Everything You Think You Know About Coronavirus… – Joe Quinn

Saying No to the ‘New Normal’ – Adam Dick

Tech Tyranny: Globalists V Nationalists In Contact Tracing Battle – ” U.S. contact tracing hopes may be shattered, but Europe is giving Google and Apple a shot.” – Laura Valkovic

The Modelers Thought of Everything Except Reality – “We cannot centrally plan an economy. Computers are no help. We cannot centrally plan a response to a new virus. Computers are of no help” – Marko Marjanović

Former UK prime minister calls for coronavirus digital IDs to prove ‘disease status’ – Paul Smeaton

Gov. Cuomo threatens to ‘reverse’ reopening in Manhattan, Hamptons amid rampant coronavirus social-distancing violations – Ellen Moynihan and Shant Shahrigan

Is the Pandemic Over and a V-Shaped Recovery Baked In? – “So what do we know with any sort of certainty about the claim that “the pandemic is over”? Very little.” – Charles Hugh Smith


Grim Blame Game Over Virus Deaths in Besieged Nursing Homes – “A grim blame game with partisan overtones is breaking out over COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents.” – Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

Most coronavirus patients develop “neutralizing antibodies” after recovery, but are they enough to head off another infection? – Ralph Flores




Disorders Now and To Come – “The desperate condition of the USA is a much greater illness than the symptomatic grievance of systemic racism — though, for the moment, that complaint galvanizes the nation’s attention because it is woven into so many strands of national myth, narrative, and historic psychodrama. The short version of systemic racism is that predatory white Europeans came upon the New World and raped it, and then, utilizing that ill-gotten treasure, proceeded to rape the rest of the world and the non-whites peacefully living there (a.k.a. Colonialism). Who has any sympathy for the rapist? Leaving aside the omissions in that story, the USA faces a graver set of circumstances than the animus between blacks and whites.” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Tip For The “CHAZ Republic”: Start Thinking Like Conservatives – “When your society is immediately taken over by low budget weak talent rapper “warlords”, when you run out of food and have to order Dominos pizza delivered to your southern border daily and citizens beg for soy based vegan products to to be donated, and when people are attacked by a mob for “unauthorized graffiti” on the wrong turf after that mob already tore up the neighborhood, there’s certainly room for improvement. There are already some amazing hypocrisies flowing from CHAZ, including the fact that protesters quickly placed barriers and fencing all around the six block area to keep people they don’t like out. Apparently, Antifa and BLM are now proud advocates of building walls. But two of my favorite examples have happened in the past couple of days, including the man who slipped into CHAZ and started preaching biblical verses at them on the street. This incident should tell you half of what you need to now about the social justice cult.” – Brandon Smith

The Lighting of the Fuse – ” Protests are a very useful early-warning system and should be acknowledged as such. It’s their cousin – riots – that should be eyed with suspicion.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF AS USUAL!!!!!

White America, Black America, the set-up, and the con – “The current riots are an operation designed to produce more top-down control in America. The operation is also designed, through riots, to wreak more havoc on the US economy—piling on the COVID lockdowns, which are themselves part of the overall op: destroy America. What starts out as fair and just and right for black people has nothing to do with it, THE HIGHER YOU GO on the ladder of power.” – Jon Rappoport

Making Sense Of An Increasingly Insensible World – “There’s really no other explanation other than something has broken and it scares The Powers That Be to the point that they are wildly flailing about with increasing desperate policies, lies, and extreme actions that would have been unthinkable just a few months ago.” – Chris Martenson

Tulsa police major warns of coming law enforcement exodus: ‘Every officer you talk to is looking to leave’ – Charles Creitz

George Floyd Family Members Gave an Interview Sunday That Every ‘Defund the Police’ Proponent Should Watch – Sister Toldjah

Seattle’s CHAZ: Homesteaders or Illegal Squatters? – Jeff Deist

The Killing Of Rayshard Brooks Shows How Police “Reform” Is A Joke – Caitlin Johnstone

