls and propaganda, and you shouldn’t either.” – Greg Hunter

Biden is reportedly down to 4 vice presidential finalists – The Week

Kamala Harris’s Very Open Secret – “The senator from California seems like the obvious choice to be Joe Biden’s running mate. So why is she keeping mum about her thinking?” – Edward-Isaac Dovere

So the rabid-left mob wants to tear down the statue of Lincoln paid for by freed slaves? – Monica Showalter

If Washington And What He Stood For Can Be Condemned And Humiliated, None Of You Are Safe – “If statues of our Founding heroes can be destroyed and what they stood for can be rejected with no resistance, no one else in this country is safe.” – Helen Raleigh

WaPo: Antifa A Right-Wing Myth – “A Washington Post article claims there is a lack of evidence as to whether Antifa is “threatening public safety or even that an organization known as antifa exists.”” – Leesa K. Donner

‘That Is Scary’: Jim Jordan Absolutely Goes off After Jerry Nadler Gaslights Antifa as ‘an Imaginary Thing’ – Sister Toldjah

Why is this Ongoing American “Revolution” Bound to Fail? – Andre Vltchek

Why Every Person In America Needs To Become A Prepper During The Second Half Of 2020 J-Michael Snyder

UK Police Force Forbids “Counter-Protest” to Black Lives Matter Gathering – “While approving BLM demonstration in direct violation of coronavirus lockdown laws.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Mexico City Police Chief Wounded In Daylight Assassination Attempt Using .50 Cal Rifles & Grenades – Tyler Durden

Will Influx of New Gun Owners Reshape Second Amendment Debate? – Chad Adams

Are All the Apples Bad? Police In 20 Largest US Cities Fail To Meet Basic Human Rights Guidelines – John Vibes




“V-Shaped” Recovery Not Now: It Gets Worse, 30.55 Million on Unemployment. Week 14 of U.S. Labor Market Collapse – Wolf Richter

140,000 Businesses Still Closed and Many Have Shut Down PERMANENTLY! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Fed’s Stress Tests Results Based on GDP Decline of 8.5 Percent; Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow Forecast Says GDP Will Decline by 46.6 Percent – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

HISTORY Of The ONGOING SILVER SCAM (VIDEO) – “Get up-to-speed from the 1980s to the present day. The unwind will be spectacular… by J. Johnson with Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter and Ted Butler ” – via JS Mineset

CAN TOO BIG FOR FED & ECB – “There just is nothing new under the sun. So why is there so much time and money wasted around the world to make economic forecasts that are no better than a random job by a few chimps? Instead, give some lateral thinkers a few history books and let them study the rise and decline of the major empires in history. That will tell them more about long term economic forecasts than any spreadsheet. After a 50 year decline of the US economy and the dollar, we still hear about the V-shaped recovery being imminent. On what planet do these people live who believe that a world on the cusp of an economic and social collapse is going to see a miraculous recovery out of the blue.” – Egon von Greyerz

The Debt Bomb is Detonating: A Wave of Defaults is Coming – Nathan McDonald

Banks Get a $40 Billion Break From the Fed – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.07EUR




Proverbs 18:12  Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.