COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing: Check Logic No, The President Is Not Bats_ _t Crazy. – “Testing is only being used to keep people in lockdown; as soon as the masses are released from lockdown, more testing is done to make it appear like there are more cases. By now everyone should have realized the manipulation going on by the CDC.” – Bill Sardi

Trump says U.S. will not lock down again amid rising coronavirus cases – Reuters

Left-wing media that pushes BLM protests and massive black crowds preparing to blame TRUMP rallies for “second wave” of infections – Ethan Huff

Trump rally raises concerns over racial tensions, ‘super-spreader’ event in Tulsa – “The forthcoming rally has provoked fears among public health experts and local politicians.” – Alexandra Kelley   – BUT THE HEALTH EXPERTS DIDN’T THINK THE THOUSAND OF PROTESTERS WERE SUPER-SPREADERS. I GUESS THEY WERE IMMUNE!!!!!!!

Fauci: Americans “Don’t Believe Science And They Don’t Believe Authority” – “Disease kingpin slams Americans who don’t trust him as having “anti-science bias”.” – Steve Watson

Technocracy inside your body: not science fiction – “All this research and deployment detailed in the techspot article I’m quoting comes under the heading of: if they can do it, they will do it. And when you see untold numbers of people obeying orders from Pandemic Central these days, you have to think many of them will go along with a program of implanting tiny bots in their bodies to “facilitate medical treatment.” Why should these bots need to be injected? How about spraying them by the millions? Far less precise, but a “useful experiment.”” – Jon Rappoport

Coronavirus antibodies may last only two to three months after infection, study suggests – Berkeley Lovelace Jr.  – GUESS THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO GET VACCINATED EVERY THREE MONTHS THEN, RIGHT. BILL GATES AND BIG PHARMA WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘It may save your life’: Facing virus surge, more U.S. states mandate masks – Andrew Hay

In shift, Florida Keys now requiring face masks until June 2021 – Richard Tribou

Far from the Masking Crowd – “The science on masks is as far from settled as the coronavirus is from smallpox. One “expert,” wielding studies, swears masks will stop COVID19; the next, armed with conflicting research, insists they can’t and even endanger us. I suspect that like most medical measures, masks affect each person differently. They help some while hurting others; were we free, everyone would determine what’s best for his situation and health. But Our Rulers deny us even this bit of autonomy. Ergo, wearing masks is now hopelessly politicized, obliterating our chances of ever learning the truth.” – Becky Akers

OSHA Says Masks Don’t Work — And Violate OSHA Oxygen Levels (VIDEO) – Green Med Info

It’s time to reopen the toilets – “We need a rapid return to normality, but closed toilets present a major obstacle. The shortage of public toilets in Britain was bordering on scandalous long before the coronavirus arrived. With cash-strapped councils unable to afford the upkeep, public loos have been closing at a staggering rate. Tragically, older and disabled people have been forced to think twice about leaving the house. Toilet discrimination is real.” – Robert Jackman




Juneteenth – “Historians of the future, boiling acorns over their campfires (a nice accompaniment to cattail tubers and milkweed pods in a squirrel-tail reduction), will marvel that the Democrats back in the woeful year 2020 thought that burning down the country would be a winning election strategy. Has anyone been fooled by the party’s straight-up support, comfort, and incitement of this season’s looting and arson? Now that all the old statues are torn down, beheaded, or drowned, will future statues of statesman Joe Biden portray him at his most heroic, with a face-mask dangling from one ear as he scours the vacant chambers of his prefrontal cortex for a fugitive homily? No more Cocoa Krispies for you, racist America! Aunt Jemima has served her last pancake, Lord, and is quitting the big house for an endowed chair in critical flatbread studies at Princeton. Every last reel of Gone with the Wind will be melted down for guitar picks. And get this, Whitey: Uncle Ben is no kin to you and never was!” – James Howard Kunstler   – MR. KUNSTLER’S WIT NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME. A GOOD READ AS USUAL!!!!!!

Fiscal Disaster, Social Unrest, and the Presidential Election – David Stockman

Don’t Resist Arrest, Global Reset Coming, No Real Recovery (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Why Changing CHAZ to CHOP Is Actually a Very Big Deal – “So switching to CHOP, or as another “occupy” protest, basically mutes out that public relations problem because they no longer claim autonomy. Now that’s very slick. That’s very savvy. That’s very smart, actually. And that goes to a deeper part of the problem.” – Toby Cowern

NYPD Are Being Encouraged To Strike On July 4 In Response To City’s Anti-Police Sentiment – “The situation we are in right now is no joke. NYC cops have reached the breaking point.” – Tyler Durden

The Conservative Effort To Reshape The Supreme Court Has Completely And Utterly Failed – Michael Snyder

Supreme Court’s Illegal Immigration Ruling Applies Different Legal Standards To Different Presidents – “And it allows presidents to legislate, a recipe for everexpanding federal and executive power.” – Ilya Shapiro

Justice Roberts Decides Obama is Still President – “Illegal isn’t even the word for this absurdity. Roberts claims that his decision is about process. This is the same scam that he pulled with what is probably the most fatal loss of the Trump era, when it came to putting citizenship on the census. It’s not about process. It’s about political correctness.” – Daniel Greenfield

7 Times John Roberts Was A Leftist Hack – “John Roberts is a politician — a politician who consistently makes laws, inconsistently applies the Constitution, and can’t be voted out of office.” – Kylee Zempel

