Can’t We Just Say It? This Wuhan Panic Was a Fraud Driven by Politics and for the Aggrandizement of Power – “I think we’re at the point where it is safe to say that the entire Wuhan virus scare was nothing more or less than a massive fraud perpetrated upon the American people by ‘experts’ who were determined to fundamentally change the way the country lives and is organized and governed. To say the ‘science’ driving this shameful episode was akin to necromancy is an understatement.” – streiff

Fauci ‘Very Concerned’ That Protests Will Spark Coronavirus Surge – Chuck Ross

Why Isn’t There A Vaccine For Bill Gates? – “How did Bill Gates become the most prominent international voice on world health and the Coronavirus pandemic?” – Pennel Bird

This Has Been the First Global Infodemic of the Information Age — But Are We Now Immune? – “Has the global lockdown fiasco left humanity with residual antibodies to hysteria pandemics, or are we as helpless as before?” – Marko Marjanović

Couples “Should Wear Masks During Sex” In COVID World, ‘Experts’ Advise – Tyler Durden

Overreliance on ventilators led to coronavirus deaths, study shows -Franz Walker




Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act – “Meanwhile, after months of telling us to ‘socially distance’ and putting tape on the floors of all the stores to keep us six feet apart people are out looting and rioting in masks. They have transferred the image system of mask-wearing Antifa radicals and thugs to normie, conscientious, white people properly outraged by police brutality and the looting by our politicians, bankers, CEOs and institutional office holders — the architects of our misery, in case you haven’t been keeping up.” – Tom Luango

Ideas Have Consequences – “The Camp of the Saints is playing out before our eyes. We are living the novel. It is impermissible to put down violent protests of “stigmatized and marginalized” black Americans. But who is more stigmatized than white people, written off as “Trump deplorables” and “racist white supremacists”? It is perfectly acceptable to offend white people. All is permissible. ” – Paul Craig Roberts

Thou Shalt Not Criticise Black Lives Matter – “Criticising the protests is now a sackable offence.” – Spiked

NYT Opinion Propaganda: ‘Only true way to alleviate white guilt is to cut off family and friends unless they support anti-racism causes, either through protest or financial contributions.’ – “I Don’t Need ‘Love’ Texts From My White Friends I need them to fight anti-blackness. By Chad Sanders” – State of the Nation

Rioters Don’t Want Criminal Justice Reform — They Want A Revolution – “The white privilege on display here is on the left, where radical whites play at revolution, often to the detriment of poor minorities. “These rioters aren’t Martin Luther King Jr. or even Malcolm X. They are Alex and his droogs from “A Clockwork Orange” out for a night on the town, albeit with less style and a duller patois. Violence is the point. Protests responding to the cruel police killing of George Floyd have been turned into nationwide riots and looting. This is not about Floyd anymore.” – Nathanael Blake

Looting and Destruction Will Not Force a Revolution, It Will Bring About a Massive Police State – The Free Thought Project

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The Left Needs To Learn A Hard Lesson: Burning Down Their Grocery Stores, Let Them All Starve; Torching Their Own Cities, Let Them All Burn – “Nothing Says ‘Weakness’ Like Democrats Turning Over Their Own Cities To Looters & Criminals” – Susan Duclos

These Riots Are Sophisticated: The Ideology and Method of the Antifa Insurgency – “The far-left has perfected the art of rioting” – Andy Ngo

HYPOCRISY: After Saying ‘Stay Home, Save Lives,’ And Shutting Parliament, Trudeau Attends Packed Protest Without Social Distancing – Spencer Fernando

The Great Reset Plan Revealed: How COVID Ushers In The New World Order (VIDEO) – “For months we have seen our way of life change dramatically. We have been told time and time again things will never be the same and we must accept the new normal. Now the social engineers have revealed their hand and officially launched their solution to this crisis. The proposed solution is the Great Reset.” – Spiro Skouras

To America, Black Lives Only Sometimes Matter – “Not Just Police in America – Racism is a Key Feature of US Foreign Policy It was under US President Barack Obama that the US decimated the North African nation of Libya, deposing Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi – a champion of African dignity and progress and the champion of tens of thousands of blacks from all over Africa who travelled to Libya to find work and a better life – work and a better life Gaddafi provided them until he was brutally murdered and his government replaced by heavily armed, racist terrorists backed by the US and its European allies.” – Tony Cartalucci

Mad Dog Pompeo’s Rage – “He’s a menace to nations unwilling to suck up to US imperial aims for dominance over them, their resources and populations. He’s also a congenital liar. Take nothing he says at face value. As CIA director, he admitted the following: “We lied. We cheated. We stole.” Once a hardened criminal, always one. On June 6 by State Department press release, he continued his his war of words on China.” – Stephen Lendman

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As Economies Reopen, the USD Faces this Triple Threat – Birch Gold

Governments Have Crippled the World’s Economies. Revolution May Soon Follow. – “The economic collapse sent the unbacked paper money system into a tailspin. Borrowers were unable to service their debt, and banks unwilling to roll over maturing loans, let alone extend new funds to struggling debtors. The entire credit pyramid was about to come crashing down. To prevent this from happening, governments and their central banks went “all in,” providing huge amounts of money to pay for people’s lost incomes and firms’ evaporating profits. Of course, governments do not have the money that they have promised to spend.” – Thorsten Polleit

Swamponomics: Exit Dot-Com Bubble, Enter Jerome Powell Bubble – Andrew Moran

‘Should Be Bigger News’: Analysis Finds Nearly One Third of Owed Unemployment Benefits Have Not Been Paid – Jake Johnson

Federal Reserve Now Zimbabwe (VIDEO) with John Williams – “I am looking for a hyperinflation. As this money get pumped out there, you will continue to see prices rise, and you are going to see some acceleration there. In hyperinflation, it will be so rapid the currency is worthless to you.” – Greg Hunter

Printing to the End as Gold Consolidates (VIDEO) – “Printing to the End as Gold Consolidates | In its frantic scramble to save the American economy, the central bank of the United States seems to have the ultimate superpower. The Federal Reserve is creating dollars from scratch at an unprecedented rate, one of many tools they think will rescue the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Anybody who has studied history knows that this won’t end well for America. Are you prepared for what’s about to happen?” – David Morgan

A Quarter Of Americans Skipped Meals Or Relied On Food Banks During Virus Lockdowns – Tyler Durden




Proverbs 4:14-17    Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.  Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.  For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.  For they eat the bread of wickedness, and drink the wine of violence.



Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation.

There will never be – yeah! – no love at all;
There will never be no love at all.

Got to put aside them segregation, yeah!
Got to put aside them organization;
Got to put aside them denomination.
There will – there will never be no love at all;
I mean there will never be no love at all.

(Got to build our love) So build our love
(on one foundation) On one foundation;
(Got to build our love) Come, let us build our love
(on one foundation) On one solid foundation.
(Got to build our love) Got to build our love
(on one) on one foundation (foundation),
Or there will never be a single drop of love;
you won’t have no freedom now, yeah!

Got to come together
We are birds of a feather;
We got to come together
‘Cause we are birds of a feather;
Got to come together
‘Cause we are birds of a feather;
Or there will never be (Lord, have mercy!) no love at all –
There will never be – yeah, yeah! – no love at all.

We also got to realize we are one people, yeah!
Got to realize that we are one people, yeah!
We got to realize we are one people,
Or there will never be no love at all –
There will never, never, never be no love at all.

Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation;
Got to build our love on one foundation …

( One Foundation by Peter Tosh )