Another “mob justice” #fail – “You know the rest of the story– the man resisted arrest, a fight broke out, he took one of the police officer’s stun guns and fired it at the officers while running away, and then he was shot. He died shortly after. So what does the mob do? They torched the Wendy’s. This is total madness. What possible wrongdoing is Wendy’s guilty of? Were they supposed let a drunk driver obstruct their drive-thru and NOT call the police? There’s no common sense with this mob. They do whatever they want, commit any crime, destroy any property, in the name of ‘social justice’. And just like any mindless fanatic, they even feel righteous about it… as if burning down a Wendy’s is somehow a moral victory against the forces of evil.” – Simon Black

CNN Keeps Running Into Issues Covering The Supposedly “Mostly Peaceful Demonstrations” (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

After big protest and loot-fest in New York, Andrew Cuomo wonders why no one’s listening to his lockdown orders anymore – “Wokeness and general hypocrisy come back to bite him on the butt.” – Monica Showalter

French leader rejects racism but colonial statues to remain – “” – Sylvie Corbet and Angela Charlton  – NOT A BIG MACRON FAN, BUT AT LEAST HE’S GOT THE GUTS NOT TO ERASE HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The monumental madness of toppling Gandhi – “It is true that Gandhi made racist remarks, but this does not define his legacy.” – Saurav Dutt

The Geopolitical Power Balance is Tilting from West to East – Valery Kulikov

Michael Flynn Circus Devolves Into Court-Weaponized Partisanship – “By opening his courtroom to John Gleeson and other anti-Flynn amici, Judge Sullivan has converted the judicial branch into an emissary of the Democratic Party.” – Margot Cleveland

‘At Least’ Trump Didn’t Start Any New Wars ‘Unlike His Three Predecessors’, Says Ex-Defence Sec – “Despite many criticisms of Donald Trump’s record in office, it has been marked by the absence of any support for military interventions in other countries – not something many of his Democratic opponents and critics can point to” – Aleksandra Serebriakova

To celebrate Obama Day, here are Barack’s greatest hits (wars, coups, slavery, sanctions, al-Qaeda, colonialism) – Ben Norton

The Left Isn’t Anti-Gun, They’re Anti-You Having A Gun – “Sen. Dianne Feinstein is famous for carrying a firearm while crusading for gun control. Actress Alyssa Milano has admitted to having a couple of firearms while also waging a personal jihad against gun rights. You can be damned sure plenty of others are in the same boat as well. See, they trust themselves with guns. Why wouldn’t they? They know what their intentions are. They also figure the armed security they hire can be trusted as well. They’re paid to be trustworthy, actually. What they don’t trust is you.” – Tom Knighton

2A Censorship: Kroger Pulls RECOIL Magazine from Shelves because It Features Guns – Teresa Mull

Clearview AI May Be Illegal In EU Watchdog Says – Aaron Kesel

8 Ways To Help Your Brain Cure Migraines – Michael Jacobs




Millions of Job Losses Are at Risk of Becoming Permanent – Olivia Rockeman and Jill Ward

An Epically Bad Week for US Brick-and-Mortar Retailers and Landlords = Wolf Richter

This Is Why We Are Facing A 6 Week Countdown To Immense Economic Despair… -Michael Snyder

The Federal Reserve Has Its Own Police and Is Part of a Vast Surveillance Center – Should You Worry? – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Trump DOL Throws 401k Investors To The Wolves – “Trump U. S. Department of Labor watchdogs just opened the door for private equity wolves to sell the highest cost, highest risk, most secretive investments ever devised by Wall Street to 401k plan sponsors. 401k investors will be devoured like lambs to the slaughter. Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor opened the door for plan sponsors to add private equity funds to their 401(k) plans. That’s a huge win for the private equity industry since 401ks hold nearly $9 trillion in assets and a monstrous setback to American workers who invest in 401ks for retirement security.” – Edward Siedle

Quit PLAYING Around! The CORRECTION In Silver’s Price IS NOW…Blink And You May MISS It! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.29EUR




Proverbs 21:15  It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.