Second U.S. Virus Wave Emerges as Cases Top 2 Million – Emma Court and David R Baker  – AND SO IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus ‘Second Wave’ – Or Is CDC Lying Again? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

School age children more likely to be hit by lightning than die of coronavirus, Oxbridge analysis finds – “In school kids aged five to 14 it’s not only a tiny risk, it’s a tiny proportion of the normal risk,” – Robert Halfon

PROOF! The COVID-19 ‘Comedy of Errors’ was really a “Tragedy by Design” – State of the Nation

Bill Gates and his stimulus-response empire – Jon Rappoport

Confused about Wearing a Mask? You are Not Alone! – “It is time for our health agencies and officials to stop requiring we wear face masks in public or at work, and change their recommendations to ones that are not inclined to create more health problems than those they are attempting to protect us from.” – Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, PhD and Marcus Plourde, PhD

The Cult of the Mask – “There is something hideous about the suffocating mask. Besides covering the nose and mouth, it distorts the structure of the face. Look at a group of masked people, really look at them. They don’t look human. The lower part of their face is disguised by a grotesque protuberance. Their identity is concealed. No emotion is communicated. No non-verbal cues to understanding a fellow human being can be discerned. Smiles, frowns, grimaces, yawns, smirks are all hidden under the ubiquitous mask. But people wear it anyway. It shows they are following the rules.” – Susan Claire Potts, Ph.D.


As COVID Vaccines Head into Phase 3 Trials Big Pharma Prepares for Increase in Flu Vaccines for Fall – “With the decreasing popularity of the “mainstream” corporate media, it is hardly surprising that Big Pharma is now trying to control all the conversations about vaccines and other drugs on Social Media now.” – Brian Shilhavy

Retracted coronavirus studies cast doubt on how scientific research is vetted… are “science” journals just a giant PHARMA fraud? – Franz Walker




A Knee on Our Throats – “if we, as free people, did not consent to giving certain powers to the government — like the powers state governors have exercised to lock us down or the police exercised to murder Floyd — the government, quite simply, lacks those powers and should be removed from office by an angry citizenry when it tries to exercise them. The stated purpose of the lockdown is to shield us from infection. But this raises very serious questions about our relationship to government. We never authorized the government to shield us from infection. We never authorized it to lock us down. We never authorized the police to enforce anything other than legislatively enacted statutes. We never authorized the police to murder confined prisoners.” – Andrew P. Napolitano  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JUDGE NAPOLITANO!!!!!

Do White People Have A Future? – Paul Craig Roberts

Where are the gutless Republicans? – “Why has there been no press conference with every Republican in the House and Senate standing together to denounce all this violence? To passionately defend our police? They know damn well that Chauvin is an outlier, a bad cop who has kept his job because his Democrat-run city kept him despite his abusive tendencies.” – Patricia McCarthy

Familiar Faces In Durham Investigation? – “Probe into FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign is closing in on unnamed but familiar Obama-era officials.” – Graham J Noble

Marion Maréchal: “I Don’t Have to Apologize…I Didn’t Colonize Anyone” – “They “defile the memory of our ancestors.”” – Paul Joseph Watson

The Media Suppresses Anyone Who Thinks Like You – “You don’t count, at least not to them. In fact, people like you and what you monsters think must be made invisible.” – Kurt Schlichter

The Corporate Media Is Now Controlled By The Radical Left – “Top editors are rapidly resigning over allegations of racial insensitivity—most of which are correctable or forgivable if they’re accurate—legitimizing the radical left’s inane policing of our politics and culture.” – Emily Jashinsky

Seattle “Autonomous Zone” Now Has A “Heavily-Armed” Warlord; Governor Clueless – Tyler Durden

Let Seattle stew in its own excrement – “You see, the challenge in our current debate (which is not really a debate, because whenever facts are presented, the left shuts down dialogue and lobs the ever present term “racist”) is that the media have glorified the most heinous of acts in urban centers throughout the country in the name of justice. But it’s not about justice.” – Earick Ward

Why Don’t These #BlackLivesMatter? – “From random shootings in Chicago, to the targeting of black neighborhoods for abortion clinics, why don’t these black lives matter, too?” – Brian C. Joondeph

No, Mother Jones, We Gun Owners Won’t Come To Save You – “You see, we have guns to protect us and ours from tyranny. That doesn’t include anyone else unless I choose to include them. I damn sure won’t include a bunch of rampaging maniacs who burned down the very communities they claimed they were trying to save.” – Tom Knighton

Russians Stirring Up Trouble: An Obama Retread Sees Moscow’s Hand in Protests – Philip Giraldi

This has become a neo-Maoist war on the past – “The woke elites have launched a Cultural Revolution. They must be stopped.” – Brendan O’Neill

Is A Mass Casualty False Flag Event Coming Next? – Ken Jorgustin

Our new form of government: Rule by Twitter Mob – “In one of the starkest examples of how mob rule has taken over the Land of the Free, #defundthepolice is now rapidly moving from being just a hash tag, to becoming a reality.” – Simon Black

CNN’s Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues “Need To Come Down” – Ian Schwartz

Minneapolis Man Who Watched His Business Burn Says He’s Leaving. History Suggests More Will Follow – “Unfortunately, the economic damage will endure long after the wreckage in Minneapolis is cleared.” – Jon Miltimore

As Businesses Flee The Violence, Will Major U.S. Cities Be Transformed Into Economic Wastelands? – Michael Snyder

Could Atlanta’s Soros-Tied Mayor Bottoms Be Biden’s Pick For VP? – “Progressive Keisha Lance Bottoms has twice touted “revolution” at Soros events – and she could be Biden’s running mate.” – Joe Schaeffer

Facebook Responds To Biden’s “Demand” For Censorship – Tyler Durden

Rent Strikes, the Erosion of Property Rights, and What Comes Next – Doug Casey

5G, the New Track of the Arms Race – Manlio Dinucci

20 Smart DIY Ways To Use Coconut Oil – Lisa Tanner




Mnuchin Scrambles To Halt Stock Rout, Says Will “Pump” Another $1 Trillion Into Economy This Month – Tyler Durden  – GO AHEAD, PRINT SOME MORE MONOPOLY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fed’s New Tool: Not Thinking About Thinking – Mish

The Jobs Report Misunderstanding in a Nutshell: NO V-Shaped Recovery in Sight – David Haggith

Another Month Another Trillion Added to National Debt – Peter Schiff

Falling Supply & Surging Physical Investment, We Could See Some Crazy Silver Prices – Steve St. Angelo

Gold Manipulation Is Carefully Orchestrated – And China Knows It (VIDEO) – Dave Kranzler and Chris Marcus

When The Money Printers Go Crazy: Gold Investors Go On The Attack As New Modern Monetary Theory Book Is Released – Dana Sanchez

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.06EUR




Hosea 4:2   By swearing, and lying, and killing, and stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and blood toucheth blood.