Children Have 0.00% Chance of Dying from COVID but are Harmed for Life by Social Distancing, Which has its Roots in CIA Torture Techniques – Brian Shilhavy

Reply to Your Paper Published in ALLERGY Journal – “While so many more die a horrid death from lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (1.4 million a year), a collective of physicians and researchers writing in ALLERGY focus on COVID-19 that infects many but kills few. In fact, it appears many cases of TB were misclassified as COVID-19. In fact, Wuhan, Modena and New York City, where many COVID-19 deaths were reported, had been battling TB for some time before COVID-19 gained public attention.” – Bill Sardi

Lies, Damned Lies and Covid19 – Michael Lesher

Black Lives Matter protests win medical approval, but not Trump rallies. Is Covid-19 a card-carrying Democrat? – Robert Bridge

Tear Down this Plexiglass! – Anthony Gill

COVID, Identity Politics, and the Global Ruling Elite – “Ruling and financial elite consider us useless eaters. I sincerely doubt the American people are capable of confronting the elite and returning the nation to a sanity that has been missing for decades. First and foremost, they are unable to break free of the voodoo spell of relentless narrative propaganda.” – Kurt Nimmo

Is There Really Strong Evidence for Wearing Masks? – Joseph Mercola




Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare – “This is an important pictorial book illustrating the psychological warfare taking place across America, with the same playbook being implemented in other countries, while hypocrisy is at an all-time high masquerading as fulfilling agendas. The majority of images depicted throughout are hyperlinked to direct articles, tweets, and videos.” – Corey Lynn – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM COREY!!!!!!!!!!!

BLM Co-Founder Admits: “Our Goal Is To Get Trump Out” – Tyler Durden

One Dead After Shooting In Seattle Autonomous Zone – “Following roughly 2 weeks of existence that have been characterized by an incessant stream of video showing beatdowns, brazen theft, armed robbery and myriad other crimes and/or ‘revolutionary’ acts, Seattle’s autonomous zone has finally sustained its first casualty since “declaring independence” from the US.” – Tyler Durden

Watch: Seattle CHOP ‘Warlord’ Upset About Response of First Responders to Shooting – “Maybe it’s not a good idea not to keep the police out or claim to be your own country/autonomous? Maybe there are actually things you need them for? That this very bad social experiment may have contributed to this young man losing his life?” – Nick Arama

First, they came for the Confederates… – “Now that they’ve toppled Robert E. Lee, and various lesser emblems of the Old South, they’re going after far more important targets, and worse still, getting away with it. Is it too extreme to compare the mass destruction of the public monuments and faces adorning cities across the U.S. to the monstrous dynamic that propelled the Nazis to kill? Yes, it’s far from the same degree, but the underlying dynamic of what’s happening is the same – a spiraling vortex of outrage, which being unchecked, eventually hits home.” – Monica Showalter

One person was killed and 11 others wounded in a Minneapolis shooting, police say – Josh Campbell, Julia Jones and Alta Spells  – STILL WANT TO DEFUND THE POLICE!!!!!!!!

The Ku Klux Klan – “The KKK is widely understood as an institution that symbolizes white racial hatred of blacks, hatred slaked by lynching blacks. End of story. The KKK did not originate as a racist organization. As far as I can tell, there is no Klan organization today or any anti-black organization. But there is an anti-white organization called Antifa. Antifa’s violence against white people, white property, and public monuments goes unaccountable by public authorities. Antifa has more immunity than the KKK ever had. Antifa’s violence is directed against white people and their history, and white people have no protection against hate crimes and hate speech.” – Paul Craig Roberts

White House Brawl: Mike Pompeo Calls John Bolton a Traitor and a Liar – “Donald Trump Drained the Swamp into the White House Basement” – David Haggith

Top Manhattan prosecutor leaves job after standoff with Barr – Michael Balsamo and Larry Neumeister

Joe Biden’s Mental Health In Doubt, Say Voters – “Majority of recently-polled voters say Biden has dementia – and that really should concern his party” – Sarah Cowgill

Stabbing Spree At UK Park Now Labeled Terror Incident – Tyler Durden

Russia Can Play Crucial Role in Calming China-India Conflict – Finian Cunningham

The Challenges and Opportunities of the Emerging New World Order – “This threat to the United States’ self-defined role as the world’s dominant power did not commence during Trump’s presidency, and the United States reaction to it will not cease with the ending of that presidency, either at the end of this year or in four years’ time. If Biden wins in November, we may be spared the endless tweets and bombastic behaviour, but it would be naïve to anticipate any significant change in United States foreign policy. Therein lies the greatest danger to world peace. ” – James ONeill

Trends Journal: USSA, The United Soviet States of Amerika, You Must Obey Our Rules (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

CNN ‘Builds a Wall’ to Protect Itself From Violent Protests – “Oh, the irony.” – Paul Joseph Watson

NY Times Covid Hypocrisy: Trump’s Tulsa Rally ‘Terrible Idea,’ Juneteenth Events Awesome – Clay Waters

The Choice is Freedom or Slavery (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – “Unfortunately, you have a lot of people who say ‘oh dear God, if I am just good, they will leave me alone.’ The reality is, and many people don’t understand, the middle of the road is going away. . . . You have two choices: One is freedom, one is slavery, and everybody is going to have to choose. There is no kind of navigating around it.” – Greg Hunter

America is now a FAILED STATE… no rule of law, no police, no leadership, no free speech, no functioning markets and no equal protection under the law… YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN – Mike Adams

It’s Going To Get Very Ugly: Any Civil War Will Not Be ‘Black Versus White’ But Rather Patriots Against The Anarchists & Antifa Better Remember That Patriots Are MUCH Better Armed And Trained – Susan DuclosIt’s Going To Get Very Ugly: Any Civil War Will Not Be ‘Black Versus White’ But Rather Patriots Against The Anarchists & Antifa Better Remember That Patriots Are MUCH Better Armed And Trained – Susan Duclos

SILENCED: We Live in a Time When Our “Opinions Qualify as Crimes” – Daisy Luther

UN Cops On US Streets Enforcing The Democrats Despotic Agenda Would Be The Last Straw For Most Americans – Stefan Stanford

LAYING LOW Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell hiding out in luxury Paris flat minutes from pedophile’s $8.6m pad – Paul Sims and Emma James

10-80-10 Principle | 10% Will Handle A Crisis | What About The Rest? – Ken Jorgustin

Study Finds Some Governments Already Using Contact Tracing Apps For Mass Surveillance – John Vibes




After the Fed Punts, the ECB Throws Another Hail Mary – Tom Luango

When the Fed Reopens the Floodgates of Liquidity, Gold and Silver will Soar – David Brady

Fact, Fiction And Fraud At The Comex (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler

Until We All Truly Fight To Free Gold & Silver From The Market Riggers’ Chains And Shackles, We Are Only Tortured Slaves – “Trump won’t free gold & silver, nor will anybody else in the cartel (the ESF, the Fed, and agents acting on behalf of one or both). There’s only one way… There’s really only one way to end the manipulation of gold & silver: STOP GAMBLING IN THE RIGGED CASINO KNOWN AS WALL STREET.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart





John 10:12  But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.



When the sky is gray
And the moon is hate
I’ll be down to get you.
Roots of earth will shake.

Sinister purpose
Knockin’ at your door;
Come and take my hand.

Burn away the goodness;
You and I remain.
Did you see the last war?
Well, here I am again.

( Sinister Purpose by John Fogerty )