Kamala #HeelsUpHarris ascends to the top of the Biden VP list: What could go wrong? – “She’s black, and she’s female, which is Biden’s criteria for picking a vice president. And unless he wants to go Norbit with Stacey Abrams, Harris might just be all he’s got, given how he’s boxed himself in. Given how Biden is showing greater signs of senility than ever, they might as well even declare her the real president, if heaven forbid, Biden should win. Harris sees that, which is why she’s jumping at the chance. Ever since her days as Willie Brown’s mistress, sleeping her way to the top in politics, she’s known a good opportunity when she’s seen one.” – Monica Showalter

The Plot to Make Trump a One-Term President? – “Is John Bolton part of an anti-Trump conspiracy? On Thursday, Trump slammed him via Twitter, saying: “Wacko John Bolton’s ‘exceedingly tedious’ (New York Times) book is made up of lies & fake stories.” “Said all good about me, in print, until the day I fired him.” “A disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war.” “Never had a clue, was ostracized & happily dumped. What a dope!” Are establishment long knives out to dump Trump by preventing his November reelection? Are things being manipulated to assure it? While the jury is still out, all of the above suggests things are moving in this direction.” – Stephen Lendman

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo calls Bolton ‘a traitor’ – Reuter – POMPEO AND BOLTON ARE BOTH WAR MONGERS. THIS SPAT IS JUST FOR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is John Bolton always photographed adjusting his glasses? Clearly, it’s a disingenuous pose. – “Surely, Bolton’s contrived pattern of constantly being photographed adjusting his glasses is about looking studious and serious about his warmongering agenda.” – State of the Nation

Juvenile CNN Hurls Venom at WH But Sucks Up to NY as a ‘Success Story’ – “Gupta then teased Governor Cuomo’s appearance with a massive lie: “His state has gone from the epicenter to perhaps the biggest success story in containing the outbreak.” Yes, the state (their state) with 17 percent of the cases in the country, double the deaths as the next state (New Jersey), and nearly four times the deaths as the state in third (Massachusetts) was a “success story” to CNN. With their silence and refusal to cover these issues in the Cuomo interview, Cooper and Gupta should be shamed and called out for this failure to show compassion and demand accountability of people they like. ” – Curtis Houck

Epstein Case: Documentaries Won’t Touch Tales of Intel Ties – “The glaring refusal to address Epstein’s intelligence involvement becomes clear when Investigation Discovery and Netflix’s programs discuss the role of Acosta in securing Epstein’s “sweetheart” plea deal, but do not reference Acosta’s widely reported explanation as to why Acosta agreed to the deal. As reported by The Daily Beast, Acosta claimed that he cut the non-prosecution deal because he had been told that “Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”” – Elizabeth Vos

Can We Coexist with Asia’s Communists? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Yeah, the Russians Have Carrier-Killing Missiles, but Can They Actually Hit the Ships? (Answer: Yes) – “Turns out the Russians did not just build missiles and forgot about targeting” – Andrei Martyanov

Concealed Carry Classes Are More Popular Than Ever — Here’s Why – José Niño

Deregulating GMOs via the Agriculture Bill – what happens next? – Pat Thomas

400+ Medical Professionals Sign Letter to Oppose FCC Plans for Expanded Wireless and 5G – B.N. Frank

Media Blackout: The Federal Court Case To End Water Fluoridation! (VIDEO) – “There is another story taking place which directly effects hundreds of millions of people globally that is being blacked out by the mainstream corporate media. Right now, in perhaps one of the most important trials of our time. The Fluoride Action Network is taking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head on in an unprecedented court case that could lead to the end of water fluoridation in the US and possibly worldwide as other nations would likely follow suit.” – Spiro Skouras  – ALWAYS IMPRESSED WITH SPIRO’S VIDEOS; HE IS USUALLY RIGHT ON TOP OF THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10+ Vegetables You Can Grow & Store Without Canning or Freezing – Erica Nygaard

Why You Must Consider These Amazing Survival Meals – Fred Tyrell




Continuing Unemployment Claims Tell a Bleak Story – Mish

Week 13 of the U.S. Labor Market Collapse: Week 3 of Recovery at Snail’s Pace Amid Data Chaos – “29.2 million people still claim unemployment insurance, gig workers 1/3 of total. Some states still not processing claims under federal programs.” – Wolf Richter

Americans Have Already Skipped Payments On More Than 100 Million Loans, And Job Losses Continue To Escalate – Michael Snyder

One Crisis Is Manageable. Five Might Not Be – John Rubino

Circling the Drain – “The Fed has created a full on gambling casino and the gamblers have moved in and are pulling the ‘buy’ triggers non stop. The Fed is not saving the economy, it’s zombifying it and in process of inserting itself ever deeper into markets the Fed itself is becoming too big to fail. The Fed losing control over the asset bubble is now the biggest risk factor to the economy. A rescue model that relies solely on ever higher stock prices ever more divergent from the underlying economy creating an ever larger wealth gap in the process.” – Sven Henrich

The Fed’s Casino Is In Flames, But Please Continue Gambling – “Here’s the thing about gambling: risk cannot be made to disappear, it can only be transferred to others. Those taking seats at the gaming tables in the Federal Reserve’s casino believe that they can’t lose. Or more precisely, any losses they suffer will quickly be made good by the house, i.e. the Fed, which can digitally print as much currency as needed to restore order to the gambling.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Robinhood & Its Band of Traders Not So Merry as Stock Market Turns Volatile – “Robinhood retail investors believed the fairy tale of a V-shaped recovery, but Father Fed just told them that will never happen.” – David Haggith

Wall Street Veterans Call Out the Fed for Creating a Dangerous Stock Market Bubble – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

One weird sign of trouble in the banking sector – Simon Black

US BETTER HAVE THEIR 8,000 TONS OF GOLD (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Liberty and Finance

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.32EUR




Psalm 49:1-3  Hear this, all ye people; give ear, all ye inhabitants of the world:  Both low and high, rich and poor, together.  My mouth shall speak of wